Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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2014-12-26 11:17:51 No. 21175132
>You remember some of the “official royal etiquette” things Twilight touched on.
>Tia was casual enough to not bother with anything like that, but you figure Luna is expecting a “proper” greeting.
>Besides, you’re already down on the floor.
>You take the Princess’s hoof gently and give it a little kiss.
“It’s an honor to meet you.”
>She puts her hoof back on the floor and smiles. ”We are most pleased by your display of etiquette. Even canterlot nobility seems to prefer a simple bow. But alas, we do so enjoy the feeling of soft lips on our hooves!”
>The guards return with a tray of coffee, with cream and sugar cubes.
>The two alicorns float their cup over and take a sip.
>You look at your cup and recall what Fluttershy was trying to tell you the other day about not flavoring things before you taste them.
>Raising the cup to your lips, you take a nice big sip.
>An initial complex bitterness, followed by more bitterness, followed by a lingering dry taste that makes you want to wash it out of your mouth immediately.
“This is… really strong...”
>Twilight looks over. “Well, yeah. Why didn’t you add anything to it? That’s why they brought cream and sugar too.”
“But… you didn’t put any in.”
>Twilight starts laughing, “Hahaha! Oh, Anon… these ponies are part of my staff! They know how I take my coffee, so it’s got cream and sugar in it already. And Luna didn’t put anything in because she likes it black. Heh, you really just drank it black because you were too shy to change it… that is just so you!”
>"Your awkwardness is most comical!' Luna exclaims joyfully.
"Haha, yeah..."
>That motherfucking rabbit is dead next time you see him.
>”Tell me, how does Ponyville fare, Princess Twilight?”
>Twi shakes her head and sets down her coffee cup. “Not so well… everypony’s still upset about the travel restrictions, but we can’t fully explain why we’re doing things like this without revealing the true nature of SIHN.”

2014-12-26 11:22:55 No. 21175196
“You know, about that… I’ve kind of been wondering. Why can’t we just tell them? It’s not like one of those things where regular folk won’t believe in magic. They KNOW it exists. They use it. Can’t we just say SIHN is a magical disease that spreads through unknown methods and sucks ponies into a dream world where shadows try to attack them?”
>”What a foolishly foolish idea.” Luna remarks. “Doing so would invite unthinkable disaster, Anonymous one.”
“Well how so?”
>”More aware one is of their situation, the more danger they are in. Why do you think shadows attack your team so heavily?”
“I thought it had something to do with our personas.”
>”Nay, it is because you do not belong, and you are aware of it. This causes you to bear your heart’s light brightly, which attracts the shadows residing in Fantasia like a beacon. If you were to inform a pony about the true nature of SIHN, and they fell under its effects, they would progress from Stage 3 to Stage 4 far more quickly, and in Stage 4, once they recognize that they are in a dream, shadows will be able to find them far more easily.”
“Yeah… that sounds pretty bad.”
>”And were you to attempt to inform a branch victim of the true nature of their affliction, they would soon find their memories of the events in Fantasia becoming more clear. If you recall, the shadow of Rainbow Dash had quite a bit of her intimate moments exposed to a great deal of ponies. Do you truly wish for them to regain those memories of Rainbow Dash’s exploits so badly?”
“Of course not! I’m just… throwing ideas out there. How do you know all this?”
>Luna flips her magically glimmering mane. “Just who do you think I am? I am Princess Luna, ruler of the night! Dreams are my domain! Even without the magical abilities of the young dragon, I know a great deal about how the world of Fantasia functions."

2014-12-27 12:24:21 No. 21175829
>Luna looks out the window mournfully. “But alas, I am powerless to assist you in your fight inside Fantasia, for the symptoms of SIHN are mirrored within myself. When a Fantasia has formed, I fall “asleep” as well… my mind is only able to observe the events which transpire within Fantasia, and I am otherwise powerless. Yet one more reason why we must not speak of SIHN’s true nature to anypony. Should an enemy wish to strike, I am utterly vulnerable during that period of time.”
>Twilight nods in agreement. “It’s not as though I enjoy keeping this information from everypony, but when telling the truth is going to bring about that kind of danger… we don’t have any choice but to keep it a secret until we’re sure that this is all over. It isn’t just about panic. If just knowing the truth puts them in more danger, I’ll have to do this even if AJ is kind of upset with me.”
>”My sister agrees fully. Our work may go unappreciated, but we must soldier on regardless for the good of the people of Equestria.”
“Makes sense. Also this coffee tastes better with cream and sugar in it.”
>”I have to agree with you on that, Anon.” Twi says with a smile.
>Luna tosses her head to the side indignantly. “Hmfph! But can you truly say that you are enjoying the coffee with cream and sugar in it? Or are you merely philistines enjoying the cream and sugar with coffee in it?”
“Beats me, miss Moonlight, but in this case I don’t really care that much.”
>”If you really wanted to enjoy the “Coffee” wouldn’t you just be eating the raw beans instead of trying to filter it down with water?” asks Twilight.
>”We have tried. It made us very ill. It was the second greatest mistake we have ever made.” Luna admits.
“What was the first?”
>Luna glares at you. “What do you think?”
>You avert your gaze and take another sip of coffee.
>”So what do you want to do on your vacation?” Twilight asks quickly in an attempt to change the subject.

2014-12-27 12:26:29 No. 21175851
>”We wish to waste away the precious hours of the day by speaking about meaningless subjects and engaging in leisure activities with no constructive value as normal ponies do.” says Luna happily without a hint of irony.
>”So basically, you just want to hang out?” Twi asks.
>”Do you wish to join us?”
>Twi looks away a bit nervously. “I’d really love to, Luna, but I’m a bit busy at the moment… you did kind of come here on short notice, and I’m trying to work on a solution with Mayor Mare to the Travel debacle. Ponies are starting to call it traingate…”
>”Then perhaps you wish to join us, O’ Anonymous one. If nothing else, it will deliver us satisfaction for your earlier slight.
>Do you want to spend the day with Luna?

2014-12-27 04:54:43 No. 21182969
“Sure, I did the same for Tia after all. It should be fun.”
>”Splendid! Let us depart posthaste!”
“Uh, maybe not so hasty. There’s something I need you two to do first.”
>”What’s that, Anon?”
>”Yes, tell us what you require, Anonymous one.”
“I need you to get out of my room so I can change out of my underwear!”

Morning, Ponyville

>”A beautiful day to mingle among the peasantry.”
“Uh huh…”
>You’ve been walking around town with Luna for a while now.
>Unlike Princess Celestia’s grand reception, the two of you seem to be drawing cold suspicious stares from the townsponies.
“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be walking around in disguise?”
>”And conceal our magnificent form? We hide from nothing! These ponies should consider themselves blessed to gaze upon my divine visage so closely.”
“I get the feeling they don’t exactly see things the same way.”
>”They are merely intimidated by our royal presence.” Luna says dismissively.
“Are you sure that’s it? They almost look like they’re upset at you.”
>”Is that so? Then we must address the concerns of our citizens.”
>Luna looks around and spies a Griffon giving her the stink eye.
>”You there! Peasant griffon! For what reason do you leer at us so?”
>As she approaches the Griffon, you recognize him as that Gustave guy you bought meat from with Spike.
>Pourqoi? I am stuck here in le petit village perdu because of zis catastrophe! You are ze princess of ze night, oui? Your magic has power over dreams and sleep! Matters like zis are your raison d'être no? Zen why have you done absolutely nothing to solve ze problem? You simply sleep ze day away and sit on your croupe in your tower during ze night while “les paysans” toil and suffer!
>”We are putting forth our greatest efforts to resolve this problem at all times! You are here for the safety of yourself and others. It will be resolved as soon as it is possible, and no sooner! Be patient, and be thankful that you did not suffer a fate as terrible as the other griffon in town!”

2014-12-27 05:35:58 No. 21183381
>Luna stares directly into the Griffon’s eyes as she looms over him, but the Griffon doesn’t seem to be so easily intimidated.
>”Feh!” Gustave scoffs. “‘Qu'ils mangent de la brioche’ in so many words! You should see what we do to rulers who do nothing for their subjects in my homeland!”
>Luna suddenly gets a wide smile on her face. “Oh, we are very familiar with the bloody history of your people. In fact we would welcome you to try something like that here. A little revolution once in a while keeps one on their hooves… and is a good opportunity to remind your subjects that the ones in charge have earned their place at the top. Do you wish to quarrel with us right here and now? An honorable duel, perhaps? We will even show mercy and forgo the use of our horn and wings!
>The griffon’s cheeks puff up in anger. “I… I do not have time for zis!”
>As he storms off, you hear him mutter. “Chienne…”
>Luna watches with some amusement as she calls out after him, “Abandonner? Griffon typique.”
>You see his feathers puffing up angrily, but he doesn’t seem keen on arguing with Luna any further.
>”That went wonderfully!” she exclaims.
“I don’t… think it went as wonderfully as you think.”
>”But we did not slip back into our royal canterlot voice! Though we find it a bit harder to forgo the royal We.”
“You weren’t yelling, but he still seems pretty ticked off. He feels like you’re not listening to him. He’s probably just going home to write Twi more hate mail.”
>”So… I should have dueled him so that he would pen no more hateful words to Princess Twilight Sparkle?”
“Haven’t you ever seen the way your sister talks to ponies?”
>”I have yet to figure out what sort of sorcery she performs to appear so… likeable.”
“You have to let them know you’re listening to the things they’re concerned about, and that you understand why they’re upset even if you don’t agree with them.”

2014-12-27 06:55:36 No. 21184283
>Luna looks up at the sky. “It is not so easy for me to understand the plights of others. My sister spent a thousand years learning to empathize with others while I spent a thousand years alone."
“I know… I don’t blame you for having some trouble adjusting. You’ve only been back for a little bit over a year, right?”
>”That is correct. One of the reasons I wished to take this vacation was to further understand how my subjects live, in hopes that I will be able to connect with them as my sister does. But they still do not see me as one of them… I do not understand their culture or customs, and no matter how hard I try, it is never enough. I always end up making a fool out of myself because I do not understand how to function in society today.”
“I know that feel. I’m an outsider too. Everyone has to deal with these problems that are completely alien to me. Immortality… cutie marks… speciesism… don’t even get me started on how the hell romance functions. It’s all new to me. It’s like that for you too, isn’t it?”
>The alicorn nods silently.
“Well then if we’re both lost in this world, at least we can be lost together, right?”
>You extend your hand out to her.
>She looks confused at first… but then reaches out and shakes your hand with her hoof.
>”Your words bring me great comfort, Anonymous one. Thank you. I am glad to have finally found a kindred spirit who understands my pain.”


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Aeon Arcana.


“Come on then. Let’s go have some fun.”
>”Yes, onward! The fun begins now!”
>You spent a long day running around town with her until the sun goes down.

>"Time does fly... I have other matters to attend to. I must be off."
"All right. Did you have fun?"
>"I did indeed. In fact..."
>She suddenly floats up next to you and kisses you on the cheek.
>"I believe I'm going to come again."

2014-12-27 09:48:11 No. 21186292
>The alicorn flies off while you’re still too surprised and flustered to respond.
>Maybe it’s best to not overthink this…
>It’s just a kiss on the cheek, after all.
>Not like she kissed you on the mouth.
>Or the dick.
>You spend about half an hour overthinking it anyway until you finally decide to go to Rarity’s house.

