An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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!Goajj9lumg 2015-06-29 03:34:00 No. 23640969
"You're going to come with me, right?"
>"I am afraid I cannot do that. If I disappear, ponies may begin to chat."
>Right, fuck
"Have anything that will help me out along the way?"
>Zecora opens her mouth to answer, but suddenly stops
>She perks an ear up, listening
>Her face turns pale and she leans into you, voice becoming a whisper
>"Quickly, you must hide! And do not be a hero—have no pride!"
>She gestures to small hole in her wall, where the shelf she has in front of the door used to be
>You quickly squeeze into it. It's a tight fit, but you make it.
>She pushes the shelf in front of you. Seconds later, you hear a knock on the door
>"Open up, Zebra!"
>To your surprise, it's a female voice that's yelling
>You hear a door squeak
>"King Tirek is sick of you in this forest. Today's little light show was the last straw."
>Zecora doesn't respond
>"What, too scared to talk? Well, you should be."
>You breathe more shallow as you hear the voice pace near you
>"You're coming with me. Straight to the mines for you. And we're gonna burn your little hut... to the ground!"
>The voice pauses
>"Stoic, eh? Did I mention how bad the mines are? Twelve hours of hard labor, daily. You'd better hope the warden doesn't take a fancy to you, neither, or you might have to do that while carrying a foal!"
>Still silence
>Then a loud crash
>"Huh? React, dammit!"
>You grit your teeth
>Zecora said to not help her
>But god... fucking... dammit...
>The voice keeps circling the room, occasionally moving back next to your shelf. It gets pretty damn close, too.
>The words kind of blur. Lots and lots of ranting about how much of a freak she was. Really, it seems rather aimless for this kind of arrest.

What do you do?
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