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2015-07-09 04:40:57 No. 23780110
"No Shit Sherlock" Edition

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Thread for ongoing MLP Persona CYOA, as well as relevant horse, persona, and horseona pictures/discussion.

We only ask that you accept full responsibility for the choices you make. For ye chooseth this fate of your own free will.

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2015-07-09 05:01:45 No. 23780408
“She’s talking about Cheerilee, right?”
>”That’s right! I’m surprised you knew that one.”
“I have my ways.”
>”Then let’s go see Cheery!”
>As you walked towards the teacher’s home, Derpy decides to ask ”How did your date with her go?”
“Pretty good. We went to a dance club up in Canterlot and had a little fun there.”
>”I bet she liked that! Cheery likes feeling young again.”
“Yeah, she really looked like she was enjoying herself. Oh, and we talked about something else… she asked me if I’d ever consider teaching full time.”
>”She did? What’d you say?”
“I told her I thought it’d be great. It sounds like something I’d be happy to put my future towards.”
>”I would have loved to have a teacher as nice as you, Anon. I think you’ll do really well!”
“Thanks, Derpy. I bet it would have been fun to have a student as sweet and adorable as you.”
>”Aww… thanks.” Derpy blushes.

Cheerilee’s House, Evening

>Cheerilee answers the door with a smile. “Hey there, you two. How’s the date going?”
>”It’s really great! We got a little confused, but we got to walk around town and say hello to a lot of our friends because of it, and now we’re back on track!”
>The teacher looks up at you with a smile. “He really is a wonderful date planner, isn’t he?”
>”Mmhm!” Derpy answers nuzzling your leg affectionately.
“I just felt you gals deserved something special, you know? So do you have a letter for us, Cheerilee?”
>”I certainly do. Courtesy of Pinkie Pie, care of Cheerilee. Here you go.”
“Thanks. See you around.”
>”Bye Cheery!” Derpy waves energetically.
>”Have fun, you two.” Cheerilee says warmly before disappearing back into the house.
>You stoop down and open up the letter to read it along with Derpy.

Last one!

Just head straight towards the recipient of Anon’s fifth kiss and you’ll be there!

>Derpy looks excited. “Oh! I don’t know this one… but you do right?”
>”I know I was your first… and Twilight was your second… what’s the rest of the order, Anon?”

2015-07-09 07:49:36 No. 23782546
“Well then it’d be Farfalla, then Cheerilee, and then…”
“I… guess… does she know about Celestia? It is Pinkie Pie…”
>Derpy gasps, “You kissed Princess Celestia?”
“Yeah, I did.”
>Derpy stares up at you.
>”... was it good?”
“I… don't really know. It was kind of an accident. Anyway, it means I know exactly where we're going next. Follow me.”
>You act a bit ignorant, but you’re the one who decided where the last clue was leading anyway.
>You did have to set up SOMETHING yourself, after all.
>And so, you brought Derpy back to your bedroom.

Anon’s Bedroom, Evening

>The edges of your bed are lined with daisies, and a basket filled with Soda, Sandwiches, and muffins sits on top of the blanket.
>Derpy beams happily. “We did it! We got to the end!”
“Did you have fun?”
>”Mmhm! It was a really fun walking around and talking to everypony like that. And we both knew the same things, and we both got stuck on the same one too!”
>”Thanks, Anonymous… this was the best date I’ve ever had.”
“No problem, Derpy.”
>”And you got your bed fixed too!” Derpy mentions as she tests it with her hooves before hopping up onto it.
“I did. Eventually anyway.”
>”Hee hee! I really liked it… it’s such a comfy bed!” Derpy giggles as she flops down on the bed.
>As she splays out, her wings whip outward and smack right into the bottom of the basket!
>It flips over and tumbles down off the edge of the bed, spilling its contents straight onto the floor, with the soda cans erupting with a hiss and soaking the food for good measure.
>Derpy looks devastated, thick tears forming in her eyes as she starts to let out a high pitched childish sobbing.
“Derpy, it’s okay, it’s just food…”
>”IT’S NOT OKAY!” She shouts suddenly.
>”I-I’m always messing things up!” the mailmare sniffles. “I’m a bad marefriend!”
“That’s not true.”
>”Y-Yes it is!” she wails. “B-Because everypony says you really really like foals! But I can’t give you that! ‘C-Cause I’ll mess them up too!”
>"They'll be messed up... just like me."

