An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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"One last question. The other elements—any idea what happened to them?"
>"Pinkie's in charge of the gestures. Fluttershy's in charge of the pets. Rarity dresses him personally, ah think—whenever he makes a public appearance, his clothin' looks like somethin' she'd do. If he bothers tah wear clothes, that is. Twilight... well, I ain't seen her in ten years."
>You close your eyes
>Or, well—you don't have eyes, so—
>Whatever, it's the fucking thought that counts, ok?
>You close your eyes and rub your temples
>You'd hoped that you would have an obvious friend or ally. Guess that would be too easy.
"Could I have those apples?"
>Applebloom kicks the tree next to her, knocking several off
>"Take them and go. Fast. I think I hear somebody comin'."
>You grab the apples, using your clothes as a shitty basket. There's five in all. They will, of course, bruise easily and perish quickly—you should probably eat them first
>You stumble back into the Everfree, still butt-ass naked. Within a few minutes you're in the clearing again.
>The river rushes to one side of you. The bundle of dead sticks sits on the other.
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