An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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!Goajj9lumg 2015-07-02 09:31:05 No. 23684562
>Well, fuck. You need water more than anything else.
>You fill up your bottle with water from the stream you were in two days ago. That stream is now a fully-fledged river, and it's at least thirty feet wide now. You wouldn't want to tackle that with anything less than a whitewater raft.
>The water looks clear, but you're uncertain. You know that drinking for a river can cause a lot of intestinal issues, which you'd rather avoid. At the same time, it wasn't exactly stagnant. So it may be safe.
>You leave the bottle in your pack to contemplate the issue.
>When it gets a bit darker, you approach the towers. You stay low on the ground, letting your suit blend in with the darkness
>You don't dare get more than a few hundred feet closer, but that does give you a quite a bit of new information
>For one, the complex has an underground. Or, at least, goes underground for a bit of time. You saw one guard enter a door near the ground, and he descended a staircase.
>Two, it's not made of normal stone. It doesn't reflect light in the right way. If you had to guess, it's made of some kind of crystal.
>The other major thing that stands out is the guard's uniforms. Unlike what you remember in the show, these have several red stripes on them. Their helmets also have strange-looking horns on them, almost like a devil's horns.
>Fucking hell. What even is this?
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