2015-07-09 09:02:19 No. 23783481
>You reached out and placed your palm gently on the back of her mane, stroking it comfortingly.
“You’re not messed up. Not even close.”
>”Yes I am…” she mutters. “I just mess up everything…”
>”This isn’t the best date I’ve ever had… it’s the only one I’ve had.”
>”Even if ponies want to be my friend, they don’t want to deal with somepony who has all these problems… and I don’t want them to have to have that either…”
“That doesn’t matter to me at all, Derpy. I know this is a challenge for you, and it’s one not everypony has to deal with. But it’s part of who you are. And I’m okay with that, because I love you, Derpy.”
>”I love you too…” she cries softly.
“You don’t have to deal with it all by yourself, Derpy. If you’re scared about having kids, or anything else, just tell me what’s wrong and I’ll be there for you. Because I love you just the way you are, Derpy. I wouldn’t dare change a single thing about you.”
“And if we had kids… I’d love them just the way they were too.”
>Derpy squeezes you tightly, quietly weeping into your shirt as you cradle her lovingly.
>”I’m scared.” she whimpers.
“It’s okay to be scared.”
>”I don’t want you to go away.”
“I’ll always love you.”
>”I know…”
>Derpy pulls her face out of your stomach and looks up at you with teary golden eyes.
>”I’ll always love you too, Anon.”
>You leaned in and pressed your lips together, wrapping the golden-eyed mailmare into a long, loving kiss.
>The feeling of her pounding heart starts to slow as your kiss calms her.
>As she breaks away, she looks at you with a soft smile through her tears. “I know I said I wouldn’t cry until it’s all over… but I promise they’re still tears of joy.”
>”Because I couldn’t be this sad if I didn’t love you more than anypony in the whole world.”

2015-07-10 12:27:11 No. 23786474
>You just quietly pulled your marefriend in close and cuddled her for a very long time.
>Oscar is doing a decent job of cleaning up for you anyway.
>Together, you spent a long time with Derpy…

Saturday, February 4th

Diamond Tiara’s Room, Morning

>After waiting an especially long time to be let in at the gate, you got in to see your pupil this morning to make up for yesterday’s lesson.
>When you enter, Diamond Tiara closes her eyes and turns away. “Hmpf. Now you show up.”
“I thought you didn’t care.”
>”I don’t!” She snaps defensively. “It’s just better to get my homework done on Friday so I don’t have to worry about it later. I could be having fun with Silver Spoon right now if it weren’t for you.”
“I see. Then I’m sorry about that. I’ll try to help you finish things quickly today.”
>”You should be grateful, you know. I’m the one who stuck my neck out for your sorry butt!”
“You did? What do you mean?”
>”It’s no big deal.” She says, contradicting herself. “Dad was badmouthing you so I just told him to cut it out, and if he fired you I’d never talk to him again and start voting liberal.”
“You stood up for me? That’s really nice of you, DTR.”
>”Getting used to a new tutor would suck. That’s all. Once I get my 4.0 GPA you’re out of here.”
“I see. Actually, I’ve enjoyed teaching you so much I’m starting to think about becoming a teacher full time.”
“What was he saying anyway?”
>”He was saying he thinks you’re just using all your marefriends as connections to get stuff. Like Applejack and Princess Twilight. But that’s dumb. You wouldn’t be dating Miss Cheerilee if you only cared about that stuff.”
“That's pretty nice of you to say."
>Diamond Tiara looks a little flustered. “I told you it’s not important… you know what is important, if you’re so thankful then you should take responsibility for messing up my weekend!”
“How should I do that?”
>”Hmph. If you're so smart, you should figure out how to make it up to me without me telling you. You figure it out."

2015-07-10 03:13:11 No. 23795813
“I see. Okay then, I’ll make it up to you next week. Promise. For now let’s do a little math.”
>You helped Diamond Tiara with her homework for a while.
>Despite everything she says, she seems very eager to impress you, and seems to enjoy your praise.

