There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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2017-04-16 02:12:11 No. 29882470
That is the first glimpse of humanity the thing has shown. He may be nothing but rage and desire, but he cares about his dad.

I think I'll leave you two to discuss the finer points of magic as it relates to the giant. There are some recordings and notes back a ways that I passed up earlier that I want to go back check. I'll be back soon.

!CammyIzMqA 2017-04-16 10:52:33 No. 29889248
>>29886684 >>29882470
"What was it like before all of this?" Asks Rarity, "The giant, I mean."
"He was not without kindness... or something I saw as that." Rubicon pauses for a moment, "He especially enjoyed to be left alone in the forest of the third floor, and grew irritated if anyone disturbed its wildlife- at a point I simply asked the gardeners to leave it grow, to appease him."
"Rarity?" I ask her, "Where's WInona?"
"She was, er... playing with the animal you took from the engine."
I whistle to call her, and before long long she runs and crashes onto me happily, her tail wiggling.
"You two try to think of something, we've got some things to do."
"Farewell, Honesty." Rubicon makes a curtsy.
"And do try not to find anymore ancient beings, will you?"
I don't answer to that for my own sake and head off with the others, Rarity's rapier gliding gently besides her.
Once we are sure that Rarity wasn't affected too strongly by the beam, I check the third floor for the note I am sure I saw and find it besides a bottle-sized metal cylinder, scotchtaped to the wall.

> Dear friends:
>Would you make me a favor and stop messing with my research? If I completed it, you could spend longer in Oneiros without having to return for batteries, because you could simply charge them by throwing them to a fire.
>I appreciate the try to make me socialize more, but you hiding the test batteries around is getting on my nerves.
> -Seer

After that a recorder with a tape in it-- It still has its batteries on, which I could use for the flashlight.
"Applejack?" Beckons Rarity when I walk down the stairs, "I gave a quick look to the kitchen, it was... unusually usual. other than it being well stocked in flour."
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