Carousel Boutique, Evening

>You knock on the door, but this time there’s no immediate response.
>You wait for about 30 seconds before trying again.
“Anyone in there?”
>”Just one minute, Darling!” you hear Rarity’s voice call out.
>You wait a while longer until the door finally opens.
>”Good evening, Anonymous. How can I help you?”
“Is this a bad time? I was just coming by to talk about some clothes.”
>She looks back over her shoulder.
>”It… should be fine. Come on in. I have your order ready.”
>You walk in and find the boutique to be fairly tidy. As you’re looking around, a clothes rack on wheels slides directly in front of you with Rarity’s magic.
>”Here you are, Darling. I made a few to your specifications… go on, tell me what you think.”
>Taking the leftmost shirt and unfolding it reveals she did indeed make it exactly as you described.
>A gray t-shirt with large text reading “Kawaii in the streets, Senpai in the sheets”.
“Looks perfect. Mind if I try it on?”
>”Be my guest, I need to be sure that I made it the right size… I’ll just turn around. I know you’ve got something against nudity…”
”Hey, I won’t be complaining if you take a look. Though… I’m probably not much to look at. So maybe you should just turn around, yeah.”
>You face the mirror against the wall and remove your suit and undershirt before slipping on your new t-shirt.
“Fits like a dream, Rares.”
>”Wonderful! I made a few others with no design just so you’ve got something else to wear. Plus, I can put a design on them later if you like.”

2014-12-27 10:00:49 No. 21186497
“I’ll think about it. In the meantime… I don’t want to keep forcing you to do all this for me, but I got a job recently. Two jobs, in fact. I’m doing handy work for Cranky Doodle, and I’m tutoring DTR.”
>”DTR?” she asks curiously.
“Diamond Tiara Rich.”
>”Oh, that little filly? I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with her… so what did you need?”
“Just some work clothes for Cranky’s job might be nice. But since I’ve got a job now I really can’t justify not paying you something for what you’ve done.”
>”Oh, there’s really no need… but I suppose… if you really insist, I’ll give you a fair price for some work clothes. I’ve got your measurements anyway so you can go if you like. I have everything under control here.”
“I kind of thought I’d just like to see how you’re doing and all.”
>”Me? Why I’m perfectly fine. Never better, in fact. You know, I might even get started on your clothes right away. I wonder… flannel, perhaps? No no, you’re not a woodspony…” she mutters to herself.
>As you watch her look at fabrics, your vision catches a pair of cups on the table, both holding a bit of coffee in them, with one light brown and the other black.
“Oh, was someone else here?”
>”Just me and Sweetie Belle, Darling.”
“You let your sister drink coffee this late?”
>”Of course not! It’s from earlier in the day. Besides, plenty of cream and sugar…”
>Rarity seems a bit off tonight…
>But maybe she has her personal reasons.
>How should you react to her claims?

"Was _______ here?"

2014-12-28 03:00:37 No. 21194166
>This all seems a bit suspicious…
“Cream and Sugar, huh? Twi likes her coffee that way too.”
>”Yes, I know. We’ve had coffee many times before.”
“Are you really alright? You’ve been acting a bit strange.”
>”... strange?”
>”How am I acting strange?”
“Well it doesn’t seem like you to leave out coffee from earlier.”
>”And what makes you so sure you know what’s normal? Didn’t I just say everything is fine? Since when are you such a busybody?” Rarity snaps, looking at you with a bit of irritation.
“Calm down, I’m just trying to make sure everything’s okay.”
>”Well not that it’s any of your business, but yes, I am fine. And it’s certainly none of your business whom I have coffee with, and being called “strange” is the last thing I want to hear from you!”
>You feel a little guilty hearing that from her.
>She seems to understand your expression somehow, her look of anger fading as she quickly turns around.
>”I… I’m sorry. I think it’s best if you leave for now.”
“Yeah…. probably. I’m sorry I upset you.”
>You turn around and leave the boutique.
>Things have grown tense between you and Rarity…
>You must be very careful how you interact with her in the future.
>You decided to head back to the castle.

Twilight’s Castle Library, Evening

>Twi is waiting for you with a nice pile of books.
>”Welcome back, Anon. Sorry I’ve been so busy lately, but we’re going to try to finish up your lessons before you have to move out.”
“That’s fine, how was your day?”
>”I think I might have a place for you soon, but we’ll have to wait and see. Oh, and I’m working on a solution to the travel issue… it might be a little difficult, but I think I may have a solution. I’ll let you know more when it’s ready. How was your day?”
>This might be a chance to ask Twi some questions about what happened.
>Should you bring up what happened with Rarity to her?


2014-12-28 03:43:41 No. 21194575
”I had a great time with Luna, even if she’s having a little trouble with her diplomatic skills. And then… hmm. Hey, do you know how Rarity takes her coffee?”
>Twilight puts her hoof to her chin and thinks. “Rarity… yeah, she takes it with cream, but no sugar. She’s always trying to watch her weight after all. Why do you ask?”
>You explained what happened with Rarity to Twilight.
>She listens with a concerned expression.
>”Anon, I know you’re worried about her safety, but… you have to respect her privacy. I haven’t seen Rarity since we were all over at Sugarcube Corner. I’ve been busy with Mayor Mare and Spike trying to work things out. They can confirm my alibi for that time period.”
“Yeah, I believe you. I was just… I wonder why she lied about the coffee. If it wasn’t you, who was it?”
>”Well this is just one possibility, but… she could be seeing a special somepony. What if she’s having a relationship that she’s just not ready to talk about? Or maybe that other pony wants to keep it a secret. We wanted to keep our relationship a secret too… I don’t think I’d appreciate it if somepony was interrogating me about meeting you.”
“... when you say it like that I sound like kind of a jerk.”
>”You’re not a jerk, Anon, you were just concerned about her being vulnerable to SIHN, am I right? And I’m not saying we should assume it was a relationship either, I was just giving an example of why it may not have been appropriate to ask her those kinds of questions. I’m worried too, but we have to respect the privacy of others.”
"You're right... maybe I'm going too far here."
>Twi puts her hoof on your shoulder. "You're just trying to make sure nopony gets hurt. I don't blame you for being worried at all."
"Thanks, Twi."
>You put your arm around her and give the alicorn a thank you hug.
>"All right then, let's get back to your lessons."
>Twilight taught you more about Equestrian history until it was time to go to bed.
>A new week is starting tomorrow...
>Who do you plan on seeing?

2014-12-28 08:32:34 No. 21197736
>Been a while since you’ve seen Applejack.
>You’ll see if she feels like spending some time with you tomorrow after work.
>For now you get some sleep.

Monday, November 14th

>Finally you have something to wear to work other than a suit.
>You put on a plain t-shirt and jeans, then head out to see Cranky.

Cranky’s House, Morning

>Things look pretty much as you left them, except for a new pile of cut wood ready for you.
>”Morning, kid. Hope you enjoyed your weekend, because it’s back to hell with you now.” Cranky says as you approach.
“Won’t be so bad. You cut all that wood for me.”
>”Feh! I gotta do something to keep myself from dying of boredom. But if you think it’s so easy, then that’s good, because you’re fired if you don’t finish the deck today. Now get to work.”
“Yes, Master.”
>Despite his threat, it’s not actually too stressful.
>You’ve got plenty of time in the work day to finish it up, even when Derpy accidentally crashes into it and forces you to redo a section.
>It all balances out. She destroyed some of the boards you needed to take out anyway.
>You manage to get the last of the boards in around sunset, and call Cranky over to take a look.

>”Looks terrible! Now part of the house looks new, which makes the old parts look even older! At least you managed to finish on time. Suppose that means I’m gonna be stuck with you a little while longer. Same time tomorrow then, kid.”
”Got it, Master.”
>You wave goodbye and head down to Sweet Apple Acres to see AJ.

Sweet Apple Acres, Dusk

>When you arrive, the barn door is open.
>You decide to go in and take a look.
>Inside, Applejack is feeding apples down a chute while Big Mac runs along this belt hooked up to a millstone which grinds the apples down and extracts their juice.
>Applejack looks over as you approach, but continues feeding apples into the contraption.
>”Howdy there, Anonymous. What can I do ya for?”

2014-12-28 09:10:19 No. 21198289
“Hey, Applejack. Big Macintosh. I just got off of work myself and I thought I’d see how you were doing. I didn’t realize you were still going to be working though. Should I come back another time?”
>Applejack looks over at her brother running on the belt. “Hmm… you feel like helpin’ out any?”
“Uh, I don’t know if I can run very fast like that.”
>”Nah, just rollin’ apples down the chute. Think you could handle that for a bit?”
“That’s fine, sure. I’d be happy to.”
>”Great! Hit the showers, Big Mac. I’ll finish up here.”
>”Eeyup.” replies the stallion as he hops off the belt and heads inside.
>”Jus’ roll ‘em down one at a time an’ keep a steady pace.” Applejack explains as she gets onto the belt and starts to run.
“All right…”
>You begin rolling apples down into the machine, which makes a satisfying squelching noise every time it crushes an apple.
“So what’s all this for?”
>”Cider, of course! It’s a bit early for Cider season, but we ain’t got much of a choice way things are.”
“No choice?”
>”Travel ban, remember? I wasn’t kiddin’ when I brought it up to Twilight. We gotta turn these apples to cider or they’ll rot. We make a lot of our profits off exports but it just can’t happen right now so we’re bleedin’ capital pretty fast.”
“You can’t just ship the apples out by themselves?”
>”Don’t work that way. Ponies still gotta operate the trains, and somepony’s gotta go with the shipment to make sure it goes where it supposed ta.”
>Applejack is easily galloping faster than you can run by now, but still seems to be able to talk without issue.
>”But it ain’t all her fault, an’ I know that. Even if we were allowed to ship, we still got a bit of a PR problem. Nopony’s gonna want to order anything from a city that just had an outbreak of some kinda mysterious disease. Even if the doctors say there ain’t no reason it should spread by food.”
“So even if the ban is lifted you’re still going to be in the red?”
>”Fraid so. Which is why we gotta make it into cider 'fore it spoils"

2014-12-28 10:52:00 No. 21200068
“No wonder you’ve been upset.”
>”Ah still got no excuse fer lashin’ out at Twi like that. Poor girl never wanted to be a statespony. She’s just handlin’ this crisis best she can, an’ I just tries to bite her head off when I shoulda been thinkin’ about Pinkie Pie.”
“You’re okay with her now though, right? She’s been trying her best to figure out a solution and all.”
>”Yeah, me an’ Twi are square now. An’ Pinkie seems to be doin’ all right as well. But still…”
>You notice AJ starting to slow down.
>”I still think Pinkie Pie might need to go down to the farm herself an’ get some closure. Doesn’t seem like it changes all that much on the surface, but seein’ a casket or a grave or somethin’... it’s different from just hearin’ your parents died. Twi never had to go through somethin’ like that. I don’t know if she understands just how important it is…”
“What did Pinkie say she wanted?”
>”She says she ain’t sure yet, but so long as the travel ban’s in place she ain’t goin’ anywhere anyhow. But I think she needs to go.”
“Maybe she does, but that’s for her to decide, AJ, not you. You have to respect her privacy.”
>”I know… it’s just… I guess I can’t help but project a little bit.”
>Applejack slows down and walks off the belt, slowing the millstone to a halt.
>”All this reminds me of the way I lost my parents. All I can do is just give her my own advice as somepony who went through the same thing.”
“You’ve really had it rough, huh?”
>”Don’t you worry yer pretty green head about me, Anon. It ain’t nothin’ I can’t handle. We’ve been through rough seasons before, and I’ve already made my peace with what happened to ma an’ pa.”
“I don’t doubt you can handle it, but it’s still a lot to be going through. If you ever need anything, just let me know.”
>AJ looks over and smiles at you. “I will. Promise. So how ‘bout you then? Anything you been concerned about?”
“Actually, yeah. There is something...”
>”Well shoot, what is it?”

