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2015-05-18 12:27:51 No. 23097874
"Look, Ma! >No hooves!" Edition

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Thread for ongoing MLP Persona greentext as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pics/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

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2015-05-18 01:05:33 No. 23098212
Monday, January 16th

>You spent most of your work day telling Cranky about your insane weekend.
>When you finish your story, he mutters something about being too old for this shit and goes to bed.
>Guess this means you can go when you’re done here.
>Since you finish up around the time school gets out, you decided to stop by and see how Apple Bloom is doing.

Cutie Mark Crusader Clubhouse, Afternoon

>You hear the sound of three cheerful voices chatting away inside the clubhouse.
>Poking your head in, you see Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom all smiling and talking together.
“Hey there girls. Good to see you three getting along again.”
>Scootaloo pulls Apple Bloom to her side and hugs her. “Of course we are! She was just having a rough time. We’ve all been there before.”
>Sweetie Belle hugs the southern filly from her other side. “It’s forgiven and forgotten. Crusaders stick together no matter what!”
>Apple Bloom seems flustered from all the affection her friends are showing. “Thanks… y’all are the best friends a filly could ask for. An’ you too, Mister Anonymous. You really helped me a lot. Yer a great friend.”
>You pat Apple Bloom’s mane gently.
“I’m happy to be your friend. All of you.”
>Apple Bloom giggles happily as you tousle her mane.
>”Ah won’t fight with my sister no more, Mister Anonymous. I’ll stick with my family just like they woulda wanted me to. An’ I’m gonna work hard to get my cutie mark so I can read that letter too!”
>”Apple Bloom’s parents left her a letter to be opened on her cute-ceañera!” Sweetie Belle explains enthusiastically. “Isn’t that great?”
>”I wanna know what’s in it too! Maybe she left you something really cool!” Scootaloo adds.
“Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be great.”
>Apple Bloom nods in agreement. “Mmhm! I’m readier than ever to get my cutie mark now. So here, ah made somethin’ for you to say thanks.”

2015-05-18 01:06:57 No. 23098224
>Apple Bloom quickly grabs something from an end table and places it into your hand.
>You hold it between your fingertips and examine it…
>It seems to be a little blue patch with a silhouette of a human sewn into it.
Obtained: Honorary CMC Badge
>”That badge makes you an official honorary Cutie Mark Crusader. You don’t gotta wear it or nothin’, but we thought you should have one after everythin’ you’ve done fer us.”
“Thanks a lot, girls. I love it.”
>You feel a tight bond between you and the Cutie Mark Crusaders…


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established an inseparable bond.

This inseparable bond shall have a permanent home in thy heart.

We bestow upon thee the ability to create The Musketeers, the ultimate form of the Emperor Arcana...


“So what’s on the agenda today, Crusaders?”
>They look between each other, then back to you before yelling in unison.
>”Pinkie Pie said there was a ghost in Sugar Cube Corner last week!” Scootaloo explains excitedly.
>”If we bust that ghost we’ll get our cutie marks for sure!” Sweetie Belle says confidently.
>”C’mon, Crusaders! Let’s go bust us a ghost!”
“Oh boy…”
>You spent a long time running around town with the Cutie Mark Crusaders…
>They even got you to enlist the help of Oscar to track down ghosts, but unless they were hiding in the trash cans, he didn’t end up finding any.
>You went home and gave Oscar a bath before going to bed.
>Gilda refused to help since you ate her pudding last night.
>Well, you did sign a contract to accept responsibility for your actions or something...

2015-05-18 04:34:51 No. 23100620
Tuesday, January 17th

Sweet Apple Acres, Afternoon

>After you finished work, you headed to Sweet Apple Acres to see Applejack.
>She answers the door with a smile shortly after you ring the bell.
>”Hey there, Sug’. I was just thinkin’ about you.”
“Is that right? Are you free right now?”
>”As a bird, Sug’. Tell ya what. You head on over to the barn an’ wait for me there. I got a surprise for ya.”
“The… barn?”
>”It ain’t locked. Just get yerself cozy while I get myself ready.”
>AJ turns around and closes the door with her hind leg, giving you a nice little view before it shuts.
>You decided to do as she said and went to the barn…

>Inside, you found yourself a bale of hay to rest on while you waited for her.
>After a very long ten minutes, Applejack comes through the barn door carrying a couple bottles of amber liquid.
>She flips one through the air to you, and you catch it neatly in your lap.
>Looks like some hard cider…
“This is the surprise?”
>”Just a little somethin’. I thought I’d like ta share a drink with you.”
>Applejack hops up onto the hay bale next to you and pops the cap off with her teeth.
>You try twisting the cap off your own bottle, but you just end up hurting your hand…
>AJ leans over and pops it off effortlessly in her mouth, spitting the cap onto the floor and grinning at you.
“I got it started for you.”
>”Sure ya did.”
>You each have a swig of the bubbly cider.
>The sweet alcohol gives you a warm feeling in your cheeks as it slides down your throat…
>Applejack lets out a contented whistle after gulping some of it down. “Whoowhee! That hits the spot, don’t it?”
“Sure does. It’s good stuff.”
>Applejack nods proudly.
>”Y’know, I always thought I hated winter before. Nothin’ can grow, an’ it’s easy for a lotta ponies to just stay cooped up inside… but these days I’m thinkin’ maybe I can start appreciatin’ it a bit more.”

