Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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>As soon as you place the inkpen down on the table, Elizabeth’s horn glows gold, and the same magical aura surrounds the contract and pen, floating them back to Igor who looks it over.
>Igor gives a wide smile. “Henceforth, you shall be welcome here in the Velvet Room.”
>“Hold on to this.” Igor slides an odd-looking key across the table. You pick it up and ponder its odd shape, as well as the picture of the black and white mask split down the middle on the end.
>“Til we meet again… Anonymous.”


Monday, October 31st

>The shrill whistle of a train pierces your ears and rouses you from your slumber.
>You stretch your arms, but quickly meet resistance as you wang your funnybone against the wall.
>You fall off the seat you were on, landing on the floor with a loud crash as you writhe in pain and clutch your elbow. At least you’re up now.
>You’ve fallen down off the pillowy white seat you were sleeping on, and on to the green carpeted floor.
>You shake off the pain as another loud whistle sounds, getting up on your feet carefully.
>”Now arriving at Ponyville Station. Please ensure all belongings are securely on your person before exiting the train” sounds a voice from a speaker.
>You take a look out the window and see what you’re sure must be the train station. The train seems to have come to a full stop.
>You don’t seem to have any belongings other than your outfit. You decide there’s no point in staying any longer, and move to exit the train.
>Your head nearly hits the top of the door frame as you leave the car. What idiot built these tiny doors?
>Drowsily you stumble out of the car and exit the train on to the platform. Your elbow still aches but you try to ignore it and look around. It seems like there’s no staff around, so you leave the platform and head through the door into the station itself.
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