2014-12-29 12:53:27 No. 21202159
“So… your Granny was there for the founding of Ponyville, right?”
>”You bet yer flank she was! Whole town sprang up ‘round us.”
“Which makes your family native Ponyvillers, right?”
>”Native as they get!”
“And your parents were born here, and so were you, right?”
>”Born an’ raised!”
“... why is your family the only one in town with an accent?”
>”Accent? Fraid you ain’t makin’ a lick o’ sense, Anon. Mah family ain’t got no accent.”
“Yes you do! You and your family are the only ones I’ve met in this town who speak the way you do!”
>”I don’t reckon me or mah kin speak any differently than anypony from Ponyville, Anon.”
“What about literally every single one of your friends?”
>”Like who?”
>”She’s Canterlot born. ‘Course she don’t speak like me.”
“Pinkie Pie?”
>”Born on a rock farm far from Ponyville.”
“Rainbow Dash?”
>”She’s the one with the accent. Her own sister don’t even speak like her.”
>”Canterlot originally.”
The mayor. Surely the mayor was born in Ponyville.”
>”Yes sirree!.”
“So why doesn’t she have your accent?”
>”On account o’ she went to Canterlot fer schoolin’.” AJ says proudly.
“My friggin’ head hurts…”
>”Told ya I ain’t got no accent.”
"Just because I can't name anyone born and raised here doesn't mean you win... who else was born here? Name three more ponies that aren't part of your family."
>"Hayseed Turnip Truck, Golden Harvest, and Vinyl Scratch."
"My brain can't handle this..."
>"Can it handle rollin' apples? 'Cause I'd like ta get a bit more cider made."
>You spent a bit more time helping AJ make some cider.
>"That oughta do it for tonight. Thanks fer all the help, Anon. I had a mighty good time."
"Yeah, me too. I gotta get going though."
>"All right, see ya. Oh, an' I was just playin' earlier. I know we got an accent."
"But... you... I..."
>"See ya 'round, Anon."
>AJ gives a sly grin before heading inside and closing the door, leaving you there confused.
"... Huh?"

2014-12-29 03:02:32 No. 21208548
>You stand bewildered for a minute or so after being baited hard by the apple horse until you decide to head home.

Twilight’s Castle Library, Evening

>You find Twi waiting near a pile of books as usual.
“Hey, Twi.”
>”Welcome back, Anon!”
>Twilight quickly floats up and takes you in her forelegs before giving you a kiss.
“Heh, wow. You seem to be in a good mood.”
>”Mmhm! I got the mayor to agree to a proposal, so now I just need to wait for some letters I sent to return to see if I can make something happen. Also, I found a place you can rent whenever you want to take a look at it. It might take a couple days for you to get moved in, but luckily you don’t have much luggage to carry. Still, it’s furnished and everything, so you won’t have to worry about much.
“That sounds great! You’re incredible, Twi.”
>”Thanks, but that does mean we’re going to have to wrap up our history lessons. So let’s get to work.”
>You studied with Twilight for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, November 15th

>You wake up bright and early to head over to Cranky’s house for work.
>”Simple stuff this week, kid. Just clean up the exterior. Walls, roof, all that needs to be cleaned up and painted. Think you can handle that?”
“Sure thing, Master.”
>”All right, then get to work!”
>It’s not difficult work, but there’s a lot of it. You’ll probably be doing this all week.
>You mostly spend today removing moss, and nearly getting killed by Derpy when she almost knocks you off the roof during her visit.
>Thinking about how easily you could have died just there gets you thinking about a certain someone.
>Once work is over, you say goodbye to Cranky and wander into the Everfree Forest alone.

2014-12-29 04:03:48 No. 21209221
Everfree Forest, Afternoon

>Your mind begins to wander after you walk through the forest for what seems like half an hour.
>It feels like every time you have to walk a little further to get to her.
>How exactly are you finding her?
>You feel like you have a general idea of where she is in relation to the town… but nearly everything looks the same to you.
>And furthermore, how long do you have until you can’t find her at all?
>It’s been about 9 days since you saw her last.
>She was coughing up some kind of insect blood back then.
>You really have no idea how much longer she has.
>Or if you’re already too late.
>Just then, a pair of glowing emerald green eyes leers at you from the darkness.
>”... Ah, there you are.” you hear Chrysalis say in a rough voice.
>Your vision adjusts to the darkness of the forest, and you can make out her ash gray body laying on the ground of the everfree forest.
“Shouldn’t that be my line?”
>”I assume you’ve come to hear more of my fairy tales? I’ve got a good one for you today.”
“If you want to tell me that much, then sure. I’ll listen.”
>You have a seat on a nearby log for her.
>”Let’s see… I’m having trouble recalling what they refer to it as… but this was just before the time where Changelings and ponies truly became enemies.”
“Do you mean… the War of Shadows?”
>”Ah, so you’ve heard of it. Well then, would you like to hear our side of it?”
“Lay it on me.”
>”So eager… well you’re in for a treat. I am the only one left who knows this truth.”
>Chrysalis settles in and closes her eyes as she recalls the story. “Once upon a time, my children and I roamed free across Equestria. We fed carefully, subsisting on lost travellers, posing as harlots, or sneaking in windows under the cover of nightfall. We would eat our fill, then vanish into the wilds before anypony knew we were there.”

2014-12-29 04:52:35 No. 21209867
>”One day, a changeling named John Smith was wandering in the woods, when he came across the site of a carriage accident.”
>”The drivers had died in the crash, so John looked inside to see if there was a survivor he could feed off of.”
>”To his surprise, inside he found an Alicorn Stallion, suffering from fatal wounds.”
>”John Smith sensed love in his body, and sought to make him a meal… but just before he could feed, the Alicorn’s body began to glow, and flew apart into motes of beautiful light which rose into the sky and disappeared.”
>”Only the Alicorn’s beautiful clothes were left. John was upset that he had lost his chance at a meal, and decided to impersonate the Alicorn he just saw perish, to find the one the Alicorn loved and feed off of her instead.”
>”When a group set out to search for the missing Alicorn, John met them and claimed he had hit his head in the accident, and had lost his memory.”
>”The ponies believed him, and they told John that he was their prince, and that his wife, the princess, was waiting for them.”
>”So John returned to the kingdom and met this Princess.”
>”She was overjoyed to see that the Prince had ‘survived’ and embraced him the moment he returned.”
>”John was pleased, as the Alicorn Princess was so full of love for him to feed on.”
>”She did not question her husband’s loss of memory, and continued to feed John love for many years.”
>”The Alicorn Princess suspected nothing. She was happy, and loved him all the same.”
>”... but slowly, something began to change.”
>”Over time, her love became “different” somehow.”
>”John was unsure what this meant. Perhaps there were some adverse effects from being fed on for such a long time. He became very curious. He needed to understand what was happening, so he asked the princess if her love for him had changed.”
>”The Princess told John that it had changed indeed. Ever since he lost his memory, she began to love him more and more each day."

2014-12-29 05:01:30 No. 21209955
>”What’s more, she had been thinking that she wished to have a child with him.”
>”And then, John Smith did something very foolish…”
>”He told her the truth.”
>”John Smith confessed what had happened to the princess. He told her he had been impersonating her husband ever since that day, and that they could not have children because he was not truly a pony.”
>”The Princess was struck with immense grief.”
>”In her despair, she ordered John to drain her of her love and leave forever. She ordered him not to hold back, and not to leave a single feeling left.”
>”And John Smith obeyed her order. Devouring her love… cherry and all.”
>”As he devoured the last bit of her love… the princess said “Thank you.” and vanished into light just as he had seen the Prince do many years ago.”
>”But the fool was being watched…”
>”Soon the whole kingdom knew of what he had done.”
>”He had no choice but to flee and return to me, his mother.”
>”When he told me what he had done… I was furious.”
>”I knew that my life and the lives of my people would never be the same because of his foolishness.”
>”I cut his head off on the spot as a lesson to the rest of my children.”
>”From that point on I declared that I was no longer their mother, but their Queen.”
>”I took on the name of Queen Chrysalis, and decided that they must be ruled absolutely if we were to survive.”
>”I forbade any of them from eating cherries without my express permission, and stripped them of their names. From that point on they would only have a letter and number to identify themselves.”
>”They were to serve the hive with absolute loyalty or die by my hoof.”
>”Under my rule, we were cast out… but we survived. We persevered.”
>”Until now, that is.”
>”Now I am Queen of nothing at all.”
>Chrysalis looks up at you from her place on the forest floor.
>"I've been talking for some time... what do you think of my story?"
>That's a good question...
>What do you think of her story?
>Do you believe her?
>What do you want to know?

2014-12-29 10:05:14 No. 21214106
“I… I think you really might have been telling the truth.”
“That story you told me about your mother. I just remembered that it fits in perfectly with another story Twilight told me.”
>”Does it now? Tell me about it.”
>You recount the tale of the Queen of Fools for her and she listens with a smile.
>”I see… it’s no wonder the story was incomplete. It cuts off right around the part where she would have met King Sombra.”
“History is written by the victors, eh? Just like that story about your birth.”
>”King Sombra’s hatred of my mother ran quite deep. He expunged and twisted information about her to the point where it is difficult to prove that she ever existed at all. And it becomes the new truth.”
>”Even now, the story I told you can not be verified as real “truth”. It is only the account of John Smith as relayed by me. We could have been mistaken, or we could have lied about the story along the way. The world will never accept that story over their own version of the truth.”
“Maybe the world won’t, but I still want to find my own truth. I refuse to blindly accept the “truth” that the rest of the world takes for granted without trying to verify it for myself.”
>”Is that why you continue to return to me? in search of truth?”
“I still think it’s plenty possible that you’re wrong about something, or mistaken… and I don’t agree with the decisions you’ve made, but I want to hear what you have to say about things.
>”I find your efforts meaningless… but amusing. You wish to know more then?”
“Yeah, I do. Can you tell me the truth?”
>”Universal truth does not exist. None are capable of stating real truth, only the lies they believe. But I’ll tell you my lies if you want to listen.”
“Good enough for me. So if all this is true, where exactly do changelings come from? Other than you of course.”
>She flashes you a toothy grin. “Are you asking me to give you the birds and the bees right here? Or perhaps… a demonstration?”

2014-12-29 10:53:07 No. 21214747
“Let’s… keep it PG-13 for now. Just give me the short version.”
>”The drones are a result of copulation between myself and a pony or another changeling. But despite all appearances, it is ultimately asexual reproduction. Genes are not passed on from the father, and there is no variation in children.”
“Wait, it works with other changelings too? But aren’t they your children?”
>”Willing mates are easier to find than you’d think, but harder to find than you’d hope. In order to boost our numbers when we had lost hundreds to war, much breeding was necessary. It was quite painful.”
>”... for them.”
“I... think I get the picture… no more details, thank you. Though I kind of wonder how you actually found “willing mates” considering they think that you exist to kill and or enslave them.”
>Chrysalis just remains silent and gives you an amused, smug grin.
“... yeah, I see your point. So what’s with that John Smith changeling? Why’s he named that?”
>”Just the name I happened to pick out for that drone at the time. It is a name which means common and indistinguishable. I was the one to name all of my children before and after the War of Shadows. Before, they had such beautiful names. Mirage, Charade, Fata Morgana, Phantasm, Mimic, Facade, Masquerade… but I gave them too much independence and freedom. I took that away after the War of Shadows, along with their beautiful names.”
“About that war… so was John Smith the only one to eat a cherry? Or were there others?”
>”There were others who did it simply out of rebellion, greed, or lack of self-control. But these were very rare incidents. And none had been nearly as important as the Princess John Smith devoured. A cherry here and there went unnoticed, but when they lost their beloved princess, they called for our blood. Or hemolymph, as it were. Is there anything else you'd like to know?”

