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2015-03-08 05:43:48 No. 22125557
Freedom Edition

>>22076874 Old Thread

General thread for ongoing MLP Persona greentext as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pics/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

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2015-03-08 11:17:23 No. 22131108
>That day, work proceeded fairly normally.
>You’re still doing work inside the house due to all the snow.
>After you’re finished, you decided to head home early today to spend some time with your housemates.

Home, Afternoon

>When you return, Gilda is sitting on the couch with a Manila envelope.
>Her face lights up when she sees you. “You’re back!”
“That’s a lot less abusive than my usual greetings. Did something good happen?”
>Gilda tosses the beige envelope at you. “Read it!”
“Okay, okay. Gimmie a second.”
>You take your shoes off and sit down to read the contents of the envelope.
>It appears to be from the hospital.
>About 90% of the document you understand about as well as Gilda does.
>But you manage to figure out the important part…
“You’re getting your casts off next wednesday?”
>”Fuck yeah I am!”
“That’s awesome!”
>”I know! It’s been almost two months, but I’m finally gonna be able to take this stupid itchy bulky piece of shit off my legs.”
“I’m really happy for you Gilda. Do you want to go somewhere to celebrate?”
>”Go somewhere?” Gilda thinks… “Well, we don’t have to. But it’d be nice to celebrate a little bit. I guess.”
>As you’re pondering what you could do to celebrate, you hear a knock at the door.
>”Could you get that?”
>You go over to the door and open it.
>Dash is standing there nervously looking up at you.
>It seems she’s holding a book in the saddlebag on her side.
>”Uh, hey… is Gilda home?”
“Yeah, she is.”
>”Do you… think I could come in to give her this?”
“One second.”
>You walk back over to the couch.
“Gilda, Dash has something she wants to give you. Do you want to see her right now?”
>Gilda looks unsure.
>”I… I guess so. Tell her to come in.”
>You walk back to the entryway and give Dash a nod of approval.
>She wipes her hooves on the mat and comes in slowly.
>As soon as the two see each other, they immediately begin avoiding eye contact.
>There’s an uncomfortable silence…
>Should you say something?

Say something.
Wait for them to speak.

2015-03-09 12:52:04 No. 22132556
>You decided to wait this one out.
>They’re mature adults.
>They can handle this themselves.
>Dash seems to be aware of this as well as she tries to speak first.
>It seems to take her a great deal of effort to swallow her pride and speak.
>”I want to apologize for everything I did to you, Gilda. You were my best friend, and I treated you like garbage. I screwed up. I was too chicken to tell you how I was really feeling, so I just kept my mouth shut like a coward because I didn’t want to rock the boat. And I broke my promise. I’ve been so confused with what I wanted to do and… I should have tried to tell you that. I should have told you I was feeling confused. I’m still confused. I have no idea what I’m doing, or where I’m going to go. I’m sorry. I’m really, really, really sorry.
>Gilda closes her eyes, trying to maintain her composure.
>”Dash… I used to like how direct you were. You'd just say what you felt without the bullshit. Why didn't you just tell me that to my face?”
>Dash looks hurt as she replies, “... Because I thought… you wouldn’t like me anymore if I wasn’t so confident and cool all the time. I didn’t want you to think I was lame so I just hid all that stuff from you. I didn’t want to lose you.”
>This time it’s Gilda that seems to be forcing herself.
>”… I don’t blame you for thinking that. Of course you wouldn’t tell me. It’s the same shit I pull all the time. And then the one time I tried to be honest, I ended up getting burned. But I’m the one who kept telling you that talking about your feelings was for pussies. I gave you a bullshit double standard. I didn’t want you to talk about it, and then I got pissed when you didn’t talk about it. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I had it coming. And I’m sorry too. For always being such a bitch about everything, and getting all paranoid and possessive. I guess I wasn't ready for a relationship with you back then. I still had a lot of growing up to do."
>"I think we both did." Dash agrees.

