Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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2015-02-01 12:38:31 No. 21636481
>Celestia’s eyes open and you quickly pull away.
>You’re worried that she might be furious at what just occurred, but she simply smiles and laughs.
>”Anonymous, I know in the stories it’s tradition to wake up the sleeping princess with a kiss, but don’t you think Twilight might not approve?”
“I-It was an accident…”
>”I’m sure it was. I see you’ve made me breakfast?”
“Yeah… Gilda helped a bit. Hope you like it. I know it’s probably not what you’re used to getting at the castle, but… please enjoy.”
>Celestia floats the tray over and begins munching on the french toast.
>”Mmm… it’s quite scrumptious. My compliments to the chefs. You know, after all these years… I’m still absolutely dreadful at cooking.”
>”It’s true. Although… when Twilight was a filly, I attempted to cook hayburgers for us once to reward her for doing well on a lesson. I failed utterly, and had to send somepony to pick up fast food hayburgers for us to eat. Twilight was so pleased, I could never bring myself to tell her that it wasn’t my cooking. So it ended up being somewhat of a tradition that I would secretly send up hayburgers for the two of us. I’ve ended up developing a taste for them ever since. They bring back such good memories. Do you think she feels the same way?”
“Yeah, I think so. I’ve heard she’s… enthusiastic about them.”
>”Is that so? Well then, that’s lovely.”
>Celestia continues eating her french toast happily until she’s cleaned her plate.
>”Thank you, Anonymous. This has been truly wonderful. Though I’m afraid I may not be taking more vacations for quite a while.”
“You won’t?”
>”I think I’ve gotten what I needed. I understand that I still have a place in this world as Equestria’s guide. But don’t be sad. If you ever need to contact me, just send the letter through Spike, and I shall write back right away. Or you can contact me through the mirror Twilight set up. The march of progress is truly astounding… I can’t help but look forward to every bit of Equestria’s future.”

2015-02-01 12:40:24 No. 21636496
“I’m glad to hear that, Tia. We’re all eager to learn whatever you have to teach us, no matter what the Glenn Bucks and Daily Cloppers out there try to say.”
>”I appreciate you saying that. Now then I suppose I’d better get back to the castle… they might begin to wonder where I’ve gone.”
“Uh, before you go… what was Gilda saying about hearing… noises last night?”
>Celestia grins, “Well, she seemed so intent on hearing something, I thought I’d give her something to listen to.”
“If only you could teach me how to mess with folks like that...”
>”Perhaps next time, Anonymous.”
>Tia leaves you with a heartwarming smile, striding out of the house regally before spreading her wings wide and taking flight, zipping into the air in a white flash and disappearing from sight.
>Gilda pokes her head out.
>”Did she… like the food?”
“Interested? I think Tia might be too much of a carnivore for you to handle…”
>”Wh- fuck off! Don’t be retarded! I just… I just want to know… because of my pride.”
“Haha, yeah, she liked it. Anyway, I’m going to be spending most of the day out of town. You need anything first? Groceries, medicine, goodbye kiss…?”
>”Touch me and I’ll claw your dick off. I’d have to wash my cheek with bleach so I don’t catch your lameness.”
“Alright, I’m going then. Later, bitch.”
>You head out to see Pinkie and get ready to take that trip…
>But something she said sticks in your mind.
>Catching your lameness…
>Obviously that’s impossible, but what if she could catch something else?
>Things are beginning to piece themselves together…
>It’s possible that you are the one responsible for transmitting SIHN.
>But then… what does that mean for you?
>Are you in league with the Culprit without knowing it?
>What will happen if you share this theory with the Dream Team?
>This is an important decision…
>You must choose wisely.

Tell the Dream Team you might be transmitting SIHN.
Don’t tell the Dream Team yet.

2015-02-01 12:19:31 No. 21640316
>You have to tell the truth…
>For the sake of everyone’s safety, you must be honest about your theory.
>You run to the castle and inform the guards that you need to meet with Twilight, Spike, Dash, Pinkie, and Fluttershy immediately.
>Soon they’ve all gathered in the meeting room.

Twilight’s Castle Meeting Room, Morning

>They’re all sitting in their respective chairs in the big circular meeting room.
>”So what’s all this about? You got some kind of idea?” Dash asks.
>”It must be important for you to call us all here like this.” says Twilight.
“It is important. I think I may have figured out the SIHN Transmission Method… which should allow us to predict the order of the next Roots.”
>”Way to go, big guy! Lay it on us!” Spike cheers.
“First off, I’ll need to confirm something. Fluttershy.”
>”Yes, Anonymous?”
“Before the events of your Fantasia… did you ever “touch” me?”
>”Touch you? I… I don’t know. I don’t think so though… I couldn’t even look at you after all. But, no, I don’t think I did.”
>”You never even touched him?” Pinkie gasps, “But he gives the best hugs!”
“Thanks, Pinkie, but that’s not the point. In fact, it’s good that she never touched me. That’s why I believe she wasn’t infected with SIHN.”
“We’ve been calling SIHN a disease all this time, and trying to think of how it spreads… but I’ve been overlooking the most obvious way about how a disease spreads. Through contact. Or at least, I’d been dismissing the theory until recently.”
>”You think that your touch spreads SIHN? But why?” Twilight asks.
“Allow me to explain. When you think about the order of the roots, it starts to make sense. So then… who was the first one of you I touched?”
>”Uh, that’d be me, big guy.” Spike says, raising his hand. “We were touching each other all over the place when I was trying to get you clean, and I even touched your skin.”
“Phrasing. But you are correct. And you ended up being the first victim of SIHN. Now then, which one of you did I touch second?"