2014-12-30 02:00:19 No. 21216796
“Yeah… what was with those two disappearing into light like that?”
>”I haven’t a clue. It’s not something I’ve ever seen before, and it seems like an odd detail to fabricate, doesn’t it?”
“Doesn’t seem like something you’d just add in without an explanation.”
>”It’s not as though it truly matters anyway. Even if you believe what I say to be the truth, it will never become the truth for others. And even if it did… it would change nothing for me. I am going to die, regardless of if my story is passed on or not. That is the only truth.”
“What if that’s only the truth as you see it?”
>Chrysalis’s eyes gaze at you coldly.
>”What are you babbling about?”
“Maybe there’s still a way to help you. Just because you think it’s impossible for you to survive doesn’t mean we can’t find a way somehow.”
>”Do you really mean to tell me that you wish to save my life?”
“I don’t want to let you die like this… starving to death alone in the forest. That’s no way to go. Their hatred of you is based only on misunderstanding. If I could tell them the truth, maybe they could see your side of things and figure out a way to live with your people the way things used to be.”
>Chrysalis stares down at the ground forlornly for a moment.
>”... It’s you who is misunderstanding.”
>”There may yet be some power in this world which can revitalize me… but it does not matter.”
>”Allow me to make this perfectly clear.”
>Chrysalis glares directly at you with her bright green eyes.
>”I do not want you to save me. Nor any else in Equestria to save me.”
>”I want to die.”
>”Because there is nothing left for me in this world."
“You can’t just give up like that.”
>”If you don't like it... then don't bother coming back. I won't force you to watch me die."
"That's it then?"
>Chrysalis remains silent.
"You won't even consider it?"
>"Leave. Before somepony finds us."
>Doesn't seem like she'll talk to you any more today.
>You've got no choice but to walk home alone.

2014-12-30 04:14:32 No. 21223063
>What Chrysalis said to you still weighs heavily on your mind when you return to the castle.
>When you get back, Twilight launches straight into your lessons.
>It suits you just fine, since you don’t exactly feel like talking just yet.
>Before you go to bed, she gives you a card with the name and address of the landlord you should speak to about seeing the place for rent.
>You thank her and go straight to bed.

Wednesday, November 16th

>This morning you’re doing some painting for Cranky.
>He’s impressed at how easy it is for you with your height.
>It’s a good thing too, since it means you aren’t on a ladder when Derpy plows into you and knocks you to the ground.
>”Good morning, Anon!”
>”You know, I thought Anonymous looked like the physical incarnation of death itself, but I’m starting to think you are instead!” Cranky yells from his chair.
>”Sorry, Cranky! Sorry, Anon. I know what’ll cheer you up, mail!”
>Derpy pulls out a package addressed to you from Rarity and gives to to you, then tosses Cranky his mail.
>You open up the package to find some sky blue zip-up coveralls.
>Or zip-down depending on what needs to be done.
“Guess Rarity didn’t want me coming to bother her in person.”
>”Why? Are you two fighting? Is she mad at you?"
"I think she might be a little mad at me. I guess I was kind of trying to invade her privacy and ask her something she wasn't ready to talk about."
>"I wonder what that could be... but I guess if it's not your business it's definitely not my business. There's some stuff I wouldn't tell you about myself too. Not because it's bad or because I don't trust you, just 'cause it's kind of embarrassing and painful to talk about."
"You don't have to worry about me butting in like that. I think I've learned my lesson from Rarity to be a bit more gentle about it."
>"Thanks... maybe I'll tell you about it one day. Is there anything else you'd like to know that I can tell you?"

2014-12-30 07:32:04 No. 21225903
“Well, do you know about the pony on this business card?”
>You hand her the card you got from Twilight and she takes a look at it. Probably.
>It’s hard to tell what she’s looking at.
>”Oh, I know her. Silver Spoon is what she usually goes by.”
“Silver Spoon, huh? What’s she like?”
>”Well she hasn’t been playing too well with others lately, but she can be very assertive when she puts her mind to it. She manages tasks well, but has trouble showing initiative. But she’s a real genius, you know. Grades in every subject are top notch, and her math skills are especially advanced for her grade level.”
“Why are you describing her like a report card?”
>”Because she’s in Cheerilee’s class. She’s still just a little filly! Diamond Tiara’s best friend, actually.”
“And… she’s a landlord? With this business card and everything?”
>”No wonder she gets all that mail from the Zoning Comission.”
“Let’s… change the subject. Do you know anything about Rarity that could help me out?”
>”Rarity? Well, she’s been in a bit of a slump lately…”
“Do you know why?”
>”Well I guess part of it must be the travel ban. She usually gets her orders from out of town. Fancy Canterlot types or Manehattan Ponies asking for high end designer fashion items… she just can’t sell that kind of fancy stuff to the ponies in ponyville.”
“She did mention business has been slow…”
>”She’s the type of pony that really lets stress get to her… but usually it’s from working too much.”
“So she’s just stressed about her business, you think?”
>”Well… I wonder. It seems like she’s been acting strange even before that.”
“Strange how?”
>”She just doesn’t seem to go outside as often anymore… she’s a lot less social. I rarely see her leave the house.”
“When did this start?”
>Derpy adopts the thinking pose.
>“It was before you came here for sure, but I just can’t tell you exactly when it was… sorry.”
“It’s fine. Anything else?”
>Suddenly you’re interrupted by Cranky’s yelling "GET BACK TO WORK, JACKASS!”
"Oh right. Sorry, Master."

2014-12-30 10:28:20 No. 21228561
>”I should get back to work too. If you still want to talk, come see me some time in the evening!”
>Derpy quickly soars off to finish her route.
>You decide to wear the coveralls for the rest of the day…
>They’re really quite comfortable.
>Even if Rarity is upset with you, it seems she’d never compromise the quality of her work because of it.
>The freedom of movement in them is astounding…
>Though you’re not sure if you should be wearing anything under them.
>They’re called coveralls because they cover all of you, right? So it’s probably fine.
>Besides, it feels goodman.
>You spend the rest of the day painting the house until the sun starts to go down and Cranky comes out to tell you to get off of his property.
“Uh, Master, before I go… you’re Pinkie’s friend, right?”
>”Yeah, whether I like it or not. Why do you ask?”
“Did you hear about the bad news?”
>”Bad news?”
“Her father passed away.”
>Cranky’s ears fold back and he lets out a heavy breath as his expression turns serious.
>”Poor girl. How’s she holding up?”
“She’s having a lot of mixed feelings. She seems pretty confused how to handle it…”
>”Well that’s natural. Death is strange… difficult to understand or comprehend. It’s in our nature to want to make sense of everything. But trying to think about why they died is pointless. It’s better to think about why they lived.”
“Why they lived, huh?”
>”Just thinking out loud. I don’t know if that’ll really help.”
“I think it might. Thanks, Master. Do you want to see her with me?”
>He holds up his hoof and shakes his head. “An old donkey like me would just remind her too much of her dad at a time like this. I don’t want to confuse the poor girl. But uh… give her a hug from me, all right? But don’t tell her it’s from me, got it?”
“Heh, understood, Master.”
>”Now scram!”
>You scram on down to sugarcube corner to see Pinkie Pie.

2014-12-30 11:39:38 No. 21229533
Sugarcube Corner, Evening

>You speak to Mrs. Cake at the front who tells you Pinkie is upstairs.
>After going up the stairs and knocking on her door, you hear Pinkie reply, “Come in.” rather neutrally.
>Her hair still seems as poofy as ever, but there’s still a bit of a weakness to her smile when she sees you. “Hey, Anon.”
“Hey, Pinkie.”
>You sit next to the pink horse on her bed.
“How are you feeling?”
>Pinkie lies back and sighs. “About the same, I guess. I don’t feel much better or much worse. I talked to Applejack and Twilight. Applejack was really sympathetic, since she had to deal with losing both of her parents at once. And Twi said that something like what I’ve been feeling isn’t too uncommon, and that it might just take a while to hit me because I’m still in shock. They both asked me about going back to the farm to see him… but I didn’t really give them a good answer.”
“Still don’t know yet, huh?”
>”Not really…”
“But wouldn’t your sister at least want to see you?”
>”I dunno. Maud’s never really been the kind of pony who needs to talk about her feelings… none of my family really does that kind of thing. If you don’t like something, you just toughen up and deal with it yourself.”
“Sounds kind of rough.”
>”Kind of. It wasn’t all bad though.”
“Do you want to tell me about what it was like back then?”
>Pinkie turns her head to the side and looks at you while laying on her back. “I’ll be honest, living on a rock farm is pretty boring.”
“A… rock farm? What exactly is a rock farm?”
>”We collect rocks. And we sell the rocks to ponies that need rocks. And sometimes we’ll break rocks into smaller rocks.”
“Is… is this a real thing? Or are you messing with me like when AJ managed to convince me she doesn’t have an accent.”
>”I guess it’s kind of hard to believe. I’m not really the rock farming type, huh?”
“Yes, that’s the part of this story I’m having trouble believing.”
>”Well it’s true. In fact I’m not really much like anypony in my family except Granny.”

2014-12-31 12:21:56 No. 21230128
“So… what was your dad like?”
>Pinkie lets out a sigh. “The nicest thing I can say about him is that he was a hard worker. He always did his best to put food on our table. He was strict about rules, but he was fair I guess. He had this kind of weird minimalist philosophy about life where he liked things to be very plain and simple. I rarely ever saw him lose his temper, he didn’t drink… and that’s about it, really. So I… I don’t have anything to complain about, right? He never did anything bad but…”
>Pinkie seems to be struggling to finish her sentence.
>You decide this is a good time to reach out and bring her in for a hug.
>She puts her forelegs around you and sighs against your chest.
“Just say what you want to say, Pinkie. Be honest.”
>”He wasn’t bad, but… is that really enough? He was just so distant… he never played with us, or really took an interest in anything I liked, and he was stubborn and wouldn’t listen to anypony else’s opinion. He was always saying things like “Do as you’re told” or “Don’t talk back”. It’s like he didn’t even care how I felt! When I found out how much I liked making ponies smile… I told him that’s what I wanted to do with my life. He said it was unrealistic… and that I should just try to make an honest day’s work. That a party every once in a while is fine, but there’s more to life than being happy. And… that’s about the time when I decided to run away from home and came to ponyville.”
"Did you ever see him again after you ran away?"
>"A few times, yeah. I still came back to visit. Mostly because of my sisters. But Dad never really brought up the fact that I ran away. We just acted like it never happened. That's always how it is with my family... nopony ever talks about their feelings. I'm like that too, I guess. I keep bottling things up instead of talking about them 'cause I never learned how."
>You grip Pinkie tightly with your right arm.
>She seems to enjoy it.
>"Hey, Anon?"
"Yeah, Pinkie?"
>"Do you... think he was a good dad?"