2015-05-18 05:28:23 No. 23101296
“So you can stay inside and cuddle your boyfriend?”
>Applejack shakes her head with a smile. “Well, that’s part of it I suppose. But I had somethin’ a little different in mind. Little more… fancy poetic-like, y’know?”
>You nod and place your cider to the side for now.
“Go on then.”
>”Well I was just thinkin’, even the land itself has gotta rest sometime. Nothin’d be able ta grow if it didn’t.”
>”So maybe it’s like heaven’s tellin’ me I gotta take time to rest too. Otherwise I reckon I’d just work myself to death. And that ain’t what they wanted fer me…”
>Applejack looks up through the barn window.
>”They wanted me ta enjoy my life. To take care of it. Not to squeeze every last drop of it into this here farm.”
>”I thought I had to be perfect… to make up fer them not bein’ here.”
>”Silly me… I shoulda known the truth. I was perfect just like I was. I don’t gotta be my Ma or my Pa. I’m done carryin’ that burden.”
>Applejack looks over to you. “From now on, it’s my life. An’ I’ll live it the way that makes me happy. Not fer Ma’, Pa’, or anypony else. Fer me.”

Applejack’s strong will that allowed her to accept and overcome her weakness has awakened her heart’s true power…

Applejack’s Persona has been reborn!

John Henry has transfigured into Paul Bunyan!

>”What in tarnation…?!”
>”Feels like… I just got a little stronger.”
>”I reckon this means it’s finally time fer me to stand tall an’ show the world the real Applejack.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”
>”Thanks… but I ain’t gonna do it alone. An’ I mean it this time. I’m gonna let y’all help me when I need it. Here, I’ll prove it to ya.”
>Applejack swings her tail up to her face and slips the ribbon off with her teeth, tossing it to you.
>”Keep it.”
Obtained: Katya’s Ribbon
“This is your mom’s… are you sure about this?”
>”I’ve been wearin’ it like a shackle all this time. But I don’t got to bear all that weight alone when I got folks like you, my family, an’ my friends.”

2015-05-18 05:29:43 No. 23101322
“What about the other ribbon? And the hat?”
>”Well I ain’t givin’ up my signature look just ‘cause I don’t feel guilty no more. ‘Sides, the mane ribbon keeps it neat so it don’t get in the way when I’m workin’, an’ the hat keeps the sun outta my eyes.” AJ says defensively.
“Okay, I get it. Just the tail ribbon. Thanks, Applejack. I’ll hold onto it for you.”
>You feel a tight bond between you and Applejack…


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established an inseparable bond.

This inseparable bond shall have a permanent home in thy heart.

We bestow upon thee the ability to create Gilgamesh, the ultimate form of the Strength Arcana...


>Applejack flips her hat off her head and kicks it onto a hook, then slips her mane ribbon off and places it off to the side.
“What are you doing? I thought you said you were just giving me the tail ribbon?”
>”I am.”
>Applejack flips her golden untied mane and lets it fall loosely.
>”You didn’t think the Cider was the only surprise, did ya?”
“I-... oh.”
>Applejack takes advantage of your distraction during your moment of realization, and leaps onto you, pinning your back with a mischievous grin.
>She leans down and whispers softly into your ear.
>You spent a long time with Applejack…

>As you stumbled home, content and happy, you picked up some pudding from Sugar Cube Corner as a peace offering for Gilda.
>You made sure to buy some for Trixie too.
>They seem to have forgiven you by the time you go to bed.

2015-05-18 11:23:47 No. 23106184
Wednesday January 18th
>Once you’re done with work for the day, you headed straight to your usual bar to search for Shining Armor.

Watering Hole, Afternoon

>He seems happy to see you when you come up to him and have a seat.
>”Hey, bro! How’s it been?”
“Pretty good. You?”
>”Oh, you know. Not bad. So uh, did you talk to Cadance any?”
>You quickly place your drink order before responding.
“We talked a little bit. She seems okay, but I think she misses you.”
>He nods in understanding. “Yeah, I miss her too…”
“She also told me you got to punch a dark wizard in the face?”
>”Oh, she told you about that? I dunno about punching… well, actually I think I got a hit in near the end like that. But I did take him down pretty much single-hoofed!”
“Sounds like a story I’d like to hear.”
>You think you see his face turning a little red. “Really? You sure you want to hear that story?”
“Damn right I do.”
>”Uh, well, okay. But watch the language, okay? I know I’m not technically a guard anymore but some of these guys take this stuff seriously.”
>You stare at the group of guards cheering on a pair of privates slow-dancing with each other.
“I think we’re clear.”
>”All right then, here goes.”
>”It happened a year after I joined up, right out of Canterlot Academy.”
>”I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, but… still a little bit soft.”
>”Physically I wasn’t totally as cut out for it as I thought. I figured as long as I knew my magic, I wouldn’t really have to do a lot of physical activity, but boy was I wrong.”
>”There’s a lot of standing, a lot of walking, and a lot of running when you’re doing patrol.”
>”But I was a prodigy with defensive spells, and Royal Guard Captain Blaze Glory saw that my talent meant I could go far if put in the right place.”
>”He took a bit of a shine to me, and managed to get me on to an anti-dark magic task force called the torchbearers!”
>”It was pretty exciting, hearing that I’d get trained to fight real dark wizards."

