Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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>You open the door and pass down the hall lined with some beautiful paintings and tapestries.
>You pass by a window and glance through it. Looks like it’s night. New moon today, judging by its absence.
>You continue and the voices get louder, until you go through the doorway to the room they’re coming from, where six ponies of various color and one dragon are sitting around a table talking.
>You see the blue one with the wings and rainbow colored mane say affirmatively, “So we’re in agreement. We throw him through the mirror, and if that doesn’t work, we throw him harder!”
>The purple Alicorn is startled when she sees you in the entryway, “Oh, you’re up!”

“No one is throwing me anywhere.”
“Where am I?”
“What’s going on?”
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