Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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2014-11-01 08:14:35 No. 20445414
>Mysterious Piano notes play through the air emanating from what seems like nowhere at all.
>You find darkness in your eyes giving way to a cool blue light.
>You sit on a painted blue wooden chair across from a hunchbacked old man with bulging bloodshot eyes, long fingers, pointed ears, and a nose which extends nearly half a foot from his face.
>The long-nosed man rests with his hands folded in his lap on a soft looking armchair coated in blue velvet. He sits across from you separated by a polished blue table.
>Standing next to the long-nosed man is a petite winged unicorn with blue fur and bright golden eyes, whose head barely reaches the height of the arm of the old man’s seat.
>”Welcome to the Velvet Room.”
>The man sweeps his right arm out to the side, inviting you to look around.
>You take in your greater surroundings, finding blue bookshelves up against the blue walls which sit upon a blue velvet carpet, containing books of various sizes with identical jackets of blue velvet hiding their titles from you.
>A blue brick fireplace lights the room with flames which burn the same brilliant blue.
>You turn your attention back to the long-nosed man who begins to introduce himself.
>”My name is Igor.”
>”I am delighted to make the acquaintance of such rare guests.”
>He gestures to his side with his left hand. “This is Elizabeth. She is a resident here like myself.”
>The blue pony gives you a polite smile and lowers the front of her body in a quadrupedal bow. As she does, you catch a glimpse of a picture on her flank of a brown grimoire.
>”Pleased to meet you.” she replies simply in a pleasant, silvery voice.
>Igor begins to explain, “This place exists between dream and reality. Mind and matter. This is a room that only those who are bound by a “contract” may enter.”
>Igor’s eyes gaze intently at you. “That is, under normal circumstances.”

2014-11-01 08:16:58 No. 20445463
>Elizabeth trots silently to Igor’s side with a pleased smirk. “Gate crashing, hm? How daring.”
>Elizabeth’s piercing golden eyes cause you a bit of unease before Igor chuckles gently.
>“Hoho, you have no need to worry. As you did not come here of your own accord, I have no intention of ejecting you from this location.”
>”On the contrary…” Igor continues. “I wish to extend the offer to you to return.”
>Igor slides a piece of yellowed parchment across the table to you with a blue inkpen on top of it.
>”All you have to do is sign your name on this contract saying you agree to take responsibility for the choices you make.”
>You stare blankly at the contract, unsure of what to do.
>Somehow you know you can’t do as he asks.
>“Ah, of course, there is one problem. You do not know who is your true self. You had to give up that part of yourself to get this far.”
>Igor adjusts his posture and folds his hands under his chin with his spindly fingers weaved together. “Perhaps it would help if I tell you what I know of you.”
>”You are about to embark upon a journey to somewhere you have wanted to go for a very long time.”
>”On this journey you will form new bonds with others.”
>“Through these bonds you will discover who is your ‘True Self’.”
>”But in to protect these bonds, you will require the use of a unique ability, and you will require my help to do so.”
>Igor turns up his palms in surrender, “I’m afraid that is all I can tell you.”
>”But if you sign this contract, your new life may begin. You do not need to use your name, simply write what you wish on the line.”
>The contract reads as follows.

I, __________, chooseth this fate of mine own free will.

Sign the contract?

2014-11-01 08:30:51 No. 20445744

>As soon as you place the inkpen down on the table, Elizabeth’s horn glows gold, and the same magical aura surrounds the contract and pen, floating them back to Igor who looks it over.
>Igor gives a wide smile. “Henceforth, you shall be welcome here in the Velvet Room.”
>“Hold on to this.” Igor slides an odd-looking key across the table. You pick it up and ponder its odd shape, as well as the picture of the black and white mask split down the middle on the end.
>“Til we meet again… Anonymous.”


Monday, October 31st

>The shrill whistle of a train pierces your ears and rouses you from your slumber.
>You stretch your arms, but quickly meet resistance as you wang your funnybone against the wall.
>You fall off the seat you were on, landing on the floor with a loud crash as you writhe in pain and clutch your elbow. At least you’re up now.
>You’ve fallen down off the pillowy white seat you were sleeping on, and on to the green carpeted floor.
>You shake off the pain as another loud whistle sounds, getting up on your feet carefully.
>”Now arriving at Ponyville Station. Please ensure all belongings are securely on your person before exiting the train” sounds a voice from a speaker.
>You take a look out the window and see what you’re sure must be the train station. The train seems to have come to a full stop.
>You don’t seem to have any belongings other than your outfit. You decide there’s no point in staying any longer, and move to exit the train.
>Your head nearly hits the top of the door frame as you leave the car. What idiot built these tiny doors?
>Drowsily you stumble out of the car and exit the train on to the platform. Your elbow still aches but you try to ignore it and look around. It seems like there’s no staff around, so you leave the platform and head through the door into the station itself.

2014-11-01 08:33:17 No. 20445774
>Inside the station, you see a turnstyle near a booth with a sign over it which reads “Arrival” and one that says “Do Not Enter This Way”
>Since you’re not keen on injuring yourself again, you go towards Arrival, obviously.
>You reach the booth and you hear an alluring feminine voice from it. “Your ticket, please.”
>Ticket? Yes, you feel like you have something like that. You reach into your pocket and sure enough you find a small piece of paper.
>You take it out of your pocket and hold it out to the mare. You’re so tall that you can’t even see her face from the angle. You can see her deep blue coat and wings, but her cutie mark is covered by a jacket that looks to be her uniform.
>She removes the ticket from your green fingers with her hoof and brings it inside the booth. “Let’s see.”
>”Oh? What an exotic name. Well, it’s none of my business. Welcome to Ponyville. I hope you enjoy the Nightmare Night celebration. You’re free to go.”
>You have to duck a little again to get through the turnstyle, and once again to leave the station.
>The sun is high, and you begin walking down the road aimlessly, taking in the sights. Every single home and business you see has some sort of decoration on it.
>You see lights strung up, fake spiders in cobwebs, balloons with pictures of a black alicorn, and even some spoopy Pony skulls.
>While you’re observing the decorations, something hard collides with your leg, almost causing you to trip.
>You look down and watch helplessly as a full plate of noodles and marinara sauce falls on your black shoes and shatters.
>The small purple and green dragon who was holding it clutches his head, shouting “Noooo! My spaghetti!”
>He seems to be wearing a white toque and chef smock, and on his face is an out-of-place looking white moustache.

What do you say to him?
“Dude, my shoes.”
“Are you okay?”
“Watch where you’re going, Chef Boy-Does-That-Moustache-Make-You-Look-Like-A-Fag.”

2014-11-01 09:05:19 No. 20446343
“Are you okay?”
>”Me? Yeah, I’m fine. But my Chef Boy-Pon-Ee costume isn’t gonna be as good without some spaghetti as a prop. I spent so long getting the sauce to taste just right and everything! But nevermind that, let me help you clean off your costume, Lyra.”
>He leans down and brushes off the errant bits of sauce and noodles on your shoes and legs, wiping it off on his smock.
>”It’ll look like I just had an accident in the kitchen this way. Or maybe I could pretend it’s blood and spin it so I’m like that one chef who kills ponies and makes them into cupcakes.”
>He cackles sinisterly while wiping up the sauce, testing it out.
>”There, nice and clean. And they’re Italian now too!”
>”I gotta say though, Lyra. That’s a pretty great costume. And your guy voice is right on.”

“What Costume?”
“Who’s Lyra?”

2014-11-01 09:38:22 No. 20446887
”Who’s Lyra?”
>”Come on, you can’t fool me. I’ll give you the voice, but the only people who even have a good idea of what humans look like are me, Twilight, you, and maybe bon-bon by now, knowing you. And you can’t be Twilight for three reasons.”
>”One, I know she’s at the castle because she just sent me on an errand. Two, I know what her costume is. And Three, she’s such a perfectionist there’s no way she’d forget that humans have things like eyes, ears, noses, mouths, and hair.”
>”Q.E.D. you’re either Lyra, the pony in this town with the biggest obsession with humans, or someone she put up to it! Man, I shoulda gone as a detective this year! I only did this because I thought Rarity might like to see me in a mustache.”
>The diminutive dragon crosses his arms in self-satisfaction.
“I’m not Lyra.”
>”Uh huh, if you’re not Lyra, then who are you?”
“I’m anonymous.”
>You feel a heart skip a beat. That wasn’t what you were trying to say.
>”Uh huh, nice save.”
“What? No, I meant to say I’m a-anon… anonymou-... anonymous…”
>”Uh, I know it’s Nightmare Night and all but you’re actually kinda scaring me now…”
“That’s wrong! My name isn’t anonymous, it’s anonymous!”
>Your heart is racing and your head spins. You drop to one knee. You feel like you might throw up.
>”You don’t look so good…”
>As you lean down, spike puts his hand up against your head and his eyes widen in surprise.
>”S-Skin…? How? What kind of costume is this? A-Are you really Lyra? Who are you? What are you?”
>Those questions ring loudly in your ears like a siren. You try to clutch them in pain, but find that you don’t have any ears.
“I… I don’t know!”
>You scramble over to a shop window and look at your reflection. You see only a featureless green head staring back at you.
>How are you looking at it without eyes? How are you speaking without a mouth?
>Your next moments are a blur as you pass out.

