Persona with ponies. Either you know what that is or you don't
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2015-07-15 05:02:00 No. 23879214
>With Applejack’s new weapon secured, you left the Fantasia and headed your separate ways.
>You went back home and got a change of clothes, fixing yourself up to look nice for what you’ve got coming next.
>Today, you’ve got something lined up with Trixie.
>You’ll be performing in a magic show with her as the assistant.
>For the past few nights, she’s been briefing you on how to perform your duties where they’ll be necessary, but for the most part she’s confident in letting you follow her lead.

Ponyville Town Square, Evening

>A crowd has started to gather in front of the stage, with Trixie’s caravan sitting on top.
>You see nearly all your friends somewhere in there, talking amongst each other as they eagerly await the start of the performance.
>You’ve been spending a few nights helping her restore it to its former glory here and there.
>She’s been very pleased with the skill you’ve displayed to her, as you’ve managed to perfectly construct everything to her exact specifications.
>You suppose you have Cranky to thank for that.
>You headed backstage to find Trixie wearing those nice black and white magician robes you gave to her.
>”Anon!” She greets you happily, extending her forelegs.
>You recognize her signal and stoop down to give her a kiss.
“Ready to start?”
>”Trixie… well, there's something I wanted to talk to you about first. About my name."
“What about it?”
>Trixie turns and looks at the mirror, adjusting her hat. “I always go by Trixie these days. Ever since I found that I got greater attendance by omitting the second part of my name. And lately… I’ve been considering changing it for good.”
“Changing it to just Trixie?”
>”After the Queen possessed me, I’d really rather have nothing to do with that clan. But at the same time, I wonder if it's just admitting defeat to all those who ever mistreated me. Or like saying I'm ashamed of who I am. Who I was born as. I know that name's brought me nothing but trouble, but I'm still unsure. What do you think?"

2015-07-15 07:45:08 No. 23881233
“I think just Trixie works fine for me. You don’t have to be tied to them if you don’t want to be. If you want to move on from that, go right ahead.”
>”You don’t think it’s… running away?”
“It’s about doing what makes you happy, Trixie. Not anyone else.”
>”What makes me happy…” she says to herself as she stares into the mirror.
>”I suppose that’s a little difficult to say.”
>”On one hoof, I feel proud knowing that I came from nothing and earned a place here.”
>”Keeping my name is a symbol of that.”
>”But that clan stands for things I don’t believe in. For a queen I rejected outright. I haven’t even spoken to my parents since I was a child. And I doubt they’d want to speak to me.”
>”So if they want nothing to do with who I am, why should I keep their name?”
>”And then I wonder if it’s okay to write them all off like that the way others wrote me off. And I wonder if maybe keeping my name would make things easier for them. As if I could somehow lead by example.”
“Is that really what you want to do?”
>Trixie takes a moment to ponder that silently.
>”I think… while I don’t agree with them, I don’t hate them either. “
>”But the Lulamoon Queen was a tyrant. And her views were wrong. My clan kept this name in reverence to her… and now that I know the truth, I see it’s nothing to be proud of.”
>”And as much as I wish I could change the way things are, I don’t owe my kin anything. They can decide their own destiny, just as I did.”
>Trixie lets out a relieved sigh. “Thank you for letting me get that off my chest. I wouldn’t want to be distracted during our big show.”
>Trixie double checks her costume in the mirror before hopping off the stool.
>”Let’s go dazzle them, my handsome assistant.”

2015-07-15 08:50:39 No. 23882061
>You followed behind her out to the stage, illuminated only by the moonlight until the caravan magically unfolds before the crowd’s eyes!
>It unfolds along the hinges you built into it, spreading apart and forming a little prepared sub-stage from which multicolored lights and flames erupt in a dazzling display of pyrotechnics!
>The crowd cheers wildly as you follow Trixie out front.
>”Good evening, fillies and gentlecolts!” Trixie greets the crowd loudly. “And welcome to the Great and Powerful Trixie’s Spectacular Show, here live in Ponyville!”
>There’s a bit less cheering for her than the fireworks, but she continues on regardless. “And please give a warm welcome to my handsome assistant for the night, Anonymous!”
>You bow politely as the crowd stomps their hooves and cheers, the section with your friends sounding noticeably louder.
>”Thank you, everypony! He really is a wonderful one. Why, if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be here tonight. He’s the one who showed me just how wonderful Ponyville can truly be, and I’d like to thank him for opening my eyes to that. I’ve been to Canterlot, Fillydelphia, Manehattan, Seaddle, and none of those places have had even a tenth of the heart this town does. So thank you to my assistant for showing me how magical this place can be.”
>There’s a strong cheering and clomping of hooves as Trixie plays it up to the town pride.
>”And you know, they say Anonymous here can’t use magic. But after this next trick, I think you’ll see he’s more magical than you could even dream!”
>Trixie’s hat glows as she tosses it into the air, letting it rest on a stand on the caravan.
>”Of course, I’ll let you all get a nice good look at my horn for this next one to let you see exactly when I am and am not using my magic! Anonymous, if you’re ready, place take your position!”
>You nod to her and stand up on the floor of the caravan as you were instructed.

