Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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2015-01-21 05:31:17 No. 21507299
Monday, November 28th

>You slept in for a very long time today.
>You’re not sure what time it was when you finally went to bed last night, but you decide to go to the dining hall at the castle to enjoy the free food one last time.
>If they’re actually serving food, that is.
>When you get there, it seems you’ve slept in until lunch time.
>They have copies of the paper laying around in the Dining hall.
>Out of curiosity, you decide to take a look at how the town is reacting to the situation at hand.
>There’s a few different papers available, but the headlines seem to either be about the Fourth SIHN outbreak, or that wave of light which transfigured the changelings.
>To your relief, the papers don’t seem to be mentioning Princess Luna and Rarity anywhere in them.
>”Hey, Big Guy.” you hear from the other side of your paper.
>You peek over the top, and see Spike taking a seat next to you.
“Hey, Little man. You need this when I’m done?”
>“Nah, I saw ‘em earlier. I know last night was rough, but you really like to sleep in, don’t you?”
“What can I say? I need my beauty rest. Seems like things are working out okay though. These articles seem pretty positive about the changelings, and I haven’t seen anything about Rarity.”
>As you say Rarity’s name, Spike’s expression droops immediately.
>”Yeah… guess you’re not reading the right papers then. Actually I’d say it’s more like the wrong one. Ever heard of The Daily Clopper?”
“I’m… familiar.”
>Spike hops off his chair and goes to the wastebasket in the corner, digging out a thin newspaper and uncrumpling it before smacking it down on the table.
>The photograph displayed on the front of the paper makes your skin crawl.
>It’s clearly taken in Rarity’s bedroom through the upstairs window. It's blurry, and nothing is exposed, it still quite clearly depicts the Princess in a compromising position with Rarity on her bed.

2015-01-21 07:14:02 No. 21508149
“This can’t be legal. This is a complete invasion of their privacy… does the Princess know about this?”
>Spike shrugs. “Maybe, maybe not. Either way I have a message for you from her.”
“A message?”
>”Yeah… kinda got lost in all that stuff from last night. Luna left town and said she’s going to try to lay low for a while for Rarity’s sake. No more vacations on Sunday like before.”
“Guess she figured something like this would happen one way or another... She say anything else?”
>”Not much. She just made Twi promise not to tell Rarity about what’s really going on, and to protect her while she was gone. Luna really seemed worried about Rarity… she sounded pretty serious.”
“Guess she really does care for her, huh?”
>”Yeah, I guess…”
“Do you want to try to visit her?”
>”I already tried. She doesn’t want to see anypony but her sister right now. Sweetie Belle thinks she’ll be all right though. She says her crying is somewhere between “Sad romance novel ending” and “Happy romance novel ending” so she should bounce back after a couple weeks.”
“Hope she’s right.”
>”Me too…”
“So then… how do you feel about all this?”
>”Honestly, I feel like I want to go fishing right now.”
“Fishing, huh? I’d be up for that. Let’s do it, little man. We can talk more down at the lake.”
>”Awesome! I’ll go grab our stuff!” Spike hops out of his chair and runs to his room looking excited.

Ponyville Lake, Afternoon

>You got your fishing gear and went down to the lake with Spike.
>This time you remembered to bring the manuals.
>It’s a little confusing at first since all of the instructions are written for creatures with hooves, but eventually you figure it out and cast your lines deep into the lake.
>You sit at the water’s edge together with Spike, waiting for a bite.
>Perhaps you should make conversation while you wait.
>What should you talk to him about?

