Pre War Espionage and Spaghetti.
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"So Violet, what made you join up with the MoA?"
>She turns to look at you and looks to the ceiling in thought.
>"Well... I guess it was the same thing that brought me into the Manehattan PD."
>She places her hooves onto the table and looks down at them.
>"I was always viewed as my mother's pampered, helpless little girl. I wanted to prove my family and friends wrong, I'm not a helpless filly, and I can make a difference in the real world."
"Heh, a mare with a point to prove."
>She looks up at you, a rather neutral expression on her features.
>"You have to understand Sander, my family, my friends. They all live in a fantasy world where all that matters is dresses, gossip and stallions. My mother wanted that to be my life, to go into fashion like her and carry on her legacy."
"What legacy might that be?"
>She sighs, resting her head on the table.
>"My mother is a big league fashion designer, Prim Hemline. Maybe you've heard of her?"
>You knew nothing about her... only that Ruby raved about shopping at her boutique.
"You must have grown up with a lot of things expected of you."
>She lifts her head, looking up at the ceiling.
>"Yeah, mom didn't react to well to me joining the Police back in Manehattan. She warmed to it eventually, heck she was happy when I got promoted. Then the MoA came a knockin' and I jumped at the opportunity to further defend my friends and family, to prove that I wasn't a spoiled brat."
>You put a hoof on her shoulder and give her a comforting look.
"I'm sure your mom... she must be proud of you underneath it all. What we have done and what we will do won't be easy after all."
>She sighs and continue to look up at the ceiling.
>"Yeah, maybe she is. Anyway, what brought you here?"
>You recite your reasons of helping ponies and the enjoyment busting zebras with the Police force.
>That got a smile back on her face, apparently you even shared a distaste for stripes.

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