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2015-03-02 05:32:08 No. 22048867
"Hell" Edition

>>22008875 Old Thread

General thread for ongoing MLP Persona greentext as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pics/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

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2015-03-02 09:37:53 No. 22051885
Pit of Hell

“Twilight, stick with Fluttershy for now. Pinkie’s up.”
>Twilight nods affirmatively and switches places with Pinkie, grimacing as she climbs into the invisible creature’s maw.
“You good in there, Twi?”
>Twilight: <Aaah! Fluttershy, did you just tell your persona to lick me?>
>Fluttershy: <I didn’t tell him to. He’s just curious, Twilight. He likes you!>
>Twilight: <We really need to get your subconscious under control, Fluttershy.>
>Fluttershy: <Why would my subconscious want to lick you, Twilight? Is it hungry?>
>Twilight: <Nevermind…>
“Yeah, she’s good.”
>You keep your weapon out and begin walking.
>The red stone path is dirty with soot, trash, and debris.
>Bits of splintered wood and shredded paper litter the ground.
>You take a closer look at some of the shredded paper.
>It seems to have words on it.
>The fonts seem to match up with each other.
“I think these scraps are from the same paper. Can you guys gather some more?”
>”Seriously? Do we have time for this?” Dash asks.
“We just took a pretty big shortcut. Might be a clue.”
>Dash shrugs and begins gathering up papers with the rest of them.
>You quickly assemble the pieces of scattered paper until you begin to recognize it as the wanted poster you saw before. But there’s something different about this one.
>The word “Alive” next to “Wanted” has been crossed out in what looks like red crayon and replaced with “DEAD”.
>”Yeah… that doesn’t look ominous or anything.” Dash remarks sarcastically.
>”Does anyone else think he looks kinda familiar?” Spike asks.
“You too? Sunset Shimmer said the same thing.”
>“But Sunset Shimmer left Equestria before Spike was even hatched! How could they have seen the same pony all those years apart?” Asks Pinkie.
>”Not like walking around, he just looks like… I know I’ve seen him somewhere but where?” Spike wonders.
>You're starting to feel like you've seen that unicorn yourself.
>But where could you all have seen him?
>Or is it just in your head...

2015-03-02 10:42:19 No. 22052752
“It might just be your mind playing tricks on you. Deja vu happens sometimes in dreams. He’s even starting to look familiar to me, but there’s no way I’ve ever seen a guy like that. He’s just a generic unicorn, right? Our minds are filling in the blanks of any other unicorn with a black coat and red mane we might have seen.”
>”Yeah, maybe you’re right. I thought I might have seen him in a movie or something, but a movie star would get caught right away if he did something like that, right? Especially if she saw his cutie mark.”
“Yeah, I- wait, movie… not a movie. I know where we saw him!”
>”Huh?” Spike spins around and looks at you.
“Little man, you love Marevel comics, right?”
>He grins, “I was IN a Marevel comic. But yeah, why?”
“He’s from a comic book isn’t he.”
>Spike’s eyes widen. “That’s it! He’s Blackburner!”
“That’s the worst name I’ve ever heard.”
>”Oh he’s awful. I mean, his power is to make fires grow and control them, but he can’t even make his own fire! He has to light a match, or use a nearby lantern, or use this big flamethrower device, and they always beat him by turning on the sprinklers, or making it rain on him, or just cutting the fuel line on his flamethrower. He’s usually in costume, but that’s definitely where I saw a black unicorn with a red mane and a bonfire cutie mark.”
“I remember now. He’s in the background of the Maretropolis stage in MSH.”
>”Yeah, talk about C-list villains.” Spike rolls his eyes.
>Pinkie gasps. “I can’t believe it! Applejack’s parents were killed by a comic book character!!!”
“Or, Applejack saw that character in a comic book as a child and used him as a reference for what the arsonist looked like. She might have even done it subconsciously."
>”Why would Applejack just make it up like that? She’s the most honest pony I know!” Dash retorts.
“Maybe there’s a reason she couldn’t say who really did it. I think her shadow believes that pony deserves to die. But I don't know if I want to throw out accusations just yet..."