2015-03-09 02:30:08 No. 22138063
>There’s another long pause as they try to find the right words…
>”Dash… how do you feel about me?”
>Dash sighs. “That’s... a tough question.”
>”Just level with me. Don’t try to give me some bullshit to make me feel better this time. Just say how you really feel.”
>”I really used to love hanging out with you. I felt like you really understood me. But I… I didn’t want you as my marefriend. I don’t think we’re really right for each other. I’m sorry.”
>Gilda shakes her head. “No, I… I think you’re right. I had feelings for you, but that’s just… not really enough. We might have made good friends, but for a relationship, I think we’re just too similar. It was fun, and it made me pretty happy being with you back then, but I wasn’t what you needed. And you’re not what I need.”
>Dash nods sadly. “I’m sorry, Gilda.”
>”You don’t have to apologize, Dash. That’s just how life works, you know? Sometimes you gotta make the wrong decisions. It’s better to try something and fuck it up than just doing nothing.”
>”I know, but… I still really cared about you. Maybe not in the same way you felt about me, but I never meant to hurt you and push you away like that. I still really care about you a lot, you know.”
>”Yeah, I know… I still care about you too.”
>Dash approaches her nervously. “Do you… think we could be friends again, Gilda?”
>The gryphon sighs and extends her claw for Dash to shake.
>”Yeah. Just friends this time. Good friends, but… I think we both know romance isn’t meant to be with us.”
>Dash shakes Gilda’s claw firmly. “Thanks… and uh, I have something for you.”
>”Something for me?”
>”Yeah, but just… hear me out. I know you think reading’s for eggheads and all that, and I thought that too. But when I injured my wing and couldn’t fly… reading this book got me through it. You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to, but it’s just… it’s something that means a lot to me, okay?”
>Dash places the book on the couch.
>"Plus the main character is a smoking hot Pegasus."

2015-03-09 04:09:47 No. 22139425
>Gilda looks over the Daring Do book…
>It’s completely unintelligible to you, but judging by the picture on the cover, it’s the same one Dash tried to give to Gilda in the hospital.
>”... Thanks, Dash. That’s… really nice of you.”
>Dash looks relieved.
>”Glad you like it. I was kind of worried you’d throw it at me again.”
>Gilda suddenly reaches out and pulls Dash into a hug.
>”Sorry I was such a bitch. It wasn’t your fault. I was just… throwing a fucking tantrum because I was pissed at myself.”
>”I’m sorry too.”
>They hold onto each other for a while before Dash backs away.
>”Anyway… I gotta go for now. I’ll see you around, I guess.”
>Gilda smiles, “I’ll tell you what I thought of the book.”
>You see a bashful smile come to Dash’s face as she leaves.

“I think you handled that very maturely, Gilda.”
>”Yeah, well… I can’t keep acting like I’m in flight school forever. I might talk big, but I guess me and Dash are both kind of still children when you get down to it.”
>You have a seat next to Gilda and put your arm around her.
“Y’know, sometimes adults tend to have the hardest time admitting when they’re acting childish. I think being able to do that is a good sign of maturity.”
>Gilda moves closer to you and rubs her cheek against yours.
>”Thanks. Feels good hearing you say that… I mean, I’m not even above the age of consent for Griffons, but you see me as real woman, don’t you…”
“Wait, what?”
>”It’s okay, I mean, you can just say you didn’t know the laws, right?”
>Gilda looks up at you with her glimmering golden eyes…
>And begins snorting with laughter.
>”PFFffaahahaha! Oh, fuck, you’re too easy! I totally had you going there."
"You whore. That's the last time I believe something you tell me about Gryphons."
>"Yeah, like you don't bullshit me whenever I ask you about your world."
>You just shrug and kiss her again.
>You spent some time teasing each other on the couch until the sun went down.
>You should go speak with the Princess about Trixie...

