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PB Author Title Description Tags Words Added
PBtentajacktextRoyal quest info 4/26/18auto-retrievalcyoaroyal107504/27/18
PBTheBathWaterHeroLandFall Dataauto-retrievalcyoalandfall114603/12/18
PBCGenLocation loreauto-retrievalcyoanomercy212003/09/18
PBMetalmancy v2auto-retrievalcyoamistpone57903/07/18
PBPoopers g6auto-retrievalcyoapoopers158112/19/17
PBHow to Train your DaughterGumdrop is her daddy's perfect little pet.anonymousgumdropclopincestpet play95912/12/17
PBVhatugYes CoachPogo tries his hand at dominance.alexpogoclopsatyr127812/12/17
PBVhatugMy Daddy, My Dom (mlp, satyr)Gumdrop and her father take a nice date to Canterlot.AnonymousGumdropsatyrincestclop394812/12/17
PBParty Poopers g5auto-retrievalcyoapoopers138311/21/17
PBParty Poopers g4auto-retrievalcyoapoopers106911/05/17
PBParty Poopers g3auto-retrievalcyoapoopers66510/24/17
PBParty Poopersauto-retrievalcyoapoopers37210/22/17
PBParty Poopersauto-retrievalcyoapoopers47310/22/17
PBExcArcHorsepower #11auto-retrievalcyoadriftu161707/24/17
PBExcArcHorsepower #10auto-retrievalcyoadriftu162706/23/17
PBVhatugSatyr Stories 2 (Updated 6-22-17) [mlp] [satyr]A collection of various satyr shorts, predominantly explicit.anonsatyrclopincestcollection404006/22/17
PBVhatugThe Simple Life [mlp] [satyr]Slice of life of stories about the DGA family.anonymoussatyrclopincestkimmy and mera321506/22/17
PBVhatugBackwoods Delivery [mlp] [satyr]Anon and Peach enjoy some private time after a delivery goes sour.anonsatyrclopincestpeach166006/22/17
PBVhatugPunks and Ponuts [mlp] [satyr]Thorn introduces her girlfriend to her kink.thornmudpiesatyrclopanalingus161406/22/17
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