Talk to him about his Persona
Talk to him about Rarity
Talk to him about (Write-in)

2015-01-21 09:00:31 No. 21509313
“So how’s life, little man? From all the stuff I learned in your Fantasia… seems like this stuff might be kinda rough for you.”
>Spike sighs and shifts his seating a bit, kicking his legs over the edge of the dock.
>”Yeah… it’s a bummer to say the least. Just being the support guy I can handle, but Fluttershy beating me out at it too? It’s like… what’s the point? Why is mine so much worse than hers?”
>You sigh and look over the lake.
“I guess I can kind of understand where you’re coming from. Not too long ago I was asking what the point of having Mistress Mare-velous on the Power Ponies was when Radiance was pretty much better than her in every way. But just because there’s some overlap in their powers doesn’t mean they’ll use them in the same way.”
>”I know that… but that’s not what I want to be. I don’t want to be the support for the support, I wanna be out there doing my own thing. Doing the things the others can’t do.”
“Our Personas are always growing, little man. Yours might just be a late bloomer. Python might start getting some serious attacking magic.”
>”Thanks for the vote of confidence, but… I still kind of doubt it. Python doesn’t seem like he’d be very strong, even if he did learn spells. But what about Twilight’s Persona, Nimue? It wasn’t always Nimue, right? How’d she get a new one?”
“We went on a romantic date together and made lifelong memories.”
>Spike looks mortified. “D-Do I have to go on a d-d-date with you too to change my Persona?”

2015-01-21 09:02:11 No. 21509344
“I ‘d-d-doubt it’, little man. It just sort of happened when she found the answer to a problem she’d been having. I think you just have to grow emotionally, and your Persona will change with you.”
>”Well, that’s why we’re here fishing, isn’t it? To become real men? So maybe… if I catch a fish, I’ll be a real man, and I’ll get a new Persona!”
“It’s… possible, I guess.”
>”All right, let’s do this! I’m gonna catch myself a fish!”
>Spike watches the lake intensely in silence.
>30 minutes later, he’s watching it a bit less intensely.
>30 minutes after that, you’re both getting kind of bored of this.
>You hear a *fwip* as the line goes taut, and a buzzing sound as something starts to draw it out...
>Something seems to have snagged Spike’s line!
>”Whoah! I got a bite!”
>Spike stands up and starts angling his rod, pulling on it and cranking the handle to reel it in.
>”Feels like a big one…”
>You watch as he struggles and tries to bring the line in, the water in the center of the lake splashing wildly as something tries to free itself.
>”Geez, did I hook a whale or something?!”
>Spike seems to be having trouble landing it…
>You might be able to steady him and help him pull…
>But maybe he’d rather do it himself.
>What should you do?


Help him out.
Cheer him on from the sidelines.

2015-01-21 09:56:03 No. 21510050
>You decided to stand behind Spike and yell encouraging things.
“Don’t give up, Little man! Right now your hands hold the power to shape the future, and your destiny lies inside that Fish!”
>”Yeah… I can do this!”
“Don’t beg for it, earn it! Then it will be granted to you!”
>“I’ll get him all right!”
“Even if you can’t believe in yourself, believe in me that believes in you!”
>”I believe!”
“You are dragon! Fire transformed!”
>”Yeah, I’m a dragon!”
“When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Burn them down with your combustible lemons!”
>”Yeah, burn it down!”
”You are the hope of the universe! Answer to all living things that cry out for peace! Protector of the innocent! The light in the darkness! You are truth! Ally to good, nightmare to fish!”
>”Come on, get over here you stupid fish!”
“Don’t stop! You can’t stop! That’s the truth of Strawberry Milk!”
>”I’m not gonna stop…!”
>You both stare as silence fills the air and the line goes slack again.
>”... I guess the line broke.”
>”Probably shouldn’t have tried to pull so hard, huh.”
“Maybe less hard next time.”
>”Why were you talking about Strawberry Milk?”
“I dunno, it just kind of came out.”
>You both sit there staring at the broken line for a couple minutes.
>”... want to call it a day and get some strawberry milk?”
“Eh. Sure.”
>You both went and bought some refreshingly cool strawberry milk to drink before parting ways.
>Twilight mentioned she had a surprise for you back at the castle.
>You promised her you'd be there, so you head out after finishing your strawberry milk.

2015-01-22 08:33:51 No. 21520002
Twilight's Castle Library, Evening.