2015-05-18 11:25:22 No. 23106207
>”But there hadn’t actually been any dark magic users in Canterlot for years, so it ended up being a lot of training without much action.”
>”Still, I stuck with it. And about 6 months after I joined up, we got our first assignment.”
>”A Dark Wizard named Willow Wisp had escaped from imprisonment and was back to his old tricks.”
>”His was M.O. was luring pretty young mares to his lair and stealing their hearts to fuel his dark magic.”
>”A handful of mares had already gone missing, so we knew we had to act fast.”
>”That’s when I came up with an idea to catch him.”
>”We had an idea of where he might strike next, so I proposed we set up a sting with one of our own as bait.”
>”There was just one problem… we didn’t have any pretty young mares.”
>”The rest were ready to scrap my plan, but that’s when I told them I had some experience pretending to be a girl before.”
“Wait wait wait. Is this is going where I think it’s going?”
>”Oh yeah. Uh, I mean maybe. Where do you think it’s going?”
“Are you telling me you really passed as a girl?”
>Shining Armor smirks and pats his stout chest. “I wasn’t always like this you know. I was a nerd all through high school. So back then, I was still on the scrawny side. With the right manestyle and a few other tricks, we managed to get me looking almost as pretty as Cadance. And I always liked to go for female voices whenever I played a girl in O&O, so I’d had a bit of practice like that. So they sent me out there as Gleaming Shield.”
“I’m having trouble believing you.”
>”Totally true bro. Anyway, we had one of the other guys fake a breakup with me in a few of his favorite spots until I got approached by some smooth talking unicorn.”
>”He gave me a fake name, but I had a feeling it was him. So I let him charm me and offer to show me how a lady like me ought to be treated back at his place.”
>”I had to accept so we could figure out what he did with the other girls."

2015-05-18 11:27:04 No. 23106226
>"If they were still whole, we had to make sure he couldn’t try to use their safety as leverage since we had so much trouble finding the guy in the first place.”
>”When he took me back to his place, turns out he used a crazy powerful illusion spell that only he could see through.”
>”I kept playing along, hoping to get as far as I could before turning on him… but he tricked me and got a magic inhibitor around my horn, leaving me totally defenseless!”
>”I was panicking on the inside since I didn’t know if any backup could get through his illusion, and here I was without my magic.”
>”And to top it all off, he started trying to pull some moves on me… and ended up finding that his little shieldmaiden had a short sword tucked away.”
>”He got pissed and started trying to blast me with everything he had!”
>”I was dodging left and right, looking for something to defend myself with, until finally I realized that his bedroom had a full length mirror! Guess he was one of those weirdos that likes to watch himself do it.”
>”So I took advantage of his fury and goaded him into firing a shot, then yanked the mirror in front of myself and bounced his dark magic right back at him!
>”Gave him a taste of his own medicine right in the chest, and I pounced on him and gave him a beatdown until he fell unconscious! Though… the dark magic might have done most of the work. But hey, I got some good hits in! So I really did punch him in the face like you said.”
>”Anyway, they searched his house and found the other mares tied up. He was going to sacrifice their hearts all at once, and he was one short when I ran into him. We stopped him just in time, and I got an official commendation from Princess Celestia for it! Fom then on I started taking my physical training a little more seriously.”
“Didn’t want to be caught off guard like that again?”
>”Yeah. And… I was kind of getting tired of the other guards calling me a chick too. But uh, that’s my story. What do you think?”

2015-05-19 01:00:24 No. 23111756
>You look at shining and place your hand on his shoulder firmly.
“Cool story, bro.”
>”Oh! You… think it’s cool?”
“Absolutely. Using your wits to catch a dark wizard like that? You really did become a Paladin.”
>”Heh, I guess it was kinda like something out of my O&O games. I didn’t know you were into that kinda thing. Most ponies kinda focus on the part about me dressing up as a girl more…”
“I’d like to see you do it again some time.”
“I’m into that kinda thing after all.”
>”Uh… I dunno about that. I can’t really pull that off anymore.”
“You don’t have time for a campaign?”
>”Oh! You mean… yeah, O&O. It’s been awhile since I played it… I mean it’s true that I don’t really have time for that. I’ve always been so busy as a prince, and my old buddies I used to run with don’t live in the Crystal Empire. Gaffer’s down in Las Pegasus, I think 8-Bit’s doing something in Seaddle, I think Pointdexter is still up in Canterlot… but either way, I just can’t seem to find anypony who’s into that up in the Crystal Empire. It’s not like it’s the most popular hobby out there, and most of the Crystal Ponies aren’t really up to date on modern culture, what with the whole… being locked away for 1,000 years thing.”
“It can be tough finding a good group. What would you say to trying to play something here?”
>“Here? In Ponyville?”
“Just a oneshot. Do you want to?”
>Shining Armor thinks as he sips his Cosmopolitan.
>”Yeah… I mean it could be fun, but who’d want to play? Maybe if you could find enough ponies for a group… Twily’d be a good start. She used to play with us sometimes. Not sure where else you’d wanna check. Maybe anypony who’s into those kinda geeky hobbies, or some ponies who really like acting or something… we’d need a GM too. And at least 4 players, but up to 6 would be fine.”
>Shining Armor seems to really want to play Oubliettes and Ogres with you.
>You should ask around to find a group you can play with.
>You talked a bit more about trpgs before parting ways...

2015-05-19 06:55:49 No. 23115944
>You have a few ideas of who might want to play a game with you and Shining, but you might have to wait to ask them.
>Right now, it hasn’t gotten too late just yet… you figure it’s worth seeing if Celestia is available.

