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2015-05-30 12:04:25 No. 23248934
"SMT: Revelaitons" Edition

>>23232885 Old Thread

Thread for ongoing MLP Persona greentext as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pics/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

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2015-05-30 01:01:25 No. 23249319
>You focus and summon up the power granted to you by Celestia’s Shadow...
“Change… Tokoyami no Amaterasu!”
>A black wolf with long flowing fur appears in a cloud of smoke, baring its white fangs at the scorpion.
>Its body is covered in bright red markings, and above its back a flaming spinning disk floats surrounded by purple flames.
>Sunset glances over at your persona. “Hold up… I’m feeling something… Twilight, Spike, keep it busy for us. Anon, let’s finish this one off together!”
“I’ll follow your lead, Senpai.”
>Sunset grins. “Damn right you will.”
“I love it when you get assertive like that!”
>”Go for it, Nimue!” Twilight shouts as her persona draws the gleaming sword from a pool at her feet and slides towards the giant arachnid as the water turns to ice at her feet!
>The beast lunges at her with its tail, but she spins and effortlessly skates out of the way, slicing along the length of the appendage as she passes by, drawing a deep cut that spurts black ichor!
>Spike’s persona roars as it barrels into the beast, spinning and tearing it apart viciously before swiping it away with a mighty blow from its tail!
>Sunset assumes her rider form in a flash, firey wings sprouting from her back as her ponytail flutters in the wind!
>She rises into the air as your persona lets out a loud, haunting howl!

2015-05-30 01:02:27 No. 23249325
>A thick dark line like a brushstroke appears in the air above her, drawing into a large circle.
>When the ends meet, the ink morphs into a pitch black sphere that casts a dark hue on everything below.
>Sunset’s wings melt into a black and purple fire as the dark sun shines upon her, spreading until it envelops her entire body!
>She dives through the air with her leg outstretched, burning brightly!
Team Up Attack: Black Hole Sun!
>Sunset’s leg strikes straight through the creature’s white body, carving a hole in it that burns away in black flames, creeping along its body and disintegrating everything it touches until it finally reaches the mask at the end of the tail, melting it apart into a puddle of blackness.
>In another flash, Sunset returns to her unicorn form, walking away from the defeated shadow confidently. “That’s why I’m the Senpai here.”
><Great job, everypony! We’re over halfway there. Should we look for clues as usual?>
“I think that’s probabl-”
><I found it. Over under that pillow.>
>Spike slips through the bars for you and grabs a sheet of paper.
>As he glances at it, a look of shock washes over his face.
>”What the… this one’s in Equestrian?”
>You all gather around to read it…

The prisoner is back where they belong.
This time their sentence will be eternal.
Soon I will make the entire world my prisoners.
She insists on taking a part of the prisoner with her.
That’s fine with me.
I have all I need right here.
She tells me I can not control it.
That may have been true in the past.
But I will not make the same mistake twice.
He has taught me all I need to know.

2015-05-30 12:28:25 No. 23253890
“Damn… just more questions. Who is this jailer? And how long has it been that they’ve swapped languages?”
>Twilight stares at the letter. ”Maybe they didn’t… maybe it’s a different writer.”
“A different writer?”
>”Anon, can you bring out the other two notes?” Twilight asks.
>You take the other notes out and place them side by side.
>Twilight looks over the notes and nods.
>”Like I thought… the penmanship is completely different.”
>”Yeah, the third note looks a little rougher, doesn’t it?” Spike notes.
>”It’s not easy to tell since the letters don’t share the exact same alphabet… but if you look at the letters they do share, the first two notes are clearly the same writer, and the third note has to be somepony else.” Sunset observes.
“He’s taught me all I need to know…”
“I feel like that either has to be the prisoner, or The White Man.”
>”But what did he teach this jailer?” Sunset wonders.
“I can’t be sure. But I think we should get as far as we can for now, and maybe save that powerful shadow for another day. How are we looking, Fluttershy?”
><I detect numerous shadows on the next floor… after that, the next encounter will be that powerful shadow. Here’s your current status. Do you want to make any changes before we proceed?>