2014-11-01 10:06:36 No. 20447409
>You find yourself in the Velvet Room again.
>Igor is gone, but you see Elizabeth sitting by the table reading a book.
>She looks up from her book with a blue velvet jacket. ”Ah, back so soon? My master is away right now, but I suppose that means this visit was unexpected for all of us.”
>The book glows and its cover closes. ”You know, being a pony is quite an interesting experience. And an Alicorn especially.”
>”With these wings, I can reach the books on the highest shelves, and with this horn I can turn pages with the power of my mind alone.”
>”But I wonder if it’s okay to rely on this power.”
>”If I don’t use my hooves now and again… I might begin to gain weight, don’t you think?”
>She gives you a playful smirk and stares with piercing golden eyes before continuing, “You don’t have to answer. I’d hate for you to get a game over so quickly after all.”
>”Besides, I believe I have a solution.”
>”We shall engage in the Japanese tradition of Radio Aerobics!”
>”But since we do not have a radio, I shall provide the music.”
>Elizabeth stands on her hind legs and begins to do jumping jacks while singing.
Veeelvet oh velvet~
My maaaster has a laaarge nose~!
>She finishes after two lines of the song before taking her seat again.
>”Wasn’t that delightful? I feel as though I’m in the prime of my youth.”
>”We should do this again some time. I shall ask my master to join us as well.”
>”Until we meet again…”

2014-11-01 10:44:16 No. 20448120
>You groan as you regain consciousness and shake off your sleep, blinking your eyes awake.
>Your body feels heavy, as if you were out hard, but you pull yourself together and look around the room.
>You’re alone in what seems to be an infirmary. You’re guessing this by all the posters of equine anatomy on the walls and the medical supplies.
>You see no doctors or patients, though the latter makes sense when you look at where you were lying.
>You were on a bunch of small hospital beds pushed together to make one big hospital bed. They must not be used to someone of your size.
>You recall having a panic attack and freaking out about your face and skin.
>There’s a mirror nearby, so you take a better look at yourself in it.
>You’re wearing a black suit and black slacks with a red tie. Your face is as it was before. Completely featureless.
>Examining yourself a bit more closely, you do find that your head has vague outlines of something where your features are supposed to be, almost as if your face is wrapped in a thin green blanket.
>When you touch it though, it definitely feels like skin.
>You experiment in a couple other ways. You try closing one “eye”, and find that you can, though it’s difficult to tell from looking at you.
>You try blowing on the mirror, and your breath fogs it up as it should, though when you clear it off with your hand you notice no fingerprints.
>Cautiously you try to lick the tip of your finger and find that the “mask” splits open a bit to reveal a mouth with a red tongue and white teeth.
>Good news, you can still eat.
>You think about what you could try with your “ears”, and it’s only then that you notice a sound that’s been in the background for a while now.
>Several voices, though you can’t make out what they’re saying.
>It sounds like it’s coming from the other side of the infirmary door.
>You’ve calmed down and you’re ready for some answers. You decide to go see who’s talking.

2014-11-01 10:48:21 No. 20448194
>You open the door and pass down the hall lined with some beautiful paintings and tapestries.
>You pass by a window and glance through it. Looks like it’s night. New moon today, judging by its absence.
>You continue and the voices get louder, until you go through the doorway to the room they’re coming from, where six ponies of various color and one dragon are sitting around a table talking.
>You see the blue one with the wings and rainbow colored mane say affirmatively, “So we’re in agreement. We throw him through the mirror, and if that doesn’t work, we throw him harder!”
>The purple Alicorn is startled when she sees you in the entryway, “Oh, you’re up!”

“No one is throwing me anywhere.”
“Where am I?”
“What’s going on?”

2014-11-01 11:02:04 No. 20449374
“Could someone here explain what’s going on?”
>The purple horse speaks up, “Sorry about that, my name is Twilight Sparkle. I know you’re probably confused and you’ve got a lot of questions, but I just want you to know that you’re in a safe place, and me and my friends are here to help you.
>“You already met Spike, so allow me to introduce Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie.”
>She points to each of them in turn and they each give a smile, except for Rainbow Dash, who just kind of looks uncomfortable, and Fluttershy who tries to hide when she’s pointed out.
>Twilight continues speaking, “From what I heard, Spike bumped into you in the street, where he mistook you for a friend wearing a costume. You had a panic attack while he was talking to you and passed out, so spike started crying for help until Dash heard him and helped carry you back to our Castle so I could help you.”
>Spike takes offense, grumbling “I wasn’t crying, I was calling. There’s a difference.”
>Twilight gets back on subject, “He said you seemed confused about who and what you are. I know you want answers from me, but it might help you to answer some of my questions.”
“... I’ll try.”
>”Okay, so… you don’t know your name?”
>You think about it before replying.
“I feel like I should. Like it’s on the tip of my tongue. But it just keeps coming out as anonymous.”
>”That’s all right. So then… do you know if you are a Human?”
“I think so. Or I thought so. But looking at me now, I know that Humans aren’t supposed to look like this.”
>”So you’re not sure either, huh… what year is it?”
“2014. October 31st. Friday?”
>”Everything’s right there except the year and the weekday. It’s Monday. Do you know where you are in general?”
“Your castle. I’m in… Ponyville, I think. But I only know that because it’s what I heard on the train.”

2014-11-01 11:35:47 No. 20449738
>”You came here on a train? From where?”
“Don’t remember. In fact, I can’t clearly remember anything from before the train arrived at the station.”
>”I see, and do you have any idea why you came to Ponyville?”
>You think back to what you learned from Igor.
“Only that I’d been wanting to come here for a while. But I don’t know why. And to do it I had to… give something up. I think I had to give up my identity.
>Expressions range from fascinated to curious to Rainbow Dash pretending to fall asleep.
>Twilight turns to her, “Rainbow Dash, this is important!”
>Rainbow opens her eye, “Oh, is it? Because I thought the fact that we’re missing a PRINCESS is important, but yeah sure let’s spend time playing 20 questions with greenie. And hey, when’s my turn? Anon, what’s your favorite food?”
“Don’t know.”
>Twilight brings her hoof to her face in exasperation. “She’s probably just running late, or trying to surprise us. But if you really don’t want to be constructive when there’s someone who needs our help, then you can go home.”
>“Perfect.” Dash leaves behind a streak of rainbow as she speeds out of castle.
>”Anyway… it seems like you have amnesia. It might be magical in nature, but I’d have to run some tests to figure it out for sure.
>"As for whether or not you're from the world on the other side of the portal, well, I don’t think you are, but I’m not 100% sure. I’d have to run some tests.”
“So in other words we still don’t know anything.”
>Twilight hangs her head, “I’m sorry, but I guess that’s the way it is. This could take some time. "
>"In the meantime though, I don't see any reason why you can't stay."
>Spike finally chimes in, "I can show you around if you want!"
>Twilight seems concerned, "You did pass out earlier, so you might want to just get some rest. You can stay in the castle if you like. Or if you still have questions, you can ask me."

Choose Spike
Choose Twi
Choose Bed

2014-11-02 07:14:55 No. 20462646
"I feel fine now. It sounds like this place is doing something like Halloween. If that’s the case, this might be my one chance to go around town without standing out too much.”
>Twilight smiles, “I’m not sure what Halloween is, but you’re right about what you said. This is a great opportunity.”
>Spike seems excited. “Maybe you came here to have an awesome Nightmare Night with me!”
“It could be.”
>Twilight adds, “Let me know if you remember more while you’re out. Since Princess Luna is running late, that puts me ahead of schedule to work on a little something for you that might help. Not sure when it’ll be ready though, so it’ll be a surprise.”
>You hear a loud whisper in your ear and feel an arm around the back of your neck. “I’m gonna have a surprise for you tooooo. BUT TRY NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT’S A SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiseeee.”
>You’re sweating again a bit as you turn your head slightly to see the face of the Pink pony next to you.
>But she was just sitting at that table…
>I-Instant movement?!
>This speed… it’s not human!
>But then again they’re ponies, not humans.
>Twilight looks annoyed. “Pinkie, I said keep it low key around him for a few days until he gets used to things.”
>”THIS IS AS LOW AS MY KEYS CAN GO.” Pinkie Pie quietly screeches as she shakes with pent up energy.
>You guess this world must have cocaine too.
>”Well, then I’ll just go ahead and declare our meeting officially over. Everyone can get back to enjoying Nightmare Night.”
>Pinkie Pie seems to explode out of the room.
>You barely catch a glimpse of Fluttershy leaving. That pony could be a ninja…
>Applejack and Rarity on the other hand, seem to want to talk to you.
>”Howdy.” The orange- err, apple horse extends a hoof which you cautiously shake, but she seems satisfied by it. “Applejack. Call me AJ if ya like. Can I call you Anon?” she asks in a southern country accent.

