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2015-03-12 02:18:18 No. 22173358
Magnificent Seven Edition

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General thread for ongoing MLP Persona greentext as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pics/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

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2015-03-12 03:22:37 No. 22178323
>You slept in for a while until next morning.
>When you woke up, the two lovely ladies living with you seem pleased to see you.
>Apparently, Trixie and Gilda talked things over while you were out.
>They both seem pretty happy about the situation, especially Gilda.
>You give them both a kiss before you leave, and head over to Fluttershy’s place to meet up with Dash for training.

Fluttershy’s Cottage, Afternoon
>You spent a while training together in Fantasia.
>Today, you decided to forego the sparring and focus on hunting shadows.
>It’s mostly enemies you’ve fought before, but you notice some new ones appearing as well.
>According to Fluttershy, because they’ve been maturing, the shadows in their Fantasia have become even stronger.
>She tells you the fantasias of those who have obtained a new persona actually generate a new very powerful shadow.
>Fluttershy takes this as cause to be careful when poking around in Spike and Pinkie’s heads, but Dash seems eager for the challenge.
>Once you’re all running low on mp and candy, you decide to call it for the day.
>Not keen on making the same mistake as last week, you and Dash make use of Fluttershy’s indoor tub this time.
>It’s quite a bit smaller, but still just as warm and refreshing when you climb into it.
>Besides, Dash doesn’t seem to be making use of the space too much anyway, having chosen to climb in right next to you and relax.
>”Man… that was a heck of a workout. Maybe we should start bringing some of the others with us.”
“You think so?”
>”Yeah, I’ve been itchin’ to see Applejack in action. I bet she’s pretty crazy strong.”
“That so… I haven’t talked to her about her power much. What kind of magic does she use?”
>”She doesn’t really have much for magic. But when it comes to sheer strength, I don’t think any of us come close.”
“You make her sound pretty tough. I wonder if you could even take her."
>”Hah! Applejack might be strong, but I bet she couldn’t even touch me in a fight.”

2015-03-12 05:06:36 No. 22179661
“Well, I guess we’ll see about that next time. Hunting down some of those stronger shadows could be a good way to get stronger.”
>”Yeah, maybe. But I think we’re all pretty strong already. Plus, you’re a pretty awesome leader.”
“Thanks, Dash. You’re pretty amazing too, you know.”
>”Yeah, I know.” she grins.
>”But… it’s not just in battle. I think you really helped me out a lot since I came here. And maybe Cloudchaser was right. I kind of haven’t been myself. I’ve been feeling pretty lost lately. But when I talk to you, it’s like… I feel like I’m remembering just how much I have to offer.”
>”Lately… I’ve just been thinking a lot all the mistakes I’ve made in my life. I guess it happens when your inner self starts trashing you in front of the whole town. But I’d just been thinking about the bad stuff so much, I forgot just how awesome I really am.”
>”I guess that’s kinda what you’re good at, right? You really know how to make somepony feel awesome about themselves.”
>”And I was thinking… maybe that’s kind of what I wanted all along.”
>”It wasn’t about dudes or chicks or anything like that. I needed to have someone who’d tell me I was awesome when I stopped believing it.”
>”I act so tough… but I’m just desperate for approval. No matter what I do, it’s never enough for me. No matter how fast I go, I always think I could be going faster. No matter how great I am, I think I should be even greater. I have to be the best at everything I do because I’m terrified of failure. I’m scared to death of being told I’m not good enough. The whole reason I try so hard with all this training is because if I got benched I’d probably freaking cry…”
>”But being with you makes me feel good about myself. I feel like I can really believe my own words again. You’ve always been there when I needed you.”
>”I’m not really good with words, but... what I'm trying to say is, I know I can't offer much, but... I'd like to be your marefriend, Anon. Do you... want to be my coltfriend?"

2015-03-12 08:28:25 No. 22182423
>You pull Dash close to you.
“Of course I do.”
“There’s no way a mare as awesome as you couldn’t win my heart.”
>”YES! Yesyesyesyesyes you said yes I can’t believe you said yes!” Dash exclaims as she holds onto you, her wings flapping wildly.
“Wh-hey! Calm down! You’re splashing water everywhere!”
>”Oh. Heh, whoops. Sorry.”
“It’s fine, Dash. I’m excited too. And I’m glad I could make you happy like that. I really do think you’re an incredible mare.”
>”Thanks, Anon. I think you’re an awesome guy too.”
>You spent a while in the bath with Rainbow Dash before getting out and toweling off.
>The two of you shared a tender moment as you both helped each other dry off thoroughly.
>Dash ends up blushing pretty hard by the time you’re finished with her.
>You said goodbye and gave her a quick kiss before heading out.

