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2015-05-10 11:46:46 No. 22998394
"No, you didn't accidentally kill Celestia" Edition

>>22972777 Old Thread

Thread for ongoing MLP Persona greentext as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pics/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

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2015-05-11 12:11:55 No. 22998670
“What… no, you can’t just die on me! Someone revive her!”
>”Don’t be stupid…”
>”I’m not dying… you idiot.”
>”I’m just… a part of her…”
>”Going back… where I belong.”
>She puts her foreleg around you and hugs you tightly.
>”You finally… satisfied me.”
“I don’t care! I meant what I said, you’re just as important as Celestia is to me!”
>”Shut up… and listen…”
>”When I die… something’s… going to change… inside you…”
>”You need it… to fight… him…”
>”To save… her…”
>”I have to… return… that missing piece…”

2015-05-11 12:47:36 No. 22999003
“I don’t want you to go… I love you.”
>”I know… but I have to… because I love you too.”
>You feel her push herself off you, leaving a gaping hole where your arm once was she looks at you with her bright golden eyes, smiling. “You’ve always been like this… you’re too accepting… for your own good...”
>You look at the shadow’s happy face… and kiss her softly on the lips.
>”It’s not goodbye…”
>”I’ll be… inside her.”
>”And… inside you.”
>You kissed her again, and held onto her until she faded away…
>Though her body is gone, the warmth you felt from that kiss remains…
>While you do so, a few of your legion members rush over and start hugging their waifus tearfully.
>But since most of them are out of reach, they end up piling on Dash.
><Anon… are you going to be okay? We have to get out of here. The Fantasia is starting to collapse.>
>You see the other islands beginning to fracture apart and sink...
“I… okay. Take us out then.”

>You woke up on the floor in Princess Luna’s room.
>The rest of your friends soon follow, giving you a concerned look when they awaken.
>Princess Celestia awakens last, moving slowly, but she seems to have woken up.
>She stares down at the ground before speaking. “I saw it all.”
>”I wasn’t there, but I could see it.”
>”My sister was an impostor… and this all happened because of me.”
>”I feel such unbearable shame right now… I don't even know what to do with myself."
>"I'm so sorry..."
>Tears begin to drip from Celestia's tightly shut eyes.

2015-05-11 11:01:31 No. 23002725
>”My sister… she’s gone again… and I have no idea where she is!” Celestia cries.
>You step forward and kneel down to Celestia, wiping her tears away with your hand.
>She opens her eyes, surprised.
>You put your arms around her in a tight, warm hug.
>”Can you really forgive me… for everything I’ve done?”
>”We don’t blame you for anything.” Twilight reassures her as she steps over and hugs the princess with you.
>”Everypony’s got a bad part to them. It’s nothing special. You’re just like all of us.” Spike adds as he joins the embrace.
>”You’re our friend, right? So of course we forgive you!” Dash smiles.
>”Yeah! We shouldn’t be sad, we should be happy, right? We did it! We should be celebrating!” Pinkie cheers, bouncing up and down.
>”We could never hate you, Princess Celestia. We didn’t even hate the other you. You’ve just been in pain for a very long time.” Fluttershy says understandingly.
>”Even if ya made some mistakes in the past, that don’t matter today. You’ve always done good by us.”
>”We understand what kind of pony you really are. And we’ll always forgive you.” Rarity agrees.
>Sunset Shimmer stands a few feet away, looking at Celestia wordlessly.
>Celestia notices her silence, looking up at her former pupil.
>”H-Hello.” the fiery maned mare says timidly.
>Celestia closes her eyes and swallows. “I… I’m sorry. For all the pain I caused you.”
>Sunset shakes her head and runs over, hugging Celestia tightly.
>”Don’t apologize…”
>”I’m the one who should feel guilty.”
>”I was so obsessed with myself, I never stopped to think for a moment how much pain you could have been in. If I had stayed… if I had tried to listen to you instead of just being obsessed with power… then maybe I could have taken away some of that pain instead of adding to it.”
>Tears stream freely from Sunset’s eyes as she hugs her former teacher.