Anon: 50%
Sunset: 95%
Twilight: 100%
Spike: 90%


Anon: 70%
Sunset: 65%
Twilight: 50%
Spike: 15%

Rarity: 15%

2015-05-30 03:09:24 No. 23256011
“Twilight, heal me up and let’s change things up. I’d like Applejack, Pinkie, and Rainbow Dash out with me for this next one.”
>”Sure thing. Good luck out there.” Twilight says as she tosses a quick spell your way before heading back into Argus with Sunset and Spike, letting Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie walk out a second later.
>”Finally a chance ta stretch my hooves…” AJ sighs as she kicks the air a few times to warm up.
>”Good to be out of there. Applejack sweats like you wouldn’t believe.” Dash teases.
>”Come on, girls, let’s have some fun! Onward and upward, to Anon’s true self!” Pinkie cheers.
>You take them up with you to the next floor…
>Pinkie keeps staring curiously at the holes in the wall. “Anypony got a bit? I wanna see what happens if I toss one in!”
>”Pinkie Pie, please don’t play ‘round in the creepy holes in reality.” AJ cautions her.
>”They’re not creepy, they’re fun! This one time I let Discord use my bathroom and when I went back I looked in the toilet and met this guy called Senior Huevos and he was all like “Hola señora! Mi aerodeslizador es lleno de anguilas!” and I was like ‘How full is it?’ and he was like “¿Quieres venir a mi casa y ñaca ñaca?” and I was like “I don’t think so, Mister.” so I closed the lid on him and that’s why Discord isn’t allowed to use the bathroom at Sugar Cube Corner anymore.”
>Dash glances at Pinkie warily. ”I… think I’ll sleep better not knowing what you’re talking about, Pinkie Pie.”
“I didn’t bring any cash with me. We’ll have to try it next time.”

2015-05-30 03:10:51 No. 23256029
>You step through the doorway to the fifth floor, hearing the familiar clang of the bars as your escape is sealed off.
>This time, six shadows start to form from the swirling darkness at once!
>One after the other they take shape…
>The first forms the muscular red upper body of a humanoid with their face covered by the shifting mask and a swirling gray stormcloud for a lower body.
>The next takes form as a hairy pink humanoid with wide fleshy bat wings.
>Thirdly comes a rotund creature with a body made from a circular balloon with a golden key floating in the middle of it, carrying a colorful revolver and a pair of handcuffs, wearing a policeman’s cap atop its fat masked head.
>It’s followed by a simulacrum of a pony made from glittering purple crystal forming from the darkness.
>Fifth comes a luminous magenta ball with starry appendages like the creature you fought on the third floor.
>And finally an orange-barked tree creature with the everchanging white mask on its front.
>Once formed, they advance on you threateningly!


><Six enemies! Judgy Djinn, Warden Bat, Fair Fuzz, Arbitrating Statue, Magister Star, Justicar Nyogo… there’s so many, which do I scan first?>

2015-05-30 05:53:50 No. 23258023
“Just get them in order I guess. If we don’t know what they do yet… then we might as well do something we can’t go wrong with!”
>You draw the blue card of Judgment.
“Change… Sleipnir!”
>An eight legged pitch black mare appears at your command, rearing up with its flowing royal blue mane and tail fluttering majestically as it whinnies, holding its four front legs up high and slamming them onto the ground!
>The floor rumbles… and suddenly dozens of pillars of bright white light erupt from the ground!
>The pillars burst apart into a series of blinding white explosions, blowing apart the battlefield and sending the six shadows flying!
>When the dust clears, the enemies have clearly taken a heavy beating from the explosions, but they’ve still got energy left.
>”That was awesome! But wait ‘till you see this! Thunderbird!”
>The futuristic blue plane charges its railgun and releases it in a burst, showering the battlefield with bolts!
>The lightning bounces off the skin of the red genie, but the rest convulse under the bolts, with the purple statue toppling down to the ground.
>”Works on most of ‘em… let’s do it again then!”
>Dash’s persona throws out another electric barrage, again bouncing off harmlessly on the djinn and sending the statue spinning!
>”Apollo Medicus!”
>The angelic man spreads his arms out and suddenly fires a burst of light beams from his palms that spray over the battlefield!
>But despite the dazzling light show, the wild beams manage to miss every single target except for the balloon policeman which they simply bounce off of.
>”Oh COME ON! Somepony better get some different dice because these ones are straight up rigged!” Pinkie complains angrily.

