An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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!Goajj9lumg 2015-06-28 07:03:39 No. 23630358
You are a human female. You are quite tall for a woman—around 5' 10"—and have slightly more muscle mass than normal.

Being Anonymous, you do not possess a name or distinctive facial features. Your skin color is green.

Now, let us move on to your stats. You get two points to allocate in any of the following categories.

>Strength: A measure of your physical prowess. Currently at level 1, which is slightly above average for your gender.
>Stealth: A measure of how silently you move through the world. Currently at level 0. You move as quietly as the average human person.
>Magic Affinity: How attuned you are to magic. Enables you to operate or break enchantments. Also effects your magic resistance. Your human nature gives you one level in this, making you slightly harder to effect with magic, and giving you the ability to steal magic from weak-willed targets who are unconscious or recently deceased.
>Charisma: How well you convince people to do things. This is currently at level 0. You are charismatic as the average person.
>Cleverness: Your ability to figure out novel solutions to problems, as well as your ability to use technology. Currently at level 0.
>Tenacity. You cannot upgrade this skill, because you are already at the maximum level, level 20. You never give up. Ever.

When consensus is reached, the story will continue.
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