Riches Estate, Evening

>As you enter the door to your pupil’s room, you notice an excited look in her eyes as she sits waiting on her bed with a sheet of paper on the endtable.
>”Sensei! I-I mean, you’re late! What took you so long? You should be here earlier.”
“My bad, DTR. Training took a little longer than I expected, and one thing lead to another.”
>”Training? Whatever. Anyway, take a look at this.”
>Diamond Tiara holds out the paper for you.
>You take it and have a look.
>It seems this is a report card for the first semester…

Math: B+
Language Arts: B+
Social Studies: A+
Science: A

>”It’s… not a 4.0. But it’s the best report card I’ve ever brought home. Miss Cheerilee said I used to have a C in some of those before I got sick, and if I keep this up I might really become a straight A student.”
“That’s amazing! As expected of DTR. You’ve been a great student.”
>”Yeah… but my Dad didn’t really seem to notice. He just said it was nice, and asked me what I wanted for it.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
>”Because it’s what he always says! He's so clueless! I shouldn't have to tell him what I want! But... he's not going to give me what I really want anyway..."

2015-03-12 09:27:27 No. 22183350
“Sometimes parents want to understand their kids, but they’re just too different. Have you tried talking to him about it before?”
>”It’s not gonna help… he doesn’t listen. He’s already made up his mind about it.”
“About what?”
>”Sensei… I never told you about how I got my cutie mark, did I?”
“You didn’t. But I’d love to hear about it if you want to tell me.”
>”It was on my birthday. Dad took me to work with him, and said I could be the boss for the day.”
>”He sent out an announcement to everypony in the office that day. He said they were to treat me like I was him.”
>”So I went around all day doing his job. I went to meetings, talked to important ponies, signed papers, ordered ponies around… I even got to tell HR to fire somepony.”
>”It was really fun.”
>”Well… maybe fun isn’t the right word. It was something more than that. It felt good to do it. It was… it was…”
>”Rewarding. That’s the word.”
>”I felt good being in charge. And everypony said I looked good wearing my tiara and giving out orders, and that I really seemed like the boss that day.”
>”I started to realize how good it felt to have all that responsibility.”
>”To have everypony looking up at me and treating me with respect.”
>”And that’s when I got it.”
>”My cutie mark appeared… a diamond tiara just like my own name.”
>”I knew it was my destiny to be somepony important. Somepony standing at the top. Diamond Tiara… above everypony else.”
>”... but when my birthday ended, it was all gone.”
>”It was just a little game for a day. Dad didn’t really take it seriously. He didn’t understand.”
>”Even though being in charge was my special talent, it didn’t change his decision. Richie was going to be the next CEO.”
>”Why would I get a special talent like that if I can’t even use it?”
>”It’s stupid…”
>”I have the stupidest, worst, dumbest, most useless cutie mark in all of Equestria.”
>”I hate my cutie mark, Sensei.”
>”I hate my destiny…”
>Diamond Tiara is unable to hide her tears…
>What should you do?

2015-03-13 12:27:18 No. 22185774
>You sit next to her on the bed and rest your hand gently on her back, guiding her close to you for a gentle hug.
>As she clings onto you and cries, you stroke her back reassuringly.
“It’s okay.”
>You hold her until she seems like her crying is starting to slow before speaking again.
“DTR… just because you were born to be a leader doesn’t mean that you were born to follow your father. He might have his own ideas about what you should do, but that’s not where it ends. Him saying that you can’t do it just means you can’t do it with him. And if that’s the case, then maybe it’s for the best.”
>”For… the best? What do you mean?”
“DTR, I don’t doubt that you could be a strong leader some day. You’ve shown amazing potential for growth, and you can really excel when you put your mind into something. That’s why maybe you should think of this as a chance. You’re not limited to just leading your father’s company, so branch out. Figure out what you want to lead. You could become an important politician, or CEO of a company that you start yourself. I’m sure you could figure out a way to get some money from your father from that. Even right now you can become a leader. Start a club, or join one, and show everypony how great of a leader you can be.”
>”I think I’m not allowed in clubs ever since I turned our school paper into a tabloid gossip rag.”
“But it sure was one heck of a successful tabloid gossip rag, right? Everypony still tells me the stories about it. And while I don’t agree with what you did, there’s no denying that you did it pretty effectively. You just need to try to think more ethically in the future. I think you can do it if you really try. You’ve turned your grades around, so maybe you can change your attitude a little bit too. I think Miss Cheerilee might let you try again if you apologize properly. And it’ll help you become an even better leader.”
>”A better leader?”
“Good leaders aren’t just feared, they’re respected. They’re trusted."