2015-05-30 05:55:03 No. 23258033
>Applejack grimaces. “I got a bad feelin’ about this… everypony stay on yer hooves!”
>She throws her card over her shoulder and kicks it, summoning the mechanical lumberjack to plant his axe into the ground and send a blue wave of resilience through the party.

>The red-bodied genie flexes his muscles as the stormcloud beneath him gathers energy, preparing for a big attack!
>The pink bat glares at Pinkie Pie… its eyes glint at her, but it seems to have no effect.
>”See, batty? Told you they were rigged!”
>The rubber officer mimes a joyful laugh, its jowls bouncing as a white light starts to repair some of the damage they sustained.
>The magenta star brings the ends of its arms together and unleashes a powerful hailstorm from its body!
>Sleipnir appears to keep you from harm for the most part, but the others take the full brunt of the icy blast, with Applejack getting sent to the ground shivering!
>It raises its arms high to capitalize on its assault, raining a storm of icicles down on your group!
>You evade them skillfully, but again the rest of them find their bodies pummeled by the falling ice, with Applejack partially frozen to the ground.
>The orange-barked tree waves its branches and raises a blue light over the group of shadows that bolsters their defense.
>Meanwhile, the purple statue sits helplessly on the ground, unable to right itself from Dash’s assault.
><I’ve finished scanning the first one. But… don’t these seem familiar?>

Judgy Djinn

Arcana: Judgment

Repel: Lightning
Weak: Wind

2015-05-30 07:25:26 No. 23259189
“Change, Solomon!”
>The bearded king floats on his gold throne and holds up his silver medallion…
>A green rays of light shoot out wildly from it, one of them managing to strike the Fair Fuzz on the Forehead!
>A green pentagram forms on its head as the Fuzz starts to turn on its neighbors…
>Dash soars through her blue card and directs her persona to unleash another spray of electricity over the battlefield, her bolts hitting home against all but the Djinn.
>”Aww, how come only my guy switched sides? Oh well, come on everypony!”
>Pinkie’s persona strums its lyre and heals you all with a shimmering golden light!
>Applejack’s wounds are repaired, but she still seems to be having trouble getting her head back in the game. “Granny… did ya get the number on that wagon that came through…?”
>The Djinn raises its muscular arms and unleashes a supercharged burst of lightning!
>For everyone but Dash, a searing pain bursts through your body as the enhanced spell blows through you!
><Oh no! That looked bad…>
>The bat bares its fangs in an evil smile, spreading a dark aura that doesn’t seem to have any effect.
>The Fair Fuzz salutes you and turns to the bat, shooting it in the face as Solomon’s Spell forces him into your service!
>The purple crystal statue finally rights itself, and four swirling discs of wind come flying!
>You manage to parry them with your hammer while Pinkie bounces out of the way, but Dash and Applejack aren’t as lucky, the emerald buzzsaw knocking Dash out of the air and sending her the ground!
>It follows up with brilliant emerald tornado that snatches you all up and tosses you about, slamming you against the walls and ceiling!
>A white light shines from the Magister Star, healing some of the enemy's wounds.
>Finally, the orange tree spreads its roots and starts to grow larger, preparing for a powerful physical strike…
><Everypony, you’re hurt badly! Just to be sure, I scanned the bat.>