2015-02-01 12:25:15 No. 21640375
>”Right here.” Dash says. “I helped carry you back to the castle. How the heck are you so heavy anyway? I nearly threw out my back dragging you there.”
“Exactly. And Dash was the second SIHN victim. I forgot that she touched me for a while because she did it while I was unconscious. I ended up overlooking it and dismissing the touch theory.”
>”So… next is me, right?” Pinkie asks.
“That’s right. You came up behind me and put your foreleg on my shoulders telling me you were going to have a surprise for me. And you ended up being the third SIHN victim.”
>”B-But… I never touched you. Why was I next?” Fluttershy asks.
“Don’t forget what the culprit said. You weren’t “in line”. The culprit expected us to be “confused” because of you. The culprit threw you in manually, ignoring the established order. Because otherwise you would have been last.”
>”Are you sure we can trust the culprit’s words?” Twilight asks.
“Maybe… everything seems to fit when we do. It’s possible the culprit wants us to know why it’s happening but not who’s doing it.”
>”So then… who did you touch next? Do you remember?” Twilight asks.
“I do remember. I shook Applejack’s hoof. That means Applejack should be next. And then Rarity. Although I didn’t touch her until the day Celestia visited and she helped me get ready.”
>”So that would be the sixth of November…” Twilight says, thinking.
"Which means it'll be Applejack and then Rarity."
>"Wait a sec, what about all the ponies you touched in that time? I mean, you were walking around in Nightmare Night taking candy from ponies, bumping into them in the crowds... it could be anypony in Ponyville next after Applejack, couldn't it?"

2015-02-01 02:24:33 No. 21641813
“I’m not sure, Spike. It might really just be limited to those who are closest to the Elements of Harmony. It’s a possibility, but no matter what, Applejack is going to be next in line. And there’s something else I want to discuss while we’re here… what “activates” the dormant Roots.”
>”Stress, right?” Dash asks.
“That’s something I want to ask about… tell me how you stressed felt about your problems before your SIHN activated.”
>”Well…” Spike starts, “I guess it was bothering me that Rarity didn’t comment on my costume that night. She didn’t invite me to the Nightmare Night party she was going to… and she was paying more attention to you than to me that night. I guess I started wondering just what she saw me as... “
>”Oh, and I ate like 40 of those cinnamon candies and started feeling crazy sick. So I guess… that’s another kind of stress.”
“I’m… not sure if it’s related, but you’re right. Physical stress might be a factor too. Dash, what about you?”
>”Well you saw me the day before, right? I was totally grounded, and on top of that I had you poking around my past about Gilda. It ended up bringing up all those bad memories... so yeah, I was super stressed.”
“And Pinkie?”
>”I was LOSING MY MIND. Twilight told me to wait to throw a welcome to ponyville party for you but she never told me when so I had to stay up just in case she told me that it was okay to throw a party for you because I needed to be ready to party at a moments notice and I didn’t want to be asleep when she told me and then I wouldn’t know that I could throw a party for you and then SIHN hit again and that made me even more stressed out but I couldn’t sleep so I got stuck in that weird halfway in halfway out part where I couldn’t tell what was the real life and what was just fantasy so yeah I was a little bit stressed.”
“... there you go. But Applejack doesn't seem stressed to me. That might be why she's taking so long."
>"So how should we handle this? Do we just try to keep her relaxed?" Twi asks.

2015-02-01 02:33:07 No. 21641922
Right after line 26

“This looks bad, but I’m already here to help so…”
>”I’ll show you to her bedchambers then. If you would please follow me, Sir.”
>You walk with Randolph through the mansion, taking note of the many paintings lining the walls as you pass by them.
>All of them portraits of the family members, judging by the gold nameplates.
>Filthy Rich, Stinkin’ Rich, Crazy Rich, Richard Rich, Trophy Wife Rich, Gold Digger Rich, and of course, Diamond Tiara Rich.
>”And here is her room.” Randolph announces as he clears his throat and gently knocks on the door.
>”Mistress, the new Tutor has arrived. Shall I send him in?”
>”UGH! Another one? Fine. Whatever. Just send him in.” says an annoyed sounding voice from beyond the door.
>Randolph looks at you briefly. “Good luck.”
>He bows and opens the door for you, allowing you to walk into the filly’s absolutely enormous room.
>It’s one of those strange “modern” designed rooms filled with soft pastel colors, right angles, circles, and those stupid chairs with no legs that nobody actually likes sitting on.
>There are bookshelves filled with books wrapped pleasant-looking covers which have most certainly never been read.
>Every single toy or stuffed animal is perched neatly in a manner that no child would do themselves, with the possible exception of future serial killers.
>Lying under the covers on a pink and white bed with a diamond studded frame and surrounded by bulky round pillows is the pink filly looking much like her picture with a diamond tiara perched neatly on the top of her head.
>She looks you up and down. “What the heck are you?”
>Randolph seems to have left already.
>You wonder how you should talk to a girl like this…

2015-02-01 04:22:08 No. 21643212
“I don’t think it can be stopped, just delayed. And if we tried to keep it from happening for too long… that Culprit might try to force her in. I wouldn’t want to put Apple Bloom or Granny Smith in danger like that...”
>”So even though we know AJ’s next, we can’t do anything to stop it? That sucks!” Dash pouts.
“We may not be able to stop it, but we’ll be ready for it. We’ll be able to react more quickly and minimize the risk. But being too obvious about watching her will just accelerate the process. She’s already pretty suspicious, and she doesn’t seem to appreciate others barging in on her property without permission.”
>”At least this means we know we don’t have to worry about Rarity just yet. We can let her be. Though to be honest… it’s in our best interests to keep Applejack from falling into Fantasia until Rarity is feeling better.” says Twilight.
“Just ask if she needs any help around the farm, or tell her you’re willing to make accommodations for her. You know her better than I do. Just be her friends and try not to make things worse.”
>”Hey, big guy? Is it… are you really sure that you’re the one spreading SIHN?”
“It seems pretty likely… maybe I’m not spreading it, but the order I’ve made contact with all of you seems to fit. But it’s the culprit who has the ability to throw them straight into Fantasia. Still… I can’t help but wonder if the Culprit is somehow related to me, or if I’m somehow the Culprit without knowing it…”
>”I-I don’t think it could be you.” says Fluttershy. “I was being held by telekinesis, I think… and a foreleg covered my mouth, not a hand. I don’t see how you could do something like that… and scare off my animals with your presence alone. They’re not scared of you in the least.”
>”Besides, you were totally with Queen Chrysalis when the Culprit attacked Fluttershy. You’ve got a perfect Alibi!” Dash adds.
“Yeah, I guess… still, I can’t help but wonder who it could be. Anyway, I think that's all for today..."

