An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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2015-07-03 03:45:59 No. 23693961
No, I just kinda wanna get 'sexy bad end'd by a random low-level that we basically gives ourselves to.
kek though

!Goajj9lumg 2015-07-03 03:51:47 No. 23694033
>You take the knife out of his shoulder
>The blade is surprisingly sharp. It slides out without any issue.
>He tries to bring up a hoof to block you, but he's too late—you jab the knife into his eyes.
>He has no time to scream.
>With a spurt of blood, his body goes limp.

Your suit is now bloodied. Until it is washed, most ponies will assume you are hostile on sight.

>You throw his body off you, examining the damage
>Your face hurts like crazy, and you probably have a fractured rib
>Overall, though, not bad for your first real fight.
>"Think we should wake him up?"
>You freeze
>Voices, from outside at the door
>"Nah. He has these nightmares all the time. Waking him up will just make them worse."
>Fucking shit, two of them
>There's no way you can take them
>"Don't know why he signed up if he can't take it."
>In a panic, you look around the room
>There's lots of cots. Maybe you could hide under one?
>His body is clearly visible and near the door. Maybe you could try to move it?
>Hurry, though—you're probably running out of time

Note: From this post onwards, I will also take arguments into consideration. This means that debating other choices has a higher chance of getting your choice accepted.

Also note that I am going to be gone in about 45 minutes. I got invited to do stuff with IRL friends. Sorry, guys—I probably won't be gone that long.
There are no sexy bad ends. There are bad ends, but they are very much non-sexy.
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