Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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>Spike tries to step in, but you stop him.
“She needs to fight this on her own.”
>”It’s only natural… unlike you, your friends won’t live forever! Why bother trying to keep them in your heart when you know you’re just going to forget about them.”
>”I will NEVER forget about my friends.”
>”Yeah right… you’ve seen what happens to all of Celestia’s “friends”. She betrayed Starswirl, trapped her own sister in the moon for 1,000 years, and cast her star pupil into darkness because she thought she knew best. She’s all alone in this world. It happened to her and it will happen to you!”
>”No it won’t! I won’t let it happen!”
>”Oh it’s already begun! Look at the way you treat your friends like you know best now! Even after Spike saved the Crystal Empire from your failure, you wouldn’t trust him with the simplest task!”
>”I only wanted to help…”
>”And your help nearly killed him! You’ve already changed, Princess. And once your friends are gone, you’ll be nothing but a monster. I know you will. Because I am you.”
>”Please stop… stop saying that!”
>”I haven’t changed! That’s a lie!”
>”Even if you think you’re a part of me, you’re wrong!”
>”Twilight no!” Spike calls out, but it’s too late.
>The horn of Shadow Twilight glows with power as she laughs, “That’s it! That’s the spirit! Deny it. DENY THIS SICK WORLD!”
>Twilight trembles and collapses to the ground as her shadow grows in power.
>She floats in the air, gathering power as her body turns into a deeper purple and grows larger and larger. Stars appear in her mane and tail as it shifts to a psychedelic appearance as if someone painted a nebula onto it.
>Blood red regalia appears on her, and her cutie mark twists and fractures as well.
>Her body becomes large enough for her head to reach the balcony as she stands on the ground in her new form.
>”I am a shadow… the true self…”
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