You are a hydra exploring the world with your sister-heads. What weird situations will you stumble on in this weird world?
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The Planes.
Lands beyond what is real, a thousand small realities, all complete with their unique dwellers. The natural order and peace reigned in each of them. In the past.

But now that the portals have opened, outsiders poured in the planes, searching for glory, and ready to crush what or whoever planned to stop them.
Even if some planes had to collapse.

Adventure, greed, vengeance, hope, necessity. Such are the reasons which force the departure of those who travel… Through the Shattered Planes.

Now, about you.
You are a native from the planes, but only ruins stand where you once lived. Right now, you’ve got no choice but to try your luck going forward.
Your adventure start here, but first, who are you?
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