2015-03-03 12:00:40 No. 22053581
>The party looks a bit disheartened at this revelation.
>You wonder if they’re suspecting the same thing you are.
“Whatever happened that night… we know who the Applejack right now is. And she needs our help. We can’t afford to stop here. The only way to find out what really happened is to go there and see for ourselves. And if Applejack can’t accept what happened, we’re going to show her that we’re still willing to accept her.”
>Dash nods. “Right! Whatever happened, I’m not turning my back on my friend when she needs me.”
>”We gotta get there to cheer her on!” Pinkie says, raising her hoof excitedly.
>”Nothing’s gonna get between us and Applejack!” Spike says determinedly.
>Twilight: <We won’t let her suffer alone. As friends, we’ll share her burden no matter what!>
>Suddenly, you hear a loud howling in the distance.
>Fluttershy: <I’m sensing a powerful shadow just up ahead! Be careful!>
>You tap the card of Father Time to keep him on standby and run towards the source of the sound.
>As you round a corner in the cavern, you see a massive shadow that resembles a three-headed 2 story tall Border Collie standing in front of a towering obsidian gate with a large blue gem in the center looking like an upside-down apple with red leaves coming from its stem.
>The three-headed dog bares its bright white teeth at you. The top halves of its heads are covered with three blue masks identical to those you saw on the gigas before.
>Fluttershy: <Oh no! Please don’t hurt the doggie! He’s so cute!>
>The left head opens its jaws, and a scorching blast of fire jets out your way.
>You quickly roll to the side to avoid it, leaving a blackened spot on the floor where you used to stand.
>Fluttershy: <NO! Bad doggie! You're going to go to time out!>
“Glad to see you’re back on our side."

2015-03-03 12:50:02 No. 22056915
>You draw the card from your pocket as if unsheathing a sword. “Change, Maui!”
>The plump sumo man stomps the ground and raises his fishing rod, swishing it through the air and sending the hook flying at the dog’s center head!
>It snags the beast’s chin, and with a mighty tug, Maui slams the dog’s middle head straight into the red stone.
>Dash sees her chance, taking off with an explosion of rainbow light and soaring to the top of the cave before looping back down into a spinning dive straight at the top of the pinned shadow’s head, crashing into it with the force of a bomb and causing the three-headed beast to yowl in pain!
>The left head retaliates by sending a blazing fireball at Dash, but she just zips away with a smirk, causing the fireball to miss her and careen straight into the center head, scorching it painfully.
>”Ha! Too easy!”
><No, the center head isn’t taking much damage from physical strikes… but fire seems to still work. Look out, here it comes!”
>The right head looks at you and its eyes flash black for a moment.
>”Big guy, look out!”
>Spike dives at you, knocking you away just as a black sphere erupts where you were standing, catching Spike and trapping him before shattering with a low pitched *BWOOM*.
>Spike tumbles to the ground lifelessly…
”Little man!”
><Oh no! Spike!>
>”Don’t you worry your pretty green head about that. Pinkie’s gotcha covered!”
>Pinkie leaps into the air and slaps straight through her card with a high-hoof.
>”This is my new power. Apollo Medicus!”
>A radiant white man, angelic in appearance with red and gold hair like the rays of the sun appears in front of Pinkie.
>He strums the lyre gently, and a warm light envelops Spike, bringing him back to his feet.
>”Ugh… thanks, Pinkie. You okay big guy?”
“I’m fine now. Thanks.”
><It looks like the side heads use magic, while the center uses physical attacks. What should we do... should I try to help?>

2015-03-03 03:27:52 No. 22058484
“Pinkie, stay back and keep on the defensive. I’ll engage the right head directly. Spike, you take the left. Dash, take the center!”
>”Roger!” Your team sounds off in unison.
>The three of you split off to take your targets on while Pinkie hangs back.
>Dash circles around the center head, darting around to confuse it and peppering it with lightning bolts.
>Ouroboros flies at the left head, grasping onto its jaws with its black claws, trying to force them shut.
“Time for a switch. Change, Alucard!"
>The vampire leaps at the right head with his thin sword drawn, flying at him like a leaf on the wind and slicing at him with a flash of silver.
>The left head smokes as the serpentine dragon keeps his jaws forced shut, but the center head comes to its aid by lunging at the Ouroboros and biting down harshly, causing a matching bite wound to appear on spike’s side as he winces.
>The right takes aim at the pegasus hounding the center, firing off a sphere of shadowy energy and forcing her to swiftly dive.
>Fluttershy: <They’re trying to protect each other!
>Spike runs to left head as his clenched fist gathers green flame…
>Spike leaps, flying straight at the black dog’s jaw with his fist outstretched!
>His blazing strike connects with the dog’s jaw with bone-shattering force, letting out a loud crack!
>The dog’s head flops to the ground, causing the rest of its body to tilt sideways as the head stays down dazed.
>Fluttershy: <He’s become weak to fire! Maybe you could try an agi spell… if it’s okay with you.>
>With a swirl of his cloak, Alucard sends a rain of fire flying at the dogs, burning their faces and sending them crashing to the ground, writhing in pain.
>Spike turns and grins at you. “Ready to go all out, big guy?”
“You got it!”
>”Let's go wild!"
>You lead the charge, and the four of you assault the fallen shadow with everything you’ve got, hammering away at him until he breaks out of your melee and stands up, howling in anger.
><Just a little more!>

