An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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2015-07-02 03:22:49 No. 23680381
Thanks mate. I appreciate it that you do all this after work. I know how exhausting that can be, especially in summer.

!Goajj9lumg 2015-07-02 03:39:42 No. 23680571
"I'll succeed."
>"You won't. Nopony does. Either get killed or give up."
"Well... I'm trying either way."
>You stand up
"I need some info. You mentioned handlers—who are they?"
>"The people that keep trying to recruit me. Guards, mostly. Thought you were another 'treat' to try and entice me."
"I saw a pony wearing a helmet, earlier. What was that?"
>"It has a thingy in it to let them talk to the people back at base. The higher-ups in the guard."
"Cool. Any way you could help get my clothes dried?"
>She shrugs
>"I'd rather not be caught holdin' somebody who's going against them. I can get you some apples, maybe. That's about it."

No problem. I spent the vast majority of today murdering weeds with a weed whacker, which was better than shoveling or whatever. It's kind of enjoyable, really. Except when the grass fucks up your legs.

I will say that I'll be glad to start school. There's a good chance I'll be able to get a job doing IT work for their tech center, which will be a lot more enjoyable.

/personal shit nobody cares about
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