2015-02-01 04:35:27 No. 21643329
“Oh! I almost forgot… I was planning on going out of town with Pinkie today.”
>”You are? Pinkie, you don’t want us going too?” Dash asks.
>”It’s… probably best if you all stay here. Dad never really liked crowds. I’m not gonna be there long anyway.” Says Pinkie.
“The problem is I need your approval to go, Twilight.”
>”You’re worried about infecting her family?”
“Not exactly. I think I might no longer be infectious given that the Culprit had to throw Fluttershy in manually.”
>”I see… well just to be safe, try not to touch anypony there.” Twi says cautiously.
>”Shouldn’t be a problem. They’re not exactly big on touching.” Pinkie replies.
“All right. And in case AJ’s SIHN manifests, do you have some way to contact me?”
>”I could figure something out. I know where you’re going after all.” Twi says.
“That should work then. Guess that’s it for the Dream Team meeting. Pinkie, you ready to go?”
>”I’ve got a bag back at Sugar Cube Corner. I just need that and we can go.”
“All right then. Dream Team dismissed.”
>The dream team goes their separate ways, leaving you with Pinkie.

2015-02-01 09:16:03 No. 21647322
>You went with Pinkie to get her luggage, and helped her carry it to the station.
>After showing your IDs, you’re cleared to take the train down south.
>As the train chugs along, you see Pinkie staring out the window looking forlorn.
>You place your hand on her shoulder.
”What’s on your mind?”
>Pinkie looks back at you, putting on a weak smile. “I guess… I’m just a little anxious. I keep trying to think of what I want to say to dad when I get there… but nothing really sounds right. I just… don’t know how to put how I feel into words. I guess it’s ‘cause I just don’t know how I feel.”
“You don’t have to worry about that just yet, Pinkie. When you get there… just say whatever’s on your mind.”
>”I just feel so many emotions at once… but none of them seem real.”
“It’s okay to be confused, Pinkie. When we get there, I’m sure you’ll understand how you really feel.”
>”What if I get there and I don’t know how I feel? What I get there… and I just don’t have anything to say to him?”
“Maybe… just talk to him like you would when he was still alive. Just say something. Anything. It doesn’t matter what, but I think being there will help you figure it out.”
>”I hope you’re right…” Pinkie says, leaning against you.
>Pinkie seems troubled…
>What should you try to talk to her about?

Talk about Pinkie.
Talk about her dad.
Talk about her sisters.

2015-02-01 10:20:58 No. 21648220
“So… you said you had a sister, right?”
>”I have three, actually! Maud is the eldest, then me, then Limestone, and Marble is the youngest.”
“So how was it, growing up with three sisters?”
>”Well… Maud’s a year older than me, so we’ve always been really close, and she’s real protective and sweet, but not all of my friends really think she’s very exciting. I say she’s just avant garde, and they don’t really “get” what makes her so great, but to each their own. She loves me, and I love her, and that’s what really counts. We don’t share a lot of interests, but we’re still real close! Limestone and Marble are a bit younger than me, so we didn’t exactly have that same kind of relationship, but they really loved it when I threw parties. Well, until dad started saying I was a bad influence on them anyway… he wanted them to focus on rock farming like Maud. We weren’t even allowed to talk or smile while we were working, and we worked a lot. Part of his weird philosophy…”
“You couldn’t talk or smile? That sounds kind of messed up…”
>”Well it’s part of his method for running the “Most Successful Rock Farm in History.” so we can’t complain, right? That’s what he always said… and Maud would always take his side on that. Not that it matters. He gave away every bit we didn’t absolutely need. We could have had a swimming pool! A swimming pool the size of a lake! Filled with JELL-O! But no, he said I’d just get sticky and that we didn’t ‘need’ it.”
“You actually asked him for one?”
>”Wouldn’t you?”
“Uh, I guess? Either way it sounds like things were a little rough… what about after you moved?”
>”After I ran away, you mean?”
>”I was still young, but… I had my cutie mark already, and that counts for a lot. I got my start with a travelling magician, Mr. David Clopperfield, and I went around with him for a while helping him perform tricks and entertain ponies at parties.”
“That last name does not sound foal-friendly."

2015-02-01 11:55:08 No. 21649404
>”What, Mr. Clopperfield? He was super legit, Anon! He taught me all kinds of neat tricks. I stuck with him for a while until we came to Ponyville. That’s when I met the cakes… they were taken in by my charm and good cheer, and told me I could stay with them in Ponyville in exchange for working at Sugar Cube Corner. And I’ve been doing it ever since!”
“I’m glad things worked out okay.”
>”Mmhm! And I even ended up getting a reputation as Ponyville’s Premier Party Planning Pony, so I had that going for me too! But that’s really just a side thing. I make my living with my work at Sugar Cube Corner. Although… I guess it’s kind of the opposite of how I wanted it.”
“You wanted to be a full time party planner?”
>”I did, but… it’s just… I guess dad was right. You can’t make a living off it. Or at least, I can’t… not in Ponyville anyway. But Ponyville’s where all my friends are. So in the end… I just didn’t quit my day job. I guess that’s why my shadow got so mad, huh?”
>”I couldn’t make a living doing what I loved. Not that I hate working at SCC or anything, but my talent is to make ponies smile, not baking… it’s not what fulfills my destiny.”
“Your destiny is what you choose it to be, Pinkie.”
>”I know, I know… but I just always thought I could find a job where I’d make ponies smile. But I just… I could never commit to something. I tried stand-up, but got bored of it when it didn’t seem like it was going anywhere… I tried clowning, but some ponies think clowns are too scary, and in the end I guess I just gave up. I never really found a job that speaks to me. One that fulfills me and makes me feel like I have a place in the world. I want to do something that makes the world a happier place than it would be if I wasn’t there… and I guess baking makes some people kinda happy, but it’s just not the same. I don’t think this is what’s right for me. I'm not doing what I want to be doing. I'm not fulfilling my dream. I want to do more, Anon... this just isn't enough for me."