2015-03-13 12:31:24 No. 22185797
"By being kind to others, you build the kind of respect that will make a pony follow you to the ends of the earth. But being cruel to them will only make them abandon you as soon as things get rough.”
>”Is… is that why you were the only one who visited me?”
“Silver Spoon wanted to visit you, but her parents wouldn’t let her. As for everypony else, I can’t speak for them. But from what I’ve heard, well… do you think you’ve been very nice to them?”
“Have you been calling them names and teasing them?”
“And would you feel bad if they teased you about your cutie mark?”
“Would you want to visit them if they did that to you?”
>“Not really…”
“That’s sort of how life works. If you just expect them to look up to you without really earning it, then it’ll all be over once the day ends. But if you put in the effort to earn their respect with your actions and your skills rather than your status, they’ll follow you into the fires of hades without a moment’s hesitation.”
“Literally. You’d be surprised how much somepony can do for you if you earn their respect. And I think you’re more than capable of becoming the kind of pony they’ll write books about.”
>”... thanks, Sensei.”
“Any time, DTR.”
>You spent a little time teaching DTR once she calmed down.
>After your session, she hands you a little slip of paper.
“What’s this?”
>”Your bonus. Hearth’s Warming is coming up after all. You better get Twilight something nice.”
>You take a look at the check.
>There’s more zeroes than you expected…
>”W-What’s with that weird look? If you don’t want it, give it back!”
"Sorry. I do want it. Thank you, DTR. I’ll make good use of this.”
>”It’s nothing. Oh, and uh… it’s like, still winter break for a little bit, but… you’ll still come back, right? There’s probably not a lot for you to do but… maybe we can just go somewhere together.”
“I'd be honored."
>"You're so weird, Sensei."
>You said goodbye and went straight to the bank before heading home.

2015-03-13 09:05:33 No. 22194971
Saturday, December 24th

>It’s been about a week since you talked with Cranky at the bar…
>He told you he was having difficulties with Matilda.
>After everything he’s done for you… perhaps it wouldn’t be too bad to try to repay him here.
>You asked around and found out where this Matilda lives, and decided to pay her a visit that afternoon.

Matilda’s House, Afternoon

>It seems Matilda lives in a rather beautiful looking three story house close to the center of town.
>It’s not audacious or fancy, rather it seems to fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of the rest of the town.
>But you’d certainly say it’s one of the nicer homes you’ve seen, and it seems to be very well maintained.
>When you ring the doorbell, a donkey with a neatly curled brown mane and blue earrings opens the door.
“Excuse me, are you… Matilda?”
>She smiles warmly at you. “Yes, I am. You must be Anonymous. I’ve heard wonderful things about you from Pinkie Pie. How can I help you, young man?”
“I was hoping I could talk to you a little bit about Cranky, if that’s okay with you.”
>”Of course, dear. Won’t you come inside? I already have a fire going.”
“That’d be great, thanks.”
>Before you know it, you’ve ended up with a warm cup of tea and a plate of strawberry jam filled scones as you sit together in front of the fireplace.
>”Are you warm enough? I could get you a blanket if you like.”
“No thank you, Ma’am. This is perfect.”
>”You don’t have to call me Ma’am. Just Matilda will be fine.”
“Then thank you, Matilda. This is wonderful, really.”
>”Anything for one of Doodle’s friends. I hope he hasn’t been causing you too much trouble.”
“Not at all. He’s a great boss. And I’ve learned a lot from him. Not just about how to fix things, but about life too. He’s always given me really great advice. That’s why, well… I don’t want to overstep my bounds or anything, but I’d feel bad if I accepted all this help from him without being able to do anything for him in return.”

2015-03-13 09:14:21 No. 22195065
>Matilda chuckles lightly. “It’s no wonder you two get along so well. You’re so very much alike.”
“How so?”
>”I think you’re both the kind of men that just can’t stand seeing something broken.”
“Heh, I guess that’s pretty much true for me. I end up driving myself crazy trying to fix everything, even when I sometimes end up making it worse. But I don’t think Cranky really seems like a busybody the way I am.”
>”Oh I wouldn’t dream of saying he’s a busybody. He prefers to let ponies solve their own problems rather than stick his muzzle into it. But if he sees somepony who’s lost ask him for directions… he might grumble and complain, but he’ll tell them all the same. He’s not like Pinkie Pie who’d walk you there, but he’d tell you how to get where you need to go. You understand what I mean, don’t you?”
“I think so… he’s given me advice, but never really tried to hold my hand over it. It’s like giving a man a fish or teaching him to fish. Or uh, teaching them to grow hay or something. I don’t really know your expressions.”
>”Not a problem, dear. That’s exactly the sort of donkey he is. It sounds like you’ve gotten to know him quite well.”
“He’s helped me out a lot, yeah. That’s why I’m wondering why he seems to be having some trouble with you. He always seems to know the right thing to say about women to me.”
>”It's the same as you. He thinks he needs to fix everything. I’ve tried telling him it’s okay if it can’t be fixed. Time takes its toll on all of us. But he doesn't want to accept it. Because it’s not just what I want… it’s what he wants too.”
“What he wants?”
>”That’s right. I've already accepted it, but he just sees it as his own failure. He shouldn't blame himself... he only found me as fast as he could. It isn't his fault, but that's how he sees it. And he just can't seem to get past it. I suppose you already know what I mean, don't you? I'm sure it's something you want too, after all. Given how similar you are."

What is it that Cranky wants?

