The adventures of a shovel wielding mare, digging for treasure and kicking monster ass.
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>>23233779 (OP)
>What sort of pony are you?

>Earth Pony: strong, adaptable, reliable, earth ponies are good workers and able to fit in many lines of work. While lacking the abilities of flight and magic, they compensate by being proficient with all sorts of tools and weapons.

>Pegasus: fast and competitive, pegasi are usually counted among the most warlike races. Their dedication to honing their flying skills gives them good chances at just about anything physical.

>Unicorn: mostly hailing from the riverlands of the Redspear Empire, unicorns compensate their lack of physique with their control over magic. Dedicated learners and engineers, they put brains over brawn in most situations.

>Bat Pony: often underestimated, the bats of the Undral Forest are as liable to fight to the ends of the world for what they covet, as to turn on your back with the setting sun. Fast and silent, they carry a long history of covert operations, thievery and bartering.

>Cragpony: the natives of the Craglands, very strong and resilient, their bodies are partially comprised of the stones among which they live. Despite their relatively peaceful history, cragponies ache for battle as much as for a good, stereotypical home in the mountains, with ale, forges and tavern songs.

>Faequines: an oddity, a cross betwen ponies and the fairies of the forest, faequines are rarely seen outside of their hidden kingdom and respected. Frail and not used to flight, they can access a kind of magic unknown to unicorns, able to bend powerful forces to their will when developed.

>Choose your race
>Choose your gender
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