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2015-02-13 08:32:01 No. 21801186
"Drink Until You See The Waifus" Edition

Old Thread

General thread for ongoing MLP Persona greentext as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pics/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

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2015-02-13 08:52:30 No. 21801520
“Cheerilee… I need to know, how do you feel about your sister?”
>”How do I feel?”
>Cheerilee thinks it over.
>”Well… I love her, but she just seems so inconsiderate and childish these days. I want her in my life, but I want it to be the sober her. Not the her out there right now.”
“Do you hate her because of what happened with your parents?”
>”I could never hate her!”
>”But… I guess I’d be lying if I said it didn’t still hurt.”
“Did you ever really talk to her about it?”
>”I told you, it’s impossible to talk to her about anything serious…”
“Maybe, but I think this is something you really need to try for, Cheerilee. I think maybe your sister thinks you still blame her for what happened.”
>”That’s ridiculous, it’s not her fault just because they cut me off, it was my decision.”
“I don’t think she knows that, Cheerilee. And you can’t just expect her to know without saying it. A lot of families… never say the things to each other that matter before it’s too late. They just expect each other to understand without words, and get upset when they don’t. How do you think your sister feels when she keeps offering you her wine and you reject it like that?”
>Cheerilee looks a little guilty.
“Actions speak louder than words, Cheerilee. And I don’t think your sister is just some drunk. I think she’s trying to tell you something but doesn’t know how to say it. Or maybe she’s just afraid.”
>”What are you saying?”
“I’m saying I think you should have a glass with her. You should tell her that you love her and that you still want her in your life, but not like this. You need to tell her what you told me, and ask her how she feels. Then you can really talk. You do forgive her, don’t you?”
>”Of course I do…”
“Then why hold yourself back like this? Why do you refuse to drink wine?”
>Cheerilee bites her lower lip…
>”... I guess I don’t have a good reason. I’m just holding a stupid grudge against my parents.”

2015-02-13 09:03:21 No. 21801708
“You can’t let them control your life forever, Cheerilee. You’re a grown mare. You can drink whatever you want to and be responsible about it.”
>”You’re right… it’s one thing to want to have a personal boycott, or to abstain to be responsible, but I’ve been completely unreasonable. Well, it ends now.”
>Cheerilee smiles at you and walks back into the living room where her sister is.
>”Yer back!”
>”Yes, Berry, yes I am.” Cheerilee says as she walks over to the bottle and picks it up with her mouth, glugging down the remainder without even using her hooves.
“I was going to say just a glass…”
>Cheerilee’s sister watches happily as the teacher chugs the wine, holding the bottle in the air with her mouth until it’s completely empty, then setting it down on the table.
>”Yes, Berry Punch?”
>The older sister throws herself forward, hugging the teacher.
>”I love yooou.” Berry slurls lazily.
>”I love you too, Berry. And I want to talk to you. Could you please listen to me?”
>Berry sits back down on the couch and nods. “Mkay… I’ll listen.”
>”I’m sorry if I made you think I hated you, Berry. I know I act strict, but it’s just because I want to be responsible. I’m a teacher, you know? And I want to be a good one for all my students. I want to be the best teacher I can be.”
>”But you never wanna spend time with me…”
>”It’s not that I don’t want to, Berry. I really do. And you’re right, I don’t relax enough. But it’s just so hard to find the time to do it. I know drinking is how we used to relax, and you’re just trying to help, but it’s not helpful, Berry. It makes me more stressed because I want to talk to sober Berry, not drunk Berry.”
>Berry punch starts sniffling. “B-Bud yer so hard do dalk do… I… I ged so nervous an’ I don’ wand you do hade me…”
>"Berry, you know better than to drink because you're nervous. That's a dangerous habit."
>"I jus' wan you do like me again..." Berry sobs.
>"I never stopped liking you Berry. I love you."
>"I love you doo..."

2015-02-14 12:55:46 No. 21810928
>The two sisters began to talk closely with each other, having a long emotional conversation.
>They seem to be reconnecting and honestly speaking about their feelings.
>Although it seems Cheerilee wasn’t kidding about being a lightweight.
>After a while she seems to be expending great effort just to continue the conversation.
>She starts to drift off after a while, falling asleep early on the couch next to her sister.
>It seems things are looking up for these two.
>They may not be perfect just yet… but they’ll be able to manage.
>You decided to head home.

Home, Night

>You’re sitting in the living room with Gilda when you hear a knocking at the door.
>You opened it up to see a large package waiting outside.
>It’s addressed to you.
>You reach down and try to pick it up to take it inside but…
“Rrgh… why is this so heavy?”
>You end up having to drag it through the doorway.
>”The fuck is that?” Gilda wonders aloud.
“I don’t know… it says it’s for me, but I didn’t order any-”
>As you lean down to check it, the package bursts open, and a golden haired pegasus pops out of it, accidentally colliding her head with yours and knocking you back.
>Gilda just stares, bewildered.
“H-Hello, Derpy.”
>”Are you okay?” Derpy asks, leaning up to look at your forehead.
“Yeah, I’m fine… what about you?”
>”I think I’m okay. Good evening, Anon!”
“Good evening, Derpy. Gilda, this is Derpy, you remember me telling you about her, right? And Derpy, this is Gilda, my… griffon...friend?”
>Gilda rolls her eyes. “Sup.”
>”She’s so pretty!” Derpy coos sweetly.
>The mailmare runs up and starts nuzzling Gilda gently.
>”Pretty! Your feathers are so soft, Gilda!”
“U-Uh, Derpy, so is there a reason you mailed yourself to me tonight?”
>”Oh! I almost forgot. I need to talk to you, can we talk in private in your room?”
>Derpy runs into your room.
>You look back at Gilda.
>”Just so we’re clear, if anyone but her tries that, the claws come out.”