2015-07-15 08:51:49 No. 23882077
>”Now, my handsome assistant has told me something interesting about himself! It seems that he has a form of magic where if the one he loves says the magic words, flame can turn him into a her!”
>A curious murmur runs through the crowd.
>”Oh, but it’s true! The trick of course, is to get a nice big flame going all at once. Just like a flambe, you see?”
>Trixie’s horn glows as she holds up a roll of white medical bandages, and quickly floats it around you, wrapping you up entirely in cloth.
>You can see slightly through the thin white bandages, at least well enough to see Trixie lift a blazing torch from her caravan.
>”And you do love me, don’t you?”
“I do.”
>”Nothing like a trial by fire to make sure though! Now, watch and be amazed! Te fumu lakivu… ke lakesu!”
>Trixie touches the torch to your chest, and the an enormous orange flame engulfs your entire body!
>The crowd cheers and stomps their hooves as they watch you turn into a human torch.
>”And of course, since we’re making a human flambe, we’ll extinguish it just the same!” She says as she holds a giant silver dish up high with her magic.
>The silver dish slams down over you, engulfing you in darkness and dousing the flames.
>You see a light behind you, and as you were instructed, you slip out the back of the dish and duck backstage.
>You slip around to the side, getting a view of the second part of the trick.
>”And now the results!” Trixie says gleefully as she lifts the metal lid, revealing a tall figure covered in charred black bandages.
>The figure moves their arms, and starts to tear away the ashy bandages away from their head, revealing a blank green face just like your own.
>As they brush away the rest of them, they reveal their new feminine humanoid form proudly, the chest of their suit bulging slightly as they spread their green hands out wide and take a bow.
>The crowd goes wild at the ‘transformation’, applauding for the female version of you out on stage.

2015-07-16 04:02:42 No. 23893077
>”How do you feel, my lovely assistant?” Trixie asks with a smirk.
>The femanon speaks with a distinctly female voice as she answers cheerfully, “Like a happy pirate!”
>”A happy pirate? Trixie doesn’t understand…”
>”Well what pirate doesn’t want a heavy chest and plenty of booty?”
>A mixture of laughs and groans comes from the crowd as Trixie shakes her head. “Yes, yes, clearly this was a huge mistake. We’ve got to turn her back at once before she causes any more damage! So if fire turns him into a her… how do we turn her back into a him? Any ideas?”
>Some ponies in the crowd call out “Water!”
>”Ah, water! But of course. Trixie couldn’t have said it better herself. “
>You quickly get into position as per the plan as Trixie levitates an enormous pool out onto the stage and sets up a ladder with a diving board in front of it.
>Your female doppelganger climbs to the top of it, spreading her arms out wide as she prepares to jump.
>”Now then, watch as the Great and Powerful Trixie helps Anonymous turn back into a man! Are you ready, my dear assistant?”
>”Sorry, what’d you say? I was checking some of the stallions in the crowd tonight…”
>Trixie’s horn glows as she shoves her assistant off the edge!
>The crowd laughs as she flails and lands in the pool with a huge splash!
>A few seconds later, you rise out of the pool proudly as a spotlight shines on you!
>”Anonymous, fillies and gentlecolts!”
>They erupt in cheers as you take a humble bow and climb out of the pool to continue the show.

2015-07-16 04:03:45 No. 23893094
>The energy from your opening act carried through the entire show as you and Trixie performed a multitude of spectacular tricks to the town’s amazement.
>After it’s all over, if the crowd’s jubilant reaction wasn’t enough, the bits Trixie counts up prove that tonight’s show was a complete success.
>With your newfound riches, you decided to go to that Manegolian Noodle Grill in town for dinner.