2014-11-02 07:20:14 No. 20462718
“That’s fine. It’s uh, nice to meet you.”
>”Pleasure’s all ours. Most of ours, anyway. Sorry about Dash. She’s just concerned about other things. Anyway, me and my family are in charge of Sweet Apple Acres, home to the best apples in Equestria. If’n yer still in town, swing on by an’ we’ll have ourselves a lil’ hootenany with the best cider you’ll ever taste.”
“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.”
Applejack tips her hat with a smile and trots off so Rarity can speak.
>“Hello there, Anonymous.” she says in an enchanting trans-atlantic voice.
>“I just wanted to say that I find your sense of style to be positively marvelous!”
“Thank you, I think… I just kind of woke up wearing this. I think it’s the only thing I own.”
>”Yes, and… not to busy you with the details but I couldn’t help noticing you have some teensy stains on those slacks.”
>She sniffs the air, “... Marinara, if I am not mistaken.”
>Spike looks guilty and steps back a little.
>”Even if we don’t know how long you’ll be here, I believe it’s imperative you look your absolute best each day! So please do be a dear and come on down to the Carousel Boutique as soon as you can. I shall have outfits galore for you in no time at all! Yes, we’ll need to get you some evening wear, day wear, casual outfits, formal outfits, semi-formal outfits, winter gear, summer gear, rain gear, oh and don’t even get me STARTED on hats!”
“I don’t have any money.”
>”Oh no no no no no! Perish the thought! You are our guest. I wouldn’t take a single bit from you even if you begged me to. An upper class gentleman like you deserves only the best, and I AM the best.”
>She finishes with a flip of her carefully styled mane and gives you a dreamy gaze.
“Wow, uh, thank you. I’ll come by when I have time.”
>”See you around, Anonymous.” she sings as she struts out the door.

2014-11-02 07:22:24 No. 20462761
>Spike is peeking out from behind a chair practically drooling over Rarity.
>You smile at him invisibly once she’s out of the room.
“Hate to see her leave, love to watch her go?”
>”Yes… no! Maybe? I don’t know… could you repeat the question?”
“You like her, right?”
>”Well I-I mean, of course. Who wouldn’t like Rarity? That’s the Element of Generosity for you. She’ll stick her neck out for a complete stranger like you!”
“I was pretty surprised. She seems like a good Mare.”
>”She really is…” he trails off.
“What do you mean by Element of Generosity though?”
>”Huh? Oh, that. Geez… there’s a lot you’re out of the loop on. I’ll try to sum things up for you while I get my backup costume.”
“Sounds good with me. Let’s go.”
>He begins explaining some basic concepts and history to you, using a lot of “blah blahs” and “yada yadas” to try to give you the cliff notes. Equestria, Ponies, other species living here…
>By the time you get back to his room he gets onto the subject of princesses, and you stop him when he mentions Twilight.
“Twilight Sparkle is a princess?”
>”Yeah, almost all Alicorns are. I guess if you didn’t know that you wouldn’t be able to guess huh?”
“Why isn’t she surrounded by guards and servants bowing to her or introducing her as Princess Twilight Sparkle?”
>”That’s just not her style. Don’t even try to call her princess. She doesn’t like it.”
“What kind of princess hates being a princess?”
>”It’s not that she hates it. She’s always looking for new ways to take on more responsibility as a princess. She’s just not used to it I guess. It just makes her a little uncomfortable. Aha! Found it.”
>Spike pulls out a little purple dragon costume which he climbs into.
“I thought you were a dragon.”
>”I-I am a dragon! But you know, a Dragon is the scariest thing in Equestria, so now I’m like a… a DOUBLE Dragon.”

2014-11-02 07:24:23 No. 20462783
“I’ll keep an eye out for any toads you can battle.”
>Spike looks at you curiously.
“Nevermind. It’s a joke. You wouldn’t get it.”
>You’re not sure you get it either but it just came to your mind.
>”Well anyway a Double Dragon would be more like two dragons. This is more like a dragon times a dragon, which is even more!”
>You want to say that 1 x 1 is less than 2, but you let it slide.
>”Okay, costume’s ready. Grab a bag and let’s get some candy!”
>You spend some time shaking down the townsponies for candy. You’ll split some of your share with Spike at the end of the night as thanks for showing you around.
>While you’re going from house to house, he sums up a lot of the more important stuff about Equestria, explaining things like the Elements of Harmony, Nightmare Moon, Discord, Changelings, The Crystal Empire, etcetera.
>You feel like less of a complete idiot by the end of the night, but given that his summary of changelings was “Like ponies, but bugs, and they shapeshift into ponies and eat love.” you feel like he’s omitting a lot for time.
>At the end of the night, you go with Spike watch an interesting show put on by a Zebra named Zecora. It’s an impressive display of magic as she makes green fog come to life and chase around some of the foals, but somehow Spike seems disappointed.
>You then learn that everyone has to give up some of their candy at the end of the night.
>This isn’t Halloween, you decide. This is a cruel display of extortion devised by the ruling class of Equestria to teach children to be compliant with taxation and subjugation to their royal superiors.
>What a grim world you have come to.
>But the more you think about it, the clearer it becomes how much you do and don’t know about your past.

2014-11-02 07:25:41 No. 20462806
>You know what Halloween is. You know it’s a holiday done in your world similar to this one, but without all that bullshit at the end.
>You know what it’s supposed to be like, and you know that you’ve experienced it before.
>While you know that these things happened to you, you still can’t “remember” them.
>You can’t picture a costume you wore, or a house you went to, or candy you got, but you’re sure these things happened.
>You’re sure that you had a family, but you can’t even picture what they might of looked like, or how many of them there were.
>Spike breaks your contemplation by tugging on your arm as you reach the castle. “Hey, thanks for coming with me tonight. Everyone else had their own plans tonight, so I didn’t have anyone to go with.”
“Don’t mention it. I should be thanking you. I learned a lot, and I had a good time.”
>Spike looks pleased, “Aww, it’s nothing. You’re a pretty cool guy too.”
“And doesn’t afraid of anything.” you add.
“Dumb joke. Can’t seem to control it.”
>”Right. Hey, wanna trade candy when we get back inside?”
“You read my mind, little man.”
>”Ha! Right on, big man.”



Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Magician Arcana.


>You head back inside to the castle with Spike.
>Incredibly, it turns out he loves cinnamon flavored candies.
>You pawn all of yours off on him for some of the good stuff from Sugarcube Corner.
>Both of you seem pretty satisfied, so you turn in early. All that walking tired you out.

2014-11-02 11:56:51 No. 20467154
(Just for you night owls.)

Golden Oak Library, October 31st?
>Twilight opens another book titled “Who Cares?”
>The pages crumble into multicolored gemstones which shower her face and spill onto the floor loudly.
>She sighs and shakes her head. “Sorry, Anonymous. This book doesn’t have the answers I need either.”
>You stare at the purple alicorn blankly.
“... Twilight, does any of this seem strange to you?”
>She nods, “It does. I can usually find what I’m looking for in no time at all in my library, but it’s taking forever tonight!”
“... does anything else seem strange?”
>You’re in a large circular room that seems to be made entirely out of wood. Alcoves are carved into the wooden walls to form shelves lined with books which all seem to have equally unenthusiastic titles such as “Booring”, “Yawn”, and “Too long; didn’t read.”
>Embedded in the wood in several places are colorful gemstones and carvings of what kind of looks like Spike.
>”I don’t see what you’re getting at here, Anonymous.”
“Twilight, this is a dream.”
>”What? No it isn’t!”
“Yeah it is, Twilight. I can tell. Lucid dreaming. Learned it from watching Inception too many times.”
>”Watching… huh?”
“Never mind.”
>”No, tell me why you think it’s a dream.”
“Because I don’t remember coming here, obviously. In fact, the last thing I remember doing was turning in early after trading some candy with Spike.”
>Twilight starts thinking.
>”The last thing I was… Spike! Oh Anonymous, you’re right, this IS a dream! This is Spike’s dream, and something’s wrong!”
“Wait, what? It’s not mine?”
>You try to exert some control over this dream, but nothing you think of is happening no matter how hard you will it.
“This doesn’t make any sense.”
>”You’ve got to listen. Princess Luna never showed up. I thought she was just lost, or tardy, but then something went wrong… folks all over ponyville can't wake up!"