>Even though your lessons are over, you still find Twilight waiting at your usual spot, reading through that magic Diary with the sun emblem on it.
“Hey, Cutie. I’m here for my surprise.”
>Twilight smiles and sets the book aside, “Glad you’re still excited. I guess part of it was kind of messed up thanks to last night, but try to act surprised anyway, okay? Now follow me.”
>You follow her through the library, curious about what she could mean.
>She leads you to the back where the Crystal Mirror that serves as a portal to the human world is kept. The one you used last night to speak to Cadance.
“Oh, that’s what you meant by messed up, huh?”
>Twilight nods. “I finished it yesterday, and I was going to use it to formally introduce you to Princess Cadance, but… well, you were there.”
>”It doesn’t just connect to the Crystal Empire though! It actually connects to another mirror over in Canterlot if you just change the frequency, and we’re planning on making even more of them for major cities to facilitate instant communication during times of crisis!”
“So you invented this? You invented the magic skype mirror? Because that sounds like a pretty major technological achievement for your world.”
>”I can’t take full credit. I just figured out some new applications for already existing spells and magical artifacts by reverse engineering them. Plus the material components to construct a mirror like this are pretty hard to come by. Which makes it poorly suited for mass production.”
“I still think it’s pretty cool. When I talked to Cadance, it was like she was really right on the other side of that mirror. Instant communication with no video or audio distortions is something you can’t even get in the human world.”
>”Either way, the mirror itself wasn’t the surprise. Or at least, not all of it.”
“So what’s the rest of it then?”
>”Well… I’ll let Cadance explain, and I’ll meet up with you later on at your house.”
“Going somewhere?”

2015-01-22 10:05:42 No. 21520830
>”Yeah… well, there’s just some things I’m not quite suited to teach. But she is!”
>As you try to puzzle out the meaning of her words, the switches flip with a purple glow, and in a flash of light, Twilight disappears.
>This time, Cadance answers a lot more quickly.
>She’s also properly groomed and rested.
>”Good afternoon, Anonymous!” She says cheerfully.
“Good afternoon, Cadance. Thanks again for all the help last night.”
>”It was nothing, really. That love for her inside your heart was all you needed. And it feels like it’s stronger than ever before.”
“Hope I didn’t cause too much trouble for all of you. Did anypony… change?”
>”Yes, quite a few, in fact… it seems that changelings have been living among us peacefully this entire time.”
“Guess they didn’t all accept the lie that they didn’t have hearts.”
>”It’s really wonderful, knowing that Chrysalis was able to be saved by love. I always hoped one day someone could heal her heart… and it turned out to be you. Thank you, Anonymous. For saving somepony from a pain over a thousand years old.”
“I just did what I thought was right… so anyway, did Twilight have me call you for any particular reason? Or are we really just chatting?”
>”Oh, yes! Looks like it’s finally time for the talk.”
“What talk?”
>”THE talk, Anon. It’s time for Big Sister Cadance to teach you the facts of life! Welcome to Sex Ed.”
>Cadance punctuates this by pulling out a blackboard with her magic, positioning it on the other side of the mirror.
“Oh… they’re not kidding when they say you’re an expert on ‘love’, huh?”
>”That’s right. Now get those clothes off, dear.”
“Huh? Do I have to?”
>”This is no time to be modest. I know you’ve got some different morals where you’re from, but you’re in Equestria now. You don’t want to end up hurting Twilight, do you?”
“Well, of course not but…”
>”Then I need to see what I’m working with here. I can’t do that if you’ve got all those clothes on. Now strip, please.”

2015-01-22 10:34:56 No. 21521090
“... but it’s cold.”
>You feel Cadance judging you with her eyes.
>You grumble and remove your clothes.
>Cadance smiles, “There we go. Now then, on to our lesson. Are you ready?”
“My body is… not sure if ready.”
>”Too bad. We’re starting anyway.”
>”Now then, let’s start with the basics. A Mare’s body is…”

>”And as you can see, when aroused it’s a lot more…

>”Which is called, ‘Winking’ and the…”

>”But they also like it when you touch their cutie mark, the spot just under their wings, the edge of the wing when displaying, and some ponies like Shiny love to have their…

>”Which can be uncomfortable at first. In fact when I tried it with Shiny he-”

>”And when he’s fully aroused, I measured Shiny at-”

>”And Shiny said, ‘Oatmeal, are you crazy?’”