2015-03-09 06:03:56 No. 22141374
Twilight’s Castle, Evening

>You went to the Library to make use of the modified crystal mirror.
>After connecting for about a minute, the midnight blue alicorn appears on the other side.
>”Anonymous one. It is good to see you again. Unless you are merely calling for my sister once more…”
“Actually, no. That’s why I waited until the sun went down.”
>”Oh? Well then, for what reason do you call upon us?”
>You briefly explained that Trixie has been troubled by recurring nightmares.
>”So this Trixie was seeking us, but could not approach in public until now? How interesting… we had never noticed her watching us. Very well. We have been hoping to resume our vacations to ponyville, and this seems a suitable impetus for our return. Shall I see her next sunday then?”
“You want to meet her face to face? Why not just go into her dreams remotely?”
>”It will be more effective to counsel her on the meaning of her nightmares if we are able to speak with her personally. Or perhaps there is a reason you do not wish for us to return? Are you living in fear of the day which I return to crush you in marevel?”
“Not at all. I’d welcome the chance to face off with you.”
>”Very well then. You’re free to go.”
>The mirror swirls and returns to normal as the call disconnects.
>You decided to head back home after placing the Gold Star you received from Cheerilee in the scrapbook.
>When you got home, you explained to Trixie that you managed to convince Luna to come to town on Sunday.
>She seems quite grateful to hear that, and lets you know she’s looking forward to it.
>Gilda seems to be pretty engrossed in her book, but closes it and acts nonchalant whenever she catches you looking.
>You laugh it off and spend some time with them before going to bed.

2015-03-10 12:37:46 No. 22146507
Thursday, December 22nd

>That morning, you receive a delivery with your mail.
>It looks like Rarity finished your new winter clothes and decided to send them over.
>Just in time, too. Last night was a pretty heavy snowfall.
>You put on a long black overcoat and a beige toque and head out for work.
>Once you get there through the foot of snow, you end up having to do some shoveling.
>It’s a good thing you’ve built up some endurance from the work you’ve been doing so far.
>Though you wonder if getting exercise in Fantasia fighting shadows actually helps you build muscle out here.
>If you do have muscle, it’s not immediately recognizable.
>You wonder if it’s actually possible for your appearance to change, or if you’ve changed at all since you came here.
>Maybe some of your features have become a bit more defined… or maybe you’ve just gotten better at seeing them.
>It’s hard to tell.
>After work, you walk around town for a bit until you come across the Cutie Mark Crusaders playing around in the park.

Ponyville Park, Afternoon

>The three girls are hard at work crafting something out of the snow…
“Good afternoon, girls. What’re you making?”
>Applebloom looks up at you happily. “Mister Anonymous! Thanks fer stickin’ up fer me the other day. That was real nice of you. An’ mah sister even said sorry an’ ungrounded me, so now I get ta’ be out here makin’ snowponies with mah friends!”
>”I even borrowed some buttons from my sister for the eyes!” Sweetie Belle says cheerily.
>”You did tell her we were borrowing them, right?” Scootaloo asks cautiously.
>”Yeah, and she spent an hour trying to “help” me pick out the right ones.” Sweetie Belle rolls her eyes.
>”Better than when we tried coal an’ it got all into our coats.”
“Snowponies, huh? I’ve never done it before. Mind if I join you girls? If you teach me how to make a snowpony, I’ll show you how to make a snowman.”