>After you finished up your lesson, you headed back home to meet with Gilda.
>For your date, you decided you should go hunting with her.
>As it turns out, Griffons are allowed to hunt for the purposes of food as long as they follow proper procedure, acquire a license, abide by restrictions on how much they can hunt during what season, etc. etc.
>Luckily, most of the information was available in Gilda’s native language, since this is mainly aimed towards griffons.
>It took a while to get everything prepared, but when you get back, Gilda’s waiting for you with a bag full of hunting tools, and even a bow and arrow for you to use.
“You look ready.”
>”Hell yeah, I’m ready! Finally a chance to cut loose with all my natural griffon instincts. Not to mention getting some actual meat without having to pay out the ass for a single porkchop.”
“You’re speaking my language. Let’s get going while the sun’s still up.”
>You grabbed some of the gear and headed out to the eastern forest with her.

Rambling Rock Forest, Afternoon

>It’s not quite as dense as the Everfree like you’d been to before, and the snowfall is much lighter, only a few patches here and there of unmelted frost.
>”Guess they don’t tend the snow around here as much... “
“I still wonder if I’ll ever get used to pegasi controlling the weather.”
>”You know, I just realized… if this works, we’re gonna literally be bringing home the bacon. This was a way better idea than getting steak.”
“Yeah, I uh… kinda forgot that cows are sentient .”
>”I just thought you were joking..”
“Is it even legal?”
>”Actually, yeah. But it’s… kind of weird and complicated. I could tell you more if you like. There's probably a lot about griffon culture I could tell you that you don't know."

2015-07-10 04:50:54 No. 23797241
“Go ahead. I’d love to hear more about you.”
“Well you see, Griffons are more used to eating meat since they can’t grow food like Earth Ponies. We used to even hunt down Bovines… but that was like, a really long time ago. Some griffons even find the idea of eating one now disgusting.”
“What about you?”
>Gilda shrugs. “If it’s already dead, who cares?”
“I’m not sure I’d be able to eat something sentient.”
>”Yeah, I mean… I don’t really blame you or anything. But some griffons still want to be able to eat them ‘cause it’s like… heritage and shit.”
“Ah, that old chestnut.”
>”Yeah, I mean you obviously can’t hunt a sentient citizen with actual rights and crap. But… there are still ways.”
“Like what?”
>”Well… sometimes cows agree to let their body be made into meat at the end of their life.”
“Why would they do that?”
>“Some of them view it as something more positive than just letting themselves go to waste in the ground.”
>”Also mad bits. Bovine meat sells for a high price, so if you agree to let a griffon eat you after you die, they’ll pay to reserve that right. Or sometimes they agree to be sold to a provider that pays out to their estate when they die. Cover their funeral expenses, make sure their calves are taken care of… you know. Stuff like that. Almost like life insurance.”
>”Anyway, this is getting me kinda hungry… let me fly up and see if I can spot any boars from here.”
>You step back and let Gilda take flight, her powerful wings carrying her high into the air as she soars in graceful circles high above the forest.
>You stand patiently, witnessing her ride the wind as she was born to do before she swoops back down to you.
>“Uh, sorry. Didn’t see anything. Anyway, I guess not all cows are into it. Some of them think the idea of a griffon wanting to eat them is disgusting. I mean, what would you do? Would you let something eat you after you die if they gave you a bunch of cash?”