2015-03-13 10:58:07 No. 22196347
“Kids, huh? Yeah… I definitely feel the same way. So he’s just at that age, huh?”
>Matilda smiles, “I knew you’d understand, Dear. Yes, he seems to think the only way he’ll make me happy is with a child. And I can’t deny I’d love to fill up this house a little bit more. It’s too big for one, after all. But I’d be perfectly happy with just two.”
“There’s a lot of weird spells out there. Isn’t there some kind of alternative?”
>”It’s possible. But it’s his pride, you see. He’s a stubborn old man… he wants everything to be perfect. He thinks he should be perfect for me, because he believes I’m already perfect. That’s why things have been so tense between us. He just gets so restless thinking about what he can’t have, he can’t enjoy what he does have. And for all his wisdom, he’s really just an old lovestruck fool. That’s why I told him to take some time to think about what’s really important to him. I’m sure he’ll find his answer soon. Especially with all the time he’s spent with you. He may be lost right now… but you’ll help him find the way, won’t you?”
>You nod firmly.
“I’ll try my best. Thank you, Matilda.”
>You continued to have a pleasant chat over tea and scones.
>You feel like you understand Cranky a bit more…
>He might be willing to talk to you again.


>You decided to continue operation applesauce tonight.
>It seems the restaurant didn’t push her very far… so tonight you’re going to take things a step further.
>You stopped by Cheerilee’s place and asked if she could help you get some good stuff…
>She ended up forcing several bottles onto you to get them out of her house.
>Apparently her sister kept bringing bottles of expensive wine as gifts, and they’ve been clogging up her cupboards.
>You head over to Fluttershy’s place to finally put this stuff to good use.
>Or... some use anyway.

2015-03-14 02:53:19 No. 22203521
Fluttershy’s Cottage, Evening

>It’s just you and Fluttershy tonight.
>She looks at the bottles of wine a bit nervously as you place them on the table.
>”Are you sure it’s okay for me to drink this? I mean, maybe you just save it for yourself, or somepony who’d appreciate it more… oh, not that I don’t appreciate it, it’s just…”
“Don’t worry about that, Fluttershy. It’s fine. You need to try to relax and enjoy it instead of worrying about things like that. It’s all about helping you learn to have fun in new ways. Drinking with friends isn’t irresponsible or anything. It’s a social experience that can help you become closer to each other and have fun together.”
>”But… but all kinds of things can happen if you get drunk… you can get so drunk that you won’t even remember what you did, and you completely lose control! I don’t want to lose control of myself and do something bad…”
“You don’t have to worry, Fluttershy. I’m here with you, okay? If you seem like you’ve had too much, you can stop, all right? You’ll just have to trust me.”
>”O-Okay. I trust you.” she smiles.
>You pour a glass of crimson wine for each of you.
>Fluttershy raises her glass nervously and sniffs it.
>Her face scrunches in reaction to the strong smell.
“Is this your first time drinking?”
>”I’ve had cider before… but I usually limit myself to one mug.”
“Well, wine is a bit stronger than Cider, and not as sweet usually. So just sip it a little bit at first.”
>”Okay, I’ll try it…”
>Fluttershy raises her glass and takes a sip.
>”Nnn~gh!” she whimpers loudly.
“Are you okay?”
>“It stings…”
“You’ll get used to it the more you drink it. Just try to make it through one glass, Fluttershy. This is part of what you need to do to control your other self, remember?”
>”Right. I… I need to help my family. Okay, here I go.”
>She takes another sip and shudders, little tears forming at the edge of her blue eyes.
>Perhaps you should help her relax by making conversation…
>What should you talk to her about?

2015-03-14 05:52:24 No. 22205337
“So, Fluttershy, Hearth’s Warming is coming up, right? Do you have any plans? What do you usually do?”
>”Well, I usually like to watch the town’s yearly pageant, hand out gifts to my friends, and spend a quiet evening at home drinking some warm tea. Oh! Did you know that last year, Princess Celestia asked my friends and I to perform in the Canterlot pageant?”
“Really? Tell me about it.”
>”It was quite an honor. The Canterlot pageant is considered to be very important. I was so frightened by the idea of going on stage… but being there with my friends made it okay. Though near the end, Twilight was joking about trying to just hypnotize me to believe that I was Private Pansy. At least, I think she was joking.”
“Sounds like some pretty extreme method acting.”
>Fluttershy laughs and takes another sip of her wine. “It was scary, but it was a lot of fun too! I’m glad we all managed to put on a good performance for everypony.”
“Sounds like you had a good time. You know, we don’t have Hearth’s Warming where I’m from, but we have something kinda similar called Christmas. It’s really strange how similar it is.”
>”Really? I’d love to hear about a holiday from your world. Please, tell me about it.”
>You explained Christmas at its current state of cultural relevance.
>Fluttershy is hanging on your every word and taking progressively larger sips of your wine during the story.
>”Wow… it’s amazing that you have a holiday so similar to ours! You even have Santa… but I thought you said your world didn’t have magic. How does he deliver gifts without it?”
“Well, he’s not real, it’s just the parents giving their kids gifts.”
>”Oh… he’s not real in your world?”
“Y- Wait, is he actually real here?”
>”Of course he is and he uses his magic to deliver gifts to all the ponies who still believe in him!”
“But is he actually real or do you just believe he is?”
>”Of course I believe he’s real, because he is.”
>You're really not sure what to make of this...

