The adventures of a shovel wielding mare, digging for treasure and kicking monster ass.
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!!IEYRsXXgPRn 2015-05-28 03:39:05 No. 23233779
>In a faraway world, a world with its own rules and rulers, stand the Nine Lands. Here, the different races of ponies have endlessly fought for freedom, dominion and honor.

>Life in the Nine Lands isn't easy. The constant struggle for power, the attacks of creatures with evil in their hearts, the constant danger of foreign invasions, they all have turned a once prosperous empire into nine divided nations, each with their own lives and stories. Nevertheless, there are always brave ponies working to show the rest what good there is in unity, what strength found in friendship. Adventures and reward await to those who are willing.

>One such as you, young one. Having reached the age where you are considered old enough to live on your own, you leave your humble hometown in the search of a bright future. With just a few possessions and your wanderlust, it's time to see the world and what's in it for you.

>But first, we need to know about yourself.
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