Manegolian Grill, Evening

>After you get your bowls filled with thick noodles, tasty fried vegetables, and and a heavenly sauce, Trixie orders a glass of beer for each of you as well, sliding up close to you in the booth.
>”You were wonderful out there tonight, oh Great and Caring Anonymous.”
“Thanks, but I can’t take any of the credit. You rocked them out there tonight, Trixie.”
>”True, but your role in tonight’s successful performance shouldn’t go unappreciated.”
>”In fact, I have to thank you for offering to help me with this.”
>”I was a bit worried at first, thinking that maybe helping me with a magic show wouldn’t be as fun as you watching me.”
>”But then I started to realize just how much more I could do with someone by my side.”
>”I’ve only ever been a solo act, you know.”
>”I was always just wandering from town to town. Never spending enough time to grow close to anypony. Always just living for myself.”
>”I slowed down here and there… but sooner or later something would happen, and I’d just end up moving on.”
>”I’ve been all over Equestria… and this is the first time I’ve ever felt like I had some place I’d be ready to call home.”
>Trixie levitates her glass up and looks at you.
>”To you, my great and caring Anonymous. For showing me how wonderful life can be with an assistant.”

2015-07-16 05:32:23 No. 23894257
”And to you, Trixie. For showing me a wonderful new facet of life.”
>You clink your glasses and have a long refreshing drink.
>The two of you enjoyed your noodles for a while, talking about the performance while she teases you about your curiosity regarding the tricks.
>Even to their love, a magician never reveals their secrets after all.
>But after your third bowl or so, you find yourselves interrupted.
>”Umm… excuse me, Great and Powerful Trixie?”
>You look over to see a little earth pony filly with a powder blue mane and a golden-yellow coat, holding a little piece of paper up to Trixie. “Could I… May I please have your autograph?”
>Trixie pulls out a pen from her cloak and levitates it to the paper. “Of course you may. And who shall I make it out to?”
>”My name’s Gold Dust! I’m a really big fan. I liked your acting, and your magic. You’re really cool!”
>Trixie chuckles lightly. “It’s nice to know I still have those after what I’ve put this town through. Which do you like more, my acting, or my magic?”
>”Definitely your magic!” Gold Dust says enthusiastically. “I wish I could do stuff like that, but I’m not a unicorn like you.”
>Trixie smiles warmly and leans down. “Don’t be silly. You don’t need a horn to be a magician!”
>”You don’t?”
>”Of course not. Even my opening act tonight could have been done by an Earth Pony. If you want to become a magician, you should go for it. If you can match my resolve, then I know you can do it.”
>The little filly’s face lights up. “Wow… really?”
>”Absolutely. Now then… to my loyal fan, Gold Dust… never stop trying your hardest when it comes to your dreams. The Great and Powerful Trixie.” She dictates as she signs the paper for the filly.
>”Thank you, Trixie!” the blank-flanked foal squeaks before running off.
>Once she’s gone, Trixie looks back at you bashfully. “Sorry about the interruption. I know probably shouldn't encourage ponies to engage me while I'm out on a date... but she reminds me of myself at that age, you know?"

2015-07-16 06:36:21 No. 23895119
“I understand. Actually, I think that was really beautiful, Trixie.”
>”Thank you, Anonymous. I’ve decided to try to act a bit more appreciative towards my fans these days.”
“That’s fine by me. And it’s great that you’re encouraging her to follow her dreams.”
>”I was just thinking it reminded me of the time when Celestia inspired me to start studying magic.”
>”Back then, everypony told me I couldn’t do it. I only had myself to believe in.”
>”It would have been a lot easier if I’d heard somepony tell me something like that.”
>”It’s easy to give up on your dreams. Not everypony gets to have theirs come true, after all.”
>”But what’s important is that you keep trying for them. Even if you don’t seem to be getting there at first.”
>”You can’t just dream it. You have to make it come true yourself.”
“Just do it, huh?”
>”Something like that. I think as long as you keep taking steps towards that dream, then you’ve done something worthwhile. I hope that’s what she ends up doing.”
>”And sometimes hearing one person telling you that you can do it can give you the courage to make that dream come true.”
>Trixie places her hoof on your hand. “That’s how it was for me, anyway.”
“So do you think you might have inspired that little filly to become a magician?”
>”She doesn’t have her cutie mark yet. Who knows what she could become. But she certainly was quite cute.”
>Trixie leans against you. “And even if Gilda isn’t crazy about the concept… raising a child with you might be nice.”
“You know how much I like hearing that.”
>”I do.”
>”And one day... we’ll make that dream come true too.”
>You finished up your dinner and headed back home together.
>You spent a long time with The Great and Powerful Trixie...