2014-12-31 03:39:28 No. 21237340
>You let out a deep sigh and hold Pinkie closely in your arm while you try to think of how to say this…
>Man, what’s with these ponies and asking you difficult questions?
“I know you wanted a dad that could spend time with you, and connect with you emotionally… and your father just couldn’t really deliver on that. But sometimes it’s not always easy to express your feelings to someone, even if you really do love them. Maybe he didn’t understand you, Pinkie, but I think he wanted to. I think he really did care about you and your future. He wanted to make sure you had a secure and stable life. That was his way of showing that he cared. It wasn’t because he didn’t love you, Pinkie. He just didn’t know how to show you that love.”
>”... But now I’ll never know for sure how he really felt. I should have asked him all these things when I had the chance. But I never did. I guess I always thought he’d be around until I was ready… but it doesn’t work that way, huh?”
>You shake your head.
>”He used to tell me that he loved me. Not a lot, but he’d say it every once in a while. But it didn’t really matter. I didn’t “feel” loved. I… I didn’t believe him, I guess. How can you love me if you didn’t understand anything about me?”
>You tighten your grip around Pinkie.
>”But I guess listening to you say it like this… I didn’t understand anything about him either.”
“And do you love him?”
>Pinkie looks up at you and smiles. “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”
>You smile back at the pink horse.
>”I think… I want to see him. I know it’s stupid… he can’t hear me even if I go back to the farm. I’d just be talking to a grave. But I want to go anyway. I have some things I need to say to him… even if he can’t hear me anymore.”
“It’s not stupid, Pinkie. It’s part of how we move on. I’m glad you feel like you’re ready to do this.”
>”... Can you do me a favor?”
“Sure, Pinkie.”
>”Could you… go with me? When I go to see him?”
>You embrace her tightly in both of your arms.
"Of course I'll go."
>"... Thank you."

2014-12-31 09:26:26 No. 21241188
>You spent a long time with Pinkie cuddled up close to you on her bed.
>You feel as though you’ve grown quite close to Pinkie Pie.
>And she in turn has grown closer to you.
>But it might be difficult to advance your relationship until she can return to the farm.
>Once it gets late, you say your goodbyes and head home.

Twilight’s Castle Library, Night

>Twilight seems to be absorbed in a stack of papers.
“Evening, Twi.”
>”Oh, welcome back, Anon!”
“What’s all that for?”
>”Just going over some proposals for ending the travel ban. To be honest though,I still don’t know if I should.”
“I can understand that.”
>”I’ve been trying to look for some kind of pattern in the roots and branches… something to help us predict who’s going to get hit next. But everything’s just guesswork. It could all be completely random.”
“Sounds like maybe you could use a little break. What do you say we go out somewhere Friday night?”
>Her face lights up with excitement. ”You mean on our date? Sure! Where would you like to go?”
“I’m still pretty new to this town. Is it wrong if I ask you to pick the location?”
>”Of course not. I think I know just the place!” she says proudly.
“Where’s that?”
>”You’ll just have to wait until friday to find out.” Twilight teases.
“A surprise, huh? Sounds great. I’ll look forward to it then. Just as long as it doesn’t end with you injuring me again.”
>”Oh come on, how clumsy do you think I am?”
“Hearing you say that feels like tempting fate.”
>Twilight glares at you with flustered anger. “Just… sit down and quit being a jerk.”
>You had another culture lesson with Twilight and went to bed.

Thursday, November 17th

>You find yourself working hard this morning.
>Maybe it’s the anticipation of your date with Twi that’s giving you energy.
>Or perhaps it’s just how good it feels to be freeballin’ in these coveralls.
>Either way you manage to finish your work for today pretty quickly, impressing Cranky when he comes out to inspect it.

2014-12-31 10:32:04 No. 21242073
>”Lookin’ good, kid… guess those hands of yours really give you an edge. How about you take off early today?”
“Are you sure, Master?”
>”Eh, I’ve gotta run down and buy more supplies for you to do anything else here anyway… just don’t get too used to it.”
“Thanks a lot, master.”
>”Don’t mention it. Now get off my property.”
>Looks like you have some extra time today…
>You should see your prospective landlord. Or… landlady.
>Fuck it, you should see Silver Spoon.

>Silver Spoon’s House, Afternoon
>It’s not the same kind of estate that Diamond Tiara’s parents own, but Silver Spoon’s family definitely owns one of the nicest looking houses in Ponyville.
>And while it’s still the nicest looking house on the block, it doesn’t look out of place among its neighbors.
>There are no obsequious topiaries or statues out front, just a well maintained picture perfect suburban lawn.
>Her business card says to knock on the side door, so you walk around until you see a door on the side of the house with a silver plaque reading “Silver Smith Real Estate”.
>You knock gently on the door.
>”Come on in!” you hear a voice call out from inside.
>You open the door and walk into the house.
>A little filly sits at a small card table on a tiny chair, waiting for you.
“Good afternoon. I’m here about the house for rent. I’m Anonymous. Are you… Silver Spoon?”
>”That’s right!” she replies cheerily.
>”Princess Twilight told me all about you, Mr. Anonymous. Would you like to see view the house today?”
“Sure, if I can.”
>”Excellent. Just give me one moment..”
>Looking around, it seems like you’re actually in her bedroom rather than any proper office.
>The little card table and chair seem to be somewhat hastily set up.
>She grabs a saddlebag from the corner and puts it on. “All right then, it’s not too far from here."
>You head out with her to go view the apartment.
>"While we're on our way, do you have any questions?"

2015-01-01 12:47:49 No. 21243748
“Well, first thing I’m wondering is… uh, is it normal for Real Estate agents to be your age?”
>”My parents thought I could use some more responsibility, so they got me a house for my last birthday.”
“Huh. Well you seem professional at least. And you’ve made a better first impression than DTR.”
“Diamond Tiara.”
>Silver Spoon quickly turns around.
>”You’ve seen her? You talked to her? When?”
“Uh, last friday. I’m tutoring her… is something wrong?”
>The little filly looks down. “I haven’t seen her since she got sick. She won’t come to school, and my mom won’t let me see her because she says she doesn’t want me to get sick too. It’s been forever since I talked to her. How’s she doing?”
“She’s all right, I guess.”
>”I see… well, that’s good to hear. I hope she comes back to school soon. I miss her.”
“You’re good friends, huh?”
>”We’re more than just good friends. Oh, but uh, I should be talking about the house right now, shouldn’t I…”
“It’s fine. Ponies tend to go on long tirades about their personal issues and start asking really difficult questions around me. I’m used to it by now. So will I have any neighbors?”
>”You’re at the end of the block, so uh, you’ve got one next door neighbor. Vinyl Scratch. She’s mute, so don’t expect a lot of conversation out of her. ‘Cause she can’t talk, like, at all.”
“Yeah, I got that from mute. Anything else I should know?”
>”You like music?”
“I guess so?”
>”You’ll be fine then.”
>You arrive at the house. It’s… better than Cheerilee’s place, but still something a bit lower end.
>A simple one bed one bath, but it’s got a kitchen and a living room, so that should be enough for you.
>It comes with some appliances, as well as some furniture, including a bed that you’ll have to replace because it’s too small.
>You’re surprised to find that it has a fireplace as well, until you realize they probably haven’t invented electric heaters yet.
>Doesn't look like much... but it looks like it could be home.

2015-01-01 01:03:33 No. 21248246
>You tell Silver Spoon you’re interested, and she lets you know that she can have things ready by Monday.
>The two of you agree to meet up again on Monday to discuss the terms of the lease further and start going through the process of moving in.
>You part ways after making that agreement.
>Since you got off early, there’s still some time left in the day.
>You decide to pay a visit to Gilda.

Ponyville Hospital, Evening

>You go up the stairs and into Gilda’s room as usual.
>A manila folder is lying on the table next to her bed.
>Gilda looks over at you from her bed and smiles. “Bout time you showed up, dweeb.”
“Just dweeb today?”
>”What, do you get off on me insulting you or some shit?”
>You hold your hands up. “Whatever, it’s cool. So how’re you doing?”
>Gilda’s eyes drift over to the folder.
>”Well… my test results are in. But they didn’t want to tell me to my face. Mostly because I yell at them any time they try to talk to me.”
“So they left you that file, which you can’t read, and you weren’t willing to admit that to the doctors or apologize, so you just waited for me to show up?”
>Gilda sighs and stares at the ceiling. “Yeah… that’s pretty much exactly what happened. So… could you read it for me?”
“Sure that’s okay with you?”
>”Heh, after all the shit you’ve put up with from me… yeah, of course it’s fine. Just… get it over with.”
>You walk over next to her bed and sit down, opening up the envelope and taking out the white papers inside.
>You begin skimming the document.
>It’s in “english” as you understand it, but it’s still all greek to you.
>A lot of these anatomical terms have no meaning to you whatsoever.
“What is a Tertiary Humeral Ley-Line?”
>”That's important. What's it say?"
“Fractures of the tertiary humerus will take several months to fully heal... No damage to the the THLL... no disruptions in the carpo-radial circuit.”
>You look up from the paper to see tears falling from Gilda’s eyes on to the bed.

2015-01-01 02:13:57 No. 21249131
>”I… can… fly…” she sobs happily.
>”I’m gonna be able to fly again!”
“That’s great, news, Gilda!”
>”Keep going, what else does it say?”
>You skip to the end of the document.
“It says… you should be able to be discharged on December 1st. But you’ll need to check up regularly at the hospital to make sure you’re healing properly, and you’ll still have a cast on your legs.
>”It’s the 17th, right? So I’ve got 13 days left here, then I guess I’ll probably… have no idea what the fuck I’m going to do.”
“You don’t have a plan?”
>”Not really. I’m not gonna be able to work like that, and I don’t have anywhere to go.”
“No family?”
>”Like I said, it’s really every griffon for themself back home. If you’re an adult, you take care of your own damn self. And if you get sick or injured, hope you’ve got some savings, because otherwise fuck you, right? They don’t charge you shit here in Equestria. It’s all government run.”
“Not to mention they’re still working out those travel restrictions. Even if you could afford to go back home I’m not even sure if they’d let you.”
>”So basically I’m fucked.”
“Maybe not.”
>”What do you mean?”

You could live with Dash.
You could live with me.

2015-01-01 10:01:57 No. 21255132
“Just come live with me, idiot.”
>She stares at you in surprise for a moment. “Are you serious?”
“I may be an asshole, but I’m not fucking with you about this. I’m getting a place with cheap rent and a spare bed. It’s not that big, and it’s a one bedroom, but I figure it’s enough for you to crash at my place until you’re better. Our only neighbor is mute, so you won’t have to worry about her giving you any lip. Oh, and you can swear as much as you fucking want.”
>Gilda stares down at the sterile tiles of the hospital floor, smilight slightly. “... is it really okay?”
“If you want to, then yeah. Just do it.”
>”Hey, don’t get the wrong idea about this. I don’t “want” to live with a dweeb like you.”
“So you don’t want to move in then? Okay.”
>”Well I… I mean, if my only other choice is being out on the street, then… you know.”
>She nervously glances at you out of the corner of her eye.
>”I’m just gonna split as soon as I’m done healing. I’m not doing it because I want to, I’m doing it because I have to.”
>You hold your hands up in surrender.
“I get it. You’re a strong independent Griffon who don’t need no man.”
>”Yeah, that’s right! Wait, are you making fun of me?”
“Oh most definitely. But I’m still not kidding about letting you move in. That other bed’s too small for me anyway. Don’t think you’re getting the bedroom though. Plus, you’re going to apply for disability and help pay for food. And if I bring home a girl you either get your ass out of there or join in. Any objections, you stone cold cunt?”
>Gilda grins widely and looks up at you. “Sounds perfect, you god damn cocksucker.”
>The two of you can’t help but start laughing at how ridiculous you’re both being.
>And despite her strange way of expressing her feelings…
>You feel as though you’ve grown quite close to Gilda
>And she in turn has grown closer to you.
>You spend a long time talking with her before going back to the castle.