2015-03-14 06:59:52 No. 22205985
"Well if you say he's real here I believe you, It'll be nice to be able to believe in Santa again. Still not being real didn't hurt the Santa back on earth any. The love and generosity he represented was still plenty magical and entirely real."
>”Wow… that sounds like such a beautiful tradition! I guess it just goes to show there’s truly magic everywhere.”
>Fluttershy takes another sip and empties her glass.
“Looks like you’re getting used to it. Would you like another?”
>”Well… sure, I’ll have one more.”
>As you pour her another glass she asks, “So this Christmas would be… tomorrow for you?”
“That’s right, which makes this Christmas Eve.”
>”Is there anything you like to do on Christmas Eve?”
“Well… I guess it’s a time you spend with the people close to you if possible. Having a nice dinner and talking to your family and friends, drinking eggnog with rum…”
>”Eggnog with rum… I think I have some rum for cooking, and there’s some eggnog in the fridge. I’ve never tried it together, but it sounds like it could be fun! I’d love to see what your Christmas Eve traditions are like!”
“If you’re sure, but you’ve still got a glass of wine left.”
>”I think I’ll be alright. Besides, it’s your tradition! I know you can’t go home on an important holiday like this, but I’d like to bring home to you in any way possible if I can.”
“That’s very sweet of you, Fluttershy. But I’m having a good time just being with you. I don’t mind being in this world at all.”
>Fluttershy giggles happily and fetches some rum and eggnog.
>After finishing her wine and a cup of spiked eggnog, Fluttershy’s cheeks are flushed red and she seems to be swaying a bit.
>”Hee hee! Kanpai! That’s how you say cheers in Neighpon. We should get more so we can say it…”
“I think you’re prolly good for now, Flutters.”
>You’re starting to speak a bit lazily as well.
>Four cups of spiked eggnog tends to do that.
>Yer a lil’ drunk.
>But so’she.
>Whaddaya wanna do.

2015-03-14 09:09:06 No. 22207547
“You decided to stay calm. The most important thing at a time like this is to stay calm.”
>”Huh? Stay calm…?”
“Sorry I was gonna narrrate that. But I think we’re a little drunk, soooo we need two things. One we gotta eat something. B we should sing.”
“Yeah, ‘cause we don’t have enough ponies fer the king’s game. So we should sing carols. Are there like Hearth’s Warming Carols or something?”
>”Hee hee! Yeah, we have carols, silly!”
“Well whaddo they sound like? You should show me one.”
>”I dunnoooo… it's embarrassing…”
“I won’t laugh at you, come on. I prolly fucking suck worse than you. Want me to start?”
>”Okay, you start with one and then I’ll sing.”
>You stand up, thankful for Fluttershy’s high ceilings and start singing,
“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the waaay! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleeeigh!”
>”Wait, wait... I thought you didn’t have ponies in your world anomanous.”
“Uh… well we kinda… not exactly, they’re more like… nevermind, I can’t remember the rest of the song. You sing one now.”
>”Aww, okay okay! This one’s called The Heart Carol you ready?”
“I’m ready, go ‘head.”
>Fluttershy stands up carefully and starts singing…
>”The fire of friendship lives in our hearts!”
>”As long as it burns we cannot drift apart!”
>”Though quarrels arise, their numbers are few!”
>”Laughter and singing will see us throuuugh!”
>”We are a circle of pony friends!”
>”A circle of friends we’ll be to the very eeeeend!”
>She’s clearly drunk, but you wouldn’t have guessed from her singing.
>Her voice carries the tune beautifully without faltering, though she's a bit loud.
>You applaud rapidly in response.
>”Hee hee, c’mon… I wasn’t that good.”
“Yer pretty good, Fluttershy. A lot better'n me. You like to sing?”
>”Mmhm. It feels good, but I don’t want ponies to judge me and stuff, so I don’t sing a lot in public and stuff. I just get so nervous and stuff... hee hee, I'm saying stuff a lot..."

2015-03-15 01:09:27 No. 22210088
“Yeah… we should probably eat some stuff. An’ drink some water. But y’know… I’d kinna like to hear you sing a lil’ more. An’ not just tonight. You got a beautiful voice, Fluttershy. I wanna hear it more.”
>”Hee hee… thanks, Anamamus… your name’s so long and wavy… in Neighponese it’d be Nanashi-kun… I think that’s a cuter name.”
“I think yer a cuter name.”
>”That doesn’t make any sense, Nanashi-kun! An’ why do you like saying Senpai so much? Senpai senpai… I guess it’s fun to say, huh? An’ it’s true I guess… Sunset Shimmer really is Twilight’s senpai. Hee hee… Senpai…”
“C’mon, we gotta eat stuff or we’ll get hungovered…”
>You got some water and snacks in yourselves before the rest of the night gets a little hazy.