2015-07-17 09:16:39 No. 23912344
Monday, February 6th

>It’s the start of your last week before the full moon.
>Whatever happens, you intend to make the most of it.
>Tonight, you and Rainbow Dash are heading out to Manehattan for your date.
>The two managed to get tickets for pro wrestling show up there, with the main event being Salaslammer vs Ratwing.
>As soon as work ended, you rushed over to to the Train Station to meet Dash, barely making it onto the express before it sets off.

Express Train to Manehattan, Afternoon

>You settle in next to Rainbow Dash, breathing heavily and wiping sweat from your face.
>”Couldn’t you just call in sick today?”
“Cranky wouldn’t buy that… stupid express train schedules…”
>”How much work have you done on his place anyway?”
“Have you ever heard of the Ship of Theseus?”
>”Uh, not really.”
“Well I’m too tired to explain it right now.”
>”Yeah… okay then. So you brought a sign huh? What’s it say?”
>You show her the sign you built in your spare time reading
“Boring face from our world. Wins all the time, no personality.”
>”Ah, I getcha. I made a sign too.”
“What’s yours?”
>Dash gives a clever grin as she unfolds hers and holds it up for you.
“Hah, nice.”
>”Lot of ponies bring signs saying Princess Celestia, but she’s never done it. But I bet they could totally convince Twilight to get in the ring. If this catches on, it’s gonna be awesome.”
“How does that work, anyway? Can ponies really use magic in the ring?”
>”It’s technically ‘against the rules’. But there’s plenty of unicorn heels who don’t care and do it anyway. You know. Catch ‘em with a bit when the Ref isn’t looking, all that stuff. But the faces mostly keep their magic out of it. Mostly anyway.”
“So what can you tell me about the main event?”
>”Oh DUDE it’s gonna be so awesome!” Dash squeals as she pulls you close and squeezes you.

2015-07-17 09:17:42 No. 23912358
>”I mean, there’s not like a title on the line or anything. It’s an exhibition. But it’s still an Exhibition between the heavyweight champ and one of his rivals.”
“So who’s who?”
>”Well, Salaslammer’s the face. He’s a unicorn who’s all red and yellow, and his deal is like he’s supposed to be part Salamander so he walks through fire all the time and stuff. And he’s got this smoking hot pegasus wife named Lovebird, and he’s like always getting sweet on her and doing tag team matches with her, so he’s a big family man. He won the title a few years back and he’s been keeping it for a while, but lately he’s starting to get a little scummy about it.”
“Like how?”
>”Like he’s been using his magic to break out of holds here and there, been dodging fights, getting interference from his wife, that kind of stuff. He didn’t used to do any of that stuff, but he’s been kinda straying a bit. Some ponies think he’s gonna turn full heel soon.”
“What about the other guy? Ratwing?”
>”Oh, so get this, he’s a cave pegasus just like Luna’s guards!”
“Oh yeah, the batponies?”
>”Yeah, those ones! They’re pretty cool looking, and Ratwing’s an absolute heel who’s had it out for Salaslammer for a long time.”
>”His whole thing is like he’s suuuuper dirty. Like he comes into the ring all sweaty with his coat messed up and his mane and fetlocks all shaggy and full of sweat, and he just like spits in the ring all the time and spits at the crowd and spits at the opponent… yeah, you get it. He’s gross.”
>”BUT. Lovebird used to totally go out with Ratwing before she hooked up with Salaslammer and married him. So Ratwing’s always bringing that up to Salaslammer and being a huge freaking jerk about it, and they just hate each other’s guts basically.”
>”Anyway, I think that’s all you’ll need to know about the main event. So who’re you gonna root for? The ‘face’ or the heel?”