2015-07-10 05:47:57 No. 23798025
“I… it’s a tough call, but I don’t think I could go through with it in the end. Also I think we’re thinking of sapient, not sentient.”
>”Is that it? Whatever. Who cares. I’m not a dweeb.”
“I’m aware. So what about you?”
>”For the right price, why the fuck not? It isn’t like I’d have to watch or anything. But I don’t think there’s anything out there interested in eating griffons. Unless Nagas are real.”
“Do you think they are?”
>”Nah, they’re just… you know, they’re like scary stories. Don’t go out at night, or you’ll get gobbled up by a Naga! They’ll swallow little kitties like you whole! Stuff like that.”
>You briefly catch Gilda swishing her tail anxiously the way she does sometimes.
“I see. Are you sure you aren’t just scared of them?”
>”I’m not. They don’t really exist, and my friend back home was just pulling my paw when she said she saw one on a camping trip.”
“If you say so.”
>The two of you continue on, with Gilda checking the area from the air every once in a while without results.
>”I mean, maybe some of the stories are like, scary ones, and they’re pretty cool to tell around a campfire, but I’m not like actually scared of them.”
“I get it. You’re a-”
>You stop as you pick up a rustling sound.
“Sshh. Do you hear that?”
>Gilda’s eyes seem to be fixated on a patch of brush.
>You check where she’s looking, and notice some shaking bushes.
>Through the foliage, you spy an unmistakable hairy black creature digging into the brush.
>Looks like you’ve found yourself a boar.
>Gilda has gone quiet, watching it silently with her tail flicking from side to side.
>The boar doesn’t seem to have noticed the two of you just yet.
>You've still got that bow... and it's well within your effective range.
>What should you do?

2015-07-10 07:19:32 No. 23799272
>Silently, you draw an arrow from the quiver on your back and nock it to the string.
>Gilda watches you anxiously…
>It’s not an unfamiliar experience, drawing a bow on a target like this.
>From this range, you should feel fairly confident.
>The Boar takes a few steps, then stops again and digs at the ground.
>You shouldn’t trust it to stay still for any longer.
>If you’re ever going to take the shot, you should do it now.
>With a breath, you take aim at the boar’s side, hoping to catch it in the heart for a quick death.
>You relax your fingers, and with a twang and a thwip, the arrow shoots out!
>But something about your release was off, as the arrow goes high and sails through the foliage.
>The boar lifts its head up, and before you can draw another, it goes scampering off into the forest.
“I missed…”
>You look down at your fingertips…
>Perhaps your failure was because you aren’t used to your unusually long fingers for such a task… or maybe your missing fingerprints have resulted in poorer grip due to a lack of texture.
>Either way, you should be able to correct your mistake next time.
“Gilda, can you see which way it went?”
>You look down at the Griffon.
>She seems to be staring down the path it ran, the fur on her back looking slightly bristled.
>”Huh? Oh, sorry. I wasn’t… paying attention. What did you want me to do?”
“Is something wrong?”
>”I just… I don’t know. It’s fine. Do we keep going? I dunno if we'll really be able to see it in the dark or anything.”

2015-07-10 09:06:41 No. 23800941
“You’re not scared of the dark, are you?”
>She rolls her eyes. “Of course I’m not.”
“Scared of nagas?”
>”No such thing, dude… and I’m not scared, I’m just… spacing out, that’s all.”
“Did you want to pounce on it?”
>”That’s not it.”
“Well then how should we do this?”
“What’s our next move?”
>Gilda looks a bit nervous. “I… I dunno. Let’s just keep looking for it and try to shoot it or something.”
>Gilda starts off down the path the Boar took through the brush, stepping along the path it left in its panic.
>As you follow behind her, you decide to ask…
“So… how does griffon vision work? You’re like, part cat, right?”
>”Lion.” she corrects you. “And eagle. Both animals known for having pretty good eyes, but it’s nothing compared to a Griffon. Ponies are practically blind compared to us.”
“Is that right?”
>”Yeah, I have no clue how well you see though.”
“I guess… average? I dunno. I’m not really sure. I don’t even really have eyes here. I mean, there’s parts of my face that I see out of, and I can sort of “close” them, but there’s nothing physically there.”
>”Weird. But I guess that means you can’t get your eye poked out, right?”
“Not exactly. Those parts of my face are still sensitive and all. It’s sort of like wearing a really thin bag over my head. Anyway, if you’ve got really great vision, can you see well in the dark like a cat?”
>”Lion, and yeah. Plus I can see really far like an eagle.”
“So then why were you worried about not being able to see it in the dark?”
>You notice Gilda slow down slightly. “Oh. That was just… I mean, you’re the one with the bow and all. You know.”
>Gilda goes quiet as you continue following the Boar’s trail.
>You move slowly and listen carefully…
>Until finally you hear some rustling.
>You beckon Gilda to come investigate it with you.
>You close in, and an unsuspecting boar is walking slowly through a clearing.
>It’s hard to say if it’s the same one.
>”Well… this is it then.” Gilda says quietly.
>What should you do?