2014-11-03 01:09:46 No. 20467814
>You remember Spike telling you about Luna, Nightmare Night, and her power over dreams.
“So then why are you here?”
>”I figured out how to cast a Dream Diving Spell similar to Princess Luna’s magic. After hearing that Spike wouldn’t wake up when I sent for him, I decided to try it out on him.”
“Well I guess it worked then. So… now what?”
>”All I have to do is cast this awakening spell from inside his dream, and we’ll be out of here.”
>Twilight closes her eyes and her face strains for a few moments... but nothing happens.
>Twilight tries again, straining even harder.
>Fuck all occurs.
>”This is bad. This is really bad, Anonymous. I can’t use my magic! At all!”
“Calm down, Twilight. We’ll find a way out. Maybe we just have to figure out where Spike is to get him to wake up.”
>Twilight takes a deep breath. “Y-Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks, Anonymous.”
>You’re just guessing, but the last thing you need is Twilight freaking out.
>You still have no idea why you’re here. And you’re pretty sure that this is the real you.
“Do you know where he might be?”
>“Let’s… check my room.”
“Your room?”
>Twilight Explains as she starts walking up the stairs with you. “This tree is the Golden Oak Library. I used to live here until it got destroyed by Lord Tirek. After I defeated him, I ended up with the castle you’re sleeping in.”
“... makes sense, but why your room?”
>”Because Spike didn’t have his own room. He slept in a basket near the foot of my bed.”
>Given how normally Twilight says this, you decide not to question it. You and Twilight keep climbing the stairs.
>From behind, you start to hear an unsettling noise.
>It sounds like someone cracking 100 ice trays at once, but keeps getting louder and louder.

(Perhaps I should stop here for the night and save what I have for later.)

2014-11-03 01:54:58 No. 20473041

>You turn around, peering through the darkness of the unusually long staircase to see where the sound is coming from.
>”Yes, Anonymous?”
“Should we worry about the stairs getting eaten by crystal?”
>Twilight looks over her shoulder and sees that the staircase is rapidly becoming encased by creeping blue crystal that grows over everything it touches like moss, trapping it in a thick spiky blue coating.
>”Th-This is a dream… dreams can’t hurt you if they’re not real.
“Are you sure about that?”
>”No.” Twilight whimpers.
>You look at her for half a second before you both start tearing up the stairs desperately trying to outpace the crystal swallowing everything in its path.
>You’re gaining distance from it, but just how long is this staircase anyway?
>Your legs are burning, and Twilight starts pulling ahead. Must be the Earth Pony in her.
>Twilight is soon out of sight as she runs without looking back, and it’s a few more seconds before you hear a frightened scream sound down the staircase.
>Putting everything you’ve got into it, you charge up the stairs and through a doorway to see Twilight on the ground with a gash on her cheek dripping with blood. It doesn’t take a genius to guess what did it.
>A short two-legged creature with pointy ears brandishes a sharp metal stick. Its face is nothing more than a blue expressionless mask.
>Its body is completely black as if it's coated in some gooey shadowy substance.
>Its tiny body combined with the simple shape almost makes it look like a stuffed toy, but when you notice the stick it's carrying is soaked with blood at the tip, it suddenly feels a lot more dangerous.
"Twilight, get away fro it!"
>"There's nowhere to run! We have to go past it to get upstairs! Without my magic I..."
>Suddenly, your head throbs. You begin to hear a voice.

I am thou.
Thou art I.
Thou hath opened thine eyes.
The Time is now!

>A glowing blue card floats in midair in front of you.


2014-11-03 03:13:12 No. 20474230
~Reach Out the Truth!~

>You extend your hand and tap the face of the card with your fingertip, causing it to explode in a shower of blue energy!
>Something begins to rise from the ground near your feet. The head of a black horse with a golden horned helmet.
>Compared to the ponies you’ve seen in Ponyville, it’s absolutely enormous. The height of its body alone easily surpasses your head.
>You smirk as Twilight looks on in awe. You raise your hand and point at the shadowy creature, directing your anger and wrath at it.
>The black horse charges, and in one swift motion it gores the imp-like shadow with its horned helmet!
>The shadow lets out a scream of pain before exploding into blackness.
>”Above!” You hear Twilight scream as two more imps holding spikes jump from the ceiling at the black horse!
>The horse parries the crude spears with its helmet, but you feel an impact on your own head as it does.
>After briefly clutching your head, you regain your focus and command this creature to unleash your power!
>The horse’s eyes glow green and you see a gust of emerald wind swirl around the two imps, trapping them in a tornado which slams them both into the ceiling hard!
>They collide with a loud whump, and land with another fwump as they both fall to the ground on top of each other.
>Before they can get back up, Loki swiftly crushes them both in one stomp of its hoof, letting out a squelching sound as their bodies burst into shadow and they disappear.
>Twlight is astonished, “What kind of magic was that…?”
>You adjust your tie, breathing heavily as Loki fades away.
“Persona… that’s the name of my power.”
>”But how-” Twilight cuts herself off as she notices the advancing crystal coming into the room.
>”No time, let’s keep moving!”
>You’re really not sure how you did this either, but you’ve got more important things to worry about.

2014-11-03 03:54:30 No. 20474799
>You run up the stairs with Twilight, but this time she keeps pace with you, not wanting to stray too far from her protector.
>”It’s gaining on us, come on!”
>Boy you really have to do more cardio.
“H-How big… is your house…?”
>”It was nowhere near this big. Maybe it’s because Spike is so small, it’s bigger in his dreams. I think we’re almost there, keep going!”
>You tough it out even though your body is burning up. You’re not gonna die here to some literal overgrown rocks.
>The crystal begins to nip at your heels, and you jump up the last of the stairs, diving through the doorway to the bedroom just as the crystal seals up the staircase leading down.
>Looks like you’re safe for now.
>”W-What is this…?”

Track: ~Who's there?~

>Wiping the sweat from your brow, you take a look around and see that this bedroom has been completely ransacked.
>The bed is broken and its mattress is shredded with claw marks all over it. A little basket lies in pieces next to it.
>The walls are covered in pictures of Twilight, but they’ve all been damaged or disfigured in some way.
>Some of the photos have their eyes gouged out, or a cut drawn across her neck, or red scribbles all over her.
>A few of them have words scrawled in red over them. “Bitch!” “Traitor!” “Show-off!” “Know-it-all!” “Tyrant!” “Hate you!”
>Twilight’s hooves are over her mouth. She looks like she’s about to cry.
>”Is this… what Spike really thinks of me?
”It’s just a dream, remember, Twilight? Spike’s just having a bad dream. We need to wake him up.”
>She doesn’t respond, but just nods silently.
>You spy a box in the corner that’s labeled “PROPERTY OF SPIKE.”
>Curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to open it up. Inside are pictures of that white horse, Rarity, each with red writing on it which reads “MINE.”
>Statues of her made out of gemstone are under the pictures, as well as bits of her purple mane and tail.

2014-11-03 04:39:13 No. 20475605
“Twilight, this is…”
>She comes over to have a look, and seems immensely disturbed.
>”Everyone knows he has a crush on Rarity but this is just plain scary…”
>A mysterious chiding voice rings through the air. “You hear that? Everyone already knows… why can’t you admit it?”
>The two of you look towards the source of the sound and see two figures standing on a balcony leading outside from the bedroom.
>Twilight rushes ahead, and you quickly follow.
>What you see makes your heart skip a beat.
>Spike is on the balcony… facing another Spike?
>An almost identical duplicate of spike is looking at him. The only major difference is that his eyes are gold in color.
>Twilight looks between them, “Two Spikes? What’s going on?”
>The gold-eyed Spike gives a smile, “Look who’s here… Princess Twilight Sparkle, here to save her poor defenseless useless spikey-wikey.”
>The normal spike looks over, “T-Twilight? D-Don’t listen to this guy!”
>The other Spike laughs, “Aww, look at the little guy. He’s afraid of his own shadow, literally! And you call yourself a dragon?”
>Spike growls, “I AM a dragon!”
>Shadow Spike just laughs in his face, “What a joke! Dragons are strong. Powerful. Intimidating. Respected! Everything you’re NOT!”
>Spike looks hurt by his shadow’s words as he continues, “You even have to pretend to be a dragon on Nightmare Night. Because dragons are supposed to be scary, right? But you’re not like that… you’re nothing but Twilight Sparkle’s PET!”
>”I… I am NOT a PET! I’m her number one assistant!” Spike yells.
>”You’re her little lap dragon. A domesticated whelp. A servant. You don’t honestly think she respects you? That she takes you seriously? That she’ll ever treat you as an equal?"
>"She didn’t even trust you to light that fire at the Equestria Games because she knows you’re not a real dragon!"
>"Because of her you had the most embarrassing moment of your life!"