Warden Bat

Arcana: Judgment

Null: Dark
Weak: Light

2015-05-30 10:25:56 No. 23261866
“Fluttershy, we’re going to need you to take out that tree!”
><U-Understood! Argus Panoptes… let’s try our best!”
>A needle thin object shoots out from its right eye and sticks straight into the tree!
>The tree’s branches shiver as it looks up in fear at the giant staring at it with its glowing left eye…
><Now, Argus Panoptes! Senshigan!>
>A focused pink beam of energy blows through the air, lighting up the room as it lands with perfect precision at the flower!
>The Nyogo’s body becomes fully engulfed in the shimmering light… and when it fades, not a trace of the shadow remains!
><Lesser shadows shouldn’t stand a chance against this ability. But it’s very tiring…>
“That’ll do just fine for now, Fluttershy. Solomon!”
>The king clasps his hands together, and a holy white light washes over you all, fully restoring your bodies, though Dash still stumbles and struggles to regain her footing.
>Pinkie stares the bat down and grimaces ”I know what you’re thinking, punk…”
>”Does she have Hama boost, or only Mahamaon?”
>”Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself.”
>”But being this is an instant kill light magic spell that you’re weak to, and would give me a one more, you’ve gotta ask yourself one question.”
>”Do I feel lucky?”
>”Well, do you ya, PUNK?”
>Pinkie jumps up and slams her hoof through her card! “Horseona!”
>Apollo Medicus brings his palms out and fires out a series of rapid rays of light!

2015-05-30 10:29:17 No. 23261896
>They fire randomly around the room, but the scattering beams manage to catch the Djinn and the Bat straight on, scattering them into motes of white light, leaving only the Fair Fuzz, Arbitrating Statue, and Magister Star as your opponents.
>”And keep the change, ya filthy animal!” Pinkie shouts as Apollo generates a glowing circular halo of light above his head!
>He raises his palm beneath the disk and throws his arm forward, sending the swirling disc of light straight at the statue!
>But the statue simply sidesteps the disc of destruction, letting it pass by harmlessly and slice through the bars of a cell on the opposite side of the room before sailing out through one of the holes in reality.
>Pinkie frowns. “Yeah, that attack doesn’t work in anything, does it…”
>”You did just fine, Pinkie Pie.” AJ says encouragingly. “Paul Bunyan!”
>The steel giant bellows and rips its twin axes from its arms!
>It raises them high and gives them a mighty throw, sending them spinning!
>The remaining enemies scramble to duck under the blades, but suddenly they spin around in midair, boomeranging back to their thrower and striking the magenta star from behind before Paul catches them and disappears.
>”This just ain’t our night is it… I’m gettin’ sick of Twilight’s one healin’ ‘em all the time.”
>The Fuzz salutes AJ and fires its gun rapidly at the star, sinking bullets into its body!
>”Well much obliged, officer.” Applejack smiles.
>The statue lets loose with another tornado, smashing you around into the walls, followed by the star barraging you with a rain of icicles that knocks AJ to the ground, doubling up on its attack with the opportunity it grants.
><You've all taken a lot of damage just now... but there's only three of them left. Do you think you can finish them off?>

2015-05-30 11:16:50 No. 23262525
“I know we can! Change… Maui!”
“Pinkie Pie! Let’s show them the power of the sun!”
>”You got it! Feel like softening ‘em up for us, Dashie?”
>”Oh yeah… it’s payback time! Thunderbird!”
>Dash’s persona hovers in the air and fires out a crackling blue beam from its railgun, sweeping it around the room and burning through their bodies with electrical energy!
>”And here comes another!”
>The barrel widens and sends out a cone of crackling lightning bolts, electrifying the shadows until their bodies start to smoke!
>Pinkie leaps up and summons Apollo Medicus!
>He rises into the air and curls up, forming himself into a shimmering orange and red ball of plasma!
>The portly fisherman casts his rod, sending the hook flying at Apollo and looping around him!
>The line ties itself securely to the miniature sun as Maui yanks it back, grasping the line and twirling the ball of flame in a circle above his head!
“Let it fly!”
>He lets up on the line and takes a wide swing of the sun flail, slamming it into the side of the hypnotized balloon shadow with tremendous force!
>His mighty swing follows through, picking the Fuzz up without losing an ounce of power as it swings over and strikes into the amethyst mannequin, followed by the magenta star as it slams through all three in one blow before slamming them straight into a wall hard enough to blow apart the stone!
>”Party’s just getting started!”
>Bright jets of flame burst out from the back of the sun, propelling it into the squished trio of shadows as the angled jets start to make it spiral and spin!
>The ball rotates rapidly, picking up speed and grinding into them with a loud whirring sound!
>Bit by bit their bodies are worn away by the swirling sun as it grows brighter and brighter, turning from orange to a blinding white before bursting apart in a blinding flash!
>Apollo and Maui fade away, leaving nothing but a perfectly round crater in the wall.