2015-03-03 06:31:17 No. 22060625
“He’s mad now. Everyone be on your guard.”
>You quickly draw the card of the Fortune Arcana and shatter it.
“Father Time!”
>A golden shield envelops Pinkie Pie as your Tetraja spell activates.
>”Nice! Now if he wants to kill me, he’ll have to do it the slow and painful way!” Pinkie remarks positively.
>The three heads converge and open their jaws wide, forming a ball of white hot energy.
>The ball crackles and shimmers before erupting in a powerful shockwave, battering you with a wave of pure energy, causing the ground beneath you to shatter and explode from the force of the megido spell!
>You plant your warhammer in the ground to keep your balance until the dust settles.
><Leader! Are you all right?”>
“I’m… not done yet!”
>”Get right back in there, everypony!” Pinkie cheers as Apollo Medicus plays a tune on his lyre, reinvigorating the entire party!
“Let’s see if I can disrupt their teamwork. Change, Solomon!”
>A brown-bearded king sits upon a floating golden throne.
>In his right hand he holds the chain of a dangling silver medallion emblazoned with a star-symbol, pointing it to face the demon.
>A viridian ray of light to lances out and strikes the center hound’s forehead, leaving a glowing green star insignia where it lands.
>The center head looks to its neighbors and growls, attacking the right side head, biting at its ears and growling fiercely! The right head whimpers as the entire beast’s body falls to the side from the imbalance.
><It’s now weak to physical strikes! Quickly!>
>”Quickly is my middle name!” Rainbow brags before quickly swooping at the monster’s left neck, her wings leaving a long cut that sprays black blood!
>”One more!” Dash yells as she tags the blue card in midair, directing the red biplane to dive bomb the center head, driving it into the ground and slicing away with its propeller before vanishing, leaving the shadow prone once again.
>Spike looks over at you. “What do you think about finishing this one off together, big guy?”
“Hell yeah!”

2015-03-03 06:39:08 No. 22060699
>The two of you simultaneously break your cards of the magician arcana and shout together, ”PERSONA!”
>An ancient figure with a flowing white beard in a starry blue robe and a pointy hat appears next to the black dragon, raising his oak staff up and gathering blue flames into a sphere at its tip.
>Spike’s other self opens wide and forms an expanding ball of emerald fire in its mouth….
>Your personas unleash a simultaneous stream of green and blue fire, striking the three-headed shadow in its chest as they converge upon a single point!
Team Up Attack: Double Burning Fire!
>The burning beams twist and spiral around each other, drilling into the shadow, the sheer force launching it away, slamming its back into the gate as the beams of flaming energy rage on!
>”One more push!”
“Hellfire is nothing compared to our burning manly soul!”
>The twin flames pierce straight through the shadow’s chest, roasting it from the inside and burning it away into a cloud of shadowy ash!
>The blue apple jewel embedded in the black gate shatters into shards, revealing a handle.
>”Heh, this time I’m not just an assistant!” Spike grins, extending his fist to you.
>You give him a quick congratulatory fistbump before he pops a zap apple candy to restore some of his expended energy.
>”Whew… pretty strong, but it sure does take a lot out of me.” Spike says, wiping his brow.
>Fluttershy: <It looks like the door is open. We can proceed whenever you’re ready, Leader.>

2015-03-03 10:56:54 No. 22063866
“Dash, eat one of those zap apple candies. I don’t want you running dry at the next fight.”
>”Got it, leader.”
>You take a look at the door handle where the shattered blue crystal once was.
“So what was the deal with that anyway?”
>Twilight: <I guess you’ve never seen it… it looked like her element, Anon. The Element of Honesty. But it was upside-down, and the color was wrong.>
>Fluttershy: <Inverted, actually. The opposite of orange is blue, and the opposite of red is green.>
“So then this gate is the lie protecting her… is she behind this door, Fluttershy?”
>Fluttershy: <There’s something else up ahead. A large room filled with branches. After we get through that room, we should be very close to Applejack’s Shadow. But the next room… I’m picking up some intense heat readings, but no shadows.>
>”Then what’re we waiting for? Let’s speed through it and find Applejack!” Dash says.
“Not much point in waiting around I guess. Let’s see for ourselves.”