2015-02-02 11:58:06 No. 21654248
>You put your arms around Pinkie and hold her close to you.
“You’re already making the world a happier place, Pinkie. Just by being you. Being around you makes me want to smile… and it makes me want to see you smiling too.”
>”Thanks, Anon…” Pinkie says, snuggling up against you.
>You sit there for a while and take a nap together on the train until it finally pulls into the station.
>”Now arriving at Galloping Gorge.” calls a pleasant voice.
>Pinkie grabs her bag and exits the train with you.
>Waiting for the two of you on the platform is a single gray-coated pony wearing a conservative gray-blue frock with a purple mane.
>”Maud!” Pinkie squeals excitedly.
“That’s your sister?”
>”Yup! Anonymous, meet Maud Pie. Maud, meet Anonymous!”
>The gray mare looks at you for an uncomfortably long time.
>”Are you the cool possibly-but-not-really-but-still-probably-human with no face and a cute bottom that Pinkie told me about in her letter.” Maud asks in a completely monotone voice.
“... Yes?”
>”... I thought you’d be taller.”
>There’s another intense moment of silence before Maud turns around and starts walking.
>”It’s this way.”
>Pinkie and you follow her, hanging back slightly.
“Looks like she’s taking it pretty hard…”
>”I know what you mean. Poor Maud… she’s trying so hard to hold herself together she’s talking twice as much as normal.”
“Uh… yeah.”
>The walk to the farm is painfully slow.
>”So, Maud, did you bring your pet rock to show to Anon?”
>”Dad died when the rocks he was standing on gave way and he fell into the gorge. Boulder and I haven’t been on speaking terms since it happened. I know not all rocks are murderers. But I just can’t look him in the eye after what his brothers did to dad. He sickens me.”
>"Oh... well I hope you make up soon."
>"Not likely."
>It seems Pinkie Pie's family may not be crazy "like her", but it's starting to seem likely that they're all "crazy", like her.

2015-02-02 02:09:41 No. 21655428
>After what feels like hours of walking in silence, you arrive at the rock farm.
>The skies are dark, and a cold silence fills the air giving the entire farm an oppressive atmosphere.
>No animal noises, no hum of idle chatter in the background, just pure silence broken only by the sound of muted hoofsteps on the ground.
>You reach the drab gray house, and Maud opens the door to invite you in.
>Inside, three other ponies are sitting at a dinner table.
>A stern looking old gray bespectacled mare sits at the head of the table. Most likely Pinkie’s mother.
>Two younger fillies who you take to be Limestone and Marble.
>”You’re late for supper.” Pinkie’s mother scolds.
>”It’s my fault. I took them through the scenic route.” Maud explains plainly.
>This pony either has the most deadpan sense of humor or her whole family is absolutely nuts.
>”Sorry we’re late, Mom. Anon, I’d like you to meet my mother, Cloudy Quartz. And those are my two little sisters, Limestone Pie and Marble Pie. Everypony, this is my good friend, Anonymous.”
>”Hello.” the two sisters say in unison.
“Pleased to meet all of you.”
>”Have a seat.” Cloudy Quartz says. “We’re having stone soup.”
>”Oh, my favorite!” Pinkie says cheerfully.
>You settle in and are served a bowl of thin-looking soup.
>To your relief, there aren’t actually rocks in it.
>To your even greater surprise, it actually doesn’t taste that bad, though you’re not really sure what it “tastes” like.
>Still, it’s all pretty quiet at the dinner table.
>You’re not sure if this is normal, but given their demeanors, you wouldn’t rule it out.
>Pinkie looks at you, seeming to sense that you’re uncomfortable, and decides to break the silence.
>”Yes, Pinkie?” she responds.
>”Looks like there’s plenty of food for all of us. Does that mean Mom knew we were magnesium iron silicate hydroxide?”
>You see a slight smile come to Maud’s face as Limestone and Marble snicker.
>”Pinkamena Diane, no jokes at the table.” Cloudy scolds.
>That was a joke?

2015-02-02 04:06:08 No. 21656691
>”Mom, we have a guest… can’t we just forget about that for now?” Pinkie asks hopefully.
>”Just because your father’s gone doesn’t mean his rules are gone too, Pinkamena Diane.”
>”Well would it kill you to show some hospitality?” Pinkie scowls.
>”Is that what you want? You want me out of the way too so you can run off with Limestone and Marble to the big city and leave this farm to rot?” Her mother asks with a glare.
>”I’m not running off with anypony that doesn’t want to run off, but if they do, then maybe they should be allowed to!”
>”Please don’t fight.” Maud says quietly.
>”How dare you speak to your mother like that, Pinkamena Diane. Do you have any idea what you put your father and I through?”
>”I never saw anypony come after me! You still had Maud, so it’s fine, isn’t it? I was only getting in the way! All you two ever did was tell me I wasn’t working as hard as Maud, or working as fast as Maud, or being as quiet as Maud, well I’m not Maud!”
>”Pinkamena Diane Pie, how can you be so ungrateful after everything we’ve done for you?”
>”You did the bare minimum! What do you want, a cookie? So what if you never did anything so bad, you never did anything great either, what do I have to be grateful for?!”
>”Get out.” her mother commands. “I want you out of this house right now.”
>”Fine. Tell me where dad is first.” Pinkie demands stubbornly.
>”He’s dead. He isn’t anywhere.”
>”Then where’s his grave?”
>”He doesn’t have one.”
>”Then where’s he buried?”
>”In the ground.”
>”Where in the ground?”
>”In the fields.”
>”Which part of the fields?”
>”The East Fields.”
>”Where in the East Fields?!”
>”Fine! Then I’ll just find it myself!”
>Pinkie runs from the table and out of the house.
>The rest of her family remains cold and silent.
>You get out of your chair awkwardly and walk out of the house.
>As you’re about to run after her, you feel a tug on your pant leg.
>You look back and see Maud holding on to you with her hoof.