2014-11-03 04:47:04 No. 20475752
>Spike shakes his head. “You’re wrong, Twilight does respect me! She… she even gave me a seat at the castle with the other elements!”
>Shadow Spike just smirks, “Yeah, about that… why do you think your seat’s so much smaller than everyone else’s?”
>Spike closes his eyes. “Shut up…”
>”It’s a baby seat. For a baby. Because that’s what you are. It’s what you LET her make you into.”
>Twilight is looking away in shame, completely unable to come to her own defense.
>”Because you’re too scared of what a real dragon is. Because you’re scared that Rarity will never love a dragon. You want to be her little pony pet!”
>”Stop it!”
>Shadow Spike narrows his eyes. “When are you going to cut this beta-male Uncle Tom charade and grow up to be a real dragon? When are you going to start taking what you want like you know you’re meant to?”
>Spike shakes his head. ”What do you know… that’s not the way it is!”
>Shadow Spike just smiles, “I know everything. I know what you’re not willing to admit, because I AM you!”
>”And I know the truth… the truth that Rarity doesn’t love you. She’ll never love you. She treats you like a child! A toy! Her little Spikey-wikey! And Twilight’s the same way! You’re just a joke to her! You’ll always be walking behind her as a servant! You’ll never get the respect you deserve as long as she’s around!”
>Spike finally snaps and screams “I SAID SHUT UP!!!”
Hahaha… that’s right. I’m not you! I’m my own self now!”
>Green and black smoke surrounds the fake Spike as he begins to change form
>The real Spike begins to stumble and falls onto the ground unconscious.
>Shadow Spike’s voice sounds out with a roar, “I am a shadow… the true self...”
>”I’ll eliminate you all and take what I want! What I deserve!"

2014-11-03 06:00:07 No. 20476872
>Twilight rushes to Spike’s side as the Shadow Spike jumps off the balcony and starts growing into a massive black dragon with a long body that circles around the tree.
>You look down at Twilight sobbing over Spike’s drained body, then back over to the growing shadow dragon.
“Take care of him, Twilight. I’ll handle this guy.”
>He looks way stronger than those imps you fought before…
>But like hell you’re backing down from a fight when your first friend is in trouble!
“I know you’re in there, little man. I’m coming to save you right now!”
>You leap from the balcony at spike, and tap the card in mid-air to call out Loki. “Persona!”
>Loki appears beneath you, allowing you to ride him up the serpent’s body and charge right into the shadow’s face with a powerful headbutt!
>The helmet collides straight on with Shadow Spike’s jaw, knocking his head back!
>”Ow! Now you’re in for it!”
>You see him inhaling a deep breath as his belly bulges. You can tell he’s going for something big, but at the same time you see your chance!
>Loki summons up a green gale of wind and fires it directly into the shadow’s open mouth!
>The rush of unexpected air is too much for his lungs to handle, and he reels back, loudly hacking coughing gouts of uncontrollable emerald flames, with smoke emanating from his nostrils.
>You ride your steed down the dragon’s neck and charge into his stomach, piercing it relentlessly with Loki’s horns and forcing him to fall onto his back in pain.
>You know you need something bigger to take down a monster of this size though. You look around, and an abandoned pony-drawn noodle cart catches your eye.
“That works. LOKI!”
>You hold on tight as Loki rears his legs and summons a tornado to lift the cart into the air, and send it crashing down on the dragon’s face!
>An echoing cry of pain sounds through the air as the shadow rears up and starts gushing green and black smoke from its wounds.

2014-11-03 06:54:57 No. 20477744
>Loki charges up Spike’s body!
>With a leaping strike, slices the dragon’s head clean off with his horns, sending it flying into the air!
>Bits and pieces of the shadow crumble apart, ending with the the head, which turns back into the small yellow-eyed dragon and falls back onto the balcony.
>You land back on the balcony and pocket the card triumphantly.
"Get rekt, scrub."
>Wow, you're so cool.
>Twilight must think your dick is huge.
>Spike has started to wake up and look at his fallen Shadow.
>Twilight is sitting with her head hanging low and tears streaming down her face.
>”Why… why am I so weak… why am I so pathetic…” Spike’s shadow cries.
>Spike gets to his feet and walks over to look at his shadow sobbing on the ground.
>”Because you were right about what you said.” Spike’s admits hoarsely.
>”I let everyone put me down… and I guess in some ways I like being treated like a kid ‘cause I’m honestly scared to grow up. I’m terrified of becoming like other dragons and losing all the friends I’ve made. Losing who I am.”
>”I’ve got a lot of growing up to do… but that’s not a bad thing.”
>”It means that even if I’m not as important as Twilight right now, and even if… even if Rarity doesn’t like me the way I like her, that can all still change.”
>”I know why my seat is smaller than everyone else’s. It’s because I’ve got a lot of room to grow into it.”
>”And I’ll need you to do that. You’re me. And I’m you.”
>”A man’s gotta learn to take the good in with the bad.”
>Spike’s Shadow smiles at him with tears in his eyes as they reach out and touch hands, causing the shadow to fade into blue dust.
>You see the image of a long coiled dragon appear briefly, then turn into a card which floats towards Spike.
The strength of heart required to face oneself has been made manifest…
Spike has faced his other self…
He has obtained the facade used to overcome life’s hardships, the Persona Python!

2014-11-03 08:11:15 No. 20479212
>Spike seems relieved as he looks at the card. “This is… my Persona.”
>You smile at spike and put your hand on his shoulder.
“I knew you had it in you, little man.”
>Spike grins, “Couldn’t have done it without you, big guy.”
“Hey, what are friends for?”
>”Yeah, what ARE they for?”
>A disturbing echoing voice comes from behind Twilight.
>Standing above the crying Alicorn, you see another shadow duplicate.
>Her wings are fully extended as she glares haughtily with golden eyes down at the crying princess.
>”Princess of Friendship? Once again, Celestia goes deciding things on her own. Look at us. Look what we did to Spike. This stranger is a better friend to him than us.”
>Twilight looks frightened, but tries to stand up to her shadow, “I-I saw what you did, I won’t let you trick me!”
>The shadow shakes her head, “I don’t want to trick you, I want you to be honest! Isn’t that right, me?”
>Twilight glares, “Whatever you’ve got, I can take it.”
>Shadow Twilight gives a haughty laugh, “You say that to everyone, but you know you always take on more than you can handle. Anonymous saved you here… Sunset Shimmer saved you on your first task as the Princess of Friendship…”
>Twilight looks hurt by her shadow’s words, as the gold-eyed princess continues to berate her. “There’s no point in even trying to make friends like this… not anymore.”
>Twilight snaps back, “What are you talking about, my friends are the most important thing in the world!”
>Her shadow retorts, “Not anymore. Not after you’ve been CURSED by Celestia!”
>”C-Cursed? I don’t know what you’re talking about…”
>”Immortality… one of the many wonders of being an Alicorn Princess. But you know what it really means. You’ll end up a cold, distant, unfeeling, friendless monster like Celestia.”
>”Don’t talk about Princess Celestia like that!” Twilight yells.

2014-11-03 08:53:47 No. 20480027
>Spike tries to step in, but you stop him.
“She needs to fight this on her own.”
>”It’s only natural… unlike you, your friends won’t live forever! Why bother trying to keep them in your heart when you know you’re just going to forget about them.”
>”I will NEVER forget about my friends.”
>”Yeah right… you’ve seen what happens to all of Celestia’s “friends”. She betrayed Starswirl, trapped her own sister in the moon for 1,000 years, and cast her star pupil into darkness because she thought she knew best. She’s all alone in this world. It happened to her and it will happen to you!”
>”No it won’t! I won’t let it happen!”
>”Oh it’s already begun! Look at the way you treat your friends like you know best now! Even after Spike saved the Crystal Empire from your failure, you wouldn’t trust him with the simplest task!”
>”I only wanted to help…”
>”And your help nearly killed him! You’ve already changed, Princess. And once your friends are gone, you’ll be nothing but a monster. I know you will. Because I am you.”
>”Please stop… stop saying that!”
>”I haven’t changed! That’s a lie!”
>”Even if you think you’re a part of me, you’re wrong!”
>”Twilight no!” Spike calls out, but it’s too late.
>The horn of Shadow Twilight glows with power as she laughs, “That’s it! That’s the spirit! Deny it. DENY THIS SICK WORLD!”
>Twilight trembles and collapses to the ground as her shadow grows in power.
>She floats in the air, gathering power as her body turns into a deeper purple and grows larger and larger. Stars appear in her mane and tail as it shifts to a psychedelic appearance as if someone painted a nebula onto it.
>Blood red regalia appears on her, and her cutie mark twists and fractures as well.
>Her body becomes large enough for her head to reach the balcony as she stands on the ground in her new form.
>”I am a shadow… the true self…”