>You grab the handle and open the massive door with surprising ease, despite its size.
>The group steps through the gate, and you find yourselves in a cavern filled with a forest of flaming trees growing tall enough to press against the ceiling.
>Barred cages hang from the trees, some empty, but some holding various ponies you’ve seen around town.
>”That’s Flim and Flam!” Spike points at two sleeping stallions in adjacent cages.
>”Berry Punch? What’s she ever done?” Dash frowns.
>You notice Derpy’s former boss hanging in a nearby cage as well. You feel a surge of anger swell in your heart as you stare at her, until you feel Pinkie tug at your waist.
>”Don’t think about her right now. We gotta save AJ, right?”
>Fluttershy: “There’s no room to fly over the trees, but I can see a path through the forest. I can’t detect any shadows, but… something still doesn’t feel right.”
“What do you mean?”
>Fluttershy: “I can’t quite put my hoof on it. But this place feels dangerous somehow. I mean, besides all the fire."

2015-03-04 02:17:03 No. 22065568
“I see… everyone, stay alert. Little man, can you try a quick scan?”
>”On it, big guy.”
>Ouroboros coils around spike as he concentrates.
>[... It’s quiet.]
>[Too quiet.]
>[Literally. I should at least be hearing something more than dead silence. There’s no way Applejack has so few shadows in her Fantasia. There’s usually some indistinct noise, but it’s completely quiet.]
>”So what, is it a trap or should we go?” Dash asks impatiently.
“I feel like it’s a trap. But we should still go. We’ll just have to take it slow and watch for an ambush.”
>Fluttershy: <Applejack has entered stage 4.>
“Maybe not too slowly. Let’s go, weapons out!”
>You run forward with your team in tow into the thick burning forest, keeping Father Time on standby.
>The smoke and flame makes it difficult to see where you’re going, but Fluttershy begins displaying instructions for you. <Straight ahead, then take a left at the fork.>
>You follow them, ignoring the splits in the path until she tells you where to turn. <In 30 meters, turn right.>
>As you turn again, you nearly collide with a low hanging flaming branch, but you manage to quickly duck under it.
“Whoah! That was close. Maybe we sh-”
>As you’re speaking the branch suddenly swings at you, forcing you to jump back to avoid it.
>Fluttershy: <Anonymous, look out! It’s a shadow! The trees are moving and turning into shadows!>
>The burning tree that swiped at you uproots itself from the ground as a blue mask emerges from its trunk.
><It’s called a Hell Nyogo. And it’s not the only one, either. The forest is full of them and they’re approaching from all directions! Oh no... what do we do? Should I try to help?>

2015-03-04 01:30:06 No. 22069545
“We might not have time to fight them all. Fluttershy, can you really take some of them out?”
>Fluttershy: <I think so… is it okay?>
“Go for it.”
>Fluttershy: <O-Okay, but please don’t look behind you, whatever you do.>
>You feel a growing sense of inexplicable dread…
>Fluttershy: <Activating Senrigan... GET LOST!>
>Even without looking, you feel a surge of dark intent that gives you goosebumps.
>Some of the treant shadows facing you shiver and quake in place, retracting their masks and turning back into normal trees.
>Shizuka: <Oh? 80% accuracy rate… I’m not sure if I should be happy or disappointed. Oh well. You’ll put on a good show for me with the remaining 20% won’t you?>
>Unlike the usual messages from Fluttershy that appear in your vision as floating blue letters, the text from Shizuka’s communication is a bright shiny red.
>Shizuka: <Ooh! Here comes more! Can you make them bleed? I wanna see if these ones bleed pretty!>
“Shizuka, you’re still on our side then?”
>Shizuka: <Of course I am. I like seeing you hurt things. I’ll even tell you just how to hurt them the best!>
“Works for me.”
>The tree-like shadows push their way through the flames and advance on you from all directions.
>Despite taking out 80% of them, it seems like there’s still quite a few…
“Time to test this one out.”
>You swiftly draw the card numbered XVI and stab through it with your finger.
“I think therefore, I AM!”
>A crooked black monolith falls from the sky and plants itself into the ground.
>Glowing yellow writing begins scrawling itself on the face of the structure as the ground beneath the shadows erupts in bright white explosions, causing the chains and cages to rattle in the air as the shockwaves rush past them.
>Shizuka: <I like this one! I feel like we could be very good friends. Try not to run out of energy before you kill them. I still want to see you fight Applejack’s shadow, so you can’t die here.>
“Thanks for the encouragement…”