2015-07-10 11:13:45 No. 23803045
“I’ll get it with the bow. Gilda, circle around and get ready to pounce it.”
>”Pounce it…?”
“Yeah, just lunge at it after I shoot and get it with your claws.”
>You draw out an arrow and watch the Boar carefully.
>You’re not sure how much longer you have before it notices you.
>Ready to fire, you wait for Gilda to get into position…
>But she hasn’t moved.
>She’s still waiting by your side, looking distressed.
“Gilda? What’s wrong? We have to get it before it gets away.”
>Gilda’s tail is flicking anxiously as she looks up at you.
>”I don’t know if I can do this.”
>Gilda swallows and looks down at the ground.
>”I don’t… think I can hunt.”
“Why not? What’s wrong?”
>”It’s just… I don’t know.”
“Gilda, I thought you wanted to eat bacon. You were talking about all the things you wanted to make and everything.”
>”I know, okay?” Gilda says, her voice warbling weakly. “I filled out all those stupid forms and read about how I need to kill it and how to dress it, and how to transport the meat so we don’t waste anything… I wanted to do it with you, but now that I’m here…”
>”I’ve never done anything like this before, Anon. I wanted to do this with you but I just feel… I don’t know.”
>”I feel awful.”
>”I know it’s stupid…”
>”I don’t have any problem eating it or cooking it or cutting it up, but when it’s out here… I don’t know why I feel this way.”
>”I’m sorry… I know how much you want this, and I promised you I’d help but now I’m getting cold paws.”
>”I’m supposed to be part lion… but I’m just a huge pussy.”
>Gilda seems to be torn...
>What should you do?

Convince her to continue the hunt.
Tell her she can call off the hunt.

2015-07-11 12:43:20 No. 23804370
>You drop the bow and arrow, and kneel down to the ground, pressing your cheek against Gilda’s.
>”I’m sorry…”
“It’s okay, Gilda. I came out here because I wanted you to have a good time. If you’re not, then I’m not gonna make you do this.”
>”I just wanted you to have a good time too. I thought I could do this… but I still felt a little weird about it.”
“That’s fine with me. A good hunter has to be ready to take a life while fully understanding what that means.”
“If you have hesitation… it’d be disrespectful to go through with it. Sapient or not, taking a life carries responsibility.”
>”I wanted to say something for a long time, but you just seemed so excited every time you talked about meat.”
>”It’s always about burgers and bacon and everything… I thought you must really miss it.”
>”I know a little bit about what it’s like. Giving that stuff up.”
>”When I started living in cloudsdale, I was so lucky that I had a friend like Rainbow Dash who kept trying to make me feel at home.”
>”She’d invite me over constantly, and her parents practically treated me like I was their second child. They’d always try to serve me fish if they could, but I was still complaining about never having real meat, even though it kinda grossed them out.”
>”But it’s ‘cause I still felt a little homesick. And I thought that kinda stuff might happen with you too.”
>Gilda nuzzles your cheek harder.
>”I don’t want you to feel homesick, Anon. I want you to feel like you’re home.”
>”That’s how you make me feel when I'm around you."

2015-07-11 05:39:01 No. 23817254
>You pulled Gilda in close and snuggled her in the woods.
“I am home. Home is where the heart is. Where the ones we love are. And I love you, Gilda.”
>”I love you too, Anon. You big dweeb.”
“Guess this wasn’t such a great idea. Wanna head home?”
>Gilda shakes her head. “Actually, I’d like to stay out here with you a little bit longer. Just being with you out here away from the rest of the world… was really nice. I had a lot of fun just talking to you.”
“I’m glad to hear that. I love getting to know you better.”
>”I guess we don’t really need any bacon. We’ve got each other. And we can…”
>Gilda hesitates, seeming to remember something. “... However long we have each other, let’s just enjoy every second of it. No matter what we’re doing.”
“I think that works for me just fine, Gilda.”
>You enjoyed a long time with Gilda in the Forest together…

Sunday, February 5th

>Though you ended up sleeping in a bit, you woke up ready to fight and rushed out to meet the team.