2015-05-30 11:17:51 No. 23262542
>”Woohoo! High hoof brotha’!” Pinkie exclaims happily as she slaps your hand with her hoof.
><That was wonderful, everypony! Oh! And another letter is appearing…>
>This one simply falls into the center of the room in plain sight.
>You all crowd around to read it…
>It’s in Equestrian this time as well.

That insolent little FUCK!
How dare you escape from me!
And taking that divine power with you… you’re a thief too, you little shit?!
Damn it… it was supposed to be MY day!
Cutting off a part of yourself just to escape me… persistent little pissant!
You’re nothing compared to the power I wield, even without that part of you!
No… I must remain calm.
The prisoner’s most important memories are safe with her.
What little escaped could not possibly pose a threat to me.
Would she betray me?
No… her foolish love and adoration for me are too strong.
She agrees with my ideals.
And with The Black Pharaoh’s spells… I will end it all on the next full moon.

>”Dude…” Dash says awestruck.
>”This pony’s got a potty mouth.” Pinkie frowns.
>”Next Full Moon… that’s February 13th.” AJ says shakily.

2015-05-31 02:16:08 No. 23269651
“Divine Power… Black Pharaoh… I have to wonder what all of this means. I think we should withdraw for now and talk about this more out there. Fluttershy, take us out please.”
><Understood. Just a moment please…>

Twilight’s Castle Throne Room, Night

“So now we’ve got The White Man and The Black Pharaoh to think about… not to mention that Jailer. Do any of you know anything about The Black Pharaoh?”
>They all shake their head.
>”I’ve read up on Saddle Arabian history… and there’s no Pharaoh I’ve heard of that was known by that name.” Twilight says. “In fact, it’s very unusual… he said “The Black Pharaoh’s Spells”... but every Pharaoh in Saddle Arabia has been an Earth Pony, not a Unicorn.”
“The Pharaohs are all earth ponies? You’re sure about that?”
>”She’s right.” Sunset confirms. “In the desert, the ability to grow food and find water is more valued than the use of magic. Historically the high class of Saddle Arabian society has been dominated by Earth Ponies. Even in the modern era their most important government officials are Earth Ponies.”
>”So what the heck does that mean? Is he a Pharaoh or what?” Dash asks impatiently.
>”Maybe it’s his stage name. Or his nickname! Or his pet name!” Pinkie guesses.
>”Pinkie Pie’s right on one count. I doubt that’s his real name.” AJ says.
>”Could it be… this is another ‘Demon’ like the White Man?” Rarity wonders.
>”Oh dear… and one Demon was scary enough… not to mention we still don’t know who that jailer is. Either of them.” Fluttershy says.
“I guess we’ll just have to do some old fashioned investigation. I might have a lead on these ‘demons’. Twi, could you come with me to see her just in case?”
>”Sure thing. But really… I don’t think she’s going to be any trouble. Lyra’s a decent mare. She’s never caused any kind of trouble for this town not related to you, Anon.”
>”I went to CSGU with Lyra. She was a normal unicorn from what I could tell. Nothing really exceptional about her. She was friends with Moondancer.” Sunset adds.

2015-05-31 07:28:06 No. 23273776
“I’d still feel a little better if Twilight came along. For now, I think we should see what Celestia has to say about some of this. She did mention she has a great memory when it comes to the law, and she’s the only other one I know who speaks that language.”
>Your team seems a bit tired from the gauntlet they just ran, but they follow along to the Library to see Princess Celestia.

