An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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!Goajj9lumg 2015-07-01 08:31:28 No. 23670030
"I do, actually. I just needed to make sure you weren't one of those ponies who worked with Tirek."
>Applebloom raises an eyebrow
>"Odd way of doing it. Walkin' naked into the middle of an orchard."
"Simplest way I could find."
>You lean carefully against a tree, trying to avoid getting any splinters in your back or ass
"I had some trouble with guards earlier. The truth is that I have no idea how I got here in the first place."
>"Hm. Kinda odd. You sure you ain't a succubus?"
>"Sex demon. Those have been getting out of Tartarus for a while now."
"I don't think I am. Sex is on my mind, but it's not the first thing."
>She laughs
>"Well, I suppose that's alright. You need me for anything?"
"I need to get further south. But I also need a place to stay for a while."
>"I would offer ta let ya stay at mah house, but... well, they come in the night sometimes. I could feed ya, though."
>Applebloom shifts uncomfortably
>"Any reason ya need to get south?"
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