2015-01-02 01:41:25 No. 21262491
Twilight’s Castle Library, Evening

>You walk into the library as usual.
>Twilight is writing into that magic journal you’ve seen her use to communicate with Sunset Shimmer.
“Evening, Twi.”
>Twilight quickly snaps the book shut and looks up. “You didn’t see, did you?”
“Just that you were writing something in that book to Sunset Shimmer.”
>”I was just talking to her about our date tomorrow… it’s still a surprise, so don’t look, okay?”
>You have a seat on a throw pillow next to her.
>”A little bit…” she admits sheepishly.
>”This is going to be the first date I’ve ever been on.”
“No need to be nervous. I’m sure we’ll have a great time no matter what we do together.”
>”Yeah… you’re right, Anon.” she says as she leans against you. “So how was your day?”
>You tell her about meeting with Silver Spoon, and the agreement you made with Gilda.
>“It’s very generous of you to offer your home to Gilda like that, Anon.”
“You’re okay with it then? Even though it means I’ll be living with another girl?”
>”There’s no need for me to get jealous over something like that. You’re just helping her out, right?”
>”Yeah… I think, anyway. It’s hard to tell.”
>Twilight places a hoof on your leg reassuringly. “It’s perfectly acceptable in Equestria if you want to start going out with her too. Just be honest about it, and I’ll understand.”
“Thanks, Twi.”
>You lean in and give her a kiss on the muzzle.
>The purple princess blushes and rubs at her face with her hoof. “Hee hee, that tickles! Now quit playing around. We’re going to have to study hard if we want our lessons to finish by the time you move out.”
>You had another informative lesson with Twilight.
>You’re pretty familiar with most of the history of Equestria by now, and you’ve started to graduate toward cultural studies.
>Twi is a really outstanding teacher.
>You hope you can bring this same kind of dedication to DTR when you see her tomorrow morning for her lesson.
>You head straight to bed after your lesson ends.

2015-01-02 03:27:35 No. 21263751
Friday, November 18th

>You don’t have to go to Cranky’s today… but you should probably do your other job.
>After taking a refreshing shower and putting on your nice suit, you head on over to DTR’s mansion.

Riches Estate, Morning

>You ring the doorbell, and the door swings open before the echo from the bell has time to fade.
>Randolph’s pretty fast for an old guy.
>”Good morning, Sir. Are you here for another lesson with our young mistress?”
“I am. Is she ready to see me?”
>”One moment, sir.”
>The elderly butler suddenly takes off in a vertical leap, vanishing from sight.
>You wait around stunned for a few seconds until he reappears just as suddenly, falling from above in a graceful landing.
>”She is ready to see you, Sir.”
“Are you a ninja?”
>”No, Sir. Merely a passionate acrobat in my spare time. Though these days I find myself using my skills to traverse the mansion more quickly, or to entertain the young mistress’s schoolyard chums.”
“Aren’t you worried about hurting yourself and being unable to continue working for them?”
>”No, Sir. Not anymore.” he admits sadly.
>Feeling a bit uncomfortable, you excuse yourself and head upstairs into your student’s room.
>When you enter, DTR is sitting on her bed again with a pile of candy wrappers on one side and a pile of worksheet papers on the other.
“Good morning, DTR.”
>”Good morning, Sensei.” she says teasingly, unaware of the word’s actual meaning.
“I hope you went through that homework the way you went through that candy.”
>”Why should I do that? It’s your job to help me with it, isn’t it Sensei?”
“Oh, I see. It’s okay if you can’t do it on your own I guess.”
>”Hey, who said I couldn’t do it on my own?”
“So you can do it then? Which ones did you do?”
>”I… I only did the history. It’s not like I can’t do it, the other stuff is just boring.”
“Oh… uh huh. Yeah, okay.”
>”What, you don’t believe me?”
“I’m not saying that.”

2015-01-02 05:36:28 No. 21265457
>”Yeah, but I bet you’re thinking it. I bet you 10,000 bits I can have the whole week’s homework finished next time you come here.” she says, pointing her hoof at your chest with a smirk.
“You don’t pay me well enough to afford that bet.”
>”Dang. You’re right. Well I’m not giving you a raise so… if I do all my homework next week then you have to let me give you a makeover!”
“Deal. But you still have to do your homework now.”
>She narrows her eyes. “You’re going down, Sensei.”
“Why’d you do your history and nothing else though?”
>”History’s fine. You get to read about a bunch of interesting ponies doing cool things… it’s just like reading a story, except it actually happened. I really like the parts where we learn about princesses and princes. Alicorns are so cool… it’s almost like they’re superheroes...” she says with a distant expression.
>She seems to catch on to your amusement and quickly straightens up. “Let’s just get this over with, Sensei.”
“All right then, we can start with math.”

>She does pretty well with math, and now that she’s showing her work, it’s easy for you to point out her errors and help her correct them.
>DTR seems quite proud of herself with how well she’s doing.
>Once you move on to English, you hit another stumbling block.
>She has to write an essay about what her favorite color is and why.
“Saying ‘because Purple is the prettiest’ isn’t enough, DTR.”
>”Why not? It IS the prettiest.”
>You sigh and rub the back of your head as you try to think.
“Well what makes it the prettiest?”
>”It LOOKS pretty. The other colors don’t look as pretty.”
“Okay… are there a lot of purple things you like?”

2015-01-02 05:42:38 No. 21265549
>”Yeah, but I don’t like purple because I like those things, I like those things because they’re purple and that makes them pretty! This is a dumb question. You don’t need a reason to like a color, you just like it because you like it. If colors were really better than each other, everyone would just like the same colors. I mean, who’s to say we even see colors the same way? What if all the colors look like different ones to ponies with different colored eyes, and we really just all like purple because it’s the best?”
>You touch your hand to your chin, considering what she said.
“Write that then.”
>”Write what?”
“Write down what you just said. If you think you don’t need a reason to like purple, just explain why you think that.”
>”But that’s not what the question’s asking…”
“Teachers don’t actually care that much about following those guidelines. It’s not about what you’re writing, it’s about how you’re doing it. If you make it interesting like that, I’m sure Cheerilee will accept it.”
>”Are you sure about that?” she asks suspiciously. “I’m not going to get in trouble, am I?”
“Trust me, you won’t.”
>Her eyes dart between you and the paper.
>”... All right, I’ll try it. Your way sounds more fun anyway, Sensei.”
>The filly starts writing her essay with her pencil held firmly in her teeth.
>The look of dedication on her face tells you she’s enjoying this somewhat.
>She finishes shortly, and after proofreading her essay for errors, you decide to ask her a question.
>”What is it, Sensei?”
“So your essay says your favorite color is purple right? Why is everything in your room white or pink then?”
>She looks around her bedroom with a tired sigh. “Because my dad is the one who hired the designers that set up my room. Honestly, I think it looks pretty lame.”
“Didn’t you tell him how you wanted it?”
>DTR rolls her eyes. “No, he just did it on his own."

2015-01-03 04:23:10 No. 21267307
>”I told him a billion times before that my favorite color is purple, not pink, but he just says “Oh, but pink is so cute! It’s just like your coat! And the interior designer said that purple is passe this year…””
“I’m surprised you didn’t just tell him to fix it.”
>”Oh, I did. And he “fixed it” by firing the interior designer and trying to get him blackballed. Now nopony else wants to work for him.”
“Sounds rough.”
>She flips her mane back nonchalantly. “Whatever. It’s not a big deal. Anyway, I’m finished with my homework, so you can go now.”
“Yeah, all this talking about purple reminds me, I should get ready for my date.”
>”Date? Wait, who are you dating? Are you dating Princess Twilight or Cheerilee?”
>You walk out the door without elaborating.
>”Wait, that doesn’t- Get back here, Senseiiiii!” she yells as you close the door.

>Twilight’s Castle, Afternoon

>It’s time for your date with Twilight…
>You head back to your room and take another shower for good measure.
>Being completely hairless and mostly featureless, there’s not all that much for you to do beyond shower, brush your teeth, and try to decide if you should wear your fedora or not.
>You decide to wear it in the end, as Twilight complimented how you look with it once.
>While you’re looking at yourself in the mirror, you hear a knock on the door.
>”Anon? Are you in there?” You hear Twilight call from the other side.
“I’ll be right out, Twi.”
>You open the door and find her standing outside, rubbing the floor with her hoof a bit nervously.
>She’s wearing some sort of ornamental silver hoofguard on her front hooves similar to the ones Celestia wears.
>You’re not sure what she did with her mane, but it seems far more silky and flowing than usual.
>She’s glances at you demurely, and you notice the glint of a glittery white mascara around her eyes.
>”Do I… look okay?”
“You look beautiful, Twi.”

2015-01-03 02:50:25 No. 21270906
>Twilight lets out a quiet sigh of relief as her expression softens. "I'm glad you like it... I wasn't sure what kind of style would look attractive to you. Spike kept telling me to just go the way I usually look, but I wanted to try a little harder tonight for you."
"Well I probably wouldn't have minded. You always look beautiful to me, Twi."
>You reach out and gently stroke the side of her neck, causing her to lean into your hand. "Thanks, Anon... you look nice too. You ready to go?"
"I think so. Let's go."
>You start walking together, and it's only a few scant seconds until Twilight's head suddenly gets in front of your leg, causing you to trip and tumble over her face first into the floor.
>But instead of a loud painful slam, you feel a strange lingering sensation of weightlessness as Twilight calls out, "Sorry!"
>She seems to have caught you with her magic just in time to stop you from hitting the floor, and gently lifts you back to your feet.
"Nice save... what was that about though?"
>"Well... in Equestria, when you're walking somewhere with your special somepony, it's good to show affection by sticking close together and rubbing up against each other's cheek or neck. But since you're a little tall, I thought I'd try putting my head against your leg and... I guess you saw how that worked out." she says, looking ashamed.
"I see... so it's like holding hands. But I guess it'd be difficult for a pony to walk while holding hooves with somepony."
>"Sorry, Anon. I'll just... walk next to you. Maybe a few feet away... maybe further."
"Don't be silly, Twi. Just use your wings. That way our heads are at the same height, right?"
>"My wings? Oh, right... my wings... I forget I have them sometimes..."
>Twilight begins hovering close to you like a little rosy cheeked cherub.
>She places her hooves on your shoulders to steady herself, and leans in, touching her warm furry cheek to you.
>"H-How's this?" she asks, sounding unsure.
"Are you stable up there?"

2015-01-03 03:33:57 No. 21271527
>"Yeah, it's just a little... I'll be fine. Let's start walking."
>You go a bit slowly for her sake as she floats on the air with her forelegs holding onto you tightly as if clinging to the edge of a boat in the water.
"Just a little what?"
>"Well..." Twilight starts to explain a bit hesitantly.
>"As part of their natural instincts, pegasi wings tend to instinctively stiffen and raise themselves in certain situations. Like to make themselves seem larger when encountering a predator, or getting ready to move quickly during fight or flight scenarios, or... displaying plumage to attract a potential mate."
>You can't help but chuckle.
"Heheh... Twi has a boner."
>"H-Hey, don't tease me! It's hard enough as it is trying to fly slowly when my wings are like this..."
"Yeah, I bet it's hard, baby."
>"It's perfectly normal for something like this to happen on dates... sometimes it just happens on its own for no reason at all, like when you get out of bed in the morning... There's nothing funny about it."
"You're right. Nothing funny. Just your raging uncontrollable animalistic desire for my hot bod making it difficult for you to fly."
>”If you keep this up, I’m going on the rest of this date without you.”
“I’m just playing, Twi. I won’t embarrass you once we’re out there.”
>You lean your head to the side slightly and touch her cheek to yours.
“Like this, right?”
>Her face is warm, and feels like it’s getting warmer as your cheek brushes against her coat of fine purple fur.
>”Y-Yeah… that’s… good. Well… let’s go! Haha...” she laguhs, her voice cracking nervously as she holds onto your shoulders tightly.
>You decide to try to make conversation to calm her nerves a bit. Talking about science usually seems to put her in a good mood.
“So, how exactly are you flying right now anyway? There’s not really any wind, or an updraft, and your wings don’t really seem to be large enough to fly in place like that. You’re pretty light, but you’re not that light.”

