An Anonymous human female is summoned to stop Tirek.
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!Goajj9lumg 2015-07-03 10:48:55 No. 23698124
>You try to put on some guard armor, but none of it works
>It's all too small. You try to wear the chest plates as pauldrons, but those are too big. You look like a character out of a poorly-designed video game.
>Now all you gotta do is clean up
>You manage to heave the dead guard into a chest, closing the door over him. Thankfully, no blood seeps through, so it's not that noticeable.
>You spend the next few minutes mopping up the blood. The guards undershirts make surprisingly effective towels. It won't hold up to any kind of close inspection, but the pooling effect is gone.
>The knives you decide to keep. Maybe somebody could tell you what the hell they are.
>With that, you decide that your little murderous adventure in the bunks is over. You walk to the door and open it a crack
>Somepony is walking down the stairs. One pair of hoof-falls. You look out the door, trying to see who it is
>To your surprise, it isn't a guard. It's a mare, probably around 15. Or whatever the pony equivalent of 15 is. She's crying softly to herself as she descends the stairs.
>Hm. Must be the "treat".
>A few minutes after she disappears from view, another mare appears, ascending the stairs this time. She trembles lightly.
>Well, that other guard is probably still watching the other hallway
>Which means that you have nowhere to go but up.
>You creep out of the hallway after the second mare has been out of sight for a few minutes, slowly stepping onto the stairs
>You see a small trail of moisture running down them. You bend down and rub it between your fingers.
>To your absolute shock, it isn't semen. Or vaginal fluid. It's much too thick for either of them.
>You bring it up to your nose and sniff it
>...Maple syrup?
>What the fuck
>Shrugging, you keep heading up the stairs
>You don't get far. The stairs end two flights up, bottoming out on a platform.
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