Failed cellist. Forced conscription. Expendable.
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You are Octavia.
After your cello career fails miserably, you spend an entire year living on Canterlot Unemployment Benefits. One year down the line, you are drafted into a mandatory military service.
You are randomly selected to serve as a test subject for the exploration of Equestria-Beta; An unexplored universe loosely connected to Equestria, only accessible through an obscure spell.
You are sent by Twilight Sparkle to record your findings on this universe.
>Don't Die
>Record your findings
>Take any interesting artifacts that may be in the interest of the princess
>Actually find your counterpart portal to return back to your own universe.
Ear Piece Video recorder, Backpack, A seemingly useless purple cube, 1 piece of bread, one bottle of water, Ink and Quill + Sheets of Paper
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