>”But I’m sure with time, patience, and willingness to experiment, you’ll be able to figure out what works best for you two. And that about sums it up! Any questions?”
>You shake your head quickly.
“I think… I know everything I could possibly want to know now. And many many things that I wish I didn’t.”
>”I’m glad you learned a lot! I think Twi’s going to be a very happy Mare.”
“Can I put my clothes back on…”
>”Of course! Anyway, I should probably get back to my duties… but if you need any help, just ask Twilight and I’m sure she’ll be happy to set up another talk like this.”
“I think… we’ve talked a good amount.”
>”I think so too. This was good practice for when I have to give this talk to my kid some day!”
“Maybe… learn how to stay on subject before you do.”
>”All right, gotta run!”
>The mirror shuts off.
>This has been the most intense lesson you’ve ever had.
>But at least you know what you need to.
>You put your clothes back on and head out.
>Twilight isn’t in the Library.
>She said she’d meet you at your new house, so you head straight there.

Your House, Evening

>Twilight is waiting outside.
>You wave as you approach, and she runs to your side, excited.
>”So did you learn a lot?”

2015-01-22 10:38:53 No. 21521136
>You stoop down and place your hand firmly on her shoulder.
“Your body is incredible.”
>”Uh, thank you?” she squeaks nervously. “Maybe we should continue this conversation inside…”
>You nod and take the key from your pocket, unlocking the door and heading in to your new home together with her.
>”A lot sure has happened… not just last night, but this whole month.”
“Hey, don’t speak too soon. Month isn’t over yet.”
>”Maybe.” she says as she has a seat on your couch. “But I think no matter what happens, I’ll be able to get through it with you.”
“You’ve really got that much faith in me, huh?”
>You have the seat next to her.
>”Of course I do. I don’t know if any of us would have made it this far without you.”
“I couldn’t have made it this far without each of you either. I came here with nothing… and you’ve all given me so much in return. Especially you, Twilight. You’re the reason I’m able to live in Ponyville like this. You’ve worked so hard this past month not just for me, but for all of Equestria.”
>”A Princess’s work is never done, it seems.”
“Then how about just for tonight, we forget all that? No Princess Twilight, no Teacher Twilight, no Warrior Twilight. Just the Twilight Sparkle that I know and love.”
>”I think that sounds wonderful. Let’s do it. Just you and me tonight. All of me. I won’t hold anything back.”
>You share a knowing gaze and get off of the couch together, heading out of the living room, and through the door into the bedroom.
>You spent a long time with Twilight Sparkle.

2015-01-23 01:46:54 No. 21526962
Tuesday, November 29th

>You wake up on your big comfy bed, your arms still on top of a sleeping mare snuggled up to you under the covers.
>Finally, a chance to surprise her.
>You carefully slip out of bed, putting on some clothes and heading into your kitchen.
>She’s been working hard lately… she might appreciate some breakfast in bed.
>You resolve to make her a nice breakfast.
>Pancakes are good… you bet she likes those.
>Or at least you would think that, until you realize they live in a pre-industrial era with no big supermarkets and instant pancake mix.
>You’d have to make everything from scratch.
>Perhaps something simpler…
>You spy a basket of fresh apples in the kitchen.
>Did you buy apples? Maybe AJ had them leave some as a housewarming gift.
>Either way, it seems you have apples, bread, eggs, milk…
>You figure this is enough to make some decent french toast.
>You get to work, beating together a couple eggs and adding milk, slicing some bread and dunking it in, then placing it in a buttered skillet over a decent heat.
>You work at it carefully with a spatula, concentrating hard to make sure you don’t end up burning it.
>While it cooks, you quickly slice up some apples very thinly before taking it out of the pan and plating it, spreading apple slices over the toast.
>It’s a little… scrambled eggy, but you tried your best.
>Seems you have syrup as well. You’ve got Pinkie to thank for that. She gave you a little help last week stocking your pantry.
>Powdered sugar as well.
>But which should you put on?
>This is a trivial decision…
>You probably don’t need to choose wisely.