Twilight Sparkle’s Castle Library, Night

>After a few minutes of waiting, the mirror flashes to life and displays Princess Celestia on the other side.
>”Good evening. Did you find anything out about my sister?”
“Not just yet, Tia. But we did find something unusual inside my fantasia. Do you know anything about what Crime… #18-2381 might mean? Or Sentence #34? Maybe not what it means now, but what it used to mean a long time ago.”
>”18-2381… in our legal code, that would refer to treason, as it has for many years.”
>Dash looks up at you. “Did you really... commit treason?”
>”But he’s the one who’s saved Equestria! And isn’t he from another world? His rebellion could be of his own world’s.” Rarity protests.
>”Maybe we were wrong…” Fluttershy suggests. “Maybe he only thinks he’s from another world… but he’s really from here all along. Didn’t you say it all looked Equestrian, Twilight?”
>”I did… but not all of it. Some of the beds in that prison looked like they could be big enough to fit a human… but some of them also looked like they were made for ponies as well. But everything in that place seems distorted and messed up. I don’t know what it could mean.” Twilight says, looking defeated.
>”And it’s not like the human world doesn’t share a lot of similarities with this world.” Sunset points out. “I didn’t see anything that could conclusively prove one way or the other whether that place was made by humans or ponies.”
>Celestia speaks up, “Perhaps it would help if I told you that I believe sentence #34 meant ‘Indefinite Magical Imprisonment’ a long time ago."

2015-06-02 01:12:42 No. 23296053
“Treason… so then who in Equestria has been guilty of Treason?
>Celestia sighs. “There have been many over the course of 1,000 plus years. But the two which stand out to me the most are Discord… and Princess Luna.”
>”Then maybe… the prisoner is Princess Luna. Maybe that’s who Anon really is.” Sunset suggests.
>”That’s crazy. There’s no way he’s Luna!” Dash says confidently.
>”Granny always tells me never say never, Rainbow Dash. It sounds crazy, but we gotta think about it.” says Applejack.
>”She didn’t say never. She just said there’s no way.” Spike corrects her. “And I mean come on. He’s nothing like Luna! It’s ridiculous!”
>”Spike… Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. Even if it’s unlikely, we have to consider it unless it’s truly impossible.” Twilight affirms.
>”OBJECTION!” Pinkie shouts as she slams her hooves on the floor while wearing a red jacket and fluffy white cravat. “Where’s your evidence, Miss Spackle? Unless you can prove Anonymous is really Princess Luna with decisive evidence, you’re going to get penalized for this!”
>”Pinkie Pie, Darling, this isn’t a courtroom. We merely have to discuss the possibility.”
>”I suppose you all make very good points, but personally… I just couldn’t possibly picture Anonymous as Princess Luna. They’re just such very different ponies.” Fluttershy says quietly.
>Princess Celestia looks at you and smiles. “I don’t believe you are my sister, Anonymous. While you certainly share many of her positive qualities, you have a great deal of differences as well. For example, I have never known my sister to use foul language even when angered. She always believed such words would soil her tongue. But I believe the truth is never quite so black and white. It is worth considering that while this information may pertain to my sister, that does not necessarily mean you are her. So perhaps we should focus on if this information is referring to Princess Luna or not.”

2015-06-02 01:13:43 No. 23296069
“There’s a lot of stuff about this prisoner that doesn’t make sense if she’s Luna. Let’s look at some of the inconsistencies here.”
“For example… the Timeline.”
>”Timeline?” Twilight asks.
“The notes we found were in the Alicorn language. But Princess Luna’s imprisonment took place 1,000 years ago. The Alicorn language wasn’t being spoken back then, was it?”
>”The Alicorn Language was never spoken in Equestria at all. We don’t even use the same alphabet or numbers. The culture of the Floating Continent was entirely divorced from that of the world below.” Celestia confirms.
>”But then somethin’ else don’t add up..” Applejack interjects. “If Equestria never spoke that language, why is the legal code and punishment using the Equestrian laws?”
>”Since when does Equestria have those weird numbered punishments?” Dash asks. How do we know it’s Equestrian?”
>”It was a more primitive system of punishments where the judges would choose from a list of punishments ordered by their severity.” Celestia informs you. “It was in place before my rule, and existed some time through my reign as a solo monarch before we reformed it. Now then… how do we explain this contradiction?”
Can you explain this contradiction?
Or should you wait until you have more information?
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