2015-07-18 11:00:20 No. 23919584
“I might normally be a heel kind of guy… but this time I feel like the face is more interesting. Especially if he turns.”
>”You think so? I mean yeah, that’d be cool, but I’m still pulling for Ratwing.”
“Because he’s a heel?”
>”Because he’s cooler! Salaslammer’s just a face who turned into a coward. Ratwing’s awesome.”
“Is he?”
>”Yeah, totally! I mean, he’s always sweaty and stuff, but he looks good like that. Makes him feel tougher, you know? I kinda like how dirty and smelly he is…”
“... I haven’t taken a shower since this morning.”
>Dash laughs and gives you a hug. “Yeah, I know. You smell like wood from work. It’s a manly smell. Just… don’t actually stop showering for me. There’s a thin line there.”
>Time flies by on the train as you talk a bit more with Rainbow Dash.
>She tries to explain a bit more about the current state of EWE, among other things, and before you know it the train pulls into the station.
>Just as you’re about to get up to leave, you feel Dash tug on your sleeve.
“Huh? What’s up?”
>”Listen, I just… heard how things went last time you tried to go to Canterlot. I don’t know if these ponies will be much better, so… try to ignore ‘em, okay? They’re just idiots if they can’t see how awesome you are.”
>You give her a nod of understanding.
“I get it. I’ve been prepared for something like that happening. But what’s important is that I’m here with you.”
>You see a relieved smile come to Dash’s face as she hovers up next to you and holds onto your shoulder.
>Placing your arm around her in return, you leave the train together.

2015-07-18 11:01:23 No. 23919603
Manehattan Central Station, Afternoon

>You exit out onto the busy station with Dash hovering close by you.
>The one thing that strikes you right away is just how much more modern this place looks compared to Ponyville or even Canterlot.
>Where you’d expect things to be made out of wood or straw, you instead find bricks and concrete.
>They even seem to have plenty of running electricity, with lightbulbs instead of candles, and “Hey, keep it moving ya jerk!”
>You quickly step aside as an earth pony stallion grumbles, “Lousy tourists…” as he continues on his way.
>Now that you’re off to the side, you notice the other ponies in the station don’t even glance in your direction.
>Dash looks at you, puzzled.
>”I… guess they don’t care what you look like if you’re not blocking the way.”
“I guess not.”
>”Well I did see them shut out a princess right to her face one time...”
“This place is perfect.”
>”This place is weird. Ah well. Let’s go get our seats. Don’t forget your sign.”
>You walked through the streets of Manehattan with Dash, soaking in the sights together.
>The absolutely colossal buildings threaten to put the castles you’ve seen to shame as you walk down the streets.
>There’s billboards, electric street lamps, and all sorts of modern amenities you weren’t sure existed in this world.
>”There a reason you’re following my coltfriend so close?” Dash snaps as she looks behind you at a peach colored unicorn.
>”Maybe Mister Asparagus here walked faster I wouldn’t have to!” He retorts in a surly accented voice as he walks around you.
>”Yeah, keep walking buddy. I got my eye on you.” Dash warns him.
>”We should hurry though. And be more careful. I think he eyeing your wallet.”

2015-07-18 06:40:26 No. 23925939
>You made sure your wallet was safely in your shirt pocket beneath your suit before proceeding to the stadium.

Madisoat Square Garden, Evening

>Rainbow Dash quickly leads you to your seat just as the show’s about to start, getting settled into your seats.
>The arena is loud, hot, and packed full of ponies... but it gives you and Dash an excuse to sit extra close to each other.
>”This is gonna be so sweet… would have been better if both the headliners were pegasi, but you take what you can get.”
>The lights in the arena get dark as booming rock music blares through the speakers, and colorful spotlights dance over the crowd.
>Smoke and
>Dash cheers loudly as she holds her sign up high and waves it around in hopes of watching her friend get suplexed.
>The titanic screens flash on, displaying a vignetted image of a dark-coated batpony with chest about as thick as Shining Armor’s, shouting into a microphone.
>Dash nudges you. ”This is what happened last time, pay attention.”
>”SALASLAMMER! You might think you can hide from me, holding onto your precious little belt… but WE ALL KNOW! WE ALL KNOW THAT COME WRESTLEHAYNIA, I’M TAKING YOUR BELT! AND I’M TAKING LOVEBIRD WITH ME! And if you want to prove to all your fans and to yourself that’s not going to happen? COME INTO THE RING WITH ME AND PROVE IT, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE! PROVE YOU AREN’T AFRAID, SALASLAMMER!”
>The batpony salivates wildly as he speaks, spittle flying onto the microphone as the crowd cheers, and the scene switches over to a red unicorn with a gold mane.
>“If Ratwing wants to talk about honor, then let’s see if he can face me next monday night! And he can go ahead and bring all his little friends to save him when he gets in over his head like he always does. Because this time I can promise him it won’t help! So I’m calling you out, Ratwing! I’ll set the match Monday night! One on one!