Twilight’s Castle Library

>You set the mirror to communicate with Canterlot…
>A few minutes later, Princess Celestia appears on the other side.
>”Good evening, Anonymous. It’s very good to see you.”
“It’s good to see you too, Tia.”
>”Is there anything I can help you with?
“I hope so. I’ve been talking to Cadance about her Alicorn Spirit.”
>You explained your theory to her about Cadance’s Spirit being the Queen of Fools.
>”I see. It could truly be that these stories are connected somehow…”
“I was wondering if there’s anything else you might know. Anything that could help us figure out who she really is.”
>”I’d often thought about it myself, but never before had I made the connection that the Queen of Fools was linked to the Crystal Empire. It is only thanks to Farfalla that we now know this side of the story, so perhaps it is time to reexamine what we know about her.”
“I think so too. There’s something she said… you named her Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, didn’t you?”
>”That is correct.”
“So… why? What language is that? What does it mean?”
>”It means, ‘My love, Cadance’. I believe it to be Neightalian. A language not spoken in Equestria normally… but it seems that the Crystal Empire once spoke that language. It is difficult to tell when they stopped, as King Sombra erased much of their history and memories, but a few ancient books remain in that language, suggesting that it was once spoken alongside our Equestrian tongue.”
“Are you trying to answer my questions in reverse order?”
>Celestia smirks. “It seems to be working out that way, doesn’t it? But the question of ‘why’ is a bit more complex, so I believed it best to be saved for last. As for why…”
>”Upon her ascension, I heard a voiceless soundless whisper that told me “Mi Amore Cadenza.”"

2015-05-19 10:24:33 No. 23118939
“So that’s how you named her… but whose voice was it? The Queen of Fools?”
>Celestia pauses as she considers the idea. “Perhaps… but then, why would it be her? From what I know of the story, the Queen became an Alicorn after making a deal with a demon. But you seem to be assuming that she follows the laws of a trueborn alicorn.”
“Then what do you think?”
>”I believe it is more likely that the Queen of Fools merged with an Alicorn Spirit, and this spirit is the same one dwelling within Princess Cadance.”
“If that’s the case… will finding her name even break the curse?”
>”Perhaps. Perhaps not. But I believe it may be worth seeking the answer to this question regardless.”
“Can you think of any star or planet that had a name like Cadenza?”
>”I regret to say that I know of none, even by their many other names. My knowledge of astrology is quite vast, so I would doubt that her resting place is in the heavens. In fact, her ascension was similar to Twilight’s. You may recall that I said part of the power seemed to come from within Twilight herself… and that was true for Cadance as well. So perhaps her spirit’s place is not Celestial in origin either.”
“Is there any way to try to commune with her spirit? To speak with it?”
>”Indeed there is. And there would be. But Cadance’s connection to her spirit is too weak. Recall Twilight’s encounter with the Lulamoon Queen. She could tell unconsciously that she was a dangerous foe, as her spirit had fought her before. And when she was “addressed” as Harmonia Concord, she felt something. Names have power, Anonymous. If Cadance learned the name of her spirit, she might be able to commune with it and learn from her past lives.”
“Then can Twilight talk to Harmonia?”
>”I fear her connection may be strained with her spirit at the moment. If she can not use the Elements of Harmony, pieces of Harmonia’s own power, then she may not be able to communicate with her either.”

2015-05-20 01:05:45 No. 23120468
“So… do you think it’s possible that was somepony else’s voice in the Sea of Stars? Like the Queen’s lover, or King Sombra?”
>Celestia frowns. “I’m afraid I can’t be sure. I’ve said before, there is much I do not know about the Sea of Stars. I believed it to be her Alicorn Spirit, but I have no guarantee. I suppose you are curious about the meaning of what was said?”
“I’m not sure how it would make sense for the spirit to have said it.”
>”Indeed, the method of delivery for this message does rob it of context, inflection, and any identity. I simply believed it to be her true name at the time. The intent of the whisper for now is a mystery to me.”
“Do you think it could be them?”
>Celestia shakes her head. “I don’t believe I could decide one way or the other. Both possibilities carry a lack of understanding.”
“I see… so then you said it might not be in the stars… so what if it’s in a magical object like Twilight’s Spirit in the Tree of Harmony? That Crystal Heart… isn’t that a powerful magical object? One that she was able to use to defeat Sombra?”
>”The Crystal Heart…”
>Celestia thinks your words over for a moment.
>”I hadn’t quite considered that possibility before. But it’s true that very little is known about how the Crystal Heart functions. Perhaps Farfalla could tell you more. She seems to have knowledge of the history of the Crystal Empire that others do not. If the Crystal Heart is the dwelling place for Cadance’s Spirit… then Cadance’s Spirit may be named for it. I believe that’s all I can help you with.”