2015-03-10 12:41:06 No. 22146532
>You spent a while playing in the snow with the three girls.
>Making a snowpony is pretty simple.
>One long blob of snow for the body, a round sphere for the head, and a little ball for the muzzle, with leaves for the ears.
>Apple Bloom seems to be the most talented at it, while Scootaloo complains that hers looks like a snow donkey.
>They take pretty well to learning how to construct a snowman.
>Though there are a lot of comments about it having a fat butt.
>But even if the ass was fat, you have a good time making it.
>Eventually the snow sculpting devolves, or evolves, depending on your point of view, into a full on snowball fight.
>They sure are good at making snowballs without opposable thumbs.
>You on the other hand are suffering due to your lack of body hair to insulate you from the freezing snow flying at your face.
>The injustice of it all makes you want to go onto the forums and complain about whoever was in charge of balancing the races in this game.
>Weren’t you supposed to get a bonus feat?
>Oh right, you put that all into Skill Focus: Knowledge (Memes)
>You decide to make use of your superior size category to pick up the snowman’s head and chase the cutie mark crusaders around until it falls apart.
>They seize their chance to tackle you over and hit you with an All Out Attack!
>As you’re lying on the ground, utterly defeated, you notice the sun seems to be going down.
“Looks like it’s getting late. I concede my defeat for now.”
>”We’d better mosey on home ah suppose.”
“Want me to walk you girls home?”
>”But we all live in opposite directions.” Scootaloo points out.
>”If we all walked together it’d get dark before at least 2 of us go home. But we can make it alone.”
>”So who’re you gonna go home with, Mister Anonymous?” Apple Bloom asks.
>The trio looks up at you expectantly.
>Somehow you feel this is an important decision.
>The future of your relationship is tied to this moment.

Route Split

Apple Bloom Route
Sweetie Belle Route
Scootaloo Route

2015-03-11 02:01:10 No. 22159966
>You decided to go with Apple Bloom.
>The other two look a little disappointed, but they had enough fun with you today.
>You end up walking along the long snowy path to Sweet Apple Acres together with her.
>”So you an’ my sister are good now, right? She told me you two made up.”
“Yeah, she’s just been under a lot of stress lately.”
>”Our whole family must be considerin’ we all got sick at the same time. But I guess it just goes to show how good a family we are, right? We even get sick together!”
“I guess that’s one way to look at it. Are you feeling okay now? I hear SIHN can be pretty rough.”
>”Earth ponies are tough like that, Mister Anonymous. We had a little fever fer a day, but it broke soon enough. An’ now our whole family’s fit as a fiddle!”
“I see… so did Applejack talk to you all yet?”
>”Mmhm. She said she was real worried ‘bout all of us, an’ she’s sorry she let us get like that. She also said she wasn’t bein’ fair groundin’ me like that, an’ I was ungrounded.”
“Did she say anything else?”
>Apple Bloom tries to remember. “Jus’ checkin’ up on us to make sure we were recuperatin’ all good.”
“I see…”
>”Oh! Looks like we’re here already. Wanna come in for some hot apple cider? It’s great on a cold day!”
“Are you allowed to drink that? I thought it has alcohol.”
>”What? Of course it don’t! Don’tcha know the first thing about apple cider?”
“Uh, I thought I did but apparently not..”
>”Well come on in! I’ll learn ya all ‘bout it.”

2015-03-11 02:05:53 No. 22159989
>Apple Bloom drags you into the house and into the kitchen.
>It seems there’s already a pot of a warm golden brown liquid idling on the stove.
>You can smell a heavenly mix of apples and spices coming from it as Applejack ladles you a mug of it.
>”See, usually when it’s got alcohol in it, ya call it hard cider or just cider. But when it don’t got no alcohol in it, you call it soft cider or apple cider.”
“Then… what’s the difference between soft cider and apple juice?”
>”Soft cider’s what you get from juicin’ apples straight without messin’ around with it. It’s kinda cloudy on account of all the little bits of apple left in it. Apple Juice is when you boil it an’ filter it to just the juice. Juice is all clear an’ see through, an’ it ain’t so tart.”
“I see… so this is hot apple cider?”
>”Mmhm. An’ sometimes it’s called mulled apple cider. You warm up some apple cider in a pot with some citrus an’ spices, serve it on a cold day, and enjoy!”
>You take a sip of the hot apple cider…
>It’s certainly more than just apple juice… the spices mix neatly with the sweetness of the apples.
>You can taste cinnamon among a few other spices giving it depth, with just a subtle hint of citrusy tartness at the end.
“It’s delicious… you and your family sure know your apples huh? I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less at this point.”
>”Mmhm! I don’t know as much as my sister just yet, but I know I’ll get there some day.”
“That’s the spirit.”

