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PB Author Title Description Tags Words Added
PBReebAnonBlack Mage Anon CYOA Inv/Spells/Misc.auto-retrievedcyoabmage44103/19/17
PBReebAnonBlack Mage Anon CYOAauto-retrievedcyoabmage2559603/13/17
PBCammersMiracle's inventoryauto-retrievedcyoamiracle4202/26/17
PBxplodingbrainInvestor by Logoauto-retrievedcyoagene8102/06/17
PBxplodingbrainInvestor Milestonesauto-retrievedcyoagene12702/06/17
PBxplodingbrainInjection - M010 Seriesauto-retrievedcyoagene16202/05/17
PBHorses213Zodiac CYOA textauto-retrievedcyoa3090501/29/17
PBSpearhead Fucks CelestiaSpearhead's adventure.spearheadcelestiaclop69301/22/17
PBSnowballcyoaClover's Status, Inventory, and Questsauto-retrievedcyoaafa16611/27/16
PBWF-IgorFO:E One-shotauto-retrievedcyoapersona253511/17/16
PBWF-IgorPrompt #18auto-retrievedcyoapersona306611/17/16
PBMythanonTitle here (Featuring Utah and Gale)Gale is a villainsatyrsUtahGaleBuoyaction344711/06/16
PBtheihenryJAD Epilogueauto-retrievedcyoaanotherday710/29/16
PBKewceeCh. 3: A Simple Choice and Disappointing Truthauto-retrievedcyoa467010/17/16
PBKewceeCh. 4: Advanced yet Basicauto-retrievedcyoa603510/17/16
PBKewceeCh. 5: Beuatiful Emotions and the Joys of Painauto-retrievedcyoa555510/17/16
PBKewceeCharacter and Location Referenceauto-retrievedcyoa91610/17/16
PBKewceeCh. 1: The Journey to Aurusauto-retrievedcyoa976710/17/16
PBKewceeCh. 2: Stony Spirits and Meanie Maresauto-retrievedcyoa791510/17/16
PBExcArcMighty/Celestia lewdsTruly powerful sex occurs.clopoc quest167210/16/16
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