2015-02-14 01:41:32 No. 21812010
“Uh, understood.”
>”Good. Anyway try not to break it in there. At least it’s not another princess…” Gilda mumbles as she goes back to sleeping on the couch.
>You head through the door into your room.

>Derpy is waiting for you on the bed, rolling around on the mattress.
>”Hee hee! Your bed’s so soft, Anon!”
>You sit on the bed and put your arm around her.
“So what did you want to talk to me about, Derpy?”
>”Right, I had a couple things… uh, first I have something I want to give you. Close your eyes, okay? Oh. Uh, you don’t have them… okay then look away please.”
>You chuckle and turn around.
>Derpy reaches around your chest from behind and places something on to your shirt.
>”There you go!”
>You turn back and look down at your shirt.
>It’s a little paper badge with the serial number 777.
“What’s this?”
>”It’s a mailpony badge! I made one for myself out of paper before I got a real one. I’ve kept it all these years… but I don’t think I need it anymore. I want you to have it to say thanks for helping me keep my job.”
Obtained: Paper Badge
“Thank you, Derpy. So how are things going at the mail office?”
>”Pretty good! When Pearl left, everypony just kind of moved up a step. Since that meant we had an open spot, we asked Mr. Abrolhos to stay and take over a different pony’s job. But I still kept my old job. They offered me a promotion, but I like the job I have right now.”
“I can’t think of anypony more suited for it, Derpy.”
>You lean down and give her a gentle smooch on the lips.
>She giggles and kisses you back.
>The two of you trade kisses for a while until she suddenly backs off saying, “Waitwaitwait I just remembered the other thing!”
“Oh, what is it?”
>”It’s um… about us. And about my condition.”

2015-02-14 01:44:47 No. 21812060
“Oh. All right.”
>You sit back and listen to what she has to say.
>”Okay, so… you remember… how I said my body works?”
>”And… I want to be close to you. And I want to do everything with you that a marefriend is supposed to do.”
>”But… because of my condition, I don’t know if it’s safe. You remember I said it happens when I get excited, right? Well… if I get “that” excited, it could be dangerous. I might get hurt. Or even worse, I might hurt you.”
>”My doctor said it’s safer not to take that chance. But I… I really want to do this with you, Anon.”
“I don’t want you getting hurt because of me.”
>”I know. And that’s really sweet of you that you feel that way. So… I talked to Twilight. She was worried for me too, but she said she had a couple ideas. One would be for her to use her magic to help me out and make sure my mana core is working right while we do it. But she’s still not sure if it’ll work or not. So the other thing she said was that you… ‘had something’ that she gave you that could help because it would disable my mana core while I was using it. She said to tell you that it… works in reverse? Do you know what she’s talking about?”
>”So… what should we do?”


Have Twilight monitor her Mana Core
Use the amulet to disable her Mana Core
Don't do anything, it's too dangerous.

2015-02-14 08:31:43 No. 21818209
>You take Derpy’s hoof in your hand.
“If it’s okay with you, I’d like to have Twilight help us out. What do you think, Derpy?”
>”I think it’ll be okay. I believe in Princess Twilight. If she’s there, I think I’ll be just fine!”
“Me too. But don’t think you have to put yourself through trouble for me, Derpy. I don’t want to hurt you. So if it gets dangerous, don’t feel bad if we have to stop.”
>”I understand. Thanks for looking out for me. But… I want this too, you know.” Derpy giggles lightly.
“Heh, I should hope so.”
>Derpy leans up and kisses you gently.

>”Wait right here, Anon. I’ll be right back!”
>She quickly exits your room, disappearing outside.
>A moment later, Derpy returns dragging an embarrassed looking Princess Twilight into your room before closing the door.
“Were you waiting outside this whole time, Twilight?”
>She nods and looks at you a bit warily.
“What’s wrong?”
>”Well… it’s just… I didn’t think you’d actually go along with this.” Twilight admits
“You didn’t?”
>”No, I kind of thought you’d rather do it with someone of your own species.”
>”I’m… kind of wondering about that now. For a human you seem pretty on board with an interspecies relationship. Is that normal, or are you just…”
>”You’ve got it all wrong, Twilight!” Derpy interrupts, shaking her head.
>”I do?”
“She does?”
>Derpy climbs onto the bed and hugs you.
>”Anon is so sensitive, he wants me to know that I don’t need to change a single thing about myself to make him happy. So even if he’d rather do it with a member of his own species, he wants me to be exactly as I am to let me know that he loves me. It’s the sweetest most romantic thing I’ve seen anypony do for anypony else!”
>Twilight smiles and touches her hoof to her chest, “Aww… that’s so sweet of you, Anon. I’m sorry I brought it up. I should have known you better than that by now. You’re so romantic! Of course your first time should be with her like this, I don’t know what I was thinking.”
“Haha, yeah… no worries.”

2015-02-14 08:33:30 No. 21818242
>This pony really is lucky. Just being near her can let you dodge a bullet.
>”Right, then I’ll get Derpy ready over here while you take your clothes off.
>You stripped off your clothes and tossed them aside while Twilight touches her glowing horn to Derpy’s chest.
>”Hee hee! It tickles!” Derpy laughs.
>”That’s normal. The spell seems to be working. I can see your mana flow, and my core output is synced to yours so I’ll see and feel if there’s an irregularity. Let me just test this…”
>Twilight’s horn glows slightly…
>Derpy’s wings shoot straight out as she starts laughing, “Hahahaha stoop it’s all tingly!”
>”Sorry! I think I used too much. Are you all right now?”
>Derpy’s wings fold back down as Twilight’s horn stops glowing. “Mmhm. Feels all right now.”
>”Very good. Okay, Anon. You’re going to want to ensure that her wings are fully erected before you move on. If her mana gates are fully dilated then it’ll minimize strain if her core output suddenly spikes.”
>Derpy stares at Twilight, befuddled.
“In other words, she wants me to give you some foreplay so you’re nice and loose, Derpy.”
>”That’s not exactly-”
>”Oh! I get it! Sounds good to me!”
>Derpy hops onto the bed you’re sitting on.
>”Coming, Twilight?” Derpy asks.
>”I uh, I’ll have my hooves full over here. Trust me.” Twi admits nervously.
>You shrug lay on your back, pulling Derpy on top of you gently.
>Her warm honey eyes seem to sparkle as you look at them.
>Though her right eye seems to be coyly looking away, her left is gazing warmly back at you.
>You brush a straw-colored lock of hair out of her face and stroke her mane.
“You’re so beautiful, Derpy.”
>”Thank you… my eye really doesn’t bother you?”
“Of course it doesn’t. I love you just the way you are, after all.”
>That seems to be all the incentive Derpy needs to throw her forelegs around your back and kiss you deeply.

