You are a hydra exploring the world with your sister-heads. What weird situations will you stumble on in this weird world?
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Slime Pony: A shapeshifting unclassified elemental. Smiles come in various sizes, shapes and viscosity, but among the fundamentals, all the slime ponies’ body is liquid except for their cores, which acts as a nervous system. Attacking that core is often the only way to get rid of these gooey ponies.
WARNING: Your core is your weak point.

Hydra: A giant three-headed predator. If three pairs of venomous fangs weren’t enough, this creature can also heal from any wound, and nothing short of hacking all three heads off will kill it. Fortunately, three heads rarely manage to operate one body flawlessly, and the ensuing bickering between the ladies can offer some opportunities for the unlucky adventurer to run away.
WARNING: You’re only one head, and must deal with the others to advance.

Fairy: A benevolent pint-sized spirit. Kind-hearted and strongly tied with nature, fairies can bestow powerful benedictions upon the heroes they deem worthy. Their magic couldn’t hurt a fly, but champions blessed with their powers can hack their way through mountains. However, it is notorious that undeserving ponies have many times hunted and captured these little folks to harness the benefits of their magic for themselves.
WARNING: You’re not able to fight for yourself.
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