Sunday, December 25th

>Your body feels particularly heavy when you wake up the next morning on Fluttershy’s couch.
>But other than that, you seem to have avoided any ill effects from your drinking. At least, as far as you can tell.
>You notice Fluttershy walking into the living room.
>”Oh! Good morning, Anonymous. Are you feeling any better?”
>”I suppose you don’t remember, but you got a little bit sick last night.”
“Ah, geez… I’m sorry, Fluttershy. I should have tried to hold back a little more.”
>”Don’t worry about it, Anonymous. It didn’t take long to clean up, and from what I remember, I actually had a lot of fun last night. I don’t mind cleaning up after you when you get sick.”

2015-03-15 01:10:28 No. 22210102
“How about you? You didn’t get a hangover?”
>”Thanks to you reminding me to drink plenty of water, I feel wonderful this morning, Anonymous. I made you some breakfast if you’re hungry. It’s a kind of Neighponese rice porridge called okayu. It’s very good for upset tummies. Mr. Hugo made it for me all the time when I was sick.”
“That sounds pretty good. I’d love some, Fluttershy.”
>Fluttershy grabs you a bowl from the kitchen.
>It’s not as complex as some of the things Gilda has made for you, but it’s certainly something that’s going down easy for you right now.
“It’s nice, thank you.”
>”Oh, it’s nothing. It could be a lot better, but I haven’t exactly been practicing. I’d been so desperate to hide my identity for so long, I wouldn’t even cook Neighponese food just on the off chance somepony started asking questions. I’m missing a lot of ingredients I need to make good neighponese food too, like nori, or umeboshi… that probably would have been pretty good in the okayu.”
“Do you like making food from your homeland?”
>Fluttershy tries to think.
>”... I do like it. Especially when I can share it with a very good friend. Oh! And, um… Happy Christmas, right?”
“Sure. Happy Christmas.”
>You finished your Okayu and said goodbye.
>To everyone else in town it seems to just be another sunday.
>Then again, perhaps that’s not true.
>Sunset Shimmer has spent a while in a world quite similar to yours.
>You wonder if she knows about Christmas as well.
>Perhaps you should see her today… though you shouldn’t forget about your appointment with Princess Luna to ask her to help Trixie.
>You should probably take care of that and make sure she doesn’t get into trouble or freak Trixie out.
>You should probably hurry.

2015-03-15 05:01:10 No. 22217752
Home, Morning

>You rushed back home to find Princess Luna having an uncomfortable breakfast with your two housemates.
>It seems she still isn’t any less intimidating to others.
>Gilda looks relieved to see you.
“Sorry I’m late. I ended up having to crash at Fluttershy’s place.”
>”No matter. Now that you are here, we can ask you to leave!” Princess Luna smiles.
“Wait, huh?”
>”You wish for us to provide assistance to your marefriend Lulamoon, is that correct?”
“I uh, yeah. But isn’t there some way I can help too? It might be a little easier for Trixie if I’m there.”
>”This is our domain of mastery, anonymous one. Your talents will not be of use. You would only serve to hinder our efforts. And besides, you above all should know what dangerous secrets lie in the depths of the mind, and the perils of revealing them before they are ready. We shall require privacy for this endeavor.”
>You look over at Trixie.
“You’ll be okay with her?”
>Trixie nods. “Trixie will be okay. Trixie… will place her trust in Princess Luna’s abilities.”
“I see… all right then. I’ll be out with Sunset today. You two can use my room if you need it.”
>”These things take time. Feel free to return once the moon has risen. We should be finished by then.”
>You left the two of them to take care of Trixie’s nightmares and went to the castle to invite Sunset Shimmer out.
>She says she isn't doing anything at the moment, and agrees to go out and have a hayburger with you.

Hayburger, Afternoon

>”I forgot how much I missed Equestrian food. The vegetarian stuff over in the other world is kind of bland in comparison. I guess part of it is that humans can’t eat everything ponies can. Which… I found out the hard way.” Sunset says, touching her stomach unconsciously.
“You’ve got to hand it to Equestria. They found a way to make hay unhealthy.”
>Sunset chuckles, “Yeah, the progress of Equestrian cuisine is truly something impressive.”
>Sunset seems to be in a good mood today.
>What should you talk to her about?