2015-07-18 06:41:56 No. 23925960
>”No tag team since I know you could never HOPE to find somepony to follow you into the ring the way Lovebird does for me! And I’ll even bring a special guest referee to make sure we both fight like Stallions! And I’ll prove why I AM THE CHAMP!”
>You hear Dash joining the boos at Salaslammer’s boasting as the recap ends and the show kicks off.
>The show starts with some big talking by their promoters, hyping up Ratwing, calling out Salaslammer’s recent dishonorable actions in the ring, and questioning who he’s bringing in for this mystery guest referee.
>The rest of the show proceeds with some C and B tier matches between characters like Lyin’ Lion and Big Papa a couple of earth pony brutes, a Crystal Pony competitor named Diamond Saw vs a Diamond Dog called T. Rex, and even a Steer called Big Papa Angus up against an Earth Pony even heftier than Big Mac calling himself The Earthquaker.
>You and Dash maintain a healthy level of extreme hype throughout the night, cheering until your voices go hoarse at the impressive moves they pull off, until finally you reach the headline match.
>”For tonight’s special exhibition match, our challenger from deep within the Smoky Mountains, weighing in at *microphone feedback* IT’S… RRRRRRRRRRAAATWIIIIIIIIIING!”
>Dash would have flown straight into the air from how excited she’s getting, only stopped thanks to your arm around her shoulder.
>The batpony flies out and circles the stadium, buzzing the crowd with his hoof outstretched as the fans reach to catch a hoofbump from him.
>”And his opponent, the heavyweight champion of the world who needs no introduction… IT’S… SALASLAMMEEEEEEEEEEEER!”
>An enormous wall of flame erupts along the path to the ring, and a unicorn with slit-like eyes and a golden mane strides out of it confidently, completely unfazed by the flames as loud chaotic mixture of cheers and jeers fills the stadium.

2015-07-18 06:42:59 No. 23925982
>”But that’s not all! Here comes our special guest referee!”
>A pony in a black and red cloak climbs into the ring with their head held low so you can’t see their face.
>Ratwing looks curious, but Salaslammer just smiles calmly as the cloaked pony approaches him.
>”What’s going on here, folks? It looks like our mystery ref is going to say something to Salaslammer…”
>They lean in close… and suddenly Sallaslammer starts kissing the guest ref right on the mouth!
>Dash throws her sign down and starts shaking her hoof “DIRTBAG!”
>”I can’t believe my eyes! I- Wait a second is that?!”
>Salaslammer throws the ref’s hood back to reveal a mare with a short red mane!
>Ratwing looks furious as he takes the microphone. “You got a lot of nerve getting Lovebird to help you win this, Salaslammer! You were worried about me cheating? You oughta take a good look in the mirror!”
>Salaslammer yanks the mic out of Ratwing’s grip with his magic to respond. “If you two are as close as you like to keep saying you are, she ought to give us a fair fight shouldn’t she? And what did you expect? Lovebird’s the only pony I can really trust ever since I won the belt! You’re the one who said you’d accept my guest ref, so are you gonna back down or fight me like you said you would?”
>Ratwing growls and spits into the ring. “I’ll play your game, Salaslammer! I’m not losing to a coward like you who has to hide behind his wife!”
>Lovebird throws the cloak off now that she no longer needs it, revealing her pink wings and heart-shaped cutie mark as she separates them and prepares to start the fight.
>Dash looks over at you. “Geez, making his wife the guest ref? I mean I told you he was a coward, but that’s like a new low. No way that’s fair, even if Ratwing calls interference all the time. Sure you don’t wanna switch teams on this one?”