2015-05-11 11:02:38 No. 23002738
>”I’m sorry too, my dear Sunset.” Celestia says tearfully. “I always regretted not letting you close to me… but I was scared of burdening you with the pains I felt I had to bear alone. I only ever blamed myself for what happened.”
>The unicorn shakes her head. “Don’t… don’t blame yourself. You were the best teacher a mare could ever hope for. I was too self-centered to understand that. But it’s all in the past… we have to let it go, and enjoy our new friendship.”
>Celestia spreads her wings wide, enveloping all of you in a curtain of warmth.
>”I’m so happy…”
>”You are all the most wonderful friends.”
“You’re our friend too, Celestia. And we all love you.”
>Celestia stands up and wipes her eyes.
>”Girls… Spike, may I speak with Anonymous alone for a moment?”
>They nod in understanding and step out of the room, leaving you in Princess Luna’s bedroom with Celestia.
>Once you’re alone together, she looks at you. “Some of her memories… came back to me. Some of that time you spent together.”
>”I also saw… how hard you tried to save her.”
>”I’m not sure if I felt jealous… or simply disappointed in myself.”
>”I worried that you cared more for her than you did for me.”
>”I suppose I did feel jealous. Jealous of her strength and confidence to do what she wanted.”
>”But I must always hold myself back.”
>”I want to believe in peace. To believe in a path of nonviolence. But I know part of that is because I’m scared to fight.”
>”Every time I do, it brings back those terrible memories. I fear taking lives… I fear that if I start, I may never stop. I might simply fight and fight just as my father did. Until there is nothing left.”
>”Right now, I feel so troubled and confused.”
>”And I’m scared.”
>”Scared that you might resent me because she had to die to save me.”
>”Scared of what the future holds, and if I’ll ever see my sister again.”
>”Scared that I truly don’t know who I am anymore…”
>”I simply don’t know what to do…”
>She's crying again...

What should you do?

2015-05-11 12:59:04 No. 23003902
>You put your arms around Tia and hold her close.
”I’d never hate you. I love you. She was… a part of you. And she still is. I’m sad that I had to do that to her. But if I didn’t, she might not have been able to rejoin you. She’s you, and you’re her. You’re both the same pony, Tia. And it was… the only way to save you.”
>She looks at you sadly with her bright magenta eyes…
“You don’t have to be alone anymore. We’re here for you.”
>You lean in and share a deep kiss with Princess Celestia.
>Every inch of her body is so comfortably warm as she embraces you…
>You stayed like that for a long time before she lets you go.
>”I feel… at ease, somehow.”
>”As if that part of me has finally stopped aching.”
>”Thank you…”
>You can’t help but glance at the bed in Luna’s room.
>Celestia’s Shadow said to look behind her pillow…
>You got up and walked to her bed, picking up the pillow to find a sealed Envelope.
>It says “To Anonymous”
>”It’s addressed to you…” Celestia observes.
>Celestia’s shadow left you a letter.
>What should you do?

Read it alone.
Read it with everyone.

2015-05-11 02:46:02 No. 23005153
“Could you give me a sec, Tia?”
>Celestia nods and steps out of the room to give you some privacy.
>You tear open the envelope and lift the letter out to read it…


If you’re reading this, it means you and your friends won. And I’m gone. So congratulations I guess. Looks like you were able to prove the strength of your ideals. I wonder how things went down… you keep making me change my plans, after all. See, the letters from Spike have been making a bit of a detour. They go to Princess Celestia after all. Most of them I’ve been passing on through like normal, but I have been keeping a few to myself. This also means I’ve been able to pass some stuff through to Spike and make it look like her work. Pretty clever if I do say so myself. I even managed to convince them to put that headband on Discord. I figure he might have been able to tell who I really was before too long, so I cut him off from some of his power under the guise of punishment.

Unfortunately for him, it’s locked with Princess Luna’s magic. Even if you got the other Alicorns to try to take it off, you’d still need the real Princess Luna to remove it. Speaking of her, she’s out there. I’m sure you could find her. But to do that… you’ll need to solve some other mysteries first.

Yeah, I’m a bitch, aren’t I? I might approve of your path now, but it just isn’t in my nature to give you the answers like that. I want to see you figure them out for yourself. But if you want to find the real Princess Luna and fix the last of your friends’ abberancy, you’ll need to do something. You’ll need to look within yourself and learn your identity.

