Pre War Espionage and Spaghetti.
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>You decide to change the topic
"So what's with the knife? It looks pretty nasty."
>She looks confused for a moment and then looks down at her leg.
>"Oh, that? It was a gift from my mom. I did a bunch of self defense training with the MPD. It was pretty thoughtful. Especially coming from her."
>You give her a reassuring smile
"I told you she cares."
>"Maybe you're right, Sander."
>She reclines in her chair and sighs
>"I am soooo looking forward to getting home to bed, I am really dang ti-"
>The door swings open and the Colonel strides in.
>>"Alright you two, your plots are officially mine. Follow me."
>Despite being "tired" Violet deftly rolls to her hooves and trots after Dazzle, you follow slightly behind.
>Dazzle leads you out into the office area, where almost all of the ponies at desks talk actively into headsets.
>>>>"Lightning Six, status? Over."
>>>>>"Copy, permission to engage, over."
>You're lead to the desk of a rather scrawny looking mare with a pearly white mane and a dandelion yellow coat.
>The Colonel extends a hoof to her
>>"This is Lieutenant Lemon Spirits, she will be your team's handler for the duration of your time with the Ministry of Awesome."
>The mare springs from her chair and darts forward, shaking both yours and Violets hooves at once.
>Her uniform -- a little too big for her -- jumps up and down her frame as she greets you.
>>>"It's great to meet you both. No need for introductions I already know your names, your job experience, where you live, what you take in your coff-"
>The Colonel magics her mouth shut, levitating the mare back into her chair.

What do?

A: Greet your handler
B: Ask what a handler's job entails
C: Ignore her
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