2015-01-03 04:06:21 No. 21272037
>”Well you’re right about that. Ponies are pretty large animals with solid bones and lots of muscle mass. There’s no physical way we should be able to fly unassisted. But right now, I’m nearly weightless!”
“Weightless? How?”
>”Magic, of course. It all has to do with the bone structure in our wings. Magical energy is generated in the heart, and flows through a path in our bones called a “ley line”. By willing our bodies to send a current of magical energy through this ley line, it enters the bones in our wings and forms a circuit which activates a form of magic which makes our bodies lighter, and allows for interaction and manipulation of certain weather related phenomena.”
“I heard that before… a Tertiary Humeral Ley-Line I think? And a carpo-radial circuit?”
>”The Tertiary Humerus is the largest bone in our wings. Magical energy can’t reach the rest of the wing without flowing through the Tertiary Humeral Ley-Line.”
“So if it got damaged…”
>”You wouldn’t be able to fly at all. It’s the bridge from your wings to the rest of your body. And if that bridge is out, nothing’s getting done. As for the carpo-radial circuit, that’s the part that sends magic to and from the feathers. That part’s necessary for fine maneuverability and control as opposed to pure speed. Some ponies have their ley-lines develop a bit unevenly, like Dash. Her flight came before her carporadial circuit was fully developed, which meant she could fly pretty fast, but not very carefully when she was a little filly. She was all wing, no feather. Which… lead to her unflattering nickname.”
“So when your wings are… erected, how does it make you have difficulty flying like this?”
>”It’s because the body is trying to push everything into long distance high speed flight and gliding. It’s trying to go somewhere fast, and the flow of magical energy for that is different than when you just want to carefully hover in place.”

2015-01-03 06:26:37 No. 21274222
“So your body’s ready to race, huh?”
>”Even somepony like Fluttershy can go from a 2.3 wingpower rating to over a 5 when they’ve got a bit of adrenaline in them.”
“So is it all magic, or does muscle strength play any kind of role there?”
>”Well it’s a bit of both…”
>Twilight continues to speak with you about how Pegasus flight works while you head through town to your destination.
>Seems like you had the right idea. Talking about science seems to have helped Twilight relax.
>She hardly needs to hold on to you to stabilize herself now, though she does so anyway just to be a bit closer.

>”... and here we are, Anon!
>Twilight has lead you to a large hill overlooking most of the town. It’s still dwarfed by the size of her castle, but it feels refreshing being outside now that the sun has been lowered to make way for the night sky.
>Twi walks over to a spot on the hill with a mark on the grass and concentrates for a moment, the glow of her horn lighting up the night as a telescope, blanket, and pile of books shimmer into view.
“Voyeurism, huh? Not my first choice for a date, but let’s see how it goes.”
>Twilight gives you an annoyed glare.
“I know, sorry. We’re stargazing, aren’t we? It’s a great idea, Twi. “
>”It’s not nice to tease me like that… I was worried you wouldn’t like it.”
“It’s amazing, Twi. It really is. Just us and the stars… very romantic. A+.”
>”I was thinking it might be something familiar to you. I noticed when I was in the other world that the stars and the planets were all in the same places. Polaris, Betelgeuse, Venus, Cygnus, Aquarius… they were all there just like home.”
“Those names sound familiar… though I couldn’t tell you what they looked like, or how to find them. I know Polaris is the north star, so it’s probably to the north. And it’s part of… Ursa Major, right?”
>”That’s right! Polaris is right… up there.” she flies up next to you and grabs your hand, directing it towards the north star.

2015-01-03 08:27:19 No. 21276109
“Huh… yeah, I still can’t quite see it. They all kind of look the same. Sorry.”
>”Guess you weren’t a famous astronomer in your world. Well, it should be easier with the telescope. Do you want to see a constellation, like Orion? Or maybe a planet?”
“Maybe I could get a look at Uranus later.”
>”You get one more before I teleport home without you.”
“Wait, you said Orion, right?”
>”I did. Is there something about Orion?”
“Well… how do you have the constellation of Orion? Isn’t he a human?”
>”A human? How does Orion look anything like a human, Anon? He’s clearly a pony.”
“Let me see that…”
>You reach over to the pile of books and pick up the one about constellations.
>You thumb through the index and find Orion, turning to the page.
>On the page indicated, there’s a picture of a group of stars with lines drawn between them, and a drawing of a pony imposed over it.
“How… that barely makes any sense. It doesn’t look anything like a pony without that drawing.”
>”Well how exactly does it look like a human, Anon?”
>You try to puzzle it out, pointing at the lines with your fingers.
“His arm is here, and this is… a bow, I think… and that’s his belt, obviously.”
>Twilight rolls her eyes. “So… this “human constellation” has two right arms and no legs? Are you trying to mess with me again?”
“I’m really not this time! It… it’s supposed to look like a guy. I think this way really might make more sense though.”
>”Well, some cultures looked at Ursa Major and saw a bear, while others saw a ladle… so I guess it’s not impossible. Still, I don’t really see it as a human.”
“Yeah, it all just looks like stars to me. What about planets?”
>”Well you mentioned ‘Uranus’ before… do you know the rest as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune?” she asks pronouncing Uranus like “urine” (which isn’t much better but you decide not to push the envelope.)
“Yeah, that sounds the same. How did they get their names here?”

2015-01-03 09:05:51 No. 21276757
>”Actually… a lot of celestial bodies are named after ancient Alicorns, both real and mythological. Each of the planets is named for a member of an ancient group of mythical alicorns that is said to have ruled many thousands and thousands of years ago. Jupiter was their leader… here, see?”
>Twilight opens up a page of a book to show you a drawing of a golden alicorn with a lightning bolt cutie mark.
“Huh… so they were Alicorns in this universe.”
>”What were they named after in your world?”
“A group of middle school girls in sailor outfits who fought to protect the world from monsters who would steal energy from the world’s inhabitants to revive their queen. They were led by their own queen who became the namesake for the moon.”
>Twilight stares at you suspiciously.
“... of course, historians are split on the subject, and today it’s more commonly believed that they’re predated by a group of mythological deities revered by the Romans who were also led by Jupiter. I prefer the Greek versions of their names though.”
>”Gods, huh? I guess some people might have viewed them as something like that, but Alicorns aren’t all that different from everypony else. I wish everypony understood that though…” she says as she slumps down.
“If you’re having trouble with that, we could always get everypony to watch you sing into a hairbrush in the shower.”
>Twilight looks horrified, “H-How do you know I do that?”
“I didn’t. And… how are you even embarrassed about that? Spike told me you were the lead vocalist for a battle of the bands, and I’ve seen ponies randomly break out into song in public.”
>Twilight shakes her head. “I’ve gotta start learning your secrets so I can tease you back about this kind of stuff.”
“Good luck. I know a thing or two about hiding my power level.”
>”Then again, maybe I just need to let you talk and do all the work for me.”
“Haha, yeah, maybe.”
>"But... you really do treat me like anypony else. You don't know just how happy that makes me these days."

2015-01-03 11:49:18 No. 21279205
>Twilight sits and looks up at the sky. “When I was younger… before I moved to Ponyville, I didn’t have a lot of friends.”
>”I just absorbed myself in my studies, thinking that spending all those precious moments of your life with your friends was a waste of time.”
>”So it wasn’t until I moved to ponyville that I started to enjoy what life was like as a normal mare.”
>”Just being one of the gals… that Mare around town...”
>”But it’s not like that anymore.”
>”I’m a princess now. I have responsibilities… I command respect based on my position rather than my merit as a pony.”
>”I look back now and I see that the only truly precious moments of my life were the ones I spent with the ones I love… and that the chances for those moments are slipping away.”
>”So what I’m trying to say is thanks, Anon… thanks for letting me feel like a normal Mare again.”
>You place your hand on Twilight’s mane and stroke it with a smile to reassure her.
“C Minus, Twi. You’re way off base there.”
>”Huh?” She steps back in shock.
“You are NOT a normal mare. And you never were. And you probably never will be. Because you’re something better than that. You’re Twilight Sparkle. And nothing can change that.”
“All the reasons I love you… don’t have a damn thing to do with you being a princess. It may be a part of you, but it’s not what makes you Twilight Sparkle.”
“Twilight Sparkle dives into dreams filled with dangerous shadows without a plan just to save her #1 assistant.”
“Twilight Sparkle works hard to manage the outbreak of a completely new disease and still finds time to practice how to use a weapon she’s never even held before, just to protect her friends.”
“Twilight Sparkle never gives up, even when everyone turns against her.”
“Twilight Sparkle takes her boyfriend on a date and ends up giving him a history lesson,"
“And Twilight Sparkle doesn’t do these things because she’s a princess, or any other obligation.”
“Twilight Sparkle does these things because she’s Twilight Sparkle.”

2015-01-04 12:31:46 No. 21279789
>You see Twilight’s muzzle tremble as she looks up at you with a smile.
>Tears begin to fall from her eyes, twinkling in the moonlight.
>”I love you…”
“I love you too, Twi.”
>You both close your eyes…
>This time, you don’t miss.
>Your lips meet perfectly in a long kiss, causing a warmth in your chest to grow and fill you from head to toe with an incredible sensation…
>Even though it’s just a simple, tear soaked kiss, the pleasure you feel right now is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.
>Even after your lips part and the cool evening air nips at them, the warmth doesn’t fade.
>This feeling will remain in your heart forever.
>Though teardrops continue to stream down her cheeks, Twilight looks at you as though she couldn’t be happier.
>”Heh… really though… C Minus? That’s how you open your big dramatic speech?”
“Haha, yeah… it was the best I could think of.”
>”Also, you gave me a history lesson on our date too.”
“I did, didn’t I?”
>”AND I did have a plan to escape that dream, it just didn’t work out because I didn’t know I was unable to use magic in Fantasia.”
“You don’t let anything slide, do you?”
>”Nope. And you wanna know why?”
“Tell me.”
>”Because I’m Twilight Sparkle.”
“Don’t I know it.”
>”All right, now let’s get back to stargazing… we haven’t even seen anything really good yet.”
“I saw something incredible, actually.”
>”You did? When?”
“When you had your back turned.”
>”Why? What’d you see?”
>You put on your shit eating grin.
>Twilight looks furious for a moment… but then just smacks you on the leg playfully and starts laughing.
>You join in laughing with her.
>Together you spent a wonderful time under the stars before heading back to the castle.

>This date has been going very well.
>Giving her that gift might be a good way to end this night...
>Should you give it to her tonight?


2015-01-04 02:08:12 No. 21280741
>Perhaps this is the right time after all.
“Twilight, could you meet me in the library? I have to get something for you.”
>”Sure. Don’t take too long.”
>You rush off to your room and grab the present, then return to the library at the same table you always have your lessons at.