Meanwhile, at Sweet Apple Acres...

2015-03-04 03:16:32 No. 22070646
>The farmhouse is surrounded by royal guards on all sides, as well as some patrolling the skies.
>Sunset Shimmer walks along the dirt path to the farmhouse, carrying a saddlebag containing a few thick books.
>As she nears, the spiral horned former changeling steps out to block her path. “Halt, Sunset Shimmer. We are in a temporary state of emergency right now, and this farmhouse is currently off limits.”
>”Captain, please let me through. Twilight’s here, isn’t she? I need to see her so I can try to help.”
>”I’m sorry, Ms. Shimmer, but this is an order. Return to your home for your own safety until the all clear is sounded.”
>”Just tell Twilight I’m here. I came back so I could help! At least let me talk to her so she can tell me what’s going on!” Sunset says impatiently.
>”Princess Twilight will speak with you when she is ready. As of right now you do not have the proper clearance to enter this location.” Captain Domino says firmly.
>”Twilight! Twilight it's me!” Sunset calls out as she rushes at the doorway, trying to push through the pair of earth pony guards blocking the way in.
>As Sunset struggles with the guards, she catches a glimpse of Pinkie Pie laying on the floor with a large burn on her side.
>As her eyes widen in shock, the two guards push her back, and Domino interposes herself between Sunset and the doorway.
>"What was that?"
>”Ms. Shimmer, this is your final warning. I know you’re not above getting violent with me, but let me warn you that if you make one more wrong move, I won’t hesitate to restrain you with as much force as is necessary.”
>”I- It’s not like that! Please, Captain Domino. I just want to help!”
>The unicorn captain glares fiercely. “Stop! Who… who…”
>In an instant, her gaze softens like a bulb burning out as she falls over.
>The earth ponies behind her fall similarly, as the Pegasi in the air drop like flies.
>Sunset looks around panicked as every guard in the vicinity collapses and falls asleep.
>”They fell asleep? What's going on?"

2015-03-04 05:41:11 No. 22072301
>Sunset leans down to check the fallen guard.
>”Definitely asleep. Is this SIHN?”
>She looks at the house with trepidation. “Looks like I’ll have to investigate on my own.”
>Sunset steps carefully over the fallen guards and enters the living room.
>6 of you are neatly arranged in a circle around Applejack, while her family lies nearby, undisturbed from their original position.
>The unicorn walks over and picks up Granny Smith’s dropped cane to examine it.
>”It looks like they all collapsed at once… probably the same way the guards did. But why is everyone else laying around Applejack like that? If they were talking together they’d be sitting down on something, not in a circle like this.”
>She takes a closer look at Pinkie Pie.
>”That burn is gone… but some of the others look kind of scratched up. And… they’re holding weapons too. Are they fighting something inside a dream? But why? Shouldn’t Princess Luna be doing something like this?”
>Sunset opens up the saddlebag and removes a book from it.
>”I guess that’s why I found this book open in the library. Dream Diving spells… I’d seen them before, but I’ve never tried it myself.”
>She flips open the book and starts reading from a passage.
>”When entering a dream you may find yourself disoriented… not realizing you’re in a dream. It may take time for you to understand your surroundings and remember that you are in someone else’s dream, yada yada… personal posessions may follow you but you may dismiss them in your confused state... Okay, I have to figure this out before I get in there."
>Sunset looks down at the sleeping princess, worried.
>"Twilight... I'm not sure what's going on, but I'll be there for you soon. I won't let anything bad happen to my friends no matter what world they're in. I promise."