Twilight’s Castle Meeting Room, Morning

>Everyone’s already there waiting for you.
>”Anon, you’re late.” Twilight says scoldingly.
“Sorry about that.”
>”And you’ve still got leaves in your hair!” Pinkie points out.
“Huh? Oh, sorry…”
>You instinctively brush the top of your bald head while Pinkie giggles. “Hee hee! Gotcha!”
>The rest of the team shares a chuckle before you call them to attention.
“All right, we’ll be taking down the Shadow in Applejack’s Fantasia today.”
>”Silver Shill.” Applejack notes. “He seemed like a decent pony gone an’ got suckered in by those two shysters ‘fore he realized how crooked they were. But he came clean in the end, and I reckon he’ll be makin’ an honest start for himself in the future.”

2015-07-11 05:40:08 No. 23817268
“Right. Well for today, let’s go with Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Sunset. As usual, we’re taking in 5 candies, 2 feathers, and 2 potions.”
>”Sounds about right.” Applejack nods.
>”Aww yeah! I’m feeling lucky today! Or should I say feelin’ clucky?” Pinkie waggles her eyebrows as she cradles her Cock Cannon.
>”We won’t have much for elemental magic, but it’s not like these shadows usually have weaknesses anyway.” Sunset points out.
>”We’ll go whenever you’re ready then.” Fluttershy says. “Oh, and, um… I don’t mean to tell you what to do since you’ve been doing such a good job lately, but my Persona does still have the ability to freeze shadows with Senrigan. It isn’t guaranteed, but if you really need a breather, just… something to keep in mind.” She says, meekly lowering her head.
“Noted. Take us in, Fluttershy.”

Stairway to Heaven

>You reappear outside the large tree-like tower as you slip on your glasses with the rest of the team.
><Okay, it looks like the shadow is up at the top of the tower this time.>
“Let’s get on up there.”
>You made your way past the giant hole you blew in the base, climbing the stairs of the dungeon instead this time.
>Applejack slows down as she notices all the framed pictures along the walls of the tower.
>It’s more than just pictures of her happy family as you go up.
>You’re starting to see her family with Apple Bloom grown up, her parents still alive, but Applejack still missing entirely.
>Speculation from her inner thoughts of what things would be like if she were never born.
>The perfect heaven that her family deserves.
>As she starts to fall behind, Pinkie and Sunset walk back down to her, giving her a silent hug of understanding.

2015-07-11 05:47:32 No. 23817376
>You step back down to join the group hug before she gently pushes you back. “Ah’m okay. Just a little spooked is all. I ain’t gonna have a problem fightin’.”
“Nothing wrong if want to stop. But if you’re sure, then let’s keep moving.”
>Applejack follows closely behind you and ignored the pictures until you reach the top of the tower.
>An orange ball of light floats in a large chamber with an elevator on the other end.
>The elevator reads above it “To Applejack”.
><It seems that elevator was how we were originally meant to proceed to the second stage of her Fantasia. Just touch that light when you’re ready.>
>You take a few steps forward and place your hand on the orange light…
>The orange ball flashes brightly!
>Shadowy energy flows into it from the surroundings, growing larger as you jump back!
>Something a bit different happens this time… the shadow splits into three!
>Three distinct forms take shape, beginning with a giant statuesque man with silver skin and a blue mask on its face, rivulets of tears flowing from the eye holes.
>On his left shoulder, a green serpent sits coiled with a labcoat stretched around its body and a blue mask at the top of it’s head.
>The same mask sits on the face of the shadow on the right, which looks like some weird colorful wooden puppet wearing dapper clothes and a boater hat.
>Below the mask rests an oversized pair of lips drawn into a huge white smile on the puppet.
>The silver shadow lets out a loud groan of weary aggression…


>A burst of red energy boosts your offense at the start, thanks to the passive abilities of Nemo you readied in advance.
><This is it… the enemies are Shadow Silver Shill, Snake Doc, and Pitch Man. Just let me know which one to scan first.>