Which is better?
Powdered Sugar
Maple Syrup
Just leave it as is.

2015-01-23 02:15:15 No. 21527269
>Screw it, you put some of each.
>You sprinkle light amounts of powdered sugar on top, and leave some syrup to the side.
>You walk in with the plate of apple french toast for your cutie pie, singing gently to her as the sun shines through your window.
”The book of looove is long and boring~”
“No one can lift the damn thing~”
“It’s full of charts and facts, some figures, and instructions for daaancing~...”
>You hear her mumble softly under the covers and begin to stir.
>You reach over and begin to gently peel them back.
>”Nooo… don’t hurt Trixie’s kitty…”
>When you pull the covers back, you see an azure mare laying on your bed with a sky blue mane and tail, bearing the cutie mark of a starry wand and crescent moon.
>You try to recall if Cadance mentioned something about transforming into some kind of alternate “honeymoon form” after sleeping in bed with a male.
>You’re pretty damn sure she did not mention something like that.
>She rubs her face with her hooves as the light shines on her, and blinks open her violet eyes, looking a little confused.
>”Hmm… why is…”
>Her eyes suddenly shoot open when she sees you.

One minute later.


Another minute later.

>”What are you doing in The Great and Powerful Trixie’s house?!”
“Your house? This is my house! That’s my bed!”
>”Trixie was here first! Get your own!”
“I did get my own! This one! I signed the lease last week!”
>”So that is why the For Lease sign was gone… another mystery solved!”
“Okay, that’s it. I’m calling the guard to sort this out.”
>”The g- wait!” She dives forward and seizes your waist in her forelegs.
>”Don’t call the guard! Please! Trixie… Trixie will do anything!
>”Anything. Anything you ask Trixie, she’ll do. If... if you wish for Trixie to be your slave for today, Trixie will do it. Just let Trixie stay. Don't call the guard, please."
>This is an important decision.
>You must think hard about how to react.

2015-01-23 04:45:58 No. 21528874
“Look, just… explain why you’re in my house first. You said your name is Trixie?”
>”The Great and Powerful Trixie, most magical Unicorn in all of Equestria!”
“Yeah, okay. So why are you in my house?”
>”Trixie has been using this house for shelter. It had a soft bed for Trixie to sleep in when the nights became too cold to sleep outside.”
“So you’re a squatter?”
>”The Great and Powerful Trixie is a TRAVELLER.” she corrects you indignantly. “We arrived on Nightmare Night to enjoy the festivities in disguise, but then the town became quarantined upon the outbreak of SIHN. So Trixie has been stuck in town with no money and no way to leave.”
“How exactly did you end up in bed with me anyway?”
>”It was very late when Trixie returned last night. It was dark, and Trixie was so exhausted that Trixie doesn’t even remember getting into the bed.”
>As you try to wonder just how early Twilight gets up in the morning, your train of thought is interrupted by the growling of Trixie’s stomach.
“... here, eat this.”
>You hand her the plate of french toast.
>Trixie’s face lights up. “It’s been so long since Trixie has eaten a warm meal… thank you!”
>She raises the pieces of french toast with her magic and begins munching them down.
>”It is delicious!”
“At least someone’s getting to enjoy them.
>”Hold on… these apples, did you get them from that basket in the kitchen?”
“Uh, yeah. Why?”
>”Trixie worked hard to get those apples!”
“Oh, sorry. I th- wait, you said you don’t have any money.”
>Trixie looks to the side nervously and has another bite.
“Did you steal them?”
>”It’s different. Trixie only took them because she needed them. Trixie can’t earn a living with her trade in this town anymore, so Trixie has no choice.”
>How do you feel about this?