Twilight’s Castle Library, Night

>Your hands are a bit sweaty as you approach the table.
>You try to hold the package with your fingertips to keep it from smudging the wrapping paper.
“This is for you, Twilight.”
>The package floats out of your hands, surrounded by a purple glow of magic.
>She stares at it curiously and slowly unfolds the wrapping paper neatly via careful telekinesis.
>The jade green book slides out onto the table.
“It’s… a scrapbook.”
>”A scrapbook?”
“Something so that you never forget who you are. You can always look in that book, and remind yourself.”
>”This… I don’t know what to say, Anon.”
>”It’s wonderful… there’s even a powerful preservation spell on it… it could last even longer than the stars in our sky like this.”
“I know… I might not be around as long as that. But even if I do leave you some day, I want you to have that scrapbook to remember me by. To remember all of us by.”
>”... a lot can happen throughout the years though.”
“I know…”
>”Even if I try my best to take care of it, something could happen… and I might lose this book.”
“I know. I’m sorry. But I just... “
>Twilight puts her hoof to your mouth and silences you.
>”But I know in my heart that I’ll always remember the moment you gave it to me.”
>”And there’s nothing in this world that can take that away.”
>”I’ll never forget you.”

Twilight Sparkle’s strong will that allowed her to accept and overcome her weakness has awakened her heart’s true power…

Twilight’s Persona has been reborn!

Snedronningen has transfigured into Nimue!

>”This power… it’s like… I understand the truth now.”
>”The truth about who I am… and who I’m meant to be.”
>”Thank you... I never could have found this answer alone."

2015-01-04 03:05:48 No. 21281301
“You really did like it, huh?”
>Twilight smiles. “I love it. And I love you”
“I love you too, Twilight.”
>”Hold on, I’ve got something for you too… maybe you could put it in the scrapbook.”
>Twilight pulls out a sheet of parchment paper from a stack.
>”This is the letter I wrote to Princess Celestia the night I met you.”
>”When I was still her student, I used to write to her whenever I learned something new about friendship. I felt like I learned something pretty important after we returned from Fantasia, so I wrote it down and sent it to her.”
“If you sent it to her, why do you still have it?”
>”She sent it back to me on Saturday night. She said I might want to hold on to it… I wonder what brought that on.”
>You should probably never play chess with Celestia.
>”Anyway... you can read it if you like.”
“I’d love to.”
>You look down at the parchment. Twilight’s flawless hoofwriting reads as follows on the page.

Dear Princess Celestia,

It’s been a while since I’ve written to you like this, but I feel like I’ve learned something I simply have to share. I learned that we don’t always know ourselves as well as we think we do. Sometimes our innermost desires and thoughts can surprise us, and even scare us. This can cause us to pretend they don’t exist, or act like they aren’t part of us. However, ignoring your feelings won’t cause them to go away. Denying your true self will only cause you to suffer until you admit the truth and try to deal with your problems head on.

I thought I knew myself pretty well before this nightmare night. I never would have guessed just how wrong I could be about that. But my new friend helped us admit the truth about ourselves and fought hard to save us. Now that we’ve admitted that these parts of ourselves exist, I get the feeling that we’ll be able to grow closer together than ever. Not just to our friends, but to our true selves.
Always your faithful student,

Princess Twilight Sparkle

2015-01-04 03:33:02 No. 21281479
“You write beautifully.”
>The purple alicorn blushes faintly. “Years of practice.”
“I think this will look great in our scrapbook. It’ll be a great reminder of our first meeting.”
>”I think so too. But this scrapbook won’t just be to remind me of things so I can cling to the past. I want to fill it with the future. Our future. Together with you and everyone else.”
“Yeah… this is our future.”
>”And for the first time in forever… I’m looking forward to every second of it.”
>The two of you look at each other with a shared smile, and place the letter into the scrapbook.
>You feel a tight bond between you and Twilight...

Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a genuine bond…

These genuine bonds… shall be your eyes to see the truth.

We bestow upon thee the ability to create Morgan Le Fay, the ultimate form of the Priestess Arcana...


>”Thanks again, Anon. I’ll try to come up with a good place to put this. Just let me know if you ever want to add anything to it, all right?”
“Got it, Twi."
>”One more thing.”
“What is it?”
>Twilight leans up against you and stretches her wings out.
>”I’m really looking forward to when you get your own place.”
“You are? Why?”
>”You’ll see.” she says teasingly before giving you a kiss and snuggling up to your chest.
“... guess I’m looking forward to it too then.”
>You spent a long time sleeping with Twilight...

2015-01-04 05:06:23 No. 21289079
Saturday, November 19th

>Once again, Twilight has given you the slip by the time you wake up.
>If you ever catch her napping, she is so going to get her mane messed up by you.
>Either way, it’s Saturday.
>Celestia said she’d be visiting again today…
>You never quite established where to meet up though…
>Perhaps you can find her at the same place as before.
>You take a quick shower and head out to the Hayburger.

Hayburger, Morning

>You don’t see Tia through the window of the establishment, but since you need to eat anyway, you order your usual meal and have a seat, deciding to wait around to see if she shows up.
>Not long after you take your seat, you hear an order for 4 double hayburgers with cheese being called out.
>As you look up from your meal, Celestia looks back at you from the counter and gives you a knowing smile before sitting across from you to wait for her order.
>”Good morning, Anonymous.”
“Morning, Tia. Glad you decided to show up here.”
>”A lady needs her nutrition.”
>Maybe a lady bodybuilder.
>”Actually, a one’s caloric intake tends to be quite high when they must perform spells regularly moving a couple nonillion kilograms of mass.”
“Did… did you just read my mind?”
>Celestia chuckles playfully, “Goodness, no! I wouldn’t violate your privacy like that just for a laugh. It’s just that it’s written all over your face.”
“But I don’t have a face.”
>”Well, I can be fairly perceptive.”
“I’ll say. Good call giving Twilight that letter for the scrapbook.”
>”It was my pleasure. I rarely get to experience some of life’s simple joys such as shopping or gorging myself on fatty foods.”
“Is that why you’re here then? Just to enjoy yourself?”
>”While I won’t deny that I am enjoying myself quite a bit, I do feel I must make good use of this opportunity to gain a closer understanding of others and how they live their daily lives.”
"So not just stuffing yourself with grease, huh? Well then what should we do?"
>"I'm not quite sure. Do you have any ideas?"

2015-01-04 08:18:22 No. 21292160
“To be honest, there’s not all that much to do around here… I think I saw a bowling alley maybe. Wait, bowling? How do ponies bowl?
>”Would you like to come with me and find out?” she asks with a smile.
“I wonder if they’ll actually let me.”
>”It never hurts to ask. Come on then, let’s finish up our food and go.”
>You each polish off the rest of your meal, and as always, Celestia’s ability to eat things 4 times faster than you is equal parts amazing and terrifying.

Bowling Alley, Morning

>You arrive at the building with the decorative oversized bowling pins and bowling balls out front.
>You can hear the thundering sound of balls crashing into bowling pins over the cheap scratchy radio music as you walk through the door with Tia.
>As you look around at the multitude of colorful bowling balls, something strikes you as odd.
“Wait… the ones on the signs look like regular black bowling balls, but the ones I see these ponies using don’t have finger holes.”
>”Some of them might, but certainly not all of them. We don’t have fingers, after all.”
“I… I’m confused.”
>Tia puts her hoof on your shoulder and spins you around to a drawing of a humanoid figure with horns holding a ball with 3 holes.
>”Bowling was originally brought to Equestria by Minotaurs. They introduced the game to us as a peace offering, and a show of good faith between our races. Despite a bit of initial difficulty in learning how to adapt it to a style of play suitable for hooves, the game became a hit. It has evolved quite a bit since that first game played on my carpet in the Canterlot throne room… Pony bowling balls ceased having the vestigal finger holes, and the rules were changed from playing with nine pins to playing with ten.”
“You were around for the invention of bowling in your country?”
>Celestia sighs and shakes her head. “I do need to try not to let my age show so much.”

2015-01-04 08:56:07 No. 21292674
“Sorry. I do find this kind of stuff interesting though. History and all that.”
>”By all means, ask me whatever you like if you’re curious. As a visitor to our world I wish to make you feel as comfortable as possible. But first, let’s get a lane for ourselves, shall we?”
“Right. After you then.”
>Tia walks up to the young stallion at the counter, wearing an amiable smile. “Good morning, may I please have lane… 18, and a pair of size 17 and a half horseshoes?”
>”Uh… did you say 17 and a half, ma’am?” the teenager squeaks out nervously.
>”I’m afraid my hooves are deceptively large for my size. And is it a problem if he bowls today? Surely you must have a few minotaur size bowling balls available for rent.”
>”We do, ma’am, but uh… Iron Will usually rents them… he told me before “If you don’t have my ball you go through the wall!” He was terrifying! Even in rhyme!”
>”If he shows up, allow me to speak with him personally. I assure you, no harm shall come to you.”
>”I don’t know, ma’am… Alley rules state that customers must be wearing the proper hoofwear… and he doesn’t seem to have the proper hoofwear. Or hooves. I don’t know if I can allow him to bowl…”
>”In which case… that would put your establishment in violation of anti-discrimination laws, wouldn’t it? As I recall, bowling alleys in the past would try to reject Minotaur customers by forcing them to use certain types of hoofwear and not renting it in Minotaur sizes.”
>”B-But we do rent them in minotaur sizes!” objects the squeaky voice teen.
>”Ah, but does the law not state that if you fail to provide proper footwear, the customer may wear his own?”
>”Umm… maybe?” he squeaks, unsure.
>”It does. Trust me. Now then, lane 18, size 17.5 shoes, a ten pound minotaur style ball, and a 16 pound minotaur style ball please. And have a little extra for the trouble.”
>She places a rather large bag of bits onto the table.
>”Y-Yes, Ma’am. Just one moment.”
>The teen grabs your items and lets you go to your lane.
"Pretty smooth."

2015-01-04 11:27:58 No. 21294651
>”It’s only natural I remember the laws I pass. I wouldn’t be a very good head of state if I didn’t.” She says as she puts on her rental shoes.
“You have a pretty good memory then?”
>”I try my best, though I am known to make mistakes like anypony else from time to time.”
“Well… do you remember anything about a pony called the Queen of Fools?”
>”I do recall that story… though I don’t know if what I’d ever heard is true. Did she truly exist, or did she not? Suffice to say, I have never known her personally. I believe she was cursed to wander the land eternally until she found her true name... “
“Yeah, but aren’t Alicorns immortal? If she did exist, what do you think happened to her?”
>Celestia smiles at you like a mother to her child. “I’m afraid just because she is immortal does not mean she may necessarily be around forever. As I said… nothing is “invincible”. Even I can be slain. Of course she may also have been merely a myth... but myths are often based on truth.”
“I heard about Alicorns dying before. In the War of Shadows. They say changelings assassinated two of them, right?”
>”I see you have been taught well by Twilight. Prince Altair was found to have been killed and replaced by a changeling which made a meal of Princess Vega’s love before destroying her as well.”
"Those names sound familiar..."
>”As they should. You may have seen them last night.”
“Last night?”
>”You were stargazing, yes? I believe it’s time I let you in on a secret…”
“Is uh, here the right place?”
>”I’ve already cast the spell to obscure our conversation. This is something few know about. Not even Twilight is aware of it.”
“What is it?” you ask after looking around cautiously.
>”An Alicorn may be immortal… but they may choose at any time, with only a thought, to end their life… and become one with the cosmos.”
“Become one with the cosmos?”
>”Yes… they will leave their physical form behind, become pure energy, and their souls will merge with the planets or stars in the sky."
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