Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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>Inside the station, you see a turnstyle near a booth with a sign over it which reads “Arrival” and one that says “Do Not Enter This Way”
>Since you’re not keen on injuring yourself again, you go towards Arrival, obviously.
>You reach the booth and you hear an alluring feminine voice from it. “Your ticket, please.”
>Ticket? Yes, you feel like you have something like that. You reach into your pocket and sure enough you find a small piece of paper.
>You take it out of your pocket and hold it out to the mare. You’re so tall that you can’t even see her face from the angle. You can see her deep blue coat and wings, but her cutie mark is covered by a jacket that looks to be her uniform.
>She removes the ticket from your green fingers with her hoof and brings it inside the booth. “Let’s see.”
>”Oh? What an exotic name. Well, it’s none of my business. Welcome to Ponyville. I hope you enjoy the Nightmare Night celebration. You’re free to go.”
>You have to duck a little again to get through the turnstyle, and once again to leave the station.
>The sun is high, and you begin walking down the road aimlessly, taking in the sights. Every single home and business you see has some sort of decoration on it.
>You see lights strung up, fake spiders in cobwebs, balloons with pictures of a black alicorn, and even some spoopy Pony skulls.
>While you’re observing the decorations, something hard collides with your leg, almost causing you to trip.
>You look down and watch helplessly as a full plate of noodles and marinara sauce falls on your black shoes and shatters.
>The small purple and green dragon who was holding it clutches his head, shouting “Noooo! My spaghetti!”
>He seems to be wearing a white toque and chef smock, and on his face is an out-of-place looking white moustache.

What do you say to him?
“Dude, my shoes.”
“Are you okay?”
“Watch where you’re going, Chef Boy-Does-That-Moustache-Make-You-Look-Like-A-Fag.”
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