“Stealing is wrong”
“I guess it’s fine then…”

2015-01-23 05:51:11 No. 21529536
“You shouldn’t be stealing. Can’t you just get a job?”
>”Trixie can’t. Not here. Trixie only meant to visit here for a day to see Princess Luna!”
“Okay, so… why don’t you just ask for help? This place is practically a socialist’s wet dream.”
>”Because Trixie… made a mistake. Trixie made several mistakes, in fact.”
“What kind of mistakes?”
>”Trixie… became possessed by an evil spirit for the purposes of exacting revenge on Twilight Sparkle. And in the process Trixie may have… enslaved the town for a day or two.”
“You… enslaved the town?”
>”And Trixie is greatly apologetic for it! Twilight Sparkle even forgave Trixie.”
“So what’s the problem then? If Twi says it’s not your fault then shouldn’t that be enough for everypony else?”
>”Perhaps… perhaps not. But then Trixie made another mistake.”
“Which was…?”
>”A certain somepony convinced Trixie to play a prank on Twilight Sparkle after her coronation. It was supposed to be harmless… just a bit of fun. But it… got out of control. And what began as a prank ended up as sabotaging a princess on a royal mission.”
“That sounds like a pretty leap.”
>”Well how was Trixie supposed to know that Twilight Sparkle was wearing a magical amulet that amplified her negative emotions to the point of nearly throwing her heart into darkness? It wasn’t even Trixie’s idea, and Trixie has since cut all ties with the one who came up with it.”
“If that’s… really true, don’t you think she’d give you a chance to explain yourself?”
>”Trixie tried “explaining herself” back in Manehatten when she was framed for stealing the Ostlerheimer Diamond. Even after clearing her name and helping to apprehend the real thief, there are still those who believe Trixie is guilty. Not because of what she has done, but because of what she is.”
>"Trixie has had enough of their unfair treatment. Trixie only wishes to rebuild her caravan so she may leave this town in peace without the trains."

2015-01-23 07:22:30 No. 21530597
“So… how close are you to finishing your Caravan then?”
>”Close, but it is proving difficult. I still need many materials to finish building it, and they are not too easy to… appropriate. I’ve hidden it near the everfree forest. There is enough for Trixie to sleep under the stars, but it needs more work before it is mobile and sturdy enough to last through a journey alone.”
“So you haven’t been staying here every night then?”
>”Only when it is too cold, or if it rains.”
“And you’re saying you’re only doing this until you can travel?”
>”Trixie doesn’t desire to stay here any longer than she already has. Trixie would prefer to find a place where she can show her face in public without being thought of as a criminal.”
“Well you have been stealing from them.”
>”Is Trixie supposed to starve? Or perhaps enjoy the comfort of a prison cell? We have even begged for bits in disguise during our time, but the increased presence of guards has made it difficult to gather the necessary bits to keep Trixie fed.”
“I’m not going to just turn you in, but you’re putting me in a difficult position here.”
>”Well then at this point Trixie is open to suggestions, because she can not show her face in this town to work, and it seems you have an objection to Trixie sustaining herself by theft, even when she takes no more than she absolutely needs.”
“If it was just you it might not be so bad, but I already have someone else coming that I need to take care of when she gets out of the hospital.”
>”Trixie doesn’t need to stay with you, just… only when it’s too cold to sleep outdoors. If you need to explain, just say that I’m your marefriend. If… if you want, I could be your marefriend. If that’s what it takes.”
>You sigh and rub the back of your head.
>It’s getting kind of late.
>You still have to go to work today.
>What should you tell her?

2015-01-24 01:04:22 No. 21534565
“I’m not going to force you to be my marefriend. I already have one. In fact, I already have three. But if you’re really this desperate I guess I can’t just stand by and do nothing.”
>”You… want to help Trixie?”
“Just for a little bit, okay? It’s better than having you out on the street stealing. And we’re going to have to talk about some of this when I get home. I’ll see if I can help you with your caravan. Okay?”
>”Trixie understands. Thank you for being so kind to Trixie… it’s been so long since Trixie has experienced such beautiful generosity, o’ Great and Caring Anonymous!”
“Just Anon is fine. I’ll be back later tonight.”
>”Then Trixie shall wait for you here. Thank you again, Trixie shall not forget the kindness you have shown to her on this day.”