2015-02-14 08:47:42 No. 21818452
>You place your hands beneath her warm, fluffy wings and begin to massage her sides, brushing along her silky fur as the feathers of her wings tickle your fingers.
>She squirms against you, giving a sweet little moan into your mouth.
>Your hands wander around her soft body, stroking and rubbing wherever it strikes your fancy.
>Her belly feels warm on your torso as she rubs herself against you.
>You can hear her breathing intensify as your fingers make their way down to her flank and you begin to try a little move…
>Keeping your wrist pressed gently against her cutie mark, your slender fingers reach out and rub that little spot on her rump just outside of her labia, massaging it with your fingertips and just teasing the very edge of her nether lips.
>You hear a muffled squeal of pleasure not from Derpy, but from Twilight sitting off to the side in your room.
>The two of you look back over at her.
“Enjoying the show?”
>”A-Actually… it looks like I’m linked more closely with her than I thought. I was afraid this might happen.”
>”Should we stop?” Derpy asks, worried.
>”No! I-I mean, no, keep going, please. Don’t mind me. You’re doing just fine… maybe turn it up a little bit. I- She’s… not all the way there yet.”
>You grin and shake your head.
“All right, turn around, Derpy.”
>Derpy repositions herself so that she’s laying on top of you with her rump resting on your chest and her face staring straight at your hardened member.
>Derpy’s wings are slightly raising of their own accord, but don’t seem to quite be on full display just yet.
>But speaking of being on display…
>Derpy’s tail brushes itself to the side, giving you a perfect view of her thick gray mare lips, and that little round puckered hole resting above it.
>Your moment of silent worship for her behind is broken as you feel a sudden rush of wetness along the head of your cock as Derpy slurps it lewdly.
>”Mmm… hee hee! It’s like a big green mushroom… but it tastes kinda nice…”

2015-02-14 09:29:49 No. 21819120
“Keep doing that, Derpy…”
>”Feels good?” She asks, looking back at you with a warm smile.
>You nod in response, and she leans down again, beginning to lick and suck at the head like a lollipop.
>Meanwhile, Twilight watches, her eyes wide and her face bright red as she observes the two of you.
>You turn your attention back to Derpy’s hindquarters…
>Her puffy gray lips are so close to your face you can smell the warm musky scent…
>Placing your fingers on either side of her vulva, you rub and squeeze the outer flaps together near their meeting point at the bottom, teasing her pretty little slit with gentle motions.
>Your efforts are rewarded as both Twilight and Derpy let out a soft, pleasured moan.
>You slide your fingers up along the side of her squishy folds, then back down again to rub and squeeze the soft flesh around her clit…
>”W-Wow… that feels amazing…” Derpy says breathlessly between licks.
>”Y-Yeah…” Twilight agrees. “Keep going…”
>You take your other hand and place it on Derpy’s left flank, tracing your finger over the rim of the blue bubbles displayed on her cutie mark, eliciting a high squeal from both mares.
>Her pussy quiver as it “winks” at you, displaying her engorged cherry red clit briefly.
>Derpy’s heartbeat grows quicker as Twilight sits in the corner with her wings erect, sweating slightly. “Y-You’re good. More…” Twilight encourages you between shallow breaths.
>You take a deep breath, inhaling that sweet mixture of sweat and arousal in the air before pressing your face up to her and taking a long slow lick along the center of her slit, your tongue gently slipping between her folds and tasting the subtle trickle of nectar from her.
>Your finger maintains a steady circular rhythm along the design of her cutie mark, causing her to wiggle her rump against you ever so slightly.
>With your other hand you stroke her belly gently and steady her as you start to lick a little faster, drawing your tongue along the whole length of her intensely warm pussy.

2015-02-14 10:19:36 No. 21819977
>In reply, Derpy begins slurping at the tip of your cock faster and faster, letting out sweet little squeals of pleasure every time you lick her particularly roughly…
>You change things up a bit, now rubbing at the little bubbles adorning her flank with your thumb as your tongue delves deeply into her little honeypot.
>Hungrily you lap at her pussy with your face pressed flat against her soft rump, wriggling your tongue into her as deeply as you can.
>The warm walls convulse and squeeze around your probing tongue as clear warm liquid flows freely from her nethers, which you’re more than happy to drink down, savoring the warm love juice as it passes over your eager tongue.
>Not giving her the chance to become complacent, you quickly break away and grasp the flesh around her thick clit between your fingertips, rolling it around between your thumb and forefinger before licking it wildly with the tip of your tongue, causing your two mares to moan loudly in unison.
>Their forelegs both give out from the sudden intensity, leaving them both face down with their rumps in the air, with both of their tongues hanging out carelessly.
>”W-Wait…” Twi stutters weakly.
>”Our wings… they’re ready.”
>You look up to see their wings spread out stiffly as wide as they can go.
“Looking good there… Derpy, are you going to be okay if I put it in?”
>Derpy looks back at you over her shoulder and nods. “I’ll be fine. I’ve done it before, just not with the real thing.”
“Okay, just turn around then and we can…”
>”Actually, could I face away from you?”
“Away? Uh, sure, but why?”
>”It’s not because I don’t wanna look at you or anything, silly. But… I do sorta like watching Twilight. It’s kinda turning me on!”
>”I-I’m turning you on?” Twilight asks, flustered.
>”Mmhm! You look really sexy moaning and squirming by yourself like that.”

