Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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>You groan as you regain consciousness and shake off your sleep, blinking your eyes awake.
>Your body feels heavy, as if you were out hard, but you pull yourself together and look around the room.
>You’re alone in what seems to be an infirmary. You’re guessing this by all the posters of equine anatomy on the walls and the medical supplies.
>You see no doctors or patients, though the latter makes sense when you look at where you were lying.
>You were on a bunch of small hospital beds pushed together to make one big hospital bed. They must not be used to someone of your size.
>You recall having a panic attack and freaking out about your face and skin.
>There’s a mirror nearby, so you take a better look at yourself in it.
>You’re wearing a black suit and black slacks with a red tie. Your face is as it was before. Completely featureless.
>Examining yourself a bit more closely, you do find that your head has vague outlines of something where your features are supposed to be, almost as if your face is wrapped in a thin green blanket.
>When you touch it though, it definitely feels like skin.
>You experiment in a couple other ways. You try closing one “eye”, and find that you can, though it’s difficult to tell from looking at you.
>You try blowing on the mirror, and your breath fogs it up as it should, though when you clear it off with your hand you notice no fingerprints.
>Cautiously you try to lick the tip of your finger and find that the “mask” splits open a bit to reveal a mouth with a red tongue and white teeth.
>Good news, you can still eat.
>You think about what you could try with your “ears”, and it’s only then that you notice a sound that’s been in the background for a while now.
>Several voices, though you can’t make out what they’re saying.
>It sounds like it’s coming from the other side of the infirmary door.
>You’ve calmed down and you’re ready for some answers. You decide to go see who’s talking.
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