2015-02-02 04:41:13 No. 21657063
>Maud’s head hangs low to the ground as she mutters, ”... Cummingtonite.”
>”... Pinkie said you and her were.”
>”Magnesium iron silicate hydroxide… it’s a rock. Called Cummingtonite. That’s the joke.”
“I… see.”
>”... it was a good joke. Let her know.”
“You should come with me and tell her yourself. You’re her sister, shouldn’t you try to help her?”
>”I don’t know how.”
“But she says she always loves hearing from you. Can’t you just try to tell her it’s going to be okay?”
>”... that was the first time any of us talked since dad died.”
>”I don’t know how to make her smile. She can make me smile when I’m sad. But I don’t know how to make her smile when she’s sad. I don’t know how to do anything unless it has to do with rocks. That’s all I’m good for. But she can do other things. She can do anything.”
>You think back to the things her shadow said…
“... I guess I can see how you’re related after all. I’m going after her. You can come with me or you can stay. It doesn’t matter to me, but I’m going after her either way.”
>Maud pauses, and then lets go of your pants.
>You run off to the east to find Pinkie Pie.

>It’s not hard to spot her against the drab gray surroundings in the field.
>You see her sitting and staring at a little pebble.
>She doesn’t look away from it as you approach.
>”I think this is it.”
>She touches the ground near the pebble gently with her hoof.
>”It’s looser than the rest of the dirt in the field… about the right size and shape… I think it’s here.”
>It doesn’t seem all that different to you… but you figure Pinkie has a better sense than you for this.
>You sit down next to her and watch carefully.
>She stays still, staring at the little pebble on the loose soil.
>It looks like she’s about to speak a few times, but stops herself.
>You wonder if you should try to help…

Wait for her to speak.
Try to help her start.
Hug her.

2015-02-02 08:54:53 No. 21660307
>You stoop down to Pinkie, and she turns to look at you.
>You reach out and put your arms around the mare, bringing her close and hugging her tightly.
>After a second, she puts her forelegs around you and squeezes back.
>You stay like that for a long time until she squirms away and turns back to the pebble.
>”That was Anon just now.”
>”He’s my new friend. And… somepony very special to me.”
>”I wonder if you would have liked him.”
>”He’s not serious like you were, and he doesn’t know much about rocks…”
>”But he’s always working really hard.”
>”I think that has to be his best point for me.”
>”No matter what, he never gives up until the very end. He won’t let anything stand in his way. Even when it might not be a great idea, he pushes forward and won’t listen to anypony telling him to give up.”
>”A lot of ponies might think he’s just an idiot…”
>”But I think you could understand him.”
>”You were really stubborn too, after all.”
>”If there were good times or bad times, you’d always stay the same. You’d never stop working. And I guess you did it for the same reason, right? You wanted to protect us.”
>”To be honest… on the ride over, I kept thinking about how the first thing I wanted to say was that you were a terrible father.”
>”I wanted to yell at you and scream about how you screwed me up… about how you raised me wrong, and that’s why I always keep my emotions inside like I do.”
>”I wanted to say that I hated you… and that I wish I had a different father.”
>”... but that’s not true.”
>”You weren’t… a terrible father.”
>”You weren’t the perfect father… and maybe you weren’t the father I wanted, but that’s not how the world works.”
>”You don’t get the father you want… you love the father you have.”
>”I never understood how you loved me. I never felt loved by you. When I ran away and nopony came after me, I thought that meant you really didn’t love me.”
>”But that’s not true either, is it…”
>”You just didn’t know how to express your emotions to me, right?”

2015-02-02 09:06:42 No. 21660448
>”That’s why I have so much trouble… and I guess I can’t blame you for not teaching me how to do something you never learned to do yourself.”
>”But… I should have tried to show you I loved you more. I said I never felt loved by you but… I don’t know how long it’s been since I showed you how much I loved you either.”
>”You weren’t a perfect dad… but I wasn’t a perfect daughter either.”
>”Hey, dad?”
>”The reason you didn’t come after me…”
>”Was it because you thought you weren’t being a good dad either?”
>”Did you think it was because I hated you?”
>”That I never wanted to see you again?”
>”... I really wanted you to come after me.”
>You hear a sniffle as Pinkie’s eyes begin to water.
>”I wanted you to tell me to come back…”
>”But you didn’t look for me… because you thought I’d be happier without you, right?”
>”I… I’m sorry, dad.”
>Tears are streaming down Pinkie’s cheeks.
>”I’m sorry I made you think I didn’t love you!”
>Pinkie throws herself at the ground and sobs heavily.
>”I-I just… I just spent so long wishing you’d show me how you felt...”
>”I forgot to show you how I really felt!”
>”I love you, Dad!”
>”I’m sorry!”
>”I miss you!”
>”I should have told you but… I just… I just couldn’t…”
>”Please don’t think I hated you…”
>”I really loved you…”
>”And you loved me too, right?”
>”... He did.” says a hoarse voice from behind.
>Pinkie looks up and turns her head to see her older sister standing there, a single tear rolling down her her face.
>”... When you ran away… we all looked for you.”
>”We thought you were just hiding… we… didn’t know how far you went.”
>”Dad… was out there all night…”
>”He looked for you until he collapsed in the fields.”
>”We all thought something terrible happened to you.”
>”We were worried sick, Pinkie.”
>”We didn’t even know you were alive until you sent us that letter.”
>Pinkie stares at Maud, shocked.
>”You sounded so happy… Dad didn’t want to take that away from you. None of us did. That's why we didn't ask you to come home."

