Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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>Spike is peeking out from behind a chair practically drooling over Rarity.
>You smile at him invisibly once she’s out of the room.
“Hate to see her leave, love to watch her go?”
>”Yes… no! Maybe? I don’t know… could you repeat the question?”
“You like her, right?”
>”Well I-I mean, of course. Who wouldn’t like Rarity? That’s the Element of Generosity for you. She’ll stick her neck out for a complete stranger like you!”
“I was pretty surprised. She seems like a good Mare.”
>”She really is…” he trails off.
“What do you mean by Element of Generosity though?”
>”Huh? Oh, that. Geez… there’s a lot you’re out of the loop on. I’ll try to sum things up for you while I get my backup costume.”
“Sounds good with me. Let’s go.”
>He begins explaining some basic concepts and history to you, using a lot of “blah blahs” and “yada yadas” to try to give you the cliff notes. Equestria, Ponies, other species living here…
>By the time you get back to his room he gets onto the subject of princesses, and you stop him when he mentions Twilight.
“Twilight Sparkle is a princess?”
>”Yeah, almost all Alicorns are. I guess if you didn’t know that you wouldn’t be able to guess huh?”
“Why isn’t she surrounded by guards and servants bowing to her or introducing her as Princess Twilight Sparkle?”
>”That’s just not her style. Don’t even try to call her princess. She doesn’t like it.”
“What kind of princess hates being a princess?”
>”It’s not that she hates it. She’s always looking for new ways to take on more responsibility as a princess. She’s just not used to it I guess. It just makes her a little uncomfortable. Aha! Found it.”
>Spike pulls out a little purple dragon costume which he climbs into.
“I thought you were a dragon.”
>”I-I am a dragon! But you know, a Dragon is the scariest thing in Equestria, so now I’m like a… a DOUBLE Dragon.”
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