There is a MIRACLE at the top of the tower...
... and I need it.
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!CammyIzMqA 2017-04-17 05:14:09 No. 29890837
>I am going off-tangent... Cathrina was the first to be made, originally designated CAT zero zero one for reasons that Rubicon himself has forgotten. At this point she was a Complex-Enough class Artificial Intelligence-- only a series of scripts focused in some tasks made to emulate inteligence, so as to be more pleasant to interact with.
>Rubicon expanded her program on moments of boredom over time, and after a few years, the error-inducing protocols and capacity to "Learn" new forms of poetry led to her requesting to knowledge completely unrelated to poetry. She's needed to be moved to more advanced hardware in a regular basis ever since.
>What I find fascinating is that, despite the strides in her development -just two years ago she recognized her own existence as an intelligent entity, after months upon months of arguing otherwise- she still is prone to talking with prose-- when she is happy, she talks in haiku. When she is saddened or stressed, she talks in increasingly complex purple prose. When she is worried, she talks in couplets. To the better of my knowledge she is able to avoid this habit if there are reasons to, but finds comfort in keeping to her old ways.
>And Rubicon, who never had any sons of his own, has a marked, and acknowledged, tendency to deal with his students as surrogate sons and daughters-- strong enough for me to call it automatism, even.
>This is even more obvious when it deals to Sabrina and Cathrina-- the two girls he is effectively the father off...

Rarity clicks a button on the recorder, earning a look from me, "What? It sounded like the battery was running off. I thought you might want to save it for something else?"

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