2015-07-12 09:34:46 No. 23838375
“Scan the main one, Fluttershy. Everyone, focus on stat changes for now. Persona!”
>Nemo breaches from the ground, gathering water onto its bow and forming a crystal of ice, before spinning rapidly to break it apart into a spray of ice shards!
>The Pitch Man drops low to avoid the blast, but the other two take the icy assault head on!
>Though your strikes are clearly landing, Silver Shill barely seems to notice the icy needles piercing him.
><It seems he’s resistant to ice attacks. I’ll find out more as soon as possible.>
>Sunset slams her card through the driver on her leg and transforms! “Let’s do this! Shake your tail!”
>Her song fills your bodies with a limber agile feeling as Pinkie summons up Apollo Medicus. “Horseona!”
>A beam of golden light explodes out of his hands, draining Silver Shill of his strength, causing his shoulders to wobble as he does his best to keep Snake Doc and Pitch Man held up.
>Applejack tosses her own card over her shoulder and bucks right through it! “Giddyup!”
>Paul Bunyan slams his axe into the ground, causing a blue shockwave to bolster your defenses, preparing you for their assault.
>The snake doctor hisses at you, displaying his forked tongue as the strange noise causes you to feel weaker…
><Oh dear... that one can cast Dekaja! It just negated all of the stat enhancements you casted with one spell!>
>”You’re kidding me…” Sunset says incredulously.
>The puppet on its right shoulder opens its mouth wide, chattering away rapidly as a green gust explodes from its mouth!
>Nemo appears before you, its aerodynamic body allowing you to slip through the gale undamaged, but Sunset, Pinkie, and Applejack are all blown about by the storming winds.
>The Shadow Self finally makes its move, letting out a loud weary sigh…
>As it reaches your ears, you start to feel drained yourself…
><Anonymous, Pinkie, and Sunset have all been exhausted! You’ll lose MP like this until you do something to remove it, and your defenses will be lowered.>

2015-07-12 10:49:54 No. 23839586
><Oh, and I’ve finished the scan. It doesn’t look too good…>

Shadow Silver Shill

Arcana: Strength

Null: Light, Dark
Resist: Physical, Fire, Ice, Wind, Electric

“You weren’t kidding… let’s go in hard on that doctor. He seems like he could be trouble. Change, Tarzan!”
>Your wildman comes swinging in, letting out his loud war bellow!
>Everything within earshot is filled with excitement and energy as Tarzan gets them hyped up for some serious bloodlust!
>At least, as excited as you can get while simultaneously being exhausted from Silver Shill’s spell.
>”We’re exhausticied!” Pinkie suggests.
>Sunset Shimmer runs with her sword drawn, leaping onto Shadow Shill’s head and springing off to attack the Snake Doc!
>But his serpentine body slithers out of the way just in time as the unicorn’s strike misses, causing her to tumble along the ground unceremoniously after she misses.
>Pinkie calls out her Persona, and you hear a jaunty, exciting tune from Apollo Medicus’s lyre that wipes away the party’s exhaustion!
>”Sleep is for the weak, everypony! Keep this party going!”
>”Much obliged, Pinkie Pie. Let’s show ‘em a real hoedown, Paulie!”
>Paul Bunyan stands tall in front of Applejack, flexing as he grows to titanic proportions!
>The Snake Doc leans down and whispers something into Shadow Shill’s ear that seems to perk the downtrodden shadow up a bit!
><He’s used Dekunda to remove your debilitation…>
>The clockwork shadow lets out another chattering storm!
>Pinkie Pie ducks down and takes cover in time, but the rest of you are sent flying by the gale and slammed into the walls!
><Oh dear... Sunset's very hurt!>
>The downtrodden shadow self breaks into a disgusting phlegmy coughing fit!
>Most of you feel fine, albeit a little unnerved, but Pinkie’s face looks a little green…
><Pinkie Pie’s been Poisoned! And I have information on the Snake now.>

Snake Doc

Arcana: Strength

Null: Light, Dark
Resist: Fire, Electric
><I'll find out what I can about the Pitch Man next.>
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