Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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>”It’s only natural I remember the laws I pass. I wouldn’t be a very good head of state if I didn’t.” She says as she puts on her rental shoes.
“You have a pretty good memory then?”
>”I try my best, though I am known to make mistakes like anypony else from time to time.”
“Well… do you remember anything about a pony called the Queen of Fools?”
>”I do recall that story… though I don’t know if what I’d ever heard is true. Did she truly exist, or did she not? Suffice to say, I have never known her personally. I believe she was cursed to wander the land eternally until she found her true name... “
“Yeah, but aren’t Alicorns immortal? If she did exist, what do you think happened to her?”
>Celestia smiles at you like a mother to her child. “I’m afraid just because she is immortal does not mean she may necessarily be around forever. As I said… nothing is “invincible”. Even I can be slain. Of course she may also have been merely a myth... but myths are often based on truth.”
“I heard about Alicorns dying before. In the War of Shadows. They say changelings assassinated two of them, right?”
>”I see you have been taught well by Twilight. Prince Altair was found to have been killed and replaced by a changeling which made a meal of Princess Vega’s love before destroying her as well.”
"Those names sound familiar..."
>”As they should. You may have seen them last night.”
“Last night?”
>”You were stargazing, yes? I believe it’s time I let you in on a secret…”
“Is uh, here the right place?”
>”I’ve already cast the spell to obscure our conversation. This is something few know about. Not even Twilight is aware of it.”
“What is it?” you ask after looking around cautiously.
>”An Alicorn may be immortal… but they may choose at any time, with only a thought, to end their life… and become one with the cosmos.”
“Become one with the cosmos?”
>”Yes… they will leave their physical form behind, become pure energy, and their souls will merge with the planets or stars in the sky."
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