2015-05-20 01:06:53 No. 23120478
“It’s been more than enough. Thanks, Tia. So how’ve you been handling all the backlash from Princess Luna’s disappearance? I know you took a lot of the heat for that…”
>Celestia closes her eyes and smiles. “It’s always heartbreaking for a mother to hear her children say they hate her. Even if she knows they’re just upset.”
>”Even a nigh invincible alicorn can feel the sting of harsh words, but in the end they do not change what I must do. I can only try to understand their pain and strive to better myself.”
“You sure you’re okay?”
>”To be honest… I am quite lonely. Even if she was only ever my shadow, she was company nonetheless. Even if I failed to understand her, at least she understood me completely. But I will be all right. I have faith in you and your friends to return my sister to me. And speaking with you warms my heart more than you could imagine.”
“I’m happy to talk to you any time you need me, Tia.”
>”As am I, Anonymous one.”
“So… would a game of Oubliettes and Ogres cheer you up? We’re looking for players and a GM.”
>Celestia chuckles, “I’m afraid I am a bit preoccupied with my duties due to my Sister’s temporary leave of absence. I am familiar with the game though. A few decades back, some citizens petitioned me to ban the game, claiming that it was a manual for dark magic.”
>”So I observed a session of play myself and familiarized myself with it before determining that the game couldn’t teach you enough dark magic to snuff a candle.”
>”I’m afraid I never got a chance to play the game myself, but my sister showed a bit of interest in it after she returned from her banishment. Perhaps you could play with her once she returns.”
“Yeah… maybe I will.”
>”I suppose I had best get some sleep. I need my rest in these busy times. Unless there’s something you’d like to add?”

2015-05-20 12:18:17 No. 23123720
“I think that’s it. Have a good night, Tia. I love you.”
>She looks at you warmly through the mirror.
>”I love you too.”

Thursday, January 19th

>After wishing Cranky a good weekend, you headed over to Fluttershy’s Cottage to see Discord.

Fluttershy’s Cottage, Afternoon

>He doesn’t quite seem to be ready yet, as he’s carrying your usual picnic blanket folded up under his arm.
>”Ah, perfect timing, my dear Anonymous. Could you be a pal and help me set this out?”
“Of course.”
>As you walked with him to where it needs to go, you decided to ask…
“So I heard some things about the way names end up changing. Like how Celestia’s name diverged from the sun’s, or the way Harmonia’s name became Harmony. I was wondering if you knew anything about the Crystal Empire and the Crystal Heart.”
>”Ah, yes. The old subs vs dubs argument. Everyone knows the only true way to experience it is to learn the language for yourself and experience media as it was meant to be produced. It’s not ‘Aeris’ or ‘Aerith’, her true name is ’エアリス’ and anything else is blasphemy by plebians. Either get good and learn the language and all of the culture and intricacies behind the connotations of every word and phrase or stick to the media produced in your own language, that’s what I always say.”
“I’m… not sure if that actually helps me in any way or not.”
>”Then my work here is done!” he exclaims proudly. “Any other questions?”
“Uhh... How many of you does it take to screw in a lightbulb?”
>”Just one.” He replies cheerfully as his tail suddenly wraps around your waist and pulls you in closer.
>He looks down at you with a toothy grin and tilts your chin up with his lion’s paw.
>”But do you think we can find a lightbulb big enough to fit us both?”
“I’m… roughly 60% sure I don’t want to think about this anymore.”
>”Very well then. Just set the blanket down here and we can get started.”
>You take the other end of the blanket and set it down neatly on the floor of the theater.

2015-05-20 05:13:50 No. 23126741
“Wait, what?”

Ponyville Theater, Afternoon

>The seats are packed full of ponies, but you seem to be in a roped off V.I.P. area close to the stage with a picnic blanket and an end table with some coffee and popcorn as refreshments.
>Fluttershy ducks under the red rope and sits next to you on the blanket. “Oh, good afternoon, Anonymous! I’m glad you could make it to the play today. He did schedule it on such short notice after all.”
“Yeah, really short notice…”
>Well, you’re already here.
>You help yourself to some popcorn and sit next to Fluttershy.
>A couple minutes later, the thick red velvet curtains glide open as a spotlight illuminates center stage.
>Discord walks out in a professional looking suit and bowtie, standing in the spotlight and clearing his throat.
>“Ahem, ahem. Fillies and Gentlecolts, welcome to the premiere of Discord Presents: Discord’s The Ballad of Harmonia 2.π Harmonize Harder - Revelaitons Starring Discord - ft. Twilight Sparkle Super Turbo HD Anniversary Edition! We’ll be starting soon, so please stay seated, keep your talking to a minimum, and please. No Flash Photography.”
>An earth pony with a camera cutie mark runs out of the theater bawling.
>”And with that, please enjoy our performance.”

>The curtains close and reopen as the play begins…
>You hear Spike’s voice echo through the room as the curtain reveals a starry black backdrop.
>”Long ago, there existed a pair of twin Spirits.”
>”One Spirit was born from the idea of Order. She wished to fill the world with structure and equality. Her name was Harmonia.”
>”The other Spirit was born from the idea of Chaos. He wished to fill the world with change and spontaneity. His name was Discord.”
>”The ponies that lived in this world began to associate Harmonia’s ideals with good, and believed Discord’s thoughts were wicked.”
>”Harmonia taught the world the concept of Law, fairness, and harmony, and they were happy.”