2015-03-15 07:07:58 No. 22219415
“So how have you been holding up since tuesday? What are your thoughts on all this?”
>”My thoughts, huh? I still feel a little bad that Twilight hid the truth from me, but I guess I can understand her reasoning. It’s not like she wanted to hide it, but still… I don’t know. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m in now, and I’m willing to accept the responsibility that comes with this knowledge. Even if it’s dangerous, I won’t hesitate to fight for my friends.”
“We’re glad to have you on board. Did anyone tell you that you were the first to accept your shadow without fighting it? It’s really incredible that you managed something like that.”
>”It was hard hearing the things she told me… to be honest I almost didn’t make it. But before I went into the dream, I wrote to my friends back in the other world and told them to write me a message in 10 minutes. When they wrote to me, and I remembered I still had my friends, I felt like a fog in my mind had been lifted. There wasn’t any doubt that she was me. After all, I’d been listening to what she had to say for 30 years.”
“That’s right, I remember you saying that back then.”
>”Yeah, I- wait, what do you mean you remember me saying that?”
“When you went into the dream, Fluttershy used her power to let us watch your encounter with your shadow.”
>”You… you saw that?”
>”How much of it?”
“All of it. So which songs do you sing? Any I know?”
>Sunset slams her forehead into the table. “Just freaking kill me…”
“Hey, come on. You accepted your shadow, didn’t you?”
>”Accepting it and being proud of it are two different things.”
“But even your Persona is Anime.”
>”Kamen Rider isn’t anime, it’s Tokusatsu!”
“She took the bait! Weeb confirmed!”
>”Don’t call me a weeb.”
“Senpai confirmed!”
>”That either!”
>”I wouldn’t dere for you in a million years.”
"Spoken like a true weeb."
>"If you keep this up, I will make sure no one ever finds your body."

2015-03-15 09:37:17 No. 22222829
“All right, but seriously, it’s not like there’s anything to be ashamed about.”
>”I think think you might be physically incapable of feeling shame.”
“Which means that this is the perfect chance for you to talk about it, right? Even if someone overhears us, they have no idea what anime is. And there’s no way you could be any worse than I am, so it’s not like I have any room to judge.”
>”Yeah, but it’s… I mean, a woman in her 30’s shouldn’t really be watching Anime.”
“What’s wrong with it if you like it? You’re not hurting anyone, and if you like watching it, you should watch what you want.”
>”I guess… I’ve just always been kind of shallow, you know? It’s the kind of thing I’d judge other people or ponies for, so I don’t want to say anything. But I guess you’re right. I liked reading Marevel comics back in this world, so I guess I’ve always kind of liked nerdy stuff like that. I need to get over that old me and stop trying so hard to be better than everyone else.”
“That’s the spirit. No more need to hide your power level.”
>”I’ll hide it more than you at least. But… I guess it wouldn’t hurt to talk about it a LITTLE bit. It’s not like it’s the only thing I’m interested in.”
“So how’d you start? What’s your favorite series?”
>”I started back when I was using the library all the time to research human culture on the internet. I didn’t realize the gender split was so even for humans, and so unbalanced on the internet, so I assumed things that were popular on the internet were popular with girls too. I started off with Wolf's Rain and Ghost in the Shell on some sites that had them streaming. I started watching the other stuff in the Anime category, but whenever I tried to talk to people about it, they looked at me like I had a second head. So I figured I’d keep quiet about it, but kept watching it anyway. I guess my favorite… probably Macross Frontier. The music in it was amazing. But Macross 7 was terrible… is the main character supposed to have autism or something?"

2015-03-16 01:05:13 No. 22225610
“Those are all pretty good. Nice to hear about all that stuff. Kinda nostalgic in a way.”
>”Nostalgic? Are you getting your memories back?”
“It’s sort of complicated… I can remember what happened in those Anime. I know their contents, and that I have a positive opinion of them, but I can’t remember the act of watching them or anything close to that. And I’d like to tell you what my own favorite Anime is, but when I try to think of it, I just can’t seem to name anything. I can tell that I like some Anime very strongly, but it gets a bit hazy beyond that.”
>”I see… well that’s something, at least. Right?”
“Yeah, it’s something. But I can remember a few I like. Have you seen Jojo?”
>”I haven’t yet… it’s kind of long, so I’ve stayed away from it. Is it any good?”
“It’s pretty much what we’re doing right now.”
>Sunset chuckles, “Just like your Japanese animes, huh? All right. I’ll take a look at it when I get back to my world. Thanks for the recommendation.”
“I’ve got plenty more where those came from.”
>You hear a quiet, polite sounding voice from the side interrupt your conversation. ”Excuse me…”
>You both look to see a white coated unicorn mare with a flowing red mane fringed with bits of purple standing beside your table.
>Her cutie mark seems to be a moon with 3 stars beneath it.
>”Sorry to interrupt your meal, but it’s just that you look like somepony I used to know.” the mare says to Sunset quietly.
>”It’s probably just a coincidence, but… would you mind telling me your name, please?” the white unicorn asks meekly.
>”It’s Sunset Shimmer. Do you know me?”
>The mare looks shocked. “It’s really you? After all these years?”

