Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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(TOO MANY CHOICES. I rolled a die between the 4 that sounded good.)

>Man, names are hard.
>But you come up with something that seems fitting and tell it to Twilight.
“Dream Trotter.”
>”I see… yeah, that’s a good name! Anyway, I’ve got some more work to do, and Spike is still sleeping, so I guess you’re free to check out the town on your own if you want. Or if you want to visit any of the other Elements of Harmony, I’m sure most of them would be pretty happy to see you.”
“First things first, I want you to get some sleep. You’ve been up all night working. You need to rest.”
>”All right… I can ignore myself but I guess I can’t ignore my friends trying to look out for me.”
>”I’ll see you when you get back tonight, okay?”
>You nod at Twilight and watch her teleport away in a purple flash.
>She did remind you though, there’s a few places you could go.
>Rarity told you she’d like to get you fitted for some free clothes.
>Applejack wanted to invite you to have some cider and get to know you.
>And that griffon Gilda keeps sticking in your mind. You can’t help but feel a little responsible that someone got hurt. It might be good if someone visited her, given that it doesn’t sound as though she has a lot of friends in town anymore.

Routesplit time


For those who choose Gilda, say if you think Anon should use his human form or his pony form.

I'll probably be taking a little break while the next route is decided.
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