2015-05-20 05:15:05 No. 23126761
>”But one day, they found that these opposing ideals ran deeper than the boundaries of good and evil.”
>”And so began their first great clash.”
>The starry backdrop lifts up, changing the scene to what looks like the interior of a castle.
>You hear the sound of swords clanging together before three earth ponies are tossed into the center of the scene from offstage!
>They drop their swords when they land, and as they struggle to get back to their hooves, Discord rushes in from the right side of the stage and sends them flying out of the scene with a swipe of his tail as they let out their wails of defeat!
>He seems to be wearing a feathered cap and carrying a rapier on his side.
>”Don’t worry, stallions! You’ll live to tell this tail.” he calls out with a wink.
>Suddenly a pegasus in black clothes swoops down from above with a knife!
>Discord takes a step forward to dodge, then spins about as he draws his sword.
>With a flash of steel, the Pegasus yells in agony as he clutches his chest and falls over.
>”It’s not knife of you to sneak up on somepony like that.” He teases.
>Discord runs in place as the backdrop scrolls forward to show his movement.
>Twilight, Farfalla, and Trixie all slide into view.
>Twilight stands stony faced with a sword by her side while Farfalla is bound and gagged on a stone plate, seemingly unconscious.
>Trixie is meekly standing behind Twilight looking frightened of the approaching Draconequus.
>”Resistance is futile.” Twilight says to Discord in a cold, almost robotic sounding voice.
>Discord chuckles, “If I had a bit for every time I’ve heard that. Really though, how will I ever know if I don’t try?”
>”This is what the world will prefer.” Twilight responds. “You are going against their wishes.”
>Discord points to Farfalla with his sword. “And is this her wish as well?”
>”That is irrelevant. She is a necessary sacrifice to fulfill their desires. If the death of one will bring happiness to all, the sacrifice must be made without hesitation.”

2015-05-20 05:16:12 No. 23126774
>Discord raises his eyebrow. “Really now, Harmonia. You believe that this homogenization will make them happy?”
>Harmonia points straight to Trixie. “This unicorn is proof that my actions are good. She is unhappy with the body she was born with. She cares not for magic. She only wishes to fly in the sky. Her differences are causing her strife.”
>”And I’ve met quite a few ponies who have learned to be happy just the way they are.” Discord retorts.
>”They are mistaken.” Harmonia replies. “As long as differences exist they can be used for discrimination. The only path to happiness is to eliminate these differences. By sacrificing her with this ritual, I will create a world without discrimination. A world of only Alicorns.”
>”And if they still say they’d rather not have a horn sticking out of their head? Or big cumbersome wings getting in their way?” Discord asks.
>”I will not permit those thoughts to exist in my new world. I will eliminate their differences until they are happy. They will all live as one. Act as one. Think as one. Then they live in true happiness.”
>Discord shakes his head and flourishes his sword to take up a fighting stance. ”Sorry, but I don’t call shielding yourself from any different opinions happiness. Nor do I call it living.”
>”This is what they desire.” Harmonia states as she draws her blade with her magic. “If you intend to impede their happiness I will eliminate you.”
>”Well, you can’t always get what you want. But if that’s the way it’s going to be… then let us dance!”
>They come at each other and begin fighting!
>Discord lunges recklessly, but Harmonia turns it aside with a precise parry and retaliates with a straight horizontal swipe!
>Just before her strike can connect, Discord lifts himself up by grabbing the stage lights with his tail and hoisting himself up like a monkey.
>He raises his sword with both hands and takes a leaping strike at Harmonia!

2015-05-20 05:17:15 No. 23126789
>She raises her sword and prepares to counter, but he catches her off guard by quickly tossing his rapier down and catching it in his right foot to strike at her!
>She fails to guard in time, drawing blood as a long cut appears on her chest.
>Harmonia seems to not notice the injury at all as she advances on discord with more precisely measured strikes.
>She lands a few blows herself, and the battle starts to even out as Harmonia’s skill is tested against Discord’s wild unpredictability.
>She parries and counters his ill advised blows without an inch of wasted movement, but takes a hit herself when he does something like leaping out of view and reappearing on the other side to attack her from the back.
>Finally their battle draws to a climax as they rush each other down!
>Their blades fly, and they pierce each other straight through the chest!
>As they stand impaled on each other’s swords, they stare into the other’s eyes…
>They lean forward slowly…
>And kiss each other on the lips.
>Harmonia laughs softly. “I can not believe I was bested by such careless swordplay.”
>”There was a great deal of care in it.” Discord informs her. “I learned how to fight you from the greatest swordsponies of Earth, Pegasus and Unicorn birth. And it is because they suffer differently that they can experience the joy of overcoming their own trials in their own ways.”
>”I see… perhaps I was wrong to try to force order. I may have to reconsider my ways… and consider the ideas of those who have had different experiences.”
>”You aren’t too bad yourself, you know.” Discord grins. “Just a skosh overzealous. Strife may come from our differences… but different perspectives can allow for new ideas to help us all grow.”
>”I suppose… that’s worth considering.”
>Harmonia closes her eyes as the curtain falls shut and the lights dim.

>Discord steps out onto the stage.
>”And so, the evil Tyrant Harmonia was defeated, and all the ponies of the world were glad that she was dead.”

2015-05-20 05:18:20 No. 23126803
>”They rejoiced as they were brought into a new era where Discord taught them how to be fun and cool instead of lame and dumb like Harmonia wanted them to be.”
>”The End!”
>Discord starts bowing to confused applause before Twilight stomps out from behind the curtains.
>”HOLD IT RIGHT THERE.” Twilight fumes.
>”Ah, everypony put your hooves together for Twilight Sparkle as the Evil Tyrant Harmo-”
>”This is NOT over!” Twilight yells as she shuts Discord’s mouth with her telekinesis. “You had me rehearse two more acts after this! I agreed to do this stupid play because you said it was going to be a historically accurate portrayal of the whole story of you and Harmonia Concord! This is NOT the whole story!”
>”Oh, I think they get the picture by now. Besides, the audience is getting restless from how long this is taking! They don’t really want to see the other two acts… this is a much better ending!”
>Twilight glares at Discord. “This isn’t historical accuracy, this is character assassination! You can’t just end it like this and say I’m an evil tyrant! You can’t just whitewash history and try to act like you were the hero and I was the villain! That’s not how this works! And what was with the ninja? There weren’t any ninjas back then! Now get back stage! We’re going to do this right, and you’re going to tell them the whole story! Do I make myself clear, Eris Discordia?”

