Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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><She hasn’t had much trouble since then. So I guess I’ll tell you about Rarity next…>

"Tell me all about it. How did Rarity do?"
><Well… something happened to her. As she was fighting, her Nightmare power kept growing stronger and stronger. She didn’t have any trouble defeating shadows, but after she defeated that powerful shadow and rescued Sweetie Belle, she just left her sister with the rest of the party and teleported away to hunt down more shadows. She started losing control, and well… you should see what happened.>

Earlier, Southern Ponyville

><T-Twelve enemies left! Rarity, are you sure this is a good idea?>
>"Nonsense, darling. I won't let a single one of those shadows remain in my town." Rarity dismisses her with a toothy grin on her face.
>She looks different... far larger than you're used to seeing her.
>You remember hearing Spike describe her like this.
>She's completely taken on the appearance of Nightmare Rarity.
>Her allies are nowhere to be seen, but Rarity appears entirely unscathed.
>A diverse mob of shadows stands before her. Shimmering Stars, stony Statues, and long-robed Magicians, and even a few imps here and there.
>"Let's dance, Peter!"
>Rarity's Persona plays a wild tune on his flute, causing a tornado to tear through them!
>Her spell rips the imps to shreds as her Persona spins around to follow up, shaking its satyr tail at the shadows.
>The stars and magicians are captivated by his display, and they turn on their allies, striking each other or stopping in place to stare at Rarity.
>White-masked statues charge at her, but she simply closes her eyes and yawns as she sidesteps them.
>Without even looking, she fires a volley of crystal tipped arrows at their backs!
>They pierce right through the stone, damaging them severely!
>Her persona flies back out and draws its daggers, spinning rapidly and flitting around the battlefield like a whirling dervish of blades!
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