Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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>Mysterious Piano notes play through the air emanating from what seems like nowhere at all.
>You find darkness in your eyes giving way to a cool blue light.
>You sit on a painted blue wooden chair across from a hunchbacked old man with bulging bloodshot eyes, long fingers, pointed ears, and a nose which extends nearly half a foot from his face.
>The long-nosed man rests with his hands folded in his lap on a soft looking armchair coated in blue velvet. He sits across from you separated by a polished blue table.
>Standing next to the long-nosed man is a petite winged unicorn with blue fur and bright golden eyes, whose head barely reaches the height of the arm of the old man’s seat.
>”Welcome to the Velvet Room.”
>The man sweeps his right arm out to the side, inviting you to look around.
>You take in your greater surroundings, finding blue bookshelves up against the blue walls which sit upon a blue velvet carpet, containing books of various sizes with identical jackets of blue velvet hiding their titles from you.
>A blue brick fireplace lights the room with flames which burn the same brilliant blue.
>You turn your attention back to the long-nosed man who begins to introduce himself.
>”My name is Igor.”
>”I am delighted to make the acquaintance of such rare guests.”
>He gestures to his side with his left hand. “This is Elizabeth. She is a resident here like myself.”
>The blue pony gives you a polite smile and lowers the front of her body in a quadrupedal bow. As she does, you catch a glimpse of a picture on her flank of a brown grimoire.
>”Pleased to meet you.” she replies simply in a pleasant, silvery voice.
>Igor begins to explain, “This place exists between dream and reality. Mind and matter. This is a room that only those who are bound by a “contract” may enter.”
>Igor’s eyes gaze intently at you. “That is, under normal circumstances.”
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