2014-11-03 09:21:19 No. 20480592
>”To survive this cruel and unfair world I will freeze my heart… freeze this world so that it will never twist into something that can hurt me!”
>Your eyes meet Spike’s.
>”We’ve got to save her!”
“We will. I guess it’s hard facing yourself, even if you know it’s you. That’s why you need your friends to help you. Let’s go, little man!”
>”You got it, big guy!”
>Spike takes out his card and tosses it in the air. “PERSONA!”
>He takes a deep breath and blows it to pieces with green flame, summoning the massive dragon Python.
>”All right, what do you got? How do I fight with you?”
>Python’s eyes glow and Spike looks confused.
>”What do you mean, ‘You don’t’.”
>Python’s eyes glow again and Spike looks annoyed.
>”Well why NOT?”
>Again Python something to Spike psychically.
>You’re starting to realize why this kid has so much repressed anger and violence.
>The world fucking hates him.
>”Look out!” Spike yells right before he pushes you out of the way of a blast of ice from Twilight’s horn.
>You’ll have time to feel bad for Spike later. You have to stop Twilight’s Shadow.
>You bring the card up and tap it to summon Loki. You’re still a little tired from the last fight, but you’ve got to keep going!
>You shout as you command him to use a Garu spell.
>Fierce wind blows towards Shadow Twilight, but she just smirks as her horn glows and redirects the spell back to you!
>The wind picks you up off your feet and throws you out of the Library.
>”Big guy!” Spike yells as you tumble down the side.
>You throw your arms out and try to catch onto the tree trunk. The bark chips at your hands but you manage to slow your descent and slide to safety at the base of the tree.
>As you try to collect yourself, you hear a voice in your head… Spike’s voice!
>[Big guy, listen to me!]
“Little man…?”
>[Twilight’s magic is stronger than yours. You have to hit her horn first!!]
”How are you talking to me?”
>[My Persona. It makes me psychic!]

2014-11-03 10:12:16 No. 20481550
“You really are the number one assistant.”
>[Heh, was there ever any doubt? Hold on, I’m getting something else… Loki is a bad match for this Shadow. Even if you break through, wind won’t do much. You should use heat instead.]
“My persona only knows Wind magic. That much I can tell myself.”
>You try to remember what Igor told you.

>”On this journey you will form new bonds with others.”
>“Through these bonds you will discover who is your ‘True Self’.”
>”But in to protect these bonds, you will require the use of a unique ability, and you will require my help to do so.”

>You reach into your pocket and pull out another card.
>This one has a “I” instead of a “0” on it, and a different being appears on the front.
“I think I’ve got it.”
>[Well don’t just stand there, here she comes again!]
>Another blast of ice comes, and Loki steels himself for the blow.
>Loki endures the hit as best he can, but you feel the pain and cold being transferred through your body.
>Your limbs are losing sensation, but you’re still conscious, and you can still fight!
>Your black steed charges and leaps at Twilight’s forehead, striking her horn with his helmet!
>Sparks appear at the point of impact as Twilight’s magic is disrupted. [Now’s your chance, do it!]
>You hold up the other card and tap it.
>Loki disappears, and in his place a red horse-like creature with human hands and hooves for feet appears, letting out a loud whinny as it summons a blast of flame at Twilight’s hoof, knocking her off balance and sending her crashing to the ground!
>[Haha! Timbeeeer! That’s amazing, big man! You can change your persona!]
>Twilight begins to try to stand up again, but you’re not about to let that happen.

2014-11-03 10:28:44 No. 20481811
>You bring back Loki who slices at Twilight’s horn, leaving a gash that oozes red and black smoke as she yells in pain!
>The red horse lets out another explosive fire blast!
>Loki charges again!
>Another agi spell!
>You repeat your combo faster and faster until you’re seamlessly assaulting her with both personas one after the other.
>[You’ve got it, now end this!]
>You unleash one final agi spell with explosive results! Nightmare Twilight boils away, leaving nothing but her weakened, burnt, shadow self.
>[Nice! Just remember you couldn't have done it without a #1 assist from a #1 assistant.]
>Twilight's Shadow cries to itself on the ground, "There's no point to living... knowing what we'll become."
>Princess Twilight glides to the ground by her shadow and leans down.
>"I know it seems that way. It's hard to think of a life without my friends. Something like that really doesn't seem worth living for."
>"But we have to try our best and enjoy the time we have with them."
>"It hasn't all been great being a Princess. There's honestly a lot I hate about it."
>"But I think we can manage together. You're me, and I'm you."
>The two princesses touch hooves and the shadow forms the blue image of a royal looking woman with long gold hair.

The strength of heart required to face oneself has been made manifest…
Twilight has faced her other self…
She has obtained the facade used to overcome life’s hardships, the Persona Snedronningen!

>Twilight looks up to the Balcony. "Spike, I'm sorry. I really haven't treated you with the respect you deserve."
>[Don't worry about it. I never realized just how hard it was being a princess either.]
>"What do you say, Spike? Still willing to be my #1 assistant?"
>[You bet I am, Twilight. Hey, Python is telling me I can wake us up now! Wait, this was a dream? Does that mean I ca-]
>And then everyone woke up.

2014-11-04 04:43:09 No. 20491349
Tuesday, November 1st

Twilight’s Castle, 6:00 AM

>You wake up in the guest room bed next morning pretty early.
>It’s pretty safe to say both you and Twilight are going to want some questions answered about last night.
>You exit your room, and unlike last night, there are two guards posted by your door.
>When you ask them where you might find Twilight, they let you know she’s been in the library since late last night.
>Thanking them, you go to check on her.
>The library seems to be one of the largest areas of the castle. Many bookshelves are still pretty bare, but every single one is labeled and organized with what it should contain.
>A blue door catches your eye on the side of the room.
>Instinctively you pull out a key from your pocket and place it in the door, opening it and stepping through.

Velvet Room, 6:10 AM

>You once again find yourself in the room filled with blue velvet.
>Both Igor and Elizabeth are here this morning.
>”Welcome back to the Velvet Room.” Igor greets you with a smile.
>You have a seat across the table from him.
>Igor holds up a blue card like the one you found last night.
>”I see you have finally awakened to your true power. Persona. The mask your heart wears to face the world.”
>Elizabeth continues, “But you hold within you a special ability known as the Wild Card. Yours is a heart that can wear many faces.”
>Igor fans out a deck of tarot cards, each with a different picture on its face.
>”A persona’s abilities are driven by your heart, which is sated by your bonds with others.”
>”By interacting with someone and forming a new bond, you were able to obtain the Magician arcana.”
>Igor shows you the card representing the Magician. “Your power will grow as your bond deepens. I strongly urge you to take this to heart.”
>”Now then, fare you well until we meet again.”

2014-11-04 05:03:38 No. 20491619
Library, 6:10 AM

>Your visits to the Velvet Room are always quite surreal. You’re not even truly sure if they’re happening anywhere outside your own mind.
>Either way you endeavor to find Twilight.
>It’s a big library, and you almost don’t find her until you decide to look behind the fortress of books someone has piled up on the floor.
>Twilight is flipping the pages with her horn, her eyes focused intently on the book before tossing it to the pile on her left and replacing it with a book from the pile on the right.
“Good morning, Twilight.”
>”Good morning… oh! Good morning! Anonymous!”
>She was still on autopilot for a couple seconds there.
“Are you all right?”
>”Yeah, yeah I’m fine, I just… couldn’t sleep. I had a lot of research to do. Well, still have. I’m not totally finished, but I guess I could take a break to talk to you.”
>First things first, you decide.
“How’s Spike doing?”
>”I was able to wake him up. He said he remembered everything that happened, but otherwise he felt fine. I’m glad I didn’t hurt him in my dream…”
>You take a look at Twilight’s cheek and notice a small bandage on the spot where the Imp attacked her during the dream.
“What about the other ponies who were trapped in their dreams?”
>”Once I got out of the dream, they woke up too. They all said they remembered dreaming about a Ponyville full of gems and dragon statues. Time Turner said he spotted one of those shadow creatures like the one that attacked me, but ran away just in time. Nopony else got hurt during that dream.”
“Sounds like everyone came out of it okay then.”
>Twilight purses her lips and looks down. “... not exactly.”
“What do you mean?”
>Twilight explains, “See, not everypony was on the ground when they fell asleep. Most of the pegasi were flying low, but there was a certain somegriffon that was 30 feet in the air when it hit her.”
“A Griffon?”
>"Gilda. She was Rainbow Dash's childhood friend."

