Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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Tuesday, November 1st

Twilight’s Castle, 6:00 AM

>You wake up in the guest room bed next morning pretty early.
>It’s pretty safe to say both you and Twilight are going to want some questions answered about last night.
>You exit your room, and unlike last night, there are two guards posted by your door.
>When you ask them where you might find Twilight, they let you know she’s been in the library since late last night.
>Thanking them, you go to check on her.
>The library seems to be one of the largest areas of the castle. Many bookshelves are still pretty bare, but every single one is labeled and organized with what it should contain.
>A blue door catches your eye on the side of the room.
>Instinctively you pull out a key from your pocket and place it in the door, opening it and stepping through.

Velvet Room, 6:10 AM

>You once again find yourself in the room filled with blue velvet.
>Both Igor and Elizabeth are here this morning.
>”Welcome back to the Velvet Room.” Igor greets you with a smile.
>You have a seat across the table from him.
>Igor holds up a blue card like the one you found last night.
>”I see you have finally awakened to your true power. Persona. The mask your heart wears to face the world.”
>Elizabeth continues, “But you hold within you a special ability known as the Wild Card. Yours is a heart that can wear many faces.”
>Igor fans out a deck of tarot cards, each with a different picture on its face.
>”A persona’s abilities are driven by your heart, which is sated by your bonds with others.”
>”By interacting with someone and forming a new bond, you were able to obtain the Magician arcana.”
>Igor shows you the card representing the Magician. “Your power will grow as your bond deepens. I strongly urge you to take this to heart.”
>”Now then, fare you well until we meet again.”
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