2015-03-11 02:07:06 No. 22159997
>You enjoyed the mulled cider with Apple Bloom for a while…
>Soon after, Granny Smith wakes up from her nap and joins you for a cup.
>Big Mac comes home from the hardware store and joins you as well.
>A few minutes later, Applejack pushes through the door and wipes her hooves carrying some saddlebags full of soup cans.
>”Sorry I’m late, everypony. I was j- oh! A-Anonymous!”
>Applejack seems so startled by your presence she nearly drops her saddlebags.
>Luckily for her, they’re saddlebags.
>You can’t drop them because you don’t hold them.
>If you found a way to drop saddlebags in surprise… you’d probably be Derpy.
“Good evening, Applejack. I was just having some cider with your family. Is something wrong?”
>”Oh, it’s… I mean of course yer welcome back at my place. I was completely outta line sayin’ I didn’t wanna see you ‘round here, I just… could I speak with you in the kitchen fer a moment?”
>You head over to the kitchen to be alone with AJ.
>She looks at the floor nervously.
“Is something up? Should I not be here?”
>”It ain’t like that… I mean, I… you didn’t mention anything about that, right?”
“That? No, I didn’t… I wasn’t sure if you’d told them yet or not.”
>”R-Right, well… I didn’t. So now you know”
“I guess so. Well if you didn’t tell them yet, when are you going to?”
>”I’m… honestly not sure when I’m gonna tell ‘em. I mean I know I said as soon as they’re rested but… well, what if one of ‘em is just tryin’ to put on a tough face? Maybe they’re not ready yet…” she says unconvincingly.
>”...Or maybe I’m not ready yet. But then… when am I ever gonna be ready to admit somethin’ like that. It’s one thing to admit it to myself. But to say it to Granny, Big Mac, an’ Apple Bloom… I just don’t know if I can do it.”
>Applejack seems unsure…
>What should you say to her?

2015-03-11 03:39:54 No. 22165613
“I don’t blame you for not being ready. You know that you need to tell the truth… but acknowledging it is just the first step. It’s okay if you want to wait until you know how to tell them.”
>”How to tell ‘em… it’s simple ain’t it? I did it…”
“But are you ready to say it? If you are, then you can tell them. But I don’t want you to tell them before you’re ready.”
>”Am I ready? I don’t know… I just don’t know how I could be ready to say somethin’ like that.”
“It’s only been two days, Applejack. It’s not fair to expect you to be able to confess this right away. These things take time to process. And if it’s really bothering you, and you don’t know what to do, you can always talk to your friends.”
>Applejack looks a little relieved.
>”Thanks… I’m glad to know y’all are here for me. Guess we better go back there ‘fore they start wonderin’ what’s up.”
“Sure. Just remember we’re here if you ever need to talk.”
>You went back with Applejack and finished your cup of mulled cider, having a short conversation before excusing yourself to head home.
>Speaking of telling the truth…
>You still haven’t told Trixie that you’re dating Twilight.
>It’s possible she could react poorly…
>But you worry about what might happen if she finds out on her own.
>Perhaps it’s time to come clean with her about it.
>But how should you break it to her?

2015-03-11 06:56:00 No. 22168492
>For this… it’s about time you told her.
>You head straight home…