2015-03-16 01:08:55 No. 22225628
>”Yeah, it’s… really me.” Sunset replies a bit nervously. “You… do look a little bit familiar. Did we know each other?”
>”I went to school with you... my name is Moondancer.”
>Sunset’s face lights up in realization, “That’s right, I do remember you now! It’s been a long time. How are you?”
>Moondancer seems caught off guard by her forwardness. ”How am I? Oh, I… I’m alright I suppose. I’m actually the manager of this location.”
>”Oh, well good for you!”
>”Are you… making fun of me?”
>”Huh? Of course not! I mean it.”
>”It’s just that you used to make fun of us a lot.” Moondancer says sadly.
>”I… guess that’s true.” Sunset admits. “But I’ve been through a lot since my time at CSGU. I wasn’t a very nice pony before, but I’ve changed my ways. Twilight Sparkle helped me to see the importance of friendship. So I know things might not have been great between us in the past, but I hope we can be friends in the future.”
>Sunset extends her hoof, but Moondancer simply looks at it in a daze.
>”You... want to be my friend?”
>”If you’re willing to forgive how I acted in the past. I’d love for you to get to know the new me, and to reconnect with somepony I probably should have been friends with a long time ago.”
>Moondancer looks up at Sunset.
>”I… I never thought you were so bad. You might not have been too nice, but I always knew you had your reasons. I mean, if Celestia chose you to be her pupil… you couldn’t be all bad.”
>”Thanks, I’m glad to hear you say that.”
>”So then, could you answer a question for me?” Moondancer asks cautiously.
>”Sure! Go ahead.”
>”Well… I know you must not have paid much attention to me, but do you remember what my father’s occupation was?”

2015-03-16 01:10:02 No. 22225641
>Sunset tries to think before shaking her head. “Sorry… if you did tell me, I must have forgotten.”
>”He was… one of Celestia’s royal guards. His name was Skydancer.”
>”Skydancer, huh? Sorry I couldn’t remember… do you still want to be friends?” Sunset asks hopefully.
>”That wasn’t my question…” Moondancer mutters to the floor.
>”Oh, then… what is your question.”
>”... Why?” The white unicorn asks weakly.
>Sunset smiles nervously. “Why… what?”
>You see Moondancer’s legs tremble… before she suddenly brings her right hoof up and swings at Sunset Shimmer, slapping her straight across her cheek.
>Sunset topples from her chair from the force of it and collides hard with the tiled floor.
>The entire restaurant turns to the commotion. SOme of them stay back, others gasp in surprise or murmur suspiciously. A few employees run over and try to hold their manager’s shoulder to keep her from doing anything else.
>Moondancer makes no moves towards Sunset, but simply looks at her furiously through teary red eyes.
>”Why did you break my father’s wing?!”
>”Miss Moondancer, please calm down, this isn’t like you!”
>”What did we ever do to you…” Moondancer sobs.
>Guards begin entering the restaurant to investigate the commotion.
>”What’s going on in here? Somepony said there’s been an assault!”
>Sunset lays still, completely in shock from what just occured.
>The guards look between Sunset and Moondancer and start to approach before Sunset stammers out, “W-Wait…”
>”It’s… it’s fine. It was my fault. I just fell.”
>”You fell?” The guard asks incredulously.
>”I fell. She… didn’t do anything wrong.”
>Moondancer seems too busy crying to say anything.
>The whole scene unfolded so fast you didn’t even have time to react…
>Should you try to intervene now?


Say something.
Keep quiet.

2015-03-16 03:07:38 No. 22230321
>You decided not to contradict Sunset’s words and watch it play out.
>The guard still looks a bit suspicious. “Are you sure about that?”
>”Yes. Moondancer didn’t do anything wrong, officer. And I was just leaving anyway. C’mon, Anon. Let’s just go.”
>You follow Sunset out to the street and walk with her until you’re a good distance away before kneeling down to her.
“Let me see.”
>Sunset turns her cheek to you.
>”She’s not too strong, I just wasn’t expecting it.”
“Looks like there’s a bit of a bruise. We should put some ice on it.”
>”Yeah… I guess a hoof is a little harder than a hand, after all. Let’s go back to the castle.”
>You followed her back to her room. Your old room.
>She seems to have done a bit of a better job of giving the place a personal touch than you did.
>There are a few posters that appear to be from her high school, as well as a couple from some old rock bands like Queen and The Who.
>She manages to form an ice pack without your help by freezing a glass of water and crushing it to pieces with her telekinesis before wrapping it in a cloth and holding it to her cheek.
>”Sorry about that whole scene. I was having fun talking to you.”
"You don’t need to apologize, Sunset. I know you feel like you can never make up for the things you've done, but that doesn't mean you have to go around letting ponies slap you. There are better ways to atone then being a punching bag."
>Sunset looks a little irritated. “Well what am I supposed to do, hit her back?I don’t want Twilight to have to bail me out because I got into a brawl at the hayburger. And besides… I’m pretty sure I know what she’s talking about. It was just before I escaped into the other world. I attacked two pegasus guards escorting me. My only concern was incapacitating them as efficiently as possible. I threw one at a wall, and went for the other guard's wing. You saw what I did to the ice. When I was fueled by my anger, well... it was painful enough that he couldn't come after me."
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