2015-02-14 11:54:15 No. 21821234
>Twilight looks away bashfully, “Well… it’s okay with me.”
“Same here. You’re right, Derpy. She is pretty sexy like that. Why don’t you join us, Twi?”
>”I can’t. Feedback loop… if I even touch myself I might just lose control.”
“All right then…”
>You give Derpy’s butt a little squeeze as she moves herself lower along your body.
>She rubs her rump against your crotch, sliding your nicely licked shaft between her cheeks.
>You sit yourself up and grip her chest with one hand to help steady her, using your other to gently guide your rod to her slit, swollen with desire.
>”That’s good… just nice and slow.” Twilight encourages.
>Derpy takes a breath to relax before letting herself slide down into your lap.
>You gently stroke her chest to calm her down as your head starts to make its way past the spongy wet lips and slips into her tight love canal.
>The golden maned mare lets out a slow sigh, trying her best to relax as her mound engulfs your tool slowly, sending a surge of pleasure with every involuntary constriction of her walls.
>You feel a soft sensation against your crotch as you bottom out, her needy snatch swallowing the last inch of your cock.
>”Hah… it’s… it’s really all the way inside me.” the mailmare pants.
“You feeling okay?”
>”It feels amazing… it’s so big…”
>Twilight looks up and smiles at the mare planted firmly on your cock. “You’re doing great, Derpy. T-Try moving your hips back and forth like that. It feels even better.”
>”Like this?” Derpy asks as she rests her back against your chest and thrusts her hips smoothly, gliding your cock in and out of her dripping hole while Twilight watches panting heavily.
>”Feels so good in me…”
>You run your hand down her belly and begin to rub her just above her naughty bits.
>Every so often you brush the very tip of her slit, letting your fingers play lightly along her love button and eliciting a shudder accompanied by her snatch winking around your shaft, milking it with a tight squeeze.

2015-02-15 02:33:58 No. 21822805
>Derpy works herself into a steady rhythm, rocking you in and out of her warm snug pussy.
>As her back rubs against your naked chest, you lean down and gently nip at her neck, causing her to squeal happily.
>The noise is like music to your ears… you grasp her tightly and buck your hips up against her, doubling the intensity of your lovemaking.
>The velvety texture of her walls drives you wild… your cock throbs with anticipation, wanting so badly to plunge yourself nice and deep to fill your lovely little mailmare up with seed.
>You start rubbing and stroking her cute little love bud more deliberately, eager for her to join you. You want to feel her gushing pussy soaking you both in her sweet mare cum.
>Her wings twitch, and you hear her breathing become short and shallow.
>”D-Don’t go too fast, Anon.” Twilight moans as she lies on her back with her legs spread, giving the two of you a full view of her winking marevag.
>”Take it slower… don’t force her into it, just… keep going until it happens.”
>You nod in silent understanding, slowing your thrusting and removing your fingers from the sensitive little nub.
>The urge to plow into her remains strong… but keep it under control for her sake, enjoying the slow smooth riding.
>You nuzzle Derpy’s neck softly and stroke her reassuringly, trying to put her at ease.
>The low, pleasured sigh she lets out seems to say “it’s working.”
>You try hard to suppress your urges, focusing on the beautiful mare you’re making love to.
>You run a hand through her soft golden mane… you notice it smells like daisies.

2015-02-15 02:35:19 No. 21822811
>”I wanna cum…” Derpy squeaks out.
>”Y-You will, Derpy. Don’t force yourself, just relax and take it slow. M-Maybe… this will help.”
>Twilight staggers over to the edge of the bed and puts her lips to Derpy’s, kissing her deeply.
>The sight of two of your marefriends making out, their wet lips smacking against each other loudly as one of them bounces along your cock is almost too much to bear, but you focus on keeping the steady rhythm…
>”Feels so warm…” Derpy pants as she breaks away from the kiss.
>”It’s coming, just keep it up, Anon…”
>You steadily pound away at her soft hole, keeping your mind focused on the soft smell of daisies in her mane instead of the unbearably warm walls trying to squeeze you dry…
>”Deeper please…” Derpy begs.
>You’re all too eager to comply, bottoming out easily with each close thrust, hitting all the right spots as their tongues loll out of their mouths.
>”F-Faster…” Twilight stammers.
>You’re all but ready to burst as her snatch starts clamping down like a vice with each wink, sending surprise rushes of ecstasy…
>”I’m gonna cum…” Derpy moans, holding on tightly to Twilight.
>”Let it happen… cum inside her, Anon!” Twilight pleads.
>Warmth surges through your cock as you relax and let your seed flood her insides.
>You continue to thrust strongly as you spurt wave after wave into her, churning the thick sticky cum inside her as the two mares begin letting out successively higher moans, signaling their approach to climax until finally you hear them cry out as Derpy plunges down on you hard, her pussy pulsing and spurting against you.
>They lose control and fall forward onto you, knocking you to your back.
>In an instant, you hear a loud *CRACK* and feel the bed fall to the ground as the frame breaks, sending the two mares tumbling around your bed as the three of you yelp loudly.