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Tower Arcana.


>You got ready and headed out to work.
>Before you leave, it seems there’s a note on the door.

Dear Anonymous,

Sorry to run off like this, but there’s some stuff I have to take care of with the new guard arriving from the Crystal Empire. You’re seriously a heavy sleeper! Does anything wake you up? Anyway, I had an amazing time last night. Sorry I couldn’t stick around. But you’re welcome to visit me in the castle any time you like if you just want to talk.

Princess Twilight Sparkle.

>You stuff the note in your pocket and depart for work.

Cranky’s House, Morning

>You spy the elderly donkey waiting on his rocking chair.
“Good morning, Master! Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday.”
>”I gotta say that’s the first time I’ve ever heard ‘Saving Equestria’ as an excuse for not showing up to work.”
“Wondered what that note said. But uh, look. Gilda is getting out of the hospital on the 1st. Is it okay if I leave early then?”
>"Ah, the Griffon, eh? Hmm... show up on the weekend and I'll call it even."

2015-01-24 02:27:38 No. 21540972
“Sounds fair. I’ll come in saturday morning then.”
>”I’ll hold you to it. Now let’s have you get to work!”
>You spent your morning working for Cranky again.
>It seems like there’s always something that can be improved on this house.
>And given the lack of power tools, nearly everything has to be done by hand.
>But along the way you’ve picked up a lot of valuable skills.
>You can even cut lumber for your fireplace when it starts snowing and you realize your shitty house has no insulation.
>After work, you decided to go see how Rarity was doing.

Carousel Boutique, Afternoon

>The sign on the front door says CLOSED.
>Guess she’s not doing business right now.
>Still, you’ve come all this way. You’re at least going to try.
>You knock on the door and wait.
>About 10 seconds later, the door opens… but Rarity isn’t the one answering it.
>”Good afternoon, Mister Anonymous!” Sweetie Belle greets you happily.
“Hey there, Sweetie Belle. Is your big sister here?”
>Sweetie Belle sighs.
>”Well she says she’s never leaving the house again, so yeah. She’s here.”
“Do you think I could talk to her, Sweetie Belle?”
>“I dunno… she says she doesn’t want any visitors right now. Even Spike couldn’t get into her room. She only goes out to raid the fridge or use the little filly’s room.”
“That bad, huh?”
>”That’s my sister for you. I’m used to it by now.”
“You’re not worried?”
>”Not really. I know a thing or two about tabloid gossip. Once the next big thing hits, nopony will even remember this happened! It’s only on the front page in the Daily Clopper after all. Every other newspaper’s talking about the latest SIHN outbreak, or the new Travel Laws, or that crazy wave of light that turned all the changelings in the world into a new kind of pony.”
“Yeah, that was a pretty busy night.”
>”Want to come in? If you want any coffee you’ll have to make it yourself though.”

What should you do?

Come in and try to talk to Rarity
Come in and talk to Sweetie Belle
Leave for now and go someplace else

2015-01-24 04:46:28 No. 21542780
“I’d like to at least try to talk to Rarity first.”
>”Oh. Well, okay…”
>Sweetie Belle seems disappointed.
>She lets you in to try to speak with Rarity.
>As you to the stairs, you notice the dress she was working on for Luna is gone.
>Hopefully that means Luna ended up taking it with her last Sunday.
>”Are you sure this is a good idea?”
“She might want to talk to me. And if she makes it clear that she doesn’t, I’ll back off.”
>”If you say so…”
>You go up to Rarity’s room.
>She’s probably pretty upset right now.
>You’ll have to be careful how you talk to her, and be sure to respect her wishes.
>You knock on her door gently.
“Rarity? It’s me, Anon. Can I talk to you?”
>”No! Get out! Stay away from me!”
>Doesn’t get much clearer than that.
>Sweetie Belle looks at you with a "What did I tell you" look.
"Uh, okay Rarity. Just let me know when you're feeling better..."
>You shuffle awkwardly down the stairs.
>”That was faster than I thought it’d be.”
“You’re telling me.”
>”Spike lasted way longer than you with her.”
“I’m sure that’d be a pretty big boost to his ego. So I guess I’m waiting until she feels better… uh, since I’m here do you want to hang out?”
>”What, so I’m just your backup because my sister didn’t want to talk to you?” Sweetie Belle glares.