2015-02-02 11:18:39 No. 21662043
>Pinkie runs up and hugs her sister.
>”I wish you would have just told me…” Pinkie sobs
>”I’m sorry, Pinkie. We just never knew how to tell you. And now it’s too late. This is our fault.”
>”It’s not, Maud…” Pinkie says, rubbing her cheek against her sister’s. “It’s mine too. It’s just us being a family and making mistakes. And… it’s not too late. I thought I’d never understand how my dad felt about me now that he’s gone… but I think I understand him right now. More than ever. I understand his feelings. Do you… think he understood mine?”
>”You were the only one who could make him smile, Pinkie. The only one who could make any of us smile. I haven’t felt this bad since you ran away, but you still made me smile. He knew you loved us. And he loved you back. That’s why he kept this.”
>Maud reaches into her frock and hands Pinkie a little flat stone.
>Pinkie looks at it in wonder.
>”Dad had a great rock collection. But this one was always his favorite. It isn’t rare. Or shiny. Or valuable. Or big. But it’s the first rock you ever mined. Dad left me his rock collection. You should have this one.”
>”This was his favorite…?” Pinkie asks.
>”Sometimes he would put it in your seat at dinner and serve it a bowl of stone soup.”
>Pinkie lets out a bubbly giggle that warms your heart to hear. “Dad sure was a strange one, wasn’t he?”
>”I guess we all are.” Maud remarks plainly.
>Pinkie looks back at the little rock marking where her father is buried. “Do you think he’d like it if I sang something for him?”
>Maud lets go of Pinkie, who walks to her father and begins to sing.

>”I never said how much I love you, Dad…”
>”I’ll treasure forever all the times we had…”

>”And even though now we’re apart…”
>”You will al~ways be in my heart.”

>”Oh my dad~”

>”Yeah you were my dad, you never were so bad.”
>”And though I won’t see you again…”

>”I will always know…”
>”No matter where I go…”
>”And no matter when…”

>”I am your daughter forever...”

2015-02-03 02:39:47 No. 21663510
>Pinkie gently touches her hoof to the soft ground.
>"Goodbye, Dad. I'll miss you. But I want you to know I'm happy. Just like you wanted me to be."
>Pinkie wipes away her tears and looks up at you and Maud, smiling.
"That was beautiful, Pinkie."
>"I liked it." Maud agrees.
>"Thanks. I hope he liked it too." Pinkie says as she starts walking back to the house.
>”What is it, Maud?”
>”Dad left you something too.”
>"He did? But he gave his rock collection to you... what's left for me?"
>"When dad donated the bits we earned, he put some away for us. It's how I could afford to go to college. He was going to give it to you if you ever needed it to start a business or go to college. It's yours now. You can do something with it if you want."
>”He kept saving up even after I ran away?”
>Maud nods.
>”But… but what about the rock farm? With dad gone, what’ll happen to the farm? I don’t know if I should take this money…”
>”Take it.” Maud insists. “Dad made sure we could take care of ourselves if something ever happened. You belong out there.”
>Pinkie seems conflicted, but you nod at her encouragingly.
>”All right… thank you, Maud. I won’t let you down. I’ll make dad proud.”
>”We’re already proud.” Maud says, placing her hoof on Pinkie’s shoulder.
>Pinkie springs onto Maud and wraps her in another sisterly hug.
>You return to the farmhouse together.
>It’s getting dark, so you don’t end up staying long.
>Pinkie talks a bit with her mother and her sisters, apologizes for her behavior earlier, and leaves them each with a hug.
>Before too long, you find yourselves saying goodbye and walking to the train station, hopping on the train to Ponyville just as the sun is going down.
>Pinkie watches the train station until it passes the horizon, then turns back to you.
>She's sitting much closer than she was on the ride over.
>”Thank you for coming with me, Anon. Thanks for everything, really. I know we haven't been friends for super long, but... you mean a lot to me."

2015-02-03 02:50:38 No. 21668135
>You put your arm around Pinkie, bringing her close and holding her tight.
“You mean a lot to me too, Pinkie.”
>You see Pinkie’s pink cheeks grow a little bit redder as she looks up at you.
>”Heh… yeah… that’s nice…”
>”You know… maybe it’s because I’ve just been so emotional lately… I’ve been going through a lot after all.”
>Pinkie shakes her head rapidly, “Golly, look at me, getting all embarrassed like this… it’s just so unlike me.”
>”Well… what I wanna say is… Anon?”
“Yes, Pinkie?”
>”I… I like you. I like you like you. Do you… like me like me?”
>You place your other arm around her, looking down into her sparkling blue eyes and holding her firmly.
“Of course I like you like you, Pinkie.”
>A brilliant smile comes to Pinkie’s face. “Then… will you let me be your marefriend?”
“I’d love to, Pinkie.”
>Pinkie lets out a delighted squeal and pounces on you, hugging you tightly, “Ohmygoshohmygosh you said yes I’m so happy you’re gonna be my coltfriend and we’re gonna kiss and drink milkshakes together and watch bad movies together except I don’t know if I should call you my coltfriend because you’re not a colt except when you use that necklace but that was really more of a disguise and you don’t seem to like it but you have to admit it was pretty convenient until I could do that party to introduce you to everypony but if we did that right away before you got all that street cred by saving scootaloo and all that other cool stuff it might not have worked as well because I mean we’re all pretty friendly but the ponies in this town are pretty easily spooked I mean you should have seen how they were when Zecora was around and she’s just a Zebra with a real face and everything but they still got all scared and confused when she came to town because nopony understood her and I even sang a song about how she was evil and stuff but then she turned out to be super nice and so did you!"
"Heh, all right, I get it. I'm happy too, Pinkie."

2015-02-03 04:29:54 No. 21669295
>You snuggled with Pinkie for the rest of the train ride home.
>There wasn’t much need for either of you to talk.
>You just enjoyed her soft body, her silky fur, and her fluffy mane that smells like bubble gum.
>You’re not quite sure what she sees in you, but she seemed to really enjoy being cradled in your arms as you stroke her mane and back.
>It’s quite late when you get back to Ponyville.
>The two of you walk back to Sugar Cube Corner before you part ways.
>”Thanks again for coming with me, Anon. I think… this might be the chance to really get my life back where I want it to be.”
“You have an idea of what you want to do?”
>”Not yet… but I’m thinking about it. I’m starting to wonder if I really want to do things with parties anymore. I guess… I’ll have to give it some hard thought. But I’ll figure it out.”
“I’m sure you will, Pinkie. Have a good night.”
>”You too! Sweet dreams, Anon. See ya later!”
>Pinkie waves and heads inside to go to sleep.
>You’ve got work tomorrow, so you decided to head straight home and go to sleep.
>You’ve got work tomorrow, so you decided to head straight home and go to bed.
>Then again… perhaps there’s somewhere you could go for guidance since you’re starting a new week after all.
>You touch the magic key in your pocket, trying to decide…
>Should you go to the Velvet Room tonight?