2015-02-15 02:36:21 No. 21822821
>You rub your head and sit up as the other two mares slowly pick themselves up.
“Are you two okay?”
>”I’m okay, but it looks like Mr. Bed couldn’t handle it…” Derpy laments.
>”Th-That was… interesting.” Twilight says shakily.
“That’s some spell you’ve got there, Twi. But at least it worked.”
>”It… connected more than I thought. I guess I know what it’s like to cum without being touched now… wow.” Twilight shakes her head.
>”That was fun!” Derpy says, nuzzling your cheek.
“Heh, yeah it was.”
>Twilight’s horn glows and she touches it quickly to Derpy’s chest. “There, I cancelled it. I’d… love to stay over, but I have to be up early and it looks like your bed doesn’t support three. I’ll just teleport over to my shower…”
“I understand. Good night, Twi. Thanks a lot for helping us out.”
>”Thank you, Twilight…” Derpy says dreamily as she rests her head on your chest.
>Twilight looks at the sleepy mare and smiles. “My pleasure. But… if you two wanted to try it the other way next time, it might be a little bit easier on me.”
“Heh, I get it. Good night.”
>”Night, babe.”
>Twilight vanishes in a purple flash, leaving you alone with Derpy.
>You run your fingers through her sweet-smelling golden mane…
>This moment right now feels too perfect to ruin with words.
>So without saying anything else, the two of you drift off to sleep together.

2015-02-15 04:51:46 No. 21829952
Sunday, December 11th

>Today you planned on visiting Fluttershy…
>But you figure Twilight might want to be there to help as well.
>She said she was going to be busy this morning.
>You should probably wait until later to do that.
>Instead, you decided to go see Pinkie Pie.

Sugar Cube Corner, Morning

>They’re closed for business, but Mrs. Cake lets you in to see Pinkie Pie upstairs.
>Pinkie invites you into her room, and you find yourself sitting with the pink pony on her bed.
“So how have you been, Pinkie?”
>”A lot better.” Pinkie smiles.
>”But I have had to think pretty seriously about what I want to do with the money dad left me.”
“Are you going to start a party planning company or something?”
>Pinkie shakes her head. “Well, I mean I thought about it. And it’d be a lot of fun, and I’d probably be real good at it. But… lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the things my dad said to me.”
“I see…”
>”I’m really starting to wonder if he knew me better than I knew myself.”
>”Maybe he knew that partying wasn’t going to fulfill me the way I needed it to.”
“But you love parties.”
>”Oh, I do. And I think you know I know how to throw a real rockin’ one.”
“Hell yeah.”
>You fist/hoofbump Pinkie in approval.
>”But more than parties, what I love is seeing ponies smile. And parties sure can put a smile on a pony’s face, but… I’m wondering if it’s really the best way to do it.”
“What do you mean?”
>Pinkie stares out the window.
>”Well… parties are something you do when you’ve got something to celebrate. And it’s easy to put a smile on a pony’s face when they’ve got a reason to be happy.”
>”But that isn’t enough for me anymore. I’ve got an opportunity here, and I don’t want to waste it taking the easy way.”
>You sit closer to Pinkie and place your hand on her back gently.
“Sounds like you’ve really been thinking hard about this.”
>”I have. And I know what I want to do now.”
>Pinkie takes a deep breath before turning around to face you with a confident smile.

2015-02-15 05:02:07 No. 21830082
>”I’m not going to just help ponies who have a reason to be happy. I want to bring smiles to the sad ponies out there who really need me. That’s why… I’m going to use the money dad left me to go to college so I can become a therapist.”
“A therapist?”
>Pinkie looks away shyly. “I know I might not be the smartest gal in town, but I really think this might be what’s best for me. When I was feeling down and didn’t know who to turn to… talking to you about my problems helped me understand them. I didn’t need a party, I needed somepony who cared and understood. And I want to do the same for as many ponies as I can and get them to smile again. That’s my decision.”

Pinkie Pie’s strong will that allowed her to accept and overcome her weakness has awakened her heart’s true power…

Pinkie Pie’s Persona has been reborn!

Apollo has transfigured into Apollo Medicus!

>”Wow… it’s like I’m a brand new me!”
>”No, that’s not it. It’s… it’s like a part of me I never knew was there.”
>”I’ve never felt so sure of my future before.”
>”It’s an amazing feeling. Thank you for helping me find this part of myself, Anon.”
“I think you’ll make a great therapist, Pinkie. This town sure could use a good one…”
>”Hee hee! You got that right!”

2015-02-15 05:03:09 No. 21830097
>”So… you know, I think there’s something I want to give you. Just to say thanks.”
“What is it?”
>Pinkie hops over to her drawer and pulls out something small, handing it to you.
>You take it and look at it in the palm of your hand.
Obtained: A rock.
>”The first rock I ever farmed.”
“You’re really giving this to me? But… it’s a memento from your father, isn’t it?”
>”My father left me some things a lot greater than that rock. He left me his love. The rock… I want it to be my gift to you. Y’know, so if I end up going to college you’ll have something to remember me by and all.”
“I’ll make sure to feed it soup every night you’re gone.”
>Pinkie giggles, “Don’t worry though, I’m not leaving for a while. At least not until we’re done saving Equestria! I’ll be right here with you, Anon.”
>Pinkie holds onto your shoulders and kisses you deeply.
>You feel a tight bond between you and Pinkie Pie…


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established an inseparable bond.

This inseparable bond shall have a permanent home in thy heart.

We bestow upon thee the ability to create Maui, the ultimate form of the Sun Arcana...


>You spent longer than you realized talking with Pinkie about her new future.
>It might not be easy for her, but she seems confident that she can do it if she tries.
>You headed back to the castle to speak to Twilight about helping Fluttershy.
>But along the way, you decided to place the pebble Pinkie gave you into the scrapbook.