2014-11-04 05:33:35 No. 20492053
>”I didn’t even know she was in town until today. Apparently she’s supposed to be doing community service.”
“Does Dash know she’s there yet?”
>Twilight pauses, “When I said “was”… the emphasis was on the word friend. They cut ties last year when Gilda came to visit. They got into an argument, and it seems like Gilda’s behavior has just gotten worse ever since.”
>”I told Dash about Gilda but… she just made up an excuse and left without saying anything to me.
“I thought Spike said she’s supposed to be the Element of Loyalty.”
>Twilight looks angry, “You weren’t there, okay? Gilda made Dash choose between her and us, and Dash chose us. And from the sound of it, Gilda really was just bad news all around.”
“Hey, easy there, Purple Smart. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just new to all this. I’m trying to figure out what’s up.”
>Twilight sighs, “You’re right… sorry, Anonymous. I’m just under a lot of stress. I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”
“You went through a lot last night. Let’s change the subject. Did Princess Luna ever show up again?”
>Twilight looks up, “So you know her? I guess Spike must have told you something. Anyway, she did show up. She said that she fell asleep too, but doesn’t remember being in that dream with the rest of us.”
>”She’s still still trying to sort things out, and she told me that until everything is solved, I should be careful and not tell anyone about what’s happening. She told me Celestia thinks that’s for the best.”
“I guess that makes sense. Letting everyone panic about what’s going on isn’t going to help.”
>”The doctors are calling it Stress Induced Hysteric Narcolepsy. They’ll be issuing warnings to Pegasi to fly close to the ground, take breaks during long distance flights, and land immediately if they feel drowsiness or numbness.”
“Better than nothing, I guess.”

2014-11-04 05:45:21 No. 20492264
>”I don’t know… I feel like this isn’t over. Luna gets that feeling too. I think this is going to keep happening until we figure out what’s causing it.”
“I agree. But we’ll get to the bottom of it. I promise.”

Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Fool Arcana.


>Twilight smiles at you. “Thanks. You know… maybe the reason you came here was to help us.”
“So I’m your knight now, Princess Twilight?”
>Twilight shakes her head, “You don’t have to call me that.”
“You got it, Purple Smart.”
>Twilight giggles and puts her hoof to her mouth. “Just Twi is fine, silly.”


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Priestess Arcana.

>"Anyway, about that power you used last night... I don't suppose you can tell me anything more?"
>You shake your head.
"I didn't know I had it until that moment I summoned it. Once I did, I knew how to use it like it was my own arm, but other than that it's a mystery."
>"I guess I understand. When I got my Persona, I knew how she worked without having to be told too. I guess your ability to change them is unique to you though. I just wonder why you didn't have to fight your Shadow the way we did."
"Maybe I already have, but I forgot about it."
>"Yeah, that might be it." she still sounds unsure.
>"Anyway, I have a little present for you. I was working on it while I couldn't sleep. Have a look."
>Twilight shows you a small gold pendant. "Try putting it on."
>You do as she says and slip it around your neck. Suddenly, you feel yourself shrinking!

2014-11-04 05:51:20 No. 20492363
>You fall onto all fours and suddenly you're on eye level with Twilight.
>"Oh, I guess I probably should have warned you that was going to happen. Anyway, take a look!"
>She brings you over to a full length mirror where you have a look at your new pony body.
>"I'd already figured out how this works when I was doing those experiments to figure out how the portal from our world to the Human world works."
>"So since I already knew the magical theory behind it, it wasn't too much work to figure out how to turn a human back into a pony on this side."
>"You don't have to use it if you don't want to, but if you think it'd be easier to get around as a Pony, you can put it on and take it off as you please."
>"Do you like the way you look?"


"It's perfect."
"Maybe change some things."
"This is like one of my Japanese animes."

2014-11-04 06:20:04 No. 20492754
>You stare at yourself in the mirror.
"This is like one of my Japanese Animes."
"It means I look like a chode but I'm diggin' it."
>"Right... well, if you don't want people connecting this identity with you human form, maybe you should make up a name for this form."
>You start thinking about that...

Name yourself?
Do it later?
Don't Bother?

2014-11-04 07:56:20 No. 20494395
(TOO MANY CHOICES. I rolled a die between the 4 that sounded good.)

>Man, names are hard.
>But you come up with something that seems fitting and tell it to Twilight.
“Dream Trotter.”
>”I see… yeah, that’s a good name! Anyway, I’ve got some more work to do, and Spike is still sleeping, so I guess you’re free to check out the town on your own if you want. Or if you want to visit any of the other Elements of Harmony, I’m sure most of them would be pretty happy to see you.”
“First things first, I want you to get some sleep. You’ve been up all night working. You need to rest.”
>”All right… I can ignore myself but I guess I can’t ignore my friends trying to look out for me.”
>”I’ll see you when you get back tonight, okay?”
>You nod at Twilight and watch her teleport away in a purple flash.
>She did remind you though, there’s a few places you could go.
>Rarity told you she’d like to get you fitted for some free clothes.
>Applejack wanted to invite you to have some cider and get to know you.
>And that griffon Gilda keeps sticking in your mind. You can’t help but feel a little responsible that someone got hurt. It might be good if someone visited her, given that it doesn’t sound as though she has a lot of friends in town anymore.

Routesplit time


For those who choose Gilda, say if you think Anon should use his human form or his pony form.

I'll probably be taking a little break while the next route is decided.

2014-11-05 01:28:08 No. 20498676
>You decided to see this Griffon for a number of reasons. Guilt, curiosity, a desire to test out your new form…
>But either way, you make your way out of the castle after asking a guard for directions. You politely decline his offer to accompany you, and head off on your own to Ponyville General.

Ponyville General Hospital, 7:00 AM
>The air in the hospital is filled with the stinging smell of disinfectant.
>It’s filled with ponies you haven’t met, mainly pegasi.
>Even though no ponies were seriously injured, it seems that the Pegasi are getting pretty worried about it happening to them.
>You consider leaving several times, but after half an hour your number gets called and you speak to the earth pony mare at the reception desk.
>The placard by her reads “Pencil Pusher”.
>This is either another prophetic pony name or the hospital administrators here are assholes.
>”An earth pony? You’re maybe the second I’ve seen all morning. And I looked in the mirror. What are you, lost?”
>Might be the second one after all.
“I’d like to see a Griffon that was admitted here. Her name is Gilda? She had SIHN.”
>“Are you a friend?”
“Well, not exactly…”
>”So you’re not a friend, and I’m willing to bet my lucky pencil you’re not family. And you want to get in to see her because… oh? Are you two… like that?”
“Like what? Oh! No, no we’re not like that, I mean… is that legal? Not that I…”
>It’s a good thing you don’t have pockets.
>Your spaghetti would be unsanitary for all the patients.
“I don’t know her. I mean I was just talking to Twi back at the castle and she told me about her…”
>”Castle? Princess Twilight told you about it? Oh, well go right ahead, one of the other elements is already in there!”
>Her immediate deference when it comes to the ruling class is a bit scary.
>You hope that Twilight has the self control to not abuse her power.
>You sure wouldn’t.

2014-11-05 01:40:39 No. 20498763
“Uh… thank you. For… understanding the situation.”
>”Don’t mention it. This is a friendship thing, isn’t it?” she winks.
“Yeah, it’s something like that.”
>”West wing, Second floor, room 214.”
>You excuse yourself before you can do any more damage and find your way to room 214.
>The door is ajar, and you can hear yelling coming from the room as you get close.
>”A BOOK? Why do you think I want a stupid book? Are you an egghead on top of everything else?”
>”You always do this, Gilda! Every time someone tries to help you, you try to rip their head off for it! What is your problem?”
>That voice you recognize from yesterday. Rainbow Dash.
>”My problem is that I don’t need your pity, and I definitely don’t need a damn book!”
>”It’s not pity, I’m trying to make things right by being the bigger mare!”
>”OH, the BIGGER mare? The truth comes out at last. You’re only doing this so you can look good because you’re the Element of Loyalty.
>”That’s not what this is about, Gilda.”
>”Yes it is, you make everything about yourself all the time!”
>”Gilda, I didn’t even tell Twilight I went”
>”Yeah, sure you didn’t. I’m just supposed to believe that?”
>”Only if you can stop being a paranoid psycho for ten seconds!”
>”How about you get out of my face in ten seconds flat before I break YOUR wings! You can tell your stupid friends you tried and I’m not falling for it.”
>”I can’t deal with you like this…”
>”Then leave! I was doing just fine without you!”
>”Yeah, I heard you’re really going places. Word of advice when you get there, don’t drop the soap!”
>You hear a loud noise that sounds like Gilda throwing a heavy book at Rainbow Dash before you see the cyan mare storm out with tears in her eyes.
>Dash notices you and looks away, still unsure if you saw her crying.
>You feel like you should say something.