2015-02-03 05:23:55 No. 21669875
>It’s been a while… you should see them for some guidance.
>You use the key and enter the mysterious blue library.

Velvet Room, Night

>Igor sits waiting for you with a smile, Elizabeth by his side.
>”Welcome back to the Velvet Room.” Igor greets you. “The bonds between yourself and others grow stronger each time we meet. I look forward to seeing your growth as always.”
>Elizabeth holds up a single blue card, and two golden ones. ”You’ve done quite well this past week. The Tower Arcana has revealed itself to you, granting you the power of the Persona AM. In addition, The Empress and Moon Arcana have earned a special place inside your heart. You will carry them with you as long as you live.”
>Igor slides another deck of cards across the table to you.
>”I believe you could use some guidance, correct? Take three cards, and place them face down on the table. I shall read the past, the present, and the future as they present themselves through the cards.”
>You draw three and spread them out.
>With a flourish, Igor flips the first card and introduces it.
>”The World reversed…”
>”It is natural to expect results after expending great effort.”
>”But sometimes, despite all our efforts, we are left with less than we expected… or perhaps nothing at all.”
>”The World reversed is an anticlimax. As the last card in the deck, The World represents completion of a journey. But when it is upside down, what should be a victory has left something unfulfilled and incomplete.”
>”But why is this? Perhaps…” Igor says as he flips over the second card. “It is because one is ignoring their inner voice.”

2015-02-03 05:24:57 No. 21669890
>”The Priestess reversed. Sometimes we know the answer to our own problems, but are deaf to the voice inside of us trying to shout it out. In those times it is necessary to trust one’s intuition and listen the the voice of their heart.”
>”The more this voice is ignored, the more it leads to a future…” he flips over the last card. “Of a desperate struggle for control.”
>”The Emperor reversed. With great power comes great responsibility, yes? Power must not be abused… nor should one try with too much effort to maintain control of their own destiny. Sometimes it is beneficial for us to ride the waves of the ocean rather than struggle against the current.”
>”This concludes your reading for today. But remember that these cards can mean a great many things. They may not be telling you your own fate, but perhaps they are detailing the story of another. Or it could be that this advice is applicable to many situations you are in right now. Alas, we can not know for sure.”
>”Though I find it interesting that you have drawn each of your cards reversed today. Each of them is upside down… but then, perhaps it is only your perspective.”
>”From the other side of the table, they appear to be right side up. By changing your perspective, something that appears to be a negative can become positive.”
>”Who is to say which side of the card is reversed? Should it be the perspective of the fortune teller that dictates it, or the one getting their fortune is read? Perhaps… he could tell us.” Igor draws the top card of the deck and holds it up. “The Hanged Man finds that by changing what he views as up and down, he better understands his situation. It could be that you will meet one like this very soon. Until then, fare thee well…”

2015-02-03 08:22:29 No. 21672121
Monday, December 5th

>You wake up the next morning and go to work as usual.
>It goes well today, but you end up thinking a lot about Spike.
>You asked Cranky if he knew anything about fishing, and ended up learning a few tips about where you went wrong last time.
>After work, you tell Spike you want to try fishing again, determined to put your newfound knowledge to good use.

>Ponyville Lake, Afternoon.

>You and Spike get your equipment set up and cast your lines deep into the lake.
>Honestly you’re not particularly interested in catching anything, but Spike seems determined.
“So you just watch the bobber like that and…”
>”Right, got it. Now we just wait.”
>You sit and watch the quiet lake for a bit with your little dragon buddy.
>”Oh yeah!”
“What is it?”
>”I almost forgot, Twilight wanted me to let you know that Sunset Shimmer is going to come to Equestria on Friday to help you out!”
“Help me out?”
>”Twilight figured that since you’ve been working so hard to figure out who that culprit is, she should try to help you figure out who you are too. And Sunset Shimmer might be able to help you out!”
“You really think so?”
>”Well… maybe. She’s spent so long in the human world after all, she might be able to tell you something. But uh, when she does come, just remember that she doesn’t know everything about SIHN that we do.”
“She doesn’t? Why not? It’s not like she’s in any danger out there.”
>”Luna and Celestia said to keep it between the dream team and the princesses. Sunset Shimmer just… doesn’t get to be in the loop I guess.” Spike shrugs.
“I feel like she’d be able to help more if she knew what was going on.”
>”Yeah, but Sunset Shimmer’s kept insisting to Twilight until Luna and Celestia approved of it.”
“It was Sunset’s idea?”
>”Yep. She knows about you, just not the truth about SIHN. She figures that if she can help you find your identity, she should do it.”
“But she knows she could catch SIHN?”
>”She says she doesn’t care if it’s dangerous. She wants to help.”

2015-02-03 11:01:11 No. 21674314
“Well, I guess I could use all the help I can get. To be honest, I haven’t made a whole lot of progress in figuring out who I am.”
>”Eh, you’ll figure it out. I mean, you turned an entire species of weird shapeshifting love-eating bug things into a lost subspecies of pony. Is there anything you can’t do?”
“Public speaking, cooking, making decisions, respecting authority, standing 720 for command grab supers…”
>”Not like that, I mean it’s like you get all the things you work hard on, but for me, even my best just isn’t good enough.”
“I know, and it’s normal to be disappointed by something like that… but you still just have to keep trying. If you can match my determination, you can do it. I know you can. Just remember the advice I gave you, and yo-”
>Spike’s line suddenly gets a harsh tug!
>He takes hold of the rod firmly and starts reeling it in.
>”I got it! I think it’s gotta be that same one from before!”
“How do you- nevermind, focus on it, remember what I said!”
>”Right, pump and wind, pump and wind…”
>Spike angles the fish with a determined look on his face. “Keep the line tight…”
“You got this, it’s coming in!
>Spike reels hard, and the line pulls in closer and closer until Spike yanks it out of the water, revealing a whopper of a fish dangling on the end of the line, flailing about wildly like a living Pinata.
>Spike stumbles as the fish struggles on the end of the line, swinging around like a flail.
>”AAAH! W-why is it moving so much!”
“Because it’s still alive!”
>The fish swings around and you drop to the floor to avoid getting smacked in the face with it
"Put it in the bucket!”
“Here! Quit swinging it around!”
>You try to catch it to steady the rod, but the fish thrashes and cuts the palm of your hand.
”AGH! Put it in!”
"Stop swinging i-oshi-!”
>As you step back to dodge, you slip and fall off the pier.
>A second later, Spike falls in after you.