Home, Night

>Gilda seems to have fallen asleep reading in bed, but Trixie is still up when you arrive.
>”Welcome home, great and caring Anonymous.” she smiles.
“Trixie… good, you’re still up. Could I talk to you for a bit? There’s something I need to tell you.”
>”Talk to Trixie? About what?”
>You sit down on the couch, and she takes the seat next to you.
“Trixie… you remember when you offered to be my marefriend in exchange for keeping quiet about you?”
>Trixie nods.
“Well… I said you didn’t have to because I already had one. And see, I ended up keeping who it was a secret from you. Just like I kept you a secret from her for all that time. But… the one I was talking about was Twilight.”
>”Twilight… Sparkle…”
“Yeah. She was one of the first ponies I met when I came to this world. She took me into her home and helped me get my feet on the ground. She trusted me and became one of my first friends. And before I knew it, she became my first marefriend as well. When you told me how afraid you were of Twilight… well I wasn’t quite sure what to do. So I kept you both a secret from each other until I could figure out what was really going on. Eventually I learned more about what happened that day with the necklace. But every time I tried to test the waters, you didn’t seem like you wanted to listen. And you were doing awful out there, Trixie. You weren’t eating, you couldn’t sleep, and you wouldn’t even risk making a fire to keep warm."

2015-03-11 06:59:38 No. 22168548
"I couldn’t just let you die like that. So I had to tell Twilight. And when I did… well, she got pretty pissed at me and forced me to come out and tell you everything. And she helped me with that. She was very upset when she heard you were out there suffering. And to be honest, I should have tried harder to convince you about the truth. It hurt me to see you like that too, but I just didn’t get what to do. But I don’t want to keep any more secrets from you, Trixie. So that’s the truth. I’m in a relationship with Twilight Sparkle. It’s an open relationship, but that’s the way things are.”
>The unicorn stares down at the couch.
>“Trixie… already knows.”
“You… you do? Since when?”
>”Trixie… may have always known. But she didn’t want to believe it. A magic show is more fun when you let yourself believe. Isn’t life the same way? Trixie put her hopes in you because she wanted to believe in the Great and Caring Anonymous. That perhaps our meeting was more than mere coincidence… that our meeting was a beautiful fated encounter. That perhaps you could be Trixie’s new destiny. Her new reason for living. But… it seems Twilight Sparkle is ahead of Trixie once again.”
>”She always gets ahead of us… even when we try to turn away from her.”
>Trixie turns away. “Nevermind. Trixie… Trixie is saying too much. Trixie should be grateful for what she has. Twilight Sparkle… doesn’t have any connection to Trixie. Please forget Trixie’s selfishness. It is just a bad habit. Just… please forget about it. You've already been so much better to Trixie than she deserves. Trixie doesn't want to lose that too..."

2015-03-11 09:20:18 No. 22170600
>You gently take hold of Trixie’s hoof.
“Trixie… didn’t I tell you? You don’t have to be anyone else for me. Twilight isn’t your superior. You aren’t living in her shadow. You and her are completely different ponies. There are no strings of fate tying you to her. You’re free to choose what you want out of life. And I know you might believe in all that stuff about fate… but I believe in making my own choices in life. I don’t believe fate brought me to you. We aren’t destined to be together.”
>Trixie looks crestfallen for a moment, but you quickly throw your arms around her.
“This is my choice. I’m not following fate or destiny… I’m listening to what my heart tells me. That’s how I live my life. And my heart is telling me that I love you, Trixie. I love you so much it drives me crazy. And I love you because of all the things that make you yourself. You’re not inferior to Twilight. You’re nothing like her. Trying to compare the two of you is just absurd. I love Twilight, and I love you too. And I don’t want you to keep trying to become Twilight, or anyone else other than who you really are, Trixie Lulamoon.”
“I love you, Trixie. And I wouldn’t change a single thing about you. So tell me. And be honest… what do you want? Who do you want?”
>She pauses and shakes her head, “I… I want to follow my heart like you.”
>“Right now… my heart isn’t sure how it feels about Twilight Sparkle. But it knows how I feel about you.”
>”You’ve always taken care of me, listened to my worries… made me feel like I was welcome in this world.”
>”I want to be with you.”
>”I love you.”
>You lift the unicorn up, letting her place her hooves over your shoulders and kiss you deeply.
>Your lips don't separate for a long time.
>When they finally do, Trixie smiles at you through her tears.
>"Thank you..."
>You just smile back and hold her to your chest.
>You fell into a deep sleep together on the couch...
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