There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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It's your responsibility to fix things and you will have the best chance if you accept help. Surely you don't think you know better than everyone here put together.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-04-15 09:26:41 No. 29880210
"Rubicon, we can help you with it." Says Rarity.
"But it's my duty to-"
"And you won't share the weight?" Sarim interrupts him.
"I'd rather not, teacher." Says Rubicon after a moment.
"I find your lack of trust insulting." Says Sarim casually.
"I apologize, teacher."
"But you aren't sorry."
"I wouldn't lie to you, teacher." He answers quietly. "It's my weight to bear."
"The egocentrism of the depressive grows very tiring very quickly, pupil. Do try not to hear that part of yourself."
"I will, teacher."
"I..." Even that word seems to be one he has to torn from himself, "The giant is memetic entity into which I inserted an ego, teacher. I believe it's gained physical mass thanks to the earthbones somehow, and that might've given it the..." He looks at me for a moment, "The voice of the emperor."
"Context for those who don't have it, pupil..."
"The capacity to order life to even die. The only way I can think of to... terminate its existence would be to destroy its ego. To convince the dream, the living idea, that it doesn't exist."
"You yourself said it has flesh, pupil. Flesh that gives it undeniable existence."
"The body might be left as an empty shell, teacher. I've been told the giant has regenerative capacities... that might mean the underlying dream is still a separate entity that invigorates the flesh."
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