An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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2015-06-28 07:07:30 No. 23630409
I'd like to go for a female rogue type maybe.

I vote for stealth + charisma.

!Goajj9lumg 2015-06-28 07:30:16 No. 23630656
You have gained one point each in stealth and charisma, giving you:
>Strength: 1
>Stealth: 1
>Magic Affinity: 1
>Charisma: 1
>Cleverness: 0
>Tenacity: 20

You may now chose a perk. You get these automatically:

>Faceless: You do not posses any facial features. Increased intimidation and makes it harder for ponies to read your expression.
>Nameless: possessing no true name, you are immune to magic that requires one. This includes all common forms of mind control.
>Human physique: you're a human. This allows you to be a bit scarier, a bit faster, and a bit stronger than the typical pony

You may chose two more:

>Fast learner. Decreases the threshold for leveling up.
>Bullshitter: You're good at making up stories. Increases the chance of a deception check working.
>Dark Knight: doubles your ability to blend in with the dark, making you better at stealth checks when it is dark. You are marginally worse when it's light out.
>Musician: doubles your effectiveness at fighting when fast music is playing somewhere in the room. Doubles your effectiveness with stealth when slow music is playing somewhere in the room.
>Genre Savvy: subtle details that become important are less subtle
>Strong Stomach: Increased resistance to poison or bad food. Greatly increases the amount of alcohol you can consume before becoming intoxicated
>Temptress: Increases the chances of a seduction roll succeeding marginally. Also increases your intimidate chance in some scenarios.
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