2015-07-19 12:56:54 No. 23930914
“Yeah, I think I might have backed the wrong pony on this one. Guy’s got no honor.”
>”Totally. Let’s see where this goes though.”
>You get close as Lovebird stands in the middle, looking between them as they stare each other down.
>She swings her hoof down, and signals the match to begin!
>Ratwing comes out swinging, lunging and swiping with his hooves at Salaslammer’s face!
>He steps back and tries to block with his foreleg as Lovebird steps in, breaking them up and warning Ratwing to watch the eyes.
>She’s not about to disqualify him this early, but Ratwing shrugs it off. Seems like he was testing the waters.
>The crowd isn’t happy about them being broken up as she starts the fight back up!
>This time Salaslammer goes on the offensive, taking heavy swings right at Ratwing’s head!
>Ratwing reels from the blows, but Lovebird’s letting her husband’s attacks slide, to the crowd’s great displeasure.
>The cave pony quickly flaps his wings to get out of his reach, with Lovebird quickly starting the count telling him to stay grounded.
>He touches down as Sallaslammer gallops back and bounces at Ratwing, catching him by the neck and driving him into the mat with a chokeslam!
>Ratwing recovers quickly and breaks out of his grip, slipping his head under the unicorn’s chest and pushing him back, slamming him into the turnbuckle!
>The batpony keeps his opponent up against the ropes, grappling fiercely with him and trading hits, but out comes Diamond Saw, charging the arena ready to help out his pal Ratwing with an illegal assist!
>He jumps at the ring and tries to seize Salaslammer’s head, but Lovebird swoops right in with a flying tiger driver, catching the crystal pony’s neck in her hind legs and slamming him back down to the floor!

2015-07-19 12:57:56 No. 23930926
>Her husband breaks free from Ratwing and bucks him right in the chest to stun him, then climbs the ropes and springs off with a body splash, knocking Ratwing down and moving into pin!
>Lovebird finishes telling off Diamond Saw and rushes back to the ring, starting the count!
>As it hits two, the dark pony pushes himself up by his wings, flapping out before the three count as he gets back to his hooves and reaches over Salaslammer, catching him in a front headlock!
>Ratwing keeps a tight grip, and his crimson opponent seems to be having trouble breaking out of it!
>The cave pony looks confident and aggressive as he tries to transition into a throw, but suddenly he jumps back, staggering and clutching his chest in pain!
>”Oh my goodness folks, was that a gore?! I think Salaslammer just stuck Ratwing with his horn on purpose to escape that hold! That’s not legal in any rulebook I know of, what’s Lovebird got to say about it?”
>Ratwing moves his hoof away, displaying a bit of blood that’s dripped onto his hoof, but Lovebird simply turns away.
>”She’s not calling the gore!”
>Loud booing starts as Rainbow Dash begins chanting loudly “YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT! YOU SOLD OUT!”
>The crowd picks up on her chant and joins in, the entire arena screaming “YOU SOLD OUT!” in unison!
>The dirty fighter looks disgusted by these tactics, but he’s still ready to fight as he hops onto the ropes and bounces off them to deliver a flying hind-leg drop!
>He crushes the Salaslammer under his weight, pushing him down and pressing him into a pin!
>Lovebird gets down, taking a good few seconds to start a slow count.
>”... Two!”
>Before she counts three, a red glow shines from beneath him and blows him away!

2015-07-19 12:58:59 No. 23930930
>Dash is standing up in her seat to boo loudly as the crowd starts chanting again.
>Clap, clap, clapclapclap
>Clap, clap, clapclapclap
>”And Lovebird is letting it fly! She’s not saying a single word about his actions! Well you know what they say, birds of a feather!”
>The craven unicorn rushes in and pins his foe down, but Lovebird just watches instead of starting the count!
>”Fillies and Gentlecolts, what’s going on? Looks like a pin to me! Lovebird, what are you thinking? Lady, just let this embarrassment end! Nopony wants to see this!”
>The Pegasus walks up behind him and embraces him with her forelegs around his belly…
>”She’s hugging him! Wait, or is she?!”
>She lets out a roar and suddenly raises her body, lifting Salaslammer off his opponent and carrying him right over her head, bending over backwards and driving him into the mat with a Germane Suplex!
>The crowd goes wild with cheers at Lovebird’s sudden betrayal, and Dash is far from an exception!
>Lovebird extends her hoof to the fallen batpony, pulling him back up and saying something inaudible as Salaslammer lies completely stunned from the surprise attack!
>”Fillies and Gentlecolts there is trouble in paradise tonight! Lovebird just gave her husband a Germane Suplex and now she’s helping Ratwing! Wait a minute, what are they doing? They can’t be! YOU’RE MARRIED FOR PONY SAKE!”