2015-05-20 10:10:33 No. 23130247
>Discord simply grins happily. “Whatever you say, Dear.”
>Twilight doesn’t even seem to notice the name she called Discord by in her outburst.
>The ponies watching aren’t entirely sure if this is part of the play or not.

>After a brief intermission, the play resumes.
>Discord and Harmonia have their roles reversed in the next act, with Discord using his chaos magic to try to make the world more entertaining.
>Harmonia takes up her sword and storm’s Discord’s castle, ending in another duel, or a “dance” as they refer to it as.
>The fight choreography truly does make it seem as though they are halfway between fighting and dancing, and once again it ends in a kiss as Harmonia is victorious.
>This time they realize that perhaps they work better as friends than as enemies, and resolve to make a world that can make them both happy.
>In this scene, Harmonia bursts into Discord’s room as she has a revelation.
>”My love, I have made a great discovery! A system… a set of ideals and virtues which will allow everypony to be harmonious despite whatever differences may arise between them.”
>Discord scoffs, “Poppycock. Surely not EVERY pony could become friends from pretty words and ideas.”
>”Laugh if it pleases you, but wait until you see my ideas in action!”
>Harmonia takes Discord by the arm and flies with him until the backdrop changes to a dilapidated village around a golden tower.
>A noble looking unicorn in fancy clothes walks past a filth-covered earth pony shivering and dressed in rags.
>The unicorn stops to catch his breath and wipes his sweaty brow.
>”Aha!” Harmonia exclaims. “I shall show you how I can make these two friends with my ideas!”
>Discord shakes his head skeptically. “It’ll never happen! The rich mingling with the poor? They’re simply too different. The poor are too jealous of the rich, and the rich are too self-absorbed to care for the poor.”
>”Perhaps so, but watch my idea of Generosity in action!”
>Harmonia gently floats over to the unicorn.

2015-05-20 10:23:43 No. 23130398
>Harmonia gently floats over to the unicorn. “Fair unicorn, I see that you are unhappy, as you have no friends, and your heavy jacket makes you so very warm.”
>”Alas, it is true, but what can I do?” The Unicorn laments dramatically.
>Harmonia points to the Earth Pony with her hoof. “Give him your heavy jacket, and you will gain a happiness unlike any other!”
>The Unicorn seems skeptical, but he decides to do as she says and give the peasant his jacket.
>The peasant puts the jacket on, and the two begin smiling and talking together!
>Harmonia turns to Discord. “You see? Generosity has brought them together!”
>”Well I’ll be!” Discord grins. “Perhaps you’re on to something. Show me more!”
>Harmonia flies him to a new city where two pegasi are sitting around lifelessly.
>”I believe these two ponies could be friends!” Harmonia declares.
>Discord shakes his head. “These ponies are too sad for friendship. They would never be able to get along!”
>”But perhaps if they had Laughter, they could make each other happy and become friends like that! Allow me to test my idea.”
>Harmonia steps up to the pegasi and clears her throat.
>“I once heard of a Gargoyle set out to take Census!”
>”He came upon a gelding and asked him, “How many children do you have?” To which the Gelding replied, “None, of course.”
>”’Ah, I see.’ said the Gargoyle. “And how many Grandchildren?”
>The two pegasi erupt in laughter!
>”Ah, what a fool!”
>”Such a hilarious story. I know a few myself!”
>Harmonia smiles and flies off with Discord as the two begin joking around with each other.
>She takes them to another village where the ponies of the plains are fighting against the ponies of the mountains.
>By teaching them kindness, they overcome their fear of each other and become friends as well.
>She tries again with honesty, and then Loyalty, each time using these virtues to help strengthen their bonds.
>But despite her teachings, ponies continue to fight and hate each other.

2015-05-20 10:24:57 No. 23130411
>Soon the ponies begin warring with each other, and they listen to Harmonia’s teachings less and less.
>”It seems so hopeless, Discord… why do they not understand? This wonderful feeling… it is so much greater than what they will gain by fighting.”
>”Don’t act like you always understood yourself.” Discord grins. “It wasn’t until I gave you a little taste of chaos that you started thinking this way.”
>”If only there was a way to share that magical moment that sparked it with all of them as well…”
>Harmonia’s eyes widen in realization. “That’s it!”
>”What is it?” Discord asks eagerly.
>”I must share it… with all of them! I must share this magic of friendship with the entire world!”
>Harmonia quickly takes flight!
>”Wait a moment, you don’t know what you’re doing!” Discord cries out as he flies after her.
>The scenery changes to a forest cave with a large crystal tree in the center of it.
>”This is it. I must become one with this tree… and through it I will spread the magic of this friendship to all of Equestria. And so long as that feeling reaches their hearts, they will seek it out for themselves, and they will one day understand each other. Each of the elements of my beliefs, I shall gift to the world as well. I must hold nothing back.”
>As she approaches the tree and reaches out to touch it, Discord runs up and quickly grabs her hoof.
>”Harmonia, stop this! You can’t give it all to them! What will be left of you?”
>Harmonia looks to Discord and smiles. “I will always live in this world. Whenever a pony is generous, honest, kind, joyful, or loyal, and so long as the magical feeling of friendship lives in a pony’s heart, I will exist.”
>”But I love you, Harmonia… I can’t just let you do this!”
>Harmonia reaches out and gently strokes Discord’s chin.
>”I love you too, Discord. But I’ve always believed that if the death of one can bring happiness to all, the sacrifice must be made without hesitation.”