2015-02-15 10:45:30 No. 21836085
>You found Twilight in the castle and explained the situation to her.
>She seems interested in helping Fluttershy with this problem as well, especially since she’s partially responsible for it in the first place.
>The two of you make your way down to Fluttershy’s Cottage and begin preparations for Operation Applesauce.
>None of you could agree on a good name for the plan to help her gain control of her stare so you ended up with a nice compromise that left everyone unhappy.
>Nevertheless, the scene unfolds with Fluttershy wearing a collar chained to a post in the ground.
>You, Discord, Angel Bunny and Twilight are sitting with some supplies you all gathered up.
>A bushel of apples, some apple cider, zap apple jam, a stuffed dolphin toy, and a bag of popcorn that Discord is eating from.
“So… could we go over this one more time? I’m not sure why we have all these things…”
>”Well…” Twilight begins, “The plan is to have her use the stare on the plush dolphin because Fluttershy isn’t very fond of them. The chain and collar are to make sure she doesn’t go berserk and fly away, and the apples and apple food products are to test her reaction while in her changed state.”
“And the popcorn?”
>”The popcorn is mine, but I shall let you have some if you ask politely.” Discord says plainly.
“I think I’ll pass. And what’s with your obsession with seeing Fluttershy collared and chained up like this?”
>”Actually…” Discord smiles, eyeing Twilight, “The chains were provided by your dear little cutie pie over there. Prrow~” he purrs mockingly, waggling his eyebrows.
>”Those chains are for purely utilitarian purposes.” Twilight retorts firmly. “And what’s with that lame excuse saying ‘you don’t remember what happened last time she tried it’?”
>”I’m as shocked as you are, I assure you Twilight. But memory is a funny thing! I bumped my noggin on a shower curtain and just so happened to forget everything about my encounter with Flutterbat. I only remember that it was quite frightening .”

2015-02-15 11:19:44 No. 21836487
>”Naughty.” Twilight glares.
>Discord’s face slams straight into the ground.
>”Did that jog your memory?” Twilight asks impatiently.
>”Who said that? What year is it? My love, is that you? Whereforeart thou… line, please?”
>”... I’m sorry.” Discord apologizes frumpily from the ground. “I really don’t remember though.”
>Twilight sighs, “Apology accepted, I guess.”
>Discord pulls his face up, leaving a discord-shaped imprint in the ground.
>”Besides, it’s just not good science to use the data from our experiments. They weren’t even peer reviewed. You’ll just have to do your science from scratch. No hoof-holding!”
>”Let go of my hoof so we can start.”
>Discord removes his lion paw from Twilight’s hoof and giggles innocently.
>Twilight just rolls her eyes and floats the dolphin toy over to Fluttershy.
“Are you ready, Fluttershy?”
>”U-Um, I suppose so.” she stammers nervously.
>”Now just use your stare on the toy and we’ll observe you from here.” Twilight says as she puts on a pair of reflective goggles.
“Why don’t I get those?”
>”You don’t have a ley system for her ability to infiltrate.” Twilight explains.
>”Besides, everypony knows they do nothing anyway.” Discord adds.
>Fluttershy is staring at the Dolphin, but nothing seems to be happening.
>”Come on, Fluttershy, don’t be scared. We’re here if anything goes wrong.”
“I don’t see why Fluttershy would have a problem with Dolphins. They’re so cute.”
>”They’re not cute!” Fluttershy yells.
>”They… they might look friendly, but they do all sorts of terrible things! They gang up on females and isolate them in caves where they force them into having sex, they kill baby dolphins just for fun, rape them, and play games with their corpses!”
>”They’re just a bunch of bullies… and everypony thinks they’re all right just because they look cute, well they’re not! They’re the biggest bullies in the ocean!"
>"Why… why are you so mean!”
>You see Fluttershy’s eyes glow a bright ruby red...

2015-02-16 12:09:38 No. 21837014
>Fluttershy’s wings absorb her feathers and change to the leathery bat-like wings you saw in her Fantasia.
>You watch as her mane becomes wild and shaggy, and her ears change shape.
>Her cutie mark glows as the purple butterflies shift into a swarm of purple bats.
>You feel a deep sense of dread as the bat-pony looks up at you with her red eyes and licks her lips…
>”Hajimemashite, my dear kobun.”
>Twilight’s wings are raised slightly... “This isn’t like last time… she couldn’t speak when she was transformed in Sweet Apple Acres. If she’s intelligent enough to speak, she just became a lot more dangerous. Who are you exactly? Are you… Fluttershy’s shadow?”
“I don’t think so. She said nice to meet you. So she hasn’t met me before.”
>”But she doesn’t seem like the Flutterbat from before…”
>”I’m neither of those, though you aren’t far off.” the batpony grins. “If you want to be accurate, I think you should just call me Shizuka. Flutterbat was a foreign entity controlling our mind. But the experience left its mark on our subconscious… and when we stop suppressing the parts of us we hold back every day, Shizuka gets to come out to play.”
“So what, Fluttershy has just always had a split personality?”
>Discord rolls his eyes. “Obviously, in order to use her stare she has to suppress her super-ego and allow her Id to fully dictate the actions of the Ego without interference. But now that her Id has been altered by Twilight’s spell, it’s just become too powerful for her super-ego to put her Id back in its little cage, thus leaving her in a coherent state of mind purely dictated by her Id!”
>”That… actually kind of makes sense. How did you figure that out?” Twilight asks.
>Discord winks, “You pick up a thing or two interning at the mental hospital. Although they should really have clarified that it’s the patients that are supposed to be mental.”
"So now what?"
>Twilight looks at you. "For now, just try talking to her."

How should you talk to Shizuka?