2015-03-04 06:45:09 No. 22073094
Back in the Pit of Hell…

>You toss back a Zap Apple Candy and feel mentally rejuvenated as a tingling sensation warms your body.
“Man… I think I speak for all of us when I say that was our most visually impressive fight yet.”
>”I know! There was so much going on at once even I couldn’t keep up with it!” Pinkie says, bouncing up and down.
>”I don’t think I’ll be able to eat oatmeal for a week after that.” Spike says.
>Shizuka: <I liked the part where you killed every last one of them. And I know the perfect way to celebrate that victory when we get out! It involves a tub of applesauce and lots of lubrication. And you’re all invited!>
>Twilight: <Let’s focus on getting out first… how’s Applejack doing?>
>Shizuka: <She’s in stage 5.>
“Stage 5? Why didn’t you say that earlier! We have to move!”
>Shizuka: <But you looked like you were having so much fun… I didn’t want to interrupt you!>
“Which way?”
>Shizuka: <Straight ahead! Let’s go already, I wanna get a good seat!>
>You charge through the forest until the trees begin to thin out and form a clearing.
>Seats are set up with a few ponies occupying them in questionable states of consciousness .
>Applejack is tied to a post with rope, struggling against her bonds angrily. At the bottom of the post is a pile of tinder and firewood.
>There’s a stage set up next to her with a podium and a chair.
>At the podium you see Applejack’s other self. her hair is untied, and she doesn’t seem to be wearing her hat, and she holds a judge’s gavel in her right hand.
>Most telling are her bright yellow eyes gleaming in the firelight of the burning forest.
>”All rise!” she calls out in her echoing voice as your group approaches.
>As you close in, you notice Applejack’s family has a front row seat.
>”Now then, looks like our gallery’s fillin’ out mighty nice, so how’s about we get this here trial a rollin’? The dishonorable judge Applejack presiding for the trial an' execution of Applejack for the murder of Dabinett and Katya Apple."

2015-03-04 08:19:49 No. 22074473
>A frightened murmuring comes from the crowd before Applejack’s shadow before she silences them with a pounding of her gavel. “Order! Ah say Order! Now then… ‘Applejack’ you said yer name was? How do you plea to these charges?”
>”What kinda question is that? I didn’t do nothin’!” Applejack yells from the pyre.
>”So you admit you did do ‘something’.” Her shadow smirks.
>”You ain’t makin’ a lick of sense! I’m sayin’ I plea not guilty! Now get me down from here, whoever you are!”
>”The name’s Applejack. An’ I can’t have you runnin’ away any longer. Now then, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, an’ nothin’ but the truth?”
>”Of course I do! I always tell the truth. I’m the Element of Honesty for pony’s sake! And I’m the only Applejack ‘round here!”
>”Off to a bad start with those lies, sugarcube. But I’ll let it slide. Now then, Applejack, why don’t you tell everypony what happened the night of December 20th, 7 years ago?”
>”It’d be my pleasure. Don’t worry, everypony. I’ll prove I’m innocent right here.”

>”I was just a little filly… I couldn’t sleep, an’ I was gettin’ a glass of water late at night.”
>”That’s when I saw him… he was standin’ there outside our barn, an’ I saw him go in.”
>”I snuck out an’ went after him, ‘cause I didn’t want him gettin’ away.”
>”I crept into the barn, lookin’ round for the intruder… an’ suddenly I saw a bright flame at the entrance of the barn!”
>”He used his magic to make the hay catch fire, an’ it blocked me off so I couldn’t escape… an' that's when I saw him."
>”I remember seein’ him walkin’ away… that black unicorn with the mane like fire, an’ the bonfire cutie mark.”
>”I was trapped… I tried to put the fire out, but it was too big. I ran up to the loft and stuck my head out the window cryin’ fer help.”
>”Ma an’ Pa heard me hollerin’ an’ ran into the burnin’ barn to save me.”