2015-05-11 02:47:04 No. 23005168
You might be thinking that you know the answer, or that there isn’t really an answer as to who you are. But the truth is a bit more complex than that. You were brought here for a reason. And you had to give up your identity to do so. But if you can find it again, then you can regain some of what you lost. And you’ll need that if you want to pay back the one truly responsible for this.

I’m not going to tell you who he is… and I couldn’t even if I wanted to. But he’s your true enemy. I don’t know what more he can do now that you’ve defeated SIHN, but he’s still out there. So you’ll need to find out who and what you are if you want to do this. But there’s just one problem with that.

If you find out who you are and regain your identity, and fulfill your purpose… your reason for coming to this world like that… the “You” that exists right now might cease to exist. At least, that’s the theory. But what do I know? Do what you think you need to. I’m just telling you where the path is. But you’ll have to make the choice to walk it.

Of course… I do know the answer you’re looking for. And in fact, I’m pretty sure part of you knows it too. If you decide to look for it, I’m sure you’ll find it. After all, you were strong enough to beat me, weren’t you? Anyway… I better wrap this up. You guys are going to be here soon. But I do want to say something first.

Thank you.

2015-05-11 02:48:05 No. 23005178
Even though I was trying to put you through pain to make you and your friends stronger… you still cared about me. You still listened to the shit I had to say. You made me feel… like maybe I was real after all. I’m still not sure if I’m just a part of Celestia that’s been torn away, or if I’m really my own self now. But take care of her when I’m gone, okay? I think I’m probably still in there somewhere.

I don’t know how you really feel about me, but I love you. And I want you to have something. Check in my top drawer.

>You look up from the letter and open her dresser filled with socks… and a glittering moonblossom.
Obtained: Moonblossom

I was telling the truth back then. Moonblossoms really are my favorite. And for that same reason… they reminded me of my sister. And maybe they’re a little like me too. You could see beauty in me… even though I don’t see it in myself. Have this one, won’t you? I picked it just for you. Guess that’s all I want to say.

Well, maybe one more thing.

Don’t be a crybaby over this shit, okay?


>There’s a small scribble as if she began to sign her name, but stopped.
>The letter ends there.
>You fold it up and put it in your pocket along with the flower.
>You feel an enduring bond between you and the Other Celestia.


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established an inseparable bond.

This inseparable bond shall have a permanent home in thy heart.

We bestow upon thee the ability to create Tokoyami no Amaterasu, the ultimate form of the Lust Arcana...


>Your friends are waiting outside the room.
>What will you do from here?

2015-05-11 05:11:11 No. 23006765
>You took a moment to sit alone on your bed.
>After all you wouldn’t want them to see you letting her down like this...
>When you felt ready, you wiped away your face and went outside to see your friends.
>They look up at you, a bit concerned.
>”Is everything alright?” Twilight asks. “You seemed really broken up back there…”
“Yeah… I’m okay now. And I’ve got something to tell you all.”
>You explained the new information Celestia’s Shadow shared with you, but kept her personal message between you and her.
>”This is wonderful news, Darling! We can save Princess Luna and find out who you really are!” Rarity says gleefully.
>”Yeah, it’s gonna be great, big guy! We’ll knock out two birds with one stone like this! Or I guess three. Maybe four?”
>”Yeah… sounds great.” Dash says unenthusiastically.
>Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack, and Fluttershy all look a bit uncomfortable.
>”Girls, what’s wrong? This should be good news, right? Hasn’t Anonymous wanted to find out who he really is all this time?” Sunset asks.
>They look between each other before Twilight speaks up. “I guess it’s sort of something we haven’t been trying too hard to do. And now that letter says something we’ve been scared of this whole time.”
>”The you that exists right now might cease to exist… does that mean when you find out who you are, you’re gonna have to go away?” Pinkie asks with a sad puppy dog stare.
>”We don’t know what’s gonna happen for sure… she said it’s just a theory, so maybe it won’t change anything.” AJ suggests hopefully.
>”Maybe he won’t go away… but he might change when he learns who he is and regains his memories. What if he has a family in his own world?” Fluttershy says anxiously.
>”It’s not fair, he just got here! We like the Anon we have now… this is fine, isn’t it? Why do we have to do anything?” Dash asks angrily.
>The team seems torn…
>You feel that this is a very important decision.
>You must choose your path wisely.


