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2016-02-26 06:55:50 No. 26583651
This is a brief CYOA about a pair of gay mothponies attempting not to get taken by the smelly moth mares. They have cooties, after all.

>Your name is Garden Dart
>You’re a brown mothpony stallion with a piece of lettuce for a cutie mark
>Since you were a little mothling, you always loved farming, even to the point where you own a little patch of land out in the woods
>Your forewings are a patterned brown and your hindwings are a light grey.
>Some ponies would say you look kind of boring as far as moths go, but your mothbro says otherwise.
>He’s a brown mothpony just like you, but you were always the more effeminate one.
>Sycamore stands about half a head taller than you, and his white wings have beautiful streaks of gray and black.
>Sycamore was always a close friend to you, and the two of you grew even closer over time.
>In fact, the wedding’s just in a couple weeks.
>If it goes through, you’ll be the first gay mothpony couple in Motholm.
>But it’s not for lack of gay moths.
>No, gay moth couples are unheard of because of mothpony mares.
>They’ve been known to snatch mothponies up, take them home, and have their way with them.
>When the mothpony mare is pregnant, the stallion wouldn’t dare leave.
>Wouldn’t want to have a poor foal grow up with only one parent, would we?
>There is one night that all single mothpony stallions dread, and that’s tonight.
>While mares snatch up mothpony stallions every night of the year, tonight’s when stallions have to really watch out.
>Mothpony mares all go into heat on one night a year, and your dad called it the night of The Taking.
>Each mare has a stallion they set their eyes on, and for you, that mare is Willow Leaf.
>She’s a pretty yellow moth with brown wings, and she’s a nice mare and all, but you just don’t swing that way.
>Why would you when you have a perfectly loving stallion of your own?
>All you have to do is survive tonight, and you’re home free.
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