An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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!Goajj9lumg 2015-06-28 09:00:11 No. 23631802
>>23631555 I'll take trips
>The bush. Smaller, but that's probably a good thing, right?
>You dive inside, quickly covering yourself with branches
>Thank god it doesn't have spikes or spines
>You also thing to turn a few leaves sideways, covering your skin better (Stealth)
>You breathe more shallow, trying to be less conspicuous.
>You can see out of the bush
>Which makes it all the more horrifying when Rainbow slams down on the ground, right in front of you
>Surprisingly, she still has her cutie mark. It does, however, have a red HANDPRINT over it. (GS)
>Which is kind of concerning
>She's wearing some kind of helmet that covers her face. The visor has to be a one-way mirror or something, because you can't see through it.
>She looks around.
>You stop breathing.
>After doing several rotations, she presses a large blue button on the side of her helmet with a wing
>"No signs of an anomaly. Hoofprints in the ground. Zebra, probably."
>Her voice is oddly monotone—not like the Dash you know
>Like her VA was hungover, or something
>She takes off again, blasting your face with air
>Oh, Jesus
>That was fucking close
>"The pegasus with coat of blue... it is very good she did not notice you."
>You almost have a heart attack at Zecora's voice
"Yeah. Fuck."
>"Come, to my house. Your questions I will answer, woes I will douse."
>You nod, following the Zebra.
>Her house is in surprisingly good shape.
>When you get inside, she closes the door and moves a dresser in front of it
>"Ask quickly. It may be soon that my luck becomes sickly."

What do you ask her?
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