2015-01-24 06:29:52 No. 21543881
“Whoa, hold up. What’s all this about? I just made plans to see her to make sure she’s okay, and since she doesn’t want to see me, I wanted to see how you’re doing. Is something bothering you?”
>Sweetie Belle sighs and hops onto the couch. “Do you have an older sister, Mister Anonymous?”
“If I do, I can’t remember anything about her. I don’t know who anyone in my family is.”
>”Well… it’s not always easy, especially when she’s somepony so important and successful. She’s out there saving the world as the “Element of Generosity”... how am I supposed to compete with that? Everything I do is so boring in comparison. Oh, Sweetie Belle, you drew a picture in class and got an A? That’s nice, Rarity tell us more about how you and your friends saved Equestria for the EIGHTH time.”
“Yeah… guess that does sound kinda hard to match up to.”
>”Try ‘impossible’. It’s not that I don’t love Rarity… and I know she loves me a whole lot too. But sometimes all anypony sees when they look at me is her little sister. That’s how Applejack introduced me to you the first time we met, remember? I’m not important enough to stand on my own… what if I never am? What if I never come close to being anywhere as cool or important as Rarity?”
“Sounds like you really look up to her, huh?”
>Sweetie Belle nods sadly.
“But I’m sure Rarity wants nothing more than to see you grow and become as successful and loved as her. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret.”
>”A secret?” Sweetie Belle looks up curiously.
“Yeah, a secret. See, the thing about grown-ups is that they still don’t really know what they’re doing. They act responsible, and try to look like they’re in control of everything, but they’re still just as lost and confused. They all put on a front… a facade to overcome life’s hardships. So when you have an idol, it can seem like they’re this amazingly talented genius that you could never hope to match up to. But chances are, on the inside they’re just as unsure about themselves as you.”

2015-01-24 07:48:27 No. 21544795
>”Adults… really don’t know what they’re talking about?”
“Well, kind of anyway. They’ve usually got some experience, and they had time to hone their skills and learn how to deal with problems, but they can still be scared and confused on the inside, especially back when they were just starting out. And it’s still worth listening to what they’ve got to say and respecting them, but the point is that you shouldn’t think you’ll never be as good as them.”
>Sweetie Belle still looks a little troubled…
>”But even if I try really hard, I’ll never be an Element of Harmony like she is. There’s only one of those in the world.”
>You place your hand gently on her back.
“Sweetie Belle… the eagle shouldn’t lose sleep just because it can’t swim as fast as the fish.”
>She tilts her head, looking perplexed. “Is that a code phrase or something? Are you trying to give a signal to somepony?”
“It means that you and Rarity are as different as an eagle and a fish. You shouldn’t worry about not being able to do what Rarity does, because you’ll be able to do things different one day.”
>”But I can’t fly.”
“Maybe not. But you’re not an Eagle. You’re Sweetie Belle. And you just haven’t figured out what Sweetie Belles do that Rarities can’t. When you find your talent, and what you’re passionate about in life, it’s going to be something that Rarity could never imitate on her best day.”
>A smile comes to Sweetie Belle’s face as she wraps you in a tight hug.
>”Thank you, Mister Anonymous. I know you said grown ups don’t really know what they’re talking about, but what you said sounds really good."
"No problem, Sweetie Belle."
>"I'm really excited now. I'm gonna get my cutie mark for sure!"
"When you do, come show it to me too, all right?"
>"All right!"
>You spent some more time getting to know Sweetie Belle until it got late.
>You said goodbye and headed home.
>Trixie is still in your house...
>You should probably figure out what to say to her, what to ask her, and how to handle this situation.
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