2015-03-04 08:21:12 No. 22074492
>”I was so scared… the fire trapped me an’ I couldn’t get out.”
>”They climbed up to me an’ started tryin’ to figure a way out.”
>”We were too high up to jump, an’ the fire already spread too far outside.”
>”So Pa took his hat… an’ Ma took her ribbons, an’ they tied ‘em together to make it into a basket.”
>”Then they put me in that basket an’ strung it through a rope… tossed the rope out to Big Mac an’ Granny who came out after.”
>”They slid me down the rope to safety… but they couldn’t get out.”
>”I still remember that terrible night… watchin’ the barn burn down as the ash mixed with the snow an’ turned it black…”
>”I told the authorities who I saw, but they never found him.”
“Ever since then I’ve worn these to remind me of their sacrifice, an’ to grow up strong like they were.”
>Applejack finishes her story with tears in her eyes, but her shadow just looks bored.
>”I’m sorry, but I wasn’t asking for your lies. I asked for Applejack to tell us. The real Applejack.”
>”I am the real Applejack!” she shouts tearfully from the post.
>The shadow ignores Applejack and turns away. “Now then, Real Applejack, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?”
>Shadow AJ jumps onto the witness chair and puts on a childlike voice, “Only when it suits me!”
>The Shadow moves back to the podium, “Now that’s an honest girl! So little lady, why don’t you tell us what really happened that night?”
>She sits on the chair again. “Okay!” she sings out innocently.

2015-03-04 08:27:27 No. 22074585
Witness Testimony

>”Ma an’ Pa always told me to let one of them watch me when I was practicing my apple bucking. I told ‘em I would, but that was a lie.”
>”So on December 20th, I took a lantern an’ snuck out to the barn to try out a real neat trick!”
>”It was so cool the way Ma used to kick a tree an’ make apples fall down from every tree around it.”
>”I thought I could do it too. I’m her daughter after all!”
>”So I put down the lantern an’ tried to knock over an apple I put up to practice.”
>”I tried over an’ over… but I couldn’t get it right.”
>”An’ then I missed!”
>”Instead of knockin’ the apple off… I knocked the lantern off!”
>”The lantern oil spread all over… I thought I could snuff it out by puttin’ hay over it, or splashin’ water on it, but it didn’ work.”
>”I couldn’t get caught breakin’ the rules, so I had to put it out myself! But it just spread an’ spread an’ got too big…”
>”I couldn’t put it out, an’ I was trapped. I had to run up to the loft an’ call fer help.”
>”Ma an’ Pa ran into the burnin’ barn an’ saved me!”
>”But when they asked me who done it… I couldn’t tell ‘em I killed my Ma an’ Pa, so I lied. I told ‘em it was some bad guy who done snuck in. I remember a comic I read one time about a unicorn who started fires… so I told ‘em it was somepony who looked like that.”
>”An’ I’ve been lyin’ bout it ever since. The end.”
>Everyone stares in silence as the shadow walks back to the podium.
>”I think that’s pretty damning testimony, don’t you?”

2015-03-04 10:28:56 No. 22076237
>You slam your hand down on an empty seat for a dramatic sound.
>”Overruled!” Applejack’s Shadow replies. “I’m the judge, prosecutor, and the defendant, remember? And as the accused, I choose to represent myself. Judgement by the apples, of the apples, for the apples! There ain’t room for anypony else. Especially you! But let’s give poor lil’ AJ a chance to save her soul by confessing her crimes. Now then, liar, tell us what really happened that night!”
>”I did tell ya!” Applejack yells angrily. “I-I remember I saw him! Girls, Spike, you believe me don’tcha?”
>The three of them look uncomfortable as they’re unable to answer in the affirmative.
>”Applejack… did you really see somepony that night, or do you just think you saw somepony?” Pinkie Pie says hesitantly.
>”Applejack, it was a long time ago. It’s okay if you don’t really remember what happened. It was an accident, right?” Dash says hopefully.
>”I don’t believe you two! How can you listen to her instead of me! I’m your friend, ain’t I? Why… why are you sayin’ I did such a terrible thing! It wasn’t me! I-I couldn’t… she’s the one that’s lyin’! Don’t believe her!”
>”It’s because they know I’m tellin’ the truth. On account of I’m the Element of Honesty an’ all. An’ I know what we did because I am you!”
>”No… no it wasn’t me!” Applejack cries. “I couldn’t have done something like that! I ain’t a killer... Yer a liar! YER NOT ME!”
>A light goes out in Applejack’s eyes, and she goes limp in her bonds.
>Her shadow smiles wickedly.
>”Heheh… that’s right. I ain’t you. I’m my own self now!”
>Flames stream to the shadow from the trees, enveloping her and causing her to grow.
>Her gavel changes shape along with her, shifting into an oversized bloody axe as she grows into a towering dark-skinned demon with broken shackles around its neck, left arm, and right foot.
>It smiles with gleaming white teeth.
>”I am a shadow... the TRUE self! The trial is over... it's time to execute the sinners of this world!"
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