2015-02-04 12:41:27 No. 21679007
>You swim to the surface, spitting out the lake water and climbing back on to the pier, your clothes absolutely soaked.
>Spike crawls onto it after you, still holding his rod, but the fish seems to have escaped.
“Well, I expected that to happen to us sooner or later.”
>”I can’t believe it… I had it right there!”
“You caught it. Isn’t that enough? It’s just sort of catch and release in a bit of a roundabout way.”
>”No way! I’m not settling for just catching it! That stupid fish humiliated me twice now! Well I’m not gonna let it happen again. I’m gonna catch that fish and eat it if it’s the last thing I do.”
>Spike reels the hook back in and casts off again, sitting down and staring intently at the middle of the lake.
“I’m kinda soaked here, little man. I need to change into something dry.”
>”Just go home then. I need to catch this thing myself anyway.”
“You sure about that?”
>”I’ll be fine. If I see that stupid fish again I’m gonna roast it with my fire breath. Then we’ll see who’s laughing…”
“Well… all right. Take care of yourself. Don’t stay out too late.”
>”Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.”
>Seems like Spike has made up his mind about this…
>You decided to go home, dry off, and call it a day.

Tuesday, December 6th

>The next morning, you go to work as usual.
>While you’re at work, you have a bit of time to consider your current situation.
>Trixie should still be out there in the woods wherever she is…
>But it seems strange to you.
>The situation as she described it seems a bit different from the way Gilda and Twilight seem to view it.
>You wonder what you should tell Trixie… and how to handle this situation.
>Should you help her leave ponyville in secret?
>Or perhaps it’s better if she stays…
>Should you tell her what everyone thinks?
>Should you let Twilight know that Trixie is here?
>You aren't going to put off visiting her any longer... you should decide what to do you before you see her today.

2015-02-04 05:26:40 No. 21682044
>It seems this is a delicate situation… you’ll just have to proceed with caution and figure out what you can from her.
>Either way, the best thing to do right now is to talk to her directly.
>You head to the spot she marked on a map for you.

Everfree Forest Outskirts, Afternoon

>As you approach the marked location, you see a rather poorly constructed structure that reminds you of a large doghouse.
>It’s covered by a blue tarp that seems a bit too small for it.
>The wood is uneven in spots, making portions of it look more like a fence than a wall.
>You see a pair of wagon wheels lying next to it, one of which seems too rotted to be of any use even if it were attatched.
>As you circle around, you see that it’s lacking a wall on the left side, being concealed only by a thin blue curtain.
“Trixie, it’s me!”
>As you call out, the curtain parts and Trixie pokes her head out, brushing back her white mane.
>”Ah! You have come to visit The Great and Powerful Trixie, Anonymous?”
“Yeah. So this is… the caravan?”
>”Only for now. Trixie’s other one was much better. But by now, Trixie hardly expects that it is where she left it. It has been a month, after all. Trixie did not expect to have to leave it there for so long, somepony has likely made off with it by now.”
“Hope you didn’t have anything valuable in it…”
>”Trixie kept her most important possessions in her saddlebags. Everything else can be replaced.”
“I see… so, Trixie, you should know… that Griffon you told me about, Gilda? She’s actually been in town this past month.”
>”She has? But… Trixie hasn’t seen her… why would Gilda stay here?”
“In the first SIHN event, Gilda collapsed 30 feet in the air. She was hospitalized for the whole month. She only got out recently. She’s staying at my place while she recovers. She was in town doing community service for theft.”
>"Community... service?"
"Yeah. Not related to what you two did."
>"She... she must have thrown Trixie under the wagon to spare herself punishment..."

2015-02-04 06:51:22 No. 21683066
”Actually, Trixie… Gilda said it was mostly her fault anyway. She told me she’s the one who put you up to it because she thought it would help you get over Twilight.”
>”But… how did she avoid punishment for what she did? Clearly that must not have been… but… Trixie is confused.”
“Gilda… seems to think that what happened wasn’t all that major. It might be that your whole deal with Twilight isn’t as bad as you think it is.”
>”It is important! It is a matter of cosmic importance! Twilight Sparkle and I are tied by the strings of fate… and our connection grows stronger and stronger.”
>”Why do you think you’ve got this connection with Twilight anyway? Gilda said you were talking about her stealing your destiny?”
>Trixie gets a serious look on her face, staring up at the sky.
>”Twilight Sparkle… if she had not overshadowed Trixie undeservedly… if only she hadn’t tried out for that school, Trixie would have become the top student in the class. Trixie would have been the one chosen by Celestia! Trixie… would have been the one to become an Alicorn.”
“An Alicorn?”
>”Trixie worked harder! Trixie had nothing, while Twilight was handed everything without working for it! Twilight Sparkle doesn’t even know what it means to be an Alicorn! Trixie doesn’t think she even knows the name of the spirit that empowers her! But Trixie knows her name. The first Lulamoon. She was an Alicorn. And Trixie is a pure-blooded Lulamoon, the first unicorn born to our clan in all its history! Trixie knows… Trixie knows her spirit is calling for Trixie! It is Trixie’s destiny to become a vessel for her power! She wishes to return from the cosmos and inhabit Trixie’s body to lead Trixie to greatness. Just as the story has been passed down in Trixie’s clan in generations… Trixie know it is meant for her! The others in Trixie’s clan may believe she is a heretic, or impure… but Trixie knows that it is destiny. And if it weren't for Twilight Sparkle... Trixie would be an Alicorn now."
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