An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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2015-07-01 03:52:36 No. 23665967
What about we call out for help, acting as if we're injured. if he comes close and lets his guard down, we get him in a stranglehold and wait until he passes out. This won't kill him. Plus we're much bigger and stronger than a little pony.

2015-07-01 03:30:41 No. 23665755
Scaring him isn't going to get us anywhere. We either need to incapacitate or off him, preferably the former.

2015-07-01 03:19:00 No. 23665626
We need to continue spooking him. And so we dont get spotted, we should climb the nearest tree and once he gets close, we pounce! And by pounce I mean murder.
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