An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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2015-06-28 07:39:32 No. 23630771
Well, in regard of
>I will note that seduction is rarely going to be relevant.

Let's rather go for Bullshitter, don't you think?

>You do get to chose both.
Yeah, but both would be overkill.

Let's go for Bullshitter and Genre Savvy

!Goajj9lumg 2015-06-28 07:54:56 No. 23630933
You are a bullshitter, and you are genre savvy.

With this, we may start the story.

>There's leaves beneath you
>That rather minor detail is the only thing that's immediately obvious. Not the best way to wake up, really. Leaves are scratchy. Not something you'd normally sleep on.
>But... Wait a minute, is it?
>You can't seem to remember sleeping. Ever. You can remember the idea of sleeping, you can remember various styles of bed, but... not doing it yourself
>Come to think about it, you can't even remember your name.
>You put a hand downwards and push yourself into a sitting position.
>It's humid. Uncomfortably so. You briefly wonder what the hell possessed you to put on a fucking suit in this weather.
>"All my years of work, finally come to a conclusion! That is... if you are not mere illusion."
>Holy shit
>No fucking way
>That's—that's Zecora's voice
>You turn your head to face the noise, and can barely believe your eyes. The Zebra stands looking at you. She's a lot... greyed, than you remembered from the show.
>(Genre Savvy) Her eyes also have a wide, almost desperate quality to them.
>You realize that she was asking you a question
"No, not an illusion."
>"Then I have succeeded! You, my friend, are what we have needed."
"Uh... what did you need?"
>"One who could free us from the grasp of his fist. I humbly swear, I will do my best to assist."
>Ok. This is... strange."
"I'm not following."
>"Do you truly not know? Or is this merely a show?"
"Nope. I'm completely lost."
>"Hm. Do you at least know of him? Tirek, who has turned Equestria dim?"
>Wait, but he got his ass kicked.

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