2015-05-20 10:30:23 No. 23130483
>”What about my happiness?” Discord growls. “Your death won’t make me happy… how can I accept that?”
>”You might be sad at first… but I’m certain that the world this will create will be full of friends to make you happy again. And so long as these elements of myself exist, I will be a part of this world.”
>”So this isn’t goodbye. Just… until next time, Eris Discordia.”
>Harmonia’s body fades away into blue motes of light and fills the tree, transfiguring it into pointed crystal with 5 gems on its branches, and 1 in the center.
>Discord slumps to his knees against the tree.
>”Harmonia Concord…”
>”This is all you’ve left me?”
>”Until next time…”
>”But why can’t next time be now?”
>Discord closes his eyes as tears stream down his face in silence.
>The curtain closes as Spike begins to narrate again.
>”And so, Harmonia sacrificed herself to spread her Generosity, Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty, and Magic throughout the world.”
>”But although she stopped the war as she set out to do, ponies still had not achieved true harmony as she hoped.”
>”Discord believed that her plan had failed, and she had died for nothing.”
>”In his grief, Discord grew to resent Harmonia for leaving him. He caused chaos wherever he went, hoping that she would once again dance with him.”
>”But although she did not return, the Elements of Harmonia would appear without fail to thwart him.”
>”Again, and again, and again, keeping their eternal dance alive…”
>”Until next time.”
>The lights dim and a raucous applause from the audience shakes the theater!
>The curtains rise and the lights come on as Discord stands with the rest of the actors, taking a bow.

2015-05-21 05:42:27 No. 23139831
>You rise to your feet and clap in a standing ovation as Fluttershy cries into her mane.
>”Th-That was a really good play…”
“Those really were some pretty good special effects… no wonder we covered so well with the Lulamoon Queen.”
>Roses fly onto the stage as the crowd cheers and whistles for each of the main actors as they take their turn to step up and bow.
>Once they’ve all gotten a turn, the curtain closes and ponies begin to shuffle out of the theater, chatting away about how much they enjoyed the performance.
>As you’re deciding what to do from here, a security pony taps you to get your attention.
>”Mr. Discord has invited you to his dressing room.”
“Oh, uh…”
>Fluttershy looks up at you and sniffles. “T-Tell him he did really good…”
“All right. I’ll go see him.”

Discord’s Dressing Room, Evening

>The security escorts you to his room, and you find yourself alone with Discord as he admires himself in the mirror.
>”I believe this play has been a spectacular success, wouldn’t you agree?”
“Everyone seemed to like it, yeah. And now they know her real story.”
>”To be honest, I was phoning it in a bit in the second and third acts. I only ever wrote it so I could antagonize poor Purple Smart and get an interesting reaction out of her. And oh, did I ever. Everything went quite a bit better than keikaku’d.”
“You didn’t expect them all to like it that much?”
>Discord turns around in his chair.
>”I didn’t expect to like it this much myself.”

2015-05-21 06:04:13 No. 23140071
“What do you mean?”
>”I told you, didn’t I? How much I hated that story…”
>”But seeing it brought to life like that again made me realize… her death wasn’t the end of our story. It’s just… until next time.”
>”Harmonia was correct. I only tried to tell the parts of the story that made me look good… acting like everything was her fault for being so selfish. But really, it’s me that’s the selfish one.”
>”She did everything she could to use order to make ponies happy, when I only used chaos for my own purposes, and followed her around doubting her at every turn.”
>”And then when she left me her dying gift… I was too stubborn and stuck on her to even think about opening it.”
>Discord is smiling peacefully…
>”Our stories don’t end when we die. No, I think we’ve all seen a good franchise just keeps getting sequel after sequel. New generations inherit the spirit of the old. And even though we might not think those sequels are as good as what we once loved… if we keep an open mind, there’s still so much those sequels can do for us. In fact they have a chance to be absolutely phenomenal compared to the original. Isn’t that why we’re all on this ride in the first place?”
“I can’t really deny that.”
>Discord chuckles lightly, “I suppose I’ve picked up some bad habits of stubbornness from her. Wanting everything to be like how it was back then… but the very nature of chaos is change.”
>He reaches out and holds your hand in his paw.
>”Thank you for spending so much time listening to the stories of a stubborn old draconequus. But I think it’s time I stopped obsessing over those old fairy tales. And start thinking about what wonderful new stories can still be written.”

2015-05-21 06:05:15 No. 23140088
>You feel a tight bond between you and Discord.


Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established an inseparable bond.

This inseparable bond shall have a permanent home in thy heart.

We bestow upon thee the ability to create Dullahan, the ultimate form of the Magician Arcana...


“Let’s write some good ones, Discord.”
>”Good ones, shitty ones, it doesn’t matter to me. So long as we take the chance and just write them. Thank you, Anonymous. And I’ve got something for you as a token of my appreciation.
>Discord opens the closet and drags out a grand piano.
Obtained: Grand Piano
>”Just a little something to remember me by!”
>”Too big? Very well then, perhaps this will serve as a better Memento.”
>He places his palm against yours and puts something tiny in it.
Obtained: Termite
>”There, much smaller. Isn’t that better?”
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