2015-02-16 02:02:19 No. 21843764
>You get a little closer to the batpony, though you’re still careful to remain just out of her reach.
“So. Shizuka. What’s it like being cooped up in Fluttershy’s subconscious all day?”
>She flashes you a fanged grin. “I’ll be honest, it really bites.”
“We’re doing vampire puns now?”
>”At least they aren’t apple puns. Now that would be some low-hanging fruit.” Discord says, nudging you with his elbow.
>”It really is the worst though. I’ve seen nuns be more self-indulgent. Speaking of which…”
>Shizuka looks up at you coyly, “Oh, Senpai… if you help me out of these chains, I’d be totally down to fuck. Like you wouldn’t believe.”
>You can feel Twilight’s own “violent intent” as she glares at you firmly.
“I-I’ll have to pass…”
>”Oh… that’s too bad. Hey Discord, I’ve always been so curious what you’ve got going on down there…”
>”Tempting, Shizu-chan, but I’m very committed to my “it’s complicated” status on facebook.”
>Shizuka bares her fangs angrily for a moment, but then shakes her head and smiles warmly at Twilight.
>”Say, Twi… if Friendship is Magic, what does that make Friendship With Benefits?”
>”Off the table.”
>”You’re all so mean…” Shizuka sulks. “This is what we really want! What’s the harm in letting us indulge ourselves?”
“If Fluttershy wants these things she can ask us herself. You’re the one who said you’re Shizuka, not Fluttershy.”
>The batpony quickly charges at you, but the chain attached to the collar holds firm and keeps her from reaching you.
>Twilight brings you back over to the table.
>”Well… it definitely seems like she’s pure Id right now. And she doesn’t like being chained up. maybe it’s time to move on. We’ve got the apples, the cider, and the zap apple jam. We should see how she reacts to one of them.” Twilight suggests.

Which should you try first?
Try the Apples
Try the Cider
Try the Jam

2015-02-16 05:57:33 No. 21846981
“I say we go for the Jam.”
>”The jam? Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean, it stimulates the mana core so it would definitely have some sort of strong effect I think, not to mention the quality of the product is higher than normal, but…”
>”No need to be a Trouting Thomas, my dear! If she does anything reel fishy, I’m sure an alicorn can kipper under control!”
“Are you sea-rious right now, or are you just doing that for the halibut?”
>”Just give her the jam…” Twilight mutters, clutching her forehead.
“Do we have some toast I can spread it on, or should I just j-j-jam it in to her mouth?”
>An apple sails over your shoulder.
>”Next time I won’t miss.” Twilight threatens, holding an apple up with her magic.
“I’ll uh, just give her the jam.”
>Good thing she isn’t a durian vampire.
>You take a little bit of the jam onto your fingertips and approach Shizuka cautiously, holding your hand out far from yourself.
“All right Shizuka, you want some zap apple jam?”
>Her red eyes go wide as she watches you with a smile. “Yes please…” she says sweetly.
>You hold out the little dollop of jam on your fingers to her mouth.
>She licks her lips and opens wide…
>You shakily move your fingers closer… and she gently closes her mouth over your outstretched fingers, licking the jam off and sucking on them.
>You look over to see Twilight watching a bit worriedly, while Discord watches it looking intensely interested and shoveling popcorn into his mouth.
“Heh, see? Everyth-”
>Shizuka’s lower body suddenly twists as she spins around and kicks at your other arm!
>You quickly stumble backwards, but the impact causes you to drop the jar of jam, which Shizuka quickly pounces on and begins slurping at.
>In a matter of seconds the entire jar is licked clean.
>”Ahh… so yummy~!” Shizuka squeals as she flops on her back.
>”I’m full…”
>You see her eyes fade from red to blue as her body shifts back into its normal state.
>Fluttershy suddenly snaps to attention.
>”Huh? What happened?”

2015-02-16 08:41:10 No. 21849808
“Well it turns out that your other self is a lot more intelligent than we thought. She’s less like a wild animal and more like your shadow. She wanted us to call her Shizuka.”
>”And it seems she’s focused on fulfilling your desires. Once she feels satisfied enough, she goes dormant.” Twilight adds.
>”I… I didn’t hurt anypony, did I?” Fluttershy asks.
“Not really, but you went to town on that zap apple jam.”
>”I ate an entire jar by myself? Oh no! I’m going to get so fat!”
“I feel like I’m starting to see Shizuka’s point.”
>”You see her- I mean my… or should it be our… What do you mean?”
“You don’t satisfy yourself very much do you?”
>Twilight glares at you.
“I didn’t mean it like that!”
>”Like what?” Fluttershy asks innocently.
“The point is, you don’t really do a lot of things just to help yourself, do you?”
>”Well of course not. If it only helps myself, that’s just being selfish. Why would I want to be selfish?”
“You can treat yourself without being selfish.”
>”He’s right, Fluttershy. You’re in the prime of your youth, you know. Live it up! Get wild! Run naked through the streets! Oh wait, you already do that one.” Discord smiles.
>”I don’t see why Fluttershy should have to change if she doesn’t want to.” Twilight retorts. “There’s nothing wrong with being responsible about your finances, or taking care of your health, or abstaining from… other things. It’s Shizuka that needs to learn to play nice.”
>Discord rolls his eyes, ”Oh please, Mother Theresa would tell her she needs to get out more. And I should know. That gal had some dirty habits behind closed doors if you catch my drift.”
>”And what she does behind closed doors is her business.” Twilight says firmly.
>”Oh, you always get like this. But don't you remember that the reason you came to Ponyville was because Celestia wanted you to get out of your shell?”
>They’re starting to argue like an old married couple.
>You should probably throw in your two cents.

Who should you focus on helping?