2015-07-19 01:00:00 No. 23930943
>Ratwing grabs hold of his fallen rival, swinging him up and around, spinning to build up momentum before giving him a mighty vertical toss!
>Lovebird grabs her husband from behind in midair, flying him high before looping down and delivering an aerial spinning piledriver!
>Salaslammer raises his hoof weakly in protest as he lies there dazed and beaten.
>”Oh dear Celestia, Salaslammer is BROKEN! And I don’t know what hurts more for him, the Indirect Kiss, or his wife’s shocking betrayal!”
>She approaches Ratwing as he spits out some blood and grins widely.
>Lovebird puts her hooves around him as he starts to pucker his lips…
>”Oh no! She’s going back to her ex! Folks I can’t watch this! You can’t do this to a stallion! What is Equestria coming to!”
>Just as their lips are about to meet, Lovebird lifts Ratwing vertically and slams his face to the ground in a devastating suplex!
>Lovebird’s Minotaur manager rushes out from backstage with a microphone. “Lovebird! I agreed to sign you so that you would never be forced to match up against your husband, and now you’ve pulled this stunt completely on your own! What do you have to say for yourself?"

2015-07-19 01:01:02 No. 23930953
>Lovebird takes the mic and starts to speak. “I’ll tell you what I have to say, Silver Tongue! I swore to love and to cherish Salaslammer for richer or poorer, for better or worse, and I’ve done all that and then some! But ever since he won the title, he hasn’t been holding up his end of the bargain! He’s stopped being the pony I married! He’s been slipping, and dragging me down with him tonight was the last straw!”
>”That belt’s cutting off blood flow, Silver. so if he’s not getting rid of it, I’m going to take it from him myself! I’m done with you Silver Tongue, and I’ll be coming after that belt at Wrestlehaynia!”
>Raucous cheering fills the stadium as Silver Tongue tries to speak over them. “Lovebird! Does this mean you’re ending things with Salaslammer as well? Will you be getting a divorce?”
>Lovebird looks down at the dazed pony. “In case he doesn’t remember this next morning, I’ll say it right here so you can all remind him! Salaslammer, if you lose the belt to anypony but me, we’re through!”
>Lovebird drops the mic to the floor and flies off backstage without another word.
>”And there you have it, folks! Lovebird’s aiming to take Salaslammer’s belt at Wrestlehaynia to save their marriage! How is Salaslammer going to take this? We’ll find out next time here at the EWE! Good night everypony, and drive safe!”
>Dash hoots and cheers, chanting “THIS IS AWESOME!” along with the crowd as the show starts to wind down.
>Everyone starts to leave, and Dash rushes you out to go grab something to eat.

Lombriglia’s Pizza, Evening

>You order yourselves a pie to share and settle down together.
>”Feels good to sit in something softer than the seats back there…”
>Dash seems to be lightly glistening with sweat, either from the heat of the crowded stadium, or the excitement of the match.
>”So, what’d you think?”

2015-07-20 01:38:13 No. 23952069
“It was pretty good. Little simple, but I had a great time watching it with you, Dash.”
>”Thanks, I’m really glad I got to see it with you too. But yeah, they had to do SOMETHING with this. I was thinking maybe Lovebird would make him stop, or they’d just both turn heel, but this? I like this. I think I might actually start cheering for Lovebird now.”
“I know I will.”
>”Haha, right? She’s so awesome! I love seeing pegasus wrestlers! All the stunts they pull with the flying suplexes and all that… way more fun to watch than MMA. Plus they’re a lot better looking.” she adds as she takes a drink of water.
“You’re looking pretty cute too, all sweaty like that.”
>Dash suddenly chokes on her water, slamming the glass down and coughing loudly as her cheeks redden.
“You okay?”
>”A-Anon! You can’t just tease me like that…”
“I do think you’re cute though.”
>”I know, it’s just...” Dash trails off, looking at her hooves.
“I didn’t think Rainbow Dash was capable of being shy.”
>”I-I’m not shy! I just… feel kinda embarrassed when you call me cute in public like that.”
“Is that right? Okay, I’ll cut it out.”
>”Well…” Dash starts rubbing her hooves together anxiously. “I mean, you don’t have to stop or anything…”
>Before you can start again, a steaming hot pan of pizza floats down between you from your server. “Enjoy!”
>Dash lets out a relieved sigh. ”Whew, finally! Feels like I’ve been waiting days for this.”
“I know that feeling too.”
>You pull off a slice, looking at the thick patches of fresh mozzarella over the red sauce.
>Bits of green basil garnish the surface of the pizza, giving it a nice fresh fragrance as you bring it up to your mouth and take a bite.



Thou art I… And I am thou…

Thou hast established a tasty bond.

This delicious bond shall have a permanent home in thy stomach.

We bestow upon thee the ability to create Bob Sapp, the ultimate form of the Pizza Arcana...


>... not really.
>But it's a damn good pie.
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