Talk as Anonymous
Talk as Dream Trotter

2014-11-05 03:27:47 No. 20499353
“Rainbow Dash, right?”
>“Do I know you?” She asks averting her gaze.
“It’s me. Anonymous. Twilight gave me this necklace to disguise myself as a pony called Dream Trotter.”
>Dash is staring at the wall, but you can tell she’s trying to blink away tears. “Yeah, she said something about you staying a while longer.”
“Are you okay?”
>Dash slumps down in the hallway. “I don’t know… everything was fine for the first hour, but then I tried to give her my book, and she started freaking out, so I started freaking out, and well… I basically ruined any chance of her ever being my friend again.”
“You used to be really close, huh?”
>”We were more than close.”
>Dash reads your surprised expression and quickly corrects herself, “We weren’t- I mean… it’s complicated.”
“That’s fine. It’s none of my business.”
>”Thanks, Anon. I just wish things could go back to the way they used to be between us.”
>”But ever since Flight School she just crashed hard.”
>”We got into trouble here and there, but it was just kid stuff.”
>”She hasn’t stopped though. Fighting, stealing, and that’s just the stuff she’s gotten caught for.”
>”If she keeps this up she could seriously start doing time for it. I don’t want to see that happen to her.”
>”Listen, I’ve been laid up like this before, and the doctors say she has it way worse than I did. It can really drive you crazy to be alone like that. She… isn’t going to want to see me any time soon. I know it’s a lot to ask, but you’re like the only other person in town I can ask she doesn’t already hate.”


“I’ll do it.”
“She wouldn’t want you to ask me that.”
“You should apologize and do it yourself.”

2014-11-05 05:34:05 No. 20499782
“I actually came here to visit her on my own. I’ll see how it goes. If I want to come back, I will. But not because you told me to.”
>Dash nods. “It’s the best I can hope for. Thanks.”
“Don’t mention it.”
>”Got it. In fact, don’t mention any of this to anyone.”
“Got it.”
>Dash looks relieved. “Thanks, Anon. You’re a good friend.”

Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Chariot Arcana.


>Dash wipes her eyes, trying to get into a presentable state.
>”I gotta get going. See ya round.”
>Dash is actually respectful enough of the hospital rules to walk out instead of breaking the sound barrier with her departure.
>You consider entering the hospital room as you are in your pony form, but pause and think about it.
>It was really useful having a pony form to get into the hospital…
>But something in your head tells you that the best way to get to know this stranger is by being a 6 foot tall faceless green skinbeast in a suit and tie.
>You slip off your necklace in what is surely your greatest idea ever.
>You suddenly spring to full human height and begin to confidently stride into Gilda’s room.
>You confidently hit your head on the doorframe
>Stooping down a bit, you enter through the doorway. This is still a good idea.
>Gilda looks to be in pretty bad shape. One of her eagle front claws and the opposing lion hind leg are both suspended in traction restraints and casts.
>The rest of her body is mostly covered in bandages, and you can see bruises on her face.
>You can’t see her wings, but judging by the empty bed in the room, there appears to be a hole in the bed for her wings to fit through so she can lay on her back.

2014-11-05 05:41:17 No. 20499803
>Gilda stares at you in awe and just remarks, “Wow, they gave me the good stuff.”
“Actually, uh, I’m real.”
“My name is Anonymous. I’m a human.”
“I’m uh, new in town.”
>”Wait, you’re not a hallucination? Then who are you and how the hell did you get in my room?”
“It started off really hard, then got really easy, then got really hard again.”
>”Yeah that’s what your mom told me. Now why the hell are you here?”


“I came because I was concerned.”
“I came because I was bored.”
“I came to laugh at you. Is that what you want to hear?”

2014-11-05 11:16:53 No. 20501871
>You decide to play it cool.
>Since you’re so good at it after all.
“Oh I’m just chilling. What, is there something better to do in this town?”
>Gilda grins, “You’re not wrong, but what makes you think I want to hang out with a dweeb like you?”
>The way she emphasises dweeb like it’s supposed to be a sick burn makes you kind of curious.
“Seriously, dweeb? You’re supposed to be pretty hard and the best you can throw at me is dweeb?”
>Gilda narrows her eyes, “I was hard for your mother last night you fucking green sack of shit in a suit.”
>You can’t help but laugh a bit. And also feel a little curious and scared about Griffon anatomy.
“Haha, okay now that’s more like it. What’s with that though, you’re seriously the only person I’ve heard swear since I got here.”
>Gilda raises an eyebrow. “You mean you really don’t know? Shit, how new are you?”
“Pretty fucking new. So know what?”
>Gilda rolls her eyes. “Public decency laws. Equestria is full of ‘em. You’re not allowed to swear on public property or in the presence of a minor.”
>You stare at her for a full second.
“Are you fucking serious?”
>”That’s what I said the first time I heard about it. Then they told me if I said it again it’d be a 20 bit fine.”
“I don’t know if this place has any revolutionary groups, but I’m joining the first one I see now because that is some buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuull shit.”
>”Fuckin’ a, man. I mean normally I wouldn’t care, but I don’t want officer tightwad busting my fucking balls all the time about it, especially when I’m on probation.
“Is officer tightwad actually somepony’s name?”
>Gilda starts cracking up in her bed, “Hahaha… fuck it hurts to laugh kinda. Dude, you’re fucking hilarious.”
“Yeah, I try.”
>You weren’t trying though.

2014-11-05 11:38:59 No. 20502117
>”Hey, look. I think the painkillers are kicking in for real now, so I don’t know how much fun I’m gonna be in a bit. If you feel like it, maybe you could come back another day.”
>”I mean I guess you’re kinda cool even if you are a dweeb.”
“You’re not so bad yourself. You have to be pretty hardcore to survive a 30 foot free fall while unconscious.”
>Gilda seems a little pleased at your flattery. “Heh, this? I’ve been through worse. I’ll be back in the air in no time.
“Until then, don’t go anywhere okay?’
>”Fuck you, asshole.” she smiles.
“Whatever, bitch.” you retort with a grin.


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Lovers Arcana.


>You leave to give Gilda her rest. You decide to leave in Pony form to avoid causing trouble.
>Once you’re outside, you start to notice your stomach growling.
>You consider grabbing some breakfast until you realize something.
>You’re fucking broke.
>In your eagerness to let Twilight get some sleep, you completely forgot to ask her what to do about money while you’re here.
>Both Applejack and Rarity did invite you to come over to their place.
>Applejack’s offer definitely sounded like it included food…
>But Rarity is supposed to be the “Element of Generosity” for whatever that counts for. Would she be willing to feed you?

Go see Rarity
Go see Applejack

2014-11-05 03:08:19 No. 20504554
Sweet Apple Acres Farmhouse, 9:00 A.M.

Track: ~Alone~

>You wonder if all of this forest is really part of the orchard… if that’s so, AJ’s family probably owns more land than the rest of Ponyville put together.
>You get to a part of the orchard where the apple trees have thinned out, giving way to the rough dirt of the farmland.
>Seems like they also grow corn, and other vegetables you can’t identify because you don’t know jack shit about farming.
>As you go through the white wooden fence, you even spy a chicken coop.
>This was definitely the right place to go for breakfast. You just hope that you aren’t mistaken for an intruder, because you haven’t yet figured out if ponies can operate shotguns.
>Confident that shotguns require fingers, you knock on the door of the large red farmhouse.
>To your surprise, it’s not AJ, but a decrepit looking green mare with a white mane done up in a bun answers the door.
>”Ehh, hello there? Oh, why hello there, Princess Luna! How nice of you to drop by.”
>This granny is either incredibly senile or she thinks you look super gay.
“Princess…? No, I’m a guy. I’m looking for AJ. Are you her uh, Mother?”
>She holds a hoof up to her ear to hear better. “OJ? Pardon my french, but we don’t serve that filth ‘round these parts, Princess. Just good ol’ fashioned apple juice and apple cider! You’re more than welcome to come on in for a glass! See, we’re expectin’ this ‘Infamous’ feller to drop by some time.”
>”He’s on a bus? One of them newfangled contraptions from Manehattan? That’s mighty far.”
“Anonymous.” you repeat more clearly.
>”He’s in a rush? Well he’d better be if he’s fixin’ to make it today.”
>You slam your hoof into your forehead.
“Just… where is Applejack.”
>”We’ve got an apple sack inside.”
>She is straight up fucking with you and you have no way to prove it.
>A voice comes from behind. “Somepony holler?”
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