2015-02-17 01:42:50 No. 21854034
>Discord and Twilight continue to bicker until you make a decision and intervene.
“Alright, that’s enough, you two. No fighting. Discord… kind of has a point. She doesn’t need to go wild, but the fact that she’s having this problem shows that she’s not as healthy as she could be.”
>”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to eat all of it…” Fluttershy whimpers.
“Not like that. It’s fine to be responsible, but she’s clearly not okay with the way she is right now. I think Fluttershy needs to learn how to understand and address her desires instead of ignoring them. “
>Twilight frowns. “Well yeah, but getting Fluttershy to be less… “Fluttershy” isn’t exactly easy. It’s not the first time somepony’s tried to help her out like this. You really think you can pull it off?”
“I’d like to try at least.”
>”I-I’m okay with this. I know I can be difficult to work with because I’m so timid and scared of everything, but I really do want to change, Twilight. I want to be able to protect the ones I love. And if this is what I need to do it, then that’s just the way it has to be.”
>Twilight smiles. “Well, you certainly sound motivated. I’m just sad I won’t be able to help much. Ponies who live in glass houses… you get the picture.”
>You’d make a comment about her having no trouble enjoying herself last night, but your superego tells you that Twilight would murder you if you did.
“You can count on me then.”
>”Guess it’s time to call it a day then. Good work, everypony.” Twilight waves and flies back to her castle
>”I look forward to watching your methods. ‘Love and justice’, was it?” Discord grins before walking back to the house.
>”Thanks for agreeing to help. I’ll do my best. I just hope I can follow through with your plan.” Fluttershy says.
“You’ll do just fine. See you tomorrow. I’ll be coming over with Dash.”
>"Okay. See you tomorrow, Anon!"
>You should probably think of one before you come over to help her again.
>For now you decide to head home and go to bed.

2015-02-17 02:22:44 No. 21858972
Monday, December 12th

>Work went well as usual.
>With one fun little change, of course.
>Now instead of Derpy’s routine of crashing into something every day…
>You get a daily kiss from her instead.
>Pretty good deal.
>Although Cranky starts yelling at you when you take too long talking to her.

>After work, you drop by Dash’s place to invite her to spar again.
>She eagerly accepts.

>This time you chose not to hold yourself back.
>Dash is still tough enough to make most of the fights fairly close, and you can’t let your guard down for even a moment without her taking that opportunity to pump you full of lead or smack you with a Ziodyne spell.
>However, in the end you win a majority of your bouts.
>But she doesn’t get salty about it because, "It’s not like it’s a fair fight anyway. One-v-one I own you. But that’s just not even fun.”
>Maybe a little salty...
>After the sparring, you get back to the real world and strip down to enter the bath.

Outside Fluttershy’s Cottage, Afternoon

>After you enter the steaming bath and lean back against the edge, Dash slips into the water to your right, opting to sit next to you instead of across this time.
>She sighs and looks straight ahead.
>”... So a few days ago, Cloudchaser asked me out.”
>You nod silently, getting the idea that she wants to vent right now.
>”I totally overreacted… I started yelling at her and saying I wasn’t like that, even though she sounded like she just made an honest mistake.”
>”I think I made her cry…”
>”And she probably thinks I’m homophobic now too.”
>”It’s not like I’m the one that has a problem with it, but I just don’t want anypony thinking I’m like that.”
>”I guess you wouldn’t really know but… some ponies think lesbian chicks are just settling because they’re not good enough to land a stallion.”
>”Not that I’ve ever had a coltfriend.”
>”It’s not a huge mystery why.”
>”My mane is a train wreck, my coat is coarse, my voice sounds like a little colt, my flank is too small… you get the picture.”

2015-02-17 04:02:20 No. 21860398
>Dash leans back and looks up.
>”I guess when people think I’m gay… it just feels like they’re trying to call me ugly again.”
>”Most stallions aren’t into tough chicks anyway.”
>”But Cloudchaser’s a good flier, and she’s cute. Good enough to get with Thunderlane… what does she need me for?”
>”I thought for a moment that maybe she was messing with me. Trying to pull off some kind of prank…”
>“But I don’t think so. She seemed really upset.”
>”What could she even see in me?”
>”I mean… Gilda was one thing. She’s a Griffon. Her standards are totally different compared to a pony. I thought she was beautiful of course, and she was an amazing flyer, but I never really asked her why she liked me.”
>”I just… never really questioned it. I told myself we were just friends who wanted to help each other… de-stress, you know?”
>”But it wasn’t true.”
>”I knew she needed me and… it felt really good. Having somepony that appreciated me and cared about me… somepony that thought I was amazing as I thought I was. I don’t know if it was just because I wanted the attention or what. But I liked it.”
>”Still… it doesn’t make sense.”
>”I don’t get it. Why was I so upset the other day when Cloudchaser asked me out, but I was so okay with Gilda?”
>”What does that even mean?”
>Dash sighs and sinks down into the water, looking down.
>Perhaps you should say something to make her feel better.
>Or maybe you should just remain silent.

What should you do?

2015-02-17 06:04:43 No. 21861771
“Dash… can I say something?”
>”Yeah… I guess. Go ahead.”
"I think you're selling yourself short with Cloudchaser. You have a confident outgoing personality, your mane is gorgeous even if you don't style it as much as some mares do, what your flank lacks in size it makes up for in tone, not to mention you're a fantastic flier. She has plenty of reasons to take an interest in you. As for why you were so upset... I can't say for sure but I think maybe it's because with Gilda you had built up a real connection. Whereas Cloudchaser just asked you out on the street and you had no way of knowing if she was being sincere."
>”Why should it matter if she’s sincere or not? I told you I don’t… Urgh.” Dash groans, frustrated.
>”You’re just too different. Of course you wouldn’t get it. You just don’t know anything about our world.”
“Maybe not. There’s a lot of things I don’t know about what’s considered good and bad in your world. Something like flank size doesn’t mean much to me. I can barely tell the difference between some of you. But… in this world, ponies consider a rainbow beautiful, don’t they?”
>”Of course they do. But short frizzy manes totally aren’t. And I don’t want to grow it out because it’s easier to fly with a short mane.”
“I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing, Dash. Because in my world, even with all of its separate cultures and countries and languages… even to cultures that have been isolated for thousands of years from each other, all of them believe that rainbows are beautiful. Without any bias from culture or upbringing, the rainbow is considered universally beautiful. How could I look at you and say that you’re ugly with something like that?”
>Dash looks away, seeming flattered...
>”Heh, wow. That’s kind of a long way to go for a compliment, dude. But thanks. It is kinda cool knowing people like rainbows that much. But everything else..."
"Is subjective. Dash. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
>"Are you saying you think I'm beautiful?"
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