Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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>You turn around, peering through the darkness of the unusually long staircase to see where the sound is coming from.
>”Yes, Anonymous?”
“Should we worry about the stairs getting eaten by crystal?”
>Twilight looks over her shoulder and sees that the staircase is rapidly becoming encased by creeping blue crystal that grows over everything it touches like moss, trapping it in a thick spiky blue coating.
>”Th-This is a dream… dreams can’t hurt you if they’re not real.
“Are you sure about that?”
>”No.” Twilight whimpers.
>You look at her for half a second before you both start tearing up the stairs desperately trying to outpace the crystal swallowing everything in its path.
>You’re gaining distance from it, but just how long is this staircase anyway?
>Your legs are burning, and Twilight starts pulling ahead. Must be the Earth Pony in her.
>Twilight is soon out of sight as she runs without looking back, and it’s a few more seconds before you hear a frightened scream sound down the staircase.
>Putting everything you’ve got into it, you charge up the stairs and through a doorway to see Twilight on the ground with a gash on her cheek dripping with blood. It doesn’t take a genius to guess what did it.
>A short two-legged creature with pointy ears brandishes a sharp metal stick. Its face is nothing more than a blue expressionless mask.
>Its body is completely black as if it's coated in some gooey shadowy substance.
>Its tiny body combined with the simple shape almost makes it look like a stuffed toy, but when you notice the stick it's carrying is soaked with blood at the tip, it suddenly feels a lot more dangerous.
"Twilight, get away fro it!"
>"There's nowhere to run! We have to go past it to get upstairs! Without my magic I..."
>Suddenly, your head throbs. You begin to hear a voice.

I am thou.
Thou art I.
Thou hath opened thine eyes.
The Time is now!

>A glowing blue card floats in midair in front of you.

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