“It’s not worth that risk.”
“I’ll take that risk.”

2015-05-11 05:55:07 No. 23007262
>You briefly consider everything you’d lose…
>What kind of a place you’d have to go back to…
>The idea of leaving behind all of the bonds you’ve made is almost unbearable.
>But nevertheless…
“If I give up now, I’ll be going against everything I’ve stood for.”
“I love all of you. And I do want to stay in this world. But if that’s the risk I have to take on this path, then I’ll just have to face it head on, and do everything in my power to stay here.”
“I know the risk. And I’ll take it. And I’ll need all of you by my side. So what do you say? Let’s finish this together.”
>You extend your hand out to them.
>One by one, they place their hooves and claws onto you in solidarity.


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a new bond…

It brings thee closer to the truth…

Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Judgment Arcana.


>Celestia smiles. “I’m very grateful that you’ve chosen this. You’re a very brave man, Anonymous.”
>You grin back at her. “I’d be letting you down too if I didn’t try to see this through to the end. Here, you should read the last part of the letter.”
>You hand it from your pocket to Celestia, and she unfolds it with her magic and begins to read it.
>She looks confused… and possibly concerned.
>”... how did you read this?”
“With my eyes? Or uh, I guess I don’t have… I don’t know how it works.”
>”That isn’t what I mean. What I mean is how can you read this language?”
>Celestia flips over the letter.
>It looks normal to you, but the group seems confused.
>Twilight looks at it closely. “What… what language is this? I feel like I might have seen it before, but I don’t understand…”
>Celestia folds it back up. “This is the language spoken in my homeland."
>“Like the kind we heard them speaking in that movie?” Dash asks.
“You couldn’t understand that?”
>”You could, Darling?” asks Rarity.
>"I had Python translate it for everypony. What did you think I was doing?"

2015-05-11 10:48:19 No. 23010650
“I thought you were just cleaning up the audio. Or adding surround sound.”
>Spike shakes his head. “I had to translate that whole thing with Ouroboros. You didn’t even realize it was in a different language?”
“I didn’t. It just sounded like… the same thing Equestrian sounds like to me.”
>”Maybe all the languages of our world just translate for you automatically?” Twilight suggests.
“That can’t be it. I hear Gilda’s language as something different. I guess it’s just another mystery we’ll have to figure out.”
>”But where do we start?” Sunset asks. “Do we have any other leads?”
>Fluttershy looks at you curiously. “She said before she died… something would change within you, right? I have a hunch… could I try scanning you for a moment?”
“Go ahead.”
>Fluttershy stares right through you, glancing quickly at the others to confirm something before nodding her head.
>”I see…”
“What did you find out?”
>”It looks like our aberrations have decreased to 0.1%, while Princess Celestia’s aberration has completely vanished to 0%. But the interesting part is what I saw inside of you.”
“What did you see?”
>”There’s… it’s a bit of an unusual one, but it’s there. A Fantasia. You’re not infected with SIHN in any way that I can detect, nor does it seem any Branches exist within it, but there’s still a Fantasia inside of you with a very powerful shadow lurking within.”
>”Again?” Dash groans.
>”Oh, I don’t know if there’s any need to rush… there’s nopony in danger from it, but it’s there. And it wasn’t there before.” Fluttershy confirms.
>”I’d be all for some R&R before we tackle another one of those crazy places.” AJ says.
>The group murmurs in agreement.
>”Then let’s party it up CANTERLOT STYLE!!!” Pinkie shouts!
>”I’m afraid I have to lower the sun and ensure the safety of my citizens after an event of that scale.” Celestia says.
>”Oh.” Pinkie stops and thinks. “Soooo let’s do damage control Canterlot Style and THEN party it up Canterlot Style!”
>Celestia smiles. "That sounds lovely."

