An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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2015-07-01 09:24:59 No. 23670837
I remember how to walk and talk.
Not much else.
I do got a plan, but it's based on new info, not memories.

!Goajj9lumg 2015-07-01 09:38:34 No. 23671061
"I don't remember anything. My plan's based on... new information.
>"New info?"
"Zecora told me. About what happened. I'm going to, uh, try to fix it."
>Applejack looks away from you, up at the tree she's sitting under
>"Tall order for one gal."
"I know. But... Hey, could you help me out a bit?"
>"Wit what?"
"You mentioned handlers. Who, exactly, are they? And what happened with Applejack?"
>Appleboom's head snaps to look at you
>"What did y'all say?"
"Uh... what happened with Applejack?"
>She stands up, and crosses the distance between you scarily fast
>Next thing you know, her hoof is on your chest
>Rather uncomfortably between your breasts, actually
>"How'd you know 'bout that?"
"You—you were saying that y-your sister—"
>"How did you know she's mah sister?"

Since it's sort of unclear as to if this was supposed to be a lie or not, I'm going to establish what you do remember. Basically, you have all the knowledge a typical human being on Earth (living in America, I suppose) would have, minus any kind of personal information.

You also remember MLP:FiM (as a cartoon) and a variety of time spent on 4chan—again, stripped of any identifying or personal info.

With that I'm sleeping.
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