2015-05-12 01:46:15 No. 23016394
>Canterlot managed to hold itself together somehow, even through the SIHN attack.
>Though things became chaotic due to a majority of the branches being Royal Guardsmen, things didn’t spiral out of control as much as they could have.
>Upon talking with you further, Celestia realized that the other Princess was misrepresenting her positions on certain issues, particularly regarding the dangers of informing others about SIHN.
>In turn, the shadow had also been forging and altering letters from Twilight to further manipulate the situation.
>You began to realize that the only evidence that telling others the truth about SIHN could be dangerous was the Shadow’s word.
>By controlling the flow of information, Celestia’s Shadow was able to manipulate both Twilight and Celestia into creating an atmosphere of fear and mistrust.
>The idea to pass SIHN off as a disease rather than an attack by an unknown enemy was the Shadow’s idea, as was the name, and the theory that it was caused by stress.
>All ideas proposed by the shadow.
>At the time they were believable. The assumptions were that this was somehow connected to her domain as the princess of the night.
>She faked falling asleep to further cement the idea of this connection, as well as giving her an alibi during times where she had to take action.
>She ordered her guards to stand by her room and not allow any intruders if she fell under the effects of SIHN. But she left herself unsupervised, allowing her to easily slip out unnoticed and use her great speed to travel to Ponyville in an instant and do what needed to be done.
>Eventually, the idea was proposed to come clean about the nature of SIHN, and everything that has occurred so far.
>It seems unlikely that SIHN will resurface, and the negative effects of one knowing the truth of SIHN were never observed, only proposed by the Shadow.
>Celestia is in favor of telling the truth, but Twilight seems to want to hear your opinion on it.
>What should you suggest?

2015-05-12 05:49:13 No. 23019194
>You acknowledge their right to the truth, but still voiced your concerns about how some of the information could cause them to react.
>Celestia understands your point of view, and assures you that she’ll handle things delicately.
>She puts out an address to the citizens, informing them of SIHN’s nature as a magical curse that forces ponies to fall asleep, putting them into a dangerous nightmare.
>She lets them know that this was spread by an impostor who was impersonating Princess Luna, but thanks to the valiant efforts of the Elements of Harmony and the human known as Anonymous, the impostor was defeated, and their plan was thwarted without any casualties.
>She tells them it is currently not known when Princess Luna was replaced, but it is possible that she was abducted on Nightmare Night.
>The Princess assures them she does not believe Princess Luna is in any danger, and that the Dream Team currently has a strong lead to her location and will be investigating it.
>Furthermore, she makes sure that they know that the impostor was completely unrelated to the changelings, and was instead a separate magical entity that is not yet fully understood.
>In the end she manages to put a positive spin on things, focusing on your success in catching the culprit and ensuring that they will no longer be a threat.
>Though her explanation raises some questions and causes a bit more tension in someways, ultimately the mood is one of relief and praise for the efforts of Princess Twilight and her friends, though Celestia’s reputation seems to have taken most of the damage for this incident.

2015-05-12 05:50:14 No. 23019205
>But once that’s all over and done with, you retreat back to the castle where Pinkie has summoned up a party out of nowhere!
>Her resourcefulness truly knows no bounds as she seems to have conjured up refreshments, entertainment, and decorations in a matter of minutes.
>Celestia still seems a bit troubled at first, but Pinkie manages to rope her into the celebration and party her worries away for tonight.
>You all spent a long time drinking, eating, and talking together to celebrate your victory today.
>And even though you know you still have a long path ahead of you, you’re confident that you and your friends can do whatever it takes.
>The group seems to be in agreement that they’d like at least a week before tackling your Fantasia, but they’ll defer to your judgment as usual.
>For now, you’re just content to enjoy this night as best as you can with all of your amazing friends.
>It’s been a long day.
>But you can’t think of a better way to end it than this.
>You partied for so long you ended up having to sleep at the castle…

Friday, January 12th

>You woke up in Princess Luna’s royal chambers.
>Somehow it seems you went to sleep next to Twilight…
>And Spike.
>You’re all not sure how this happened…
>But you’re each too uncomfortable to entertain the notion of what might have occurred, so you all promised to just never speak of this again.
>Princess Celestia saw you and the team off, but before you boarded the early train home, she stops you to let you know that if you ever wish to see her, you need simply contact her through the mirror.
>The train ride back was mostly silent as everyone is a bit exhausted from yesterday, but at least you all had a good time.
>By the time you get back, you feel refreshed and ready to resume your wonderful life in Ponyville.
>That